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Careprost for Lashes and Brows - British Columbia, BC

I have always felt like my brows weren't thick...

I have always felt like my brows weren't thick enough or dark enough. They bad sparse area, bald spots, and just weren't very flattering. I always, always fill them in, even if I'm just running to the store to grab one thing. I decided to try Latisse, but when I found out you could get Careprost for cheaper and still have the same effect, I decided to go for that. I got mine online and it was 30 dollars plus $10 shipping to Canada (not bad considering shipping here is always a lot!).

I started using it on July 29th. Even though I know you aren't supposed to, I've been putting it on my top AND lower lash line (I will take all the blame if something goes wrong haha) and my brows. I originally got it just for brows, but decided to see how it worked for lashes as well.

The only side effects I've had were that my eyes felt a bit scratchy after I applied it. Other than that, everything seems fine. I have been taking pictures every few days but so far I haven't seen results. I should take a bit longer for that, I think.

Lashes longer, brows haven't changed

It's been about a month and a half since I started using Careprost and it was only about a week ago that I started to notice a difference in my lashes' length. My lower lashes are noticeably longer and the top ones are also increasing quite a bit. However, the increase in length isn't uniform. Only certain areas of my lashes are longer, while other areas are still shorter. For example, I have this patch on my right lower lash line where the lashes are only about a milimetre long, but the rest of them are much longer, and it looks a bit weird.

My brows have not changed in any noticeable way, but I've heard that takes longer, so I'm not too worried about it.
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Your lashes definitely look longer!
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Wow your natural lashes are long and lovely! After a while you will see your eyebrows darker and lashes too. The latisse brochure I read says to use it continuously for 4 months and then taper. I noticed and got comments on my brows and lashes between 4-6 weeks. I think you will have really nice results in several months. Yes 2 weeks is too early to notice a big difference
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I put it on my lower lashes and nothing bad happened- I think as long as you are careful not to use too much and only saturate the lash line you should be fine.  You didn't include captions to your pics so I'm not sure which pic is which as far as the before and afters.  Or are they duplicates?
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Okay, I'm glad to know it worked out for you putting it on your bottom lash line. Oh, thanks for telling me! I thought I put captions on them but it must have gotten mixed up :).
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Sometimes when you put the caption before you save the update it disappears- it seems to be an issue with our system, it happens to me a lot too.  You just have to go check your pics after you've saved the update.  

You are smart to start taking pics every couple weeks because the results are subtle at first since you see yourself every day.  It took me a couple months to really see results.  Keep us posted!
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