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I have always head a fat belly, have a short...

I have always head a fat belly, have a short torso, and genetically and age wise been in the wrong place and wrong time for a smooth tummy...so at age 58 even though I've had a lot of surgeries as a breast cancer survivor, I decided to go for lipo of my abdomen and flanks. My legs and arms have always been in proportion. I was very worried about the potential risks, and also about the pain and recovery. This site helped prepare me for the worst,
And I'm so glad it did.

The pain was quite a bit worse than I expected but I think my results will be good. My pain peaked at about 4 days and has been declining since then, thank God. The CG was a joke; it was like some medieval torture device. Totally impractical to wear and maximally uncomfortable. I wore it faithfully for five days removing it once to shower, it was that hard to get back on. They are ridiculously designed with side zippers that no person having had this type of surgery can possibly get back up by themselves.

My husband helped me bless him. On day five I told my husband to drive me to our local mall and I bought a maidenform flexee garment that was basically the same shape. Much better. I have a feeling my surgeon won't like it but I could not help it, I couldn't wear the first one any longer. It is hanging on my clothes line like some victory flag. I also read that many surgeons no longer think those garments are that critical, so I went with my own instincts. Have read that the results will be the same in the end whether you wear one or not, so why suffer so? I am looking forward to having a trim torso for the first time in my life. I think my results will be goodman I can already notice a big change.

Headed to PS tomorrow for stitches out, and hoping...

Headed to PS tomorrow for stitches out, and hoping he won't kill me for trading in the CG. Lots of itching today, used back brush in shower, applied lotion, then attacked my back with the pasta server later on! Have quite a bit of numbness and itchiness and also feeling like I have a band around my stomach, all of which I think is normal. Looking forward to having a nice hot bath soon, not sure if that is in the cards or not...

PS Will try to get some pics posted soon

PS Will try to get some pics posted soon

I am doing pretty well at almost one month out. I...

I am doing pretty well at almost one month out. I am definitely smaller, and people are noticing. I have some loose skin, not sure if I will do anything about that, I've had so much over the last 20 years as a breast cancer survivor. All in all I am happy with my results. I still have significant swelling at the end of the day. My back seems to bother me the most. It still burns, tingles, and feels sore but numb at the same time! From what I have read this is all pretty normal. I only wish I had done this 15 years ago so I could enjoy the results that much longer. All pants are loose and many tops as well.

Here are a few before/after pics: hope these help...

Here are a few before/after pics: hope these help someone!

I am doing very well, I feel pretty good not quite...

I am doing very well, I feel pretty good not quite two months after. I still have swelling especially in my lower abdomen, and I still have occasional bouts of some pain and severe itching in my back. I am overall happy with my results. My midsection looks much slimmer, and I can see a difference in my back. It is a long process, and I guess I still have to be patient to some extent.
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It has been six weeks, and I am feeling quite well, although I still swell some at the end of the day. Still trying to watch sodium intake. Had my checkup yesterday and was blown away looking at the before pics. I think we all tend to live in a state of denial about how we look sometimes, at least I do...but I am very happy with the results so far. Still a lot of swelling in the lower abdomen, so my side view isn't as I would like, but hopefully this will resolve. Also still some pain and pins/needles feeling in my back.I am going to try and upload a few of my before/after pics here. Good luck everyone seeking improvement or thinking about it,
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Flexees are great. I wear mine instead of my garment and my doctor is fine with it!
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Yes, i have to say at five weeks that I haven't worn anything since week two and I am fine (my doc told me this was ok). I just watch my sodium intake and pray it doesn't get too hot yet! The CG truly made my life miserable. I still swell if I have had a lot of exercise but I try to not to overdo it right now. I am still sensitive to tighter jeans and slacks. Thanks for the reply.
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Even though I ordered a size a bit on the larger side (I was in between a medium and large) the Leonisa garments are too small. It is impossible to get it on by yourself. I just don't have the strength in my fingers and hands to jerk it up and closed,. My doc said I don't have to wear them anyway, so they are going back. I am continuing to feel pretty good, my back and sides are still sore at night, everything swells, and there is numbness and tingling. Overall though I am pleased with the results....flat in the morning, anyway. Don't want to wish my life away but will be glad to reach 2 mos!
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I wore that dam CG for 6 weeks. That was how long my Dr said to. I itched and sweated and cursed and moaned a lot. I put a cotton one piece garment under and put cotton pads everything I could think of. But I hurt and was so sore so when I cinched myself in it felt better till I moved..Ohh torture. I also had 2 massages 1 week after as I had a seroma he drained. Now 2.5 months very good results. But still sore and itchy..gawd.. good luck its not easy like some say it is!!!
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I still have outs of very serious itching on my back, still somewhat sore on my back too. Hope you continue to improve, thanks!
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Was your doc ok with your new garment? Also, did he advise you to massage your stomach after? I'm starting to think my doc is the only one who left that out...
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He was ok with the new garment...the old one fit very poorly. At two weeks he told me I no longer needed to wear any compression garment. I have two I ordered from Leonisa. Will advise on how they work, comfort, etc, but most likely will keep one and send the other back. He told me at one week not to massage, but I do kind of scrub my torso with a rough washcloth and some gentle overall pressure. I think it has helped with the bruising. The wounds from those cannula are fairly deep and quite pink on me also, but they are getting better. Xoxo
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I'm pretty much wearing spanx tank tops 24/7, and then the garment and ace bandages at night. Mine look a little better now :)
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Sounds like your doing great I was out of it for 2 weeks after my TT now Im going back in for some lipo... Can't wait to see your pics
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Thanks for your comment. It means a lot. I am doing better each day. Today I go back for two week post op check. I feel pretty good most of the time. I did have a near disaster with Mexican food. It was my first meal out in a long time ( my husband had a total knee replacement in Jan. so we haven't been out much) and I blew up like a blimp from sodium and water retention. Ok now. Ordered two stage 2 garments from Leonisa, hope they work out ok. You will do fine, just be aware you will be very sore for about a week...but it will improve steadily after that. Xoxo
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