Stats - 5'8" 12.5 stone 26 years old British...

Stats - 5'8" 12.5 stone 26 years old British 34FF

I matured really young so when I was 11/12 years old I was know as 'the girl with the big boobs'. They never stopped growing but unfortunately they were never attractive and along with back pain, shoulder pain and bikini tops all but beheading me but the sheer weight of my chest slicing my neck off, they were also ugly. Pale and bursting and mostly saggy. My breasts have left me hugely under-confident and insecure. I do not have intimate relationships at all and am really apprehensive of all relationships due to this.

When I was 20 I finally saw a PS about this. She was lovely and encouraging and a lot of what she said back then still resonates with me today. 'You should be able to wear what you want and skinny dip and feel comfortable naked'. However I felt too young and worried about the scarring to make the decision.

Sadly I am now 26 and feel exactly the same. I have rarely let anyone see me naked unless completely inebriated and still feel a huge sense of panic whenever summer arrives (luckily for me living in England this is not a large threat). This summer we did have a nice summer and I just could not cope with it anymore. The need for large and thick bras mean that you are never able to wear summer clothes, I have become an expert of layering jackets and cardigans and using safety pins to conceal myself.

In addition to this, I also have a problem with the tops of my thighs. Now my legs are my slimmest part of my body but right at the very top, I have an excess gathering of fat. I have lost plenty of weight in the past and this has never gone. All of my leggings and trousers have worn away sections where those two pieces of fat rub and in summer I get heat rash and blisters and sometimes it is so painful I cry. This summer I would walk 10/15 minutes to meet a friend and be in such pain by the time I got there I couldn't walk home.

So the time came to book in to see a surgeon about both issues. I genuinely feel as if my life has been on hold before now and I am sick of waiting for things to somehow change. I booked in for a free consultation at the Harley Medical Group in Bristol. The nurse that I saw was lovely and did help with a lot of what I was pondering but my main concerns were that the hospital you would go to had to be in London, which is 2 hours away from where I live, and that the doctor is not around or on call locally.

My dad is a Surgeon and my mum was a nurse so I took a day off work to talk this through with my mum. I am aware that they will never be fully on board but I needed her support. She was rational and suggested that I try a private hospital where my Dad knew people and she knew it was respected and most importantly, local. I booked in to The Spire in Bristol.

At the end of August I saw Nicola, a plastic surgery nurse for a consultation. She was by far the loveliest and more informative person I had seen so far and (irrelevantly) she was so beautiful. She really gave me a lot of information and should it all go to plan, I really hope she is the nurse that I will get as she was so calming and helpful.

She gave me a list of surgeons to decide upon and I scanned this and sent it to my Mum. her knowledge of things medical meant she preferred two surgeons so I fed this back to Nicola who then booked me an appointment with Mr Robert Warr today.

30th September 2013

I went to my consultation today to see Mr Warr. I was really nervous all day because it's not a nice idea to have to show your breasts, which you consider ugly, to anyone let alone a man. I obviously rationally understood that he sees breasts all the time but it still made me nauseous.

Once there, he was a very interesting character! He immediately impressed upon me the extent of the scarring and that it was not something to be taken lightly. I had obviously done a lot of research but he was very blunt and the opposite of a sales-person approach. I looked taken aback at first and he said that he is known for his blunt straight-talking approach.

He explained the different types of options and that it would most likely be the anchor and I was expecting this. He then called a nurse in and they examined me. He said that my breasts were quite dense and that it would be difficult to do a lift (which is what I came in to talk about having been deterred in my earlier appointment 7 years ago against a reduction) without losing some of the breast tissue. In simple terms, he was saying a reduction would work better. This was completely fine by me as I am not attached to large breasts at all.

He explained that although my nipples are super pale, they are actually quite large and due to this he would have to remove a lot more tissue than standard and hence why he would struggle not to remove some of the actual breast tissue. He repeatedly stressed that scarring was an issue and I did admit that obviously I am very fair skinned and do not heal well. I have similar scars from mole removals that have not healed well.

With my thighs, he said that he is not generally a fan of inner thigh liposuction as it can lead to some buckled scarring and isn't always effective. However upon examining my thighs said that because it is such a specific pocket of fat, and quite localised, that he thinks it would be effective and he would be willing to do it. He didn't say 100% but that it would help.

I have now emailed his secretary to get an official quote, pay for my consultation and book in for another in December. I was informed that although my consultation costs £125, that it is a blanket cost for any/all consultations that I have prior to the operation. That was a relief!

I will let you know the final quote once I have it but I am thinking about £6k for breasts and £2k for thighs. Once I have the final quote I will be looking for a loan company. Another point that Mr Warr made was that if I was unhappy with my weight and would like to lose weight, it was important to do this before the surgery as obviously lifting and reducing my breasts would be a waste of time if I then went on to lose more weight and therefore increasing their likelyhood to sag again. I do intend to lose weight, ideally 20kg, so will be working towards that. I am hoping to have the surgery in February 2014.

I am sorry that was such a long post, the future ones will be more succinct.
Cinnamon, I know what you mean about having a man examine your boobs. You are not going to feel that way after your surgery. I have always been so shy about my body all of my life and I'm hoping my new look gives me more confidence in my body. MInd you, I won't be showing them to one an all. :-)
That makes me feel so much better, thank you :) I have so many issues with my confidence because of my breasts so I hope that this will change things.. I've been reading your reviews more than I read anyone elses! Your results look incredible and so neat!!! I would be so happy with that :) PS I feel the same about my iphone I always think I'm going to accidently send them to someone!!!
Cinnamon, thanks so much. You made my day. I have been feeling a bit down because I still have pain. It's easily relieved by ES Tylenol. However, I thought by three weeks I wouldn't have to take them anymore. Patience is a virtue I don't possess. Ha ha. Last night I was going to take a picture at an event. I decided not to just in case my friend wanted to see the photo and my boob photos popped up. Too funny! Hugs!

Waiting and reading!

Hi girls

So I'm still waiting for a quote from my PS. I need to get a loan as I don't think I'll get approved on the NHS. Unfortunately I have no savings and earn very little so a loan is quite difficult for me but I've got the point now that I've decided 100% that it is something I want and I'll do anything to get them done.

I'm really enjoying reading all the blogs on here and updates. It's so reassuring and nice to know so many other people understand what you're going through, when so few people in real life understand!



Hi ladies

So my process is moving along quite slowly! I am also inquiring about a small 'pocket' of liposuction on my inner thighs because even though I have very skinny legs there is a small 4inch section that sticks out no matter how much weight I lose and in summer I get awful heat rash and it can bleed. It genuinely renders it impossible to walk at times.

So because of this I have another appointment on Monday 11th. My PS is a little crazy so I imagine he'll have forgotten why I'm even there!!! But I'm hoping he can re-evaluate the level of liposuction as last time he said it was so small he could ask them to charge it as 'minimal' but his receptionist never got this message so has called me in for another appointment.

Because I am not planning on surgery until February, I am not in a particular rush but I would like to book a date and more importantly, get a concise quote so that I can apply for a loan. I'm really worried I won't be able to get a loan and then I'll be devastated. I am in the middle of trying to find a better paid job so that my chances are increased. The other option is taking money back from my mortgage deposit but I have no idea if that is likely either.

Once I have the quote finalised I'll be sorting it all out as quickly as I can. I feel now everytime I take my bra off and I hate the sight of my breasts or the pain in my neck and shoulders or how no matter how I dress everything somehow looks provacative or sexual, that I am more and more invested in wanting to do this. I come on here and read so many reviews and see such incredible results that I'm starting to get impatient.

The other issue is my weight. I really want to lose 2 stone before the surgery and tried to diet hard core for 2 weeks and I GAINED FOUR LBS!!! So this week I've just been really bad and I think I'm going to have to get in the right head space again.

Can't wait for it to be done!!!
You have lots of time to lose weight (you don't look like you need 2 stone though ;)- Aerobic exercise (can you cycle if not walk?) an hour a day and eat well- Look up "clean eating" if you are not aware of it. There are so many inspirational members on Instagram also that post pictures of their transofrmation and recipes that are delicious! I have lost weight without worrying about eating too much of this or that (apart from bread rice pasta potatoes sugars) which is great cos I can eat whole grains and meat and nuts that provide nutrition and are satisfying so you don't feel hungry. I have dairy but not that much and at times have even indulged in creamy cheeses (with wholegrain crackers) or carrot and celery. It is a great change to make and it will mean you don't put on weight again if you stick to not eating the baddies. Sorry to rave but it is something I have battle for years losing weight and keeping it off and so I totally feel for you- and now I realise that the no sugar thing is not a fad. It works and it is the best thing you can do for yourself especially leading to surgery. All the best I am sure you will have a great result.
Hi BeCup, thanks so much for your comment. PS I love Australia, it's my favourite place in the world :) I actually went onto youtube and watched lots of videos on 'clean eating' although I'm not sure I can do it! I think you're totally right though especially with regards to sugar, of which I'm an addict! Do you still eat things like fruit? Your review page is so helpful, informative and detailed. I think your results look incredible, a really nice natural shape - I'd love them! It sounds like you're recovering well. I'm intrigued by your protein shake?
Just go slow - eat fruit max two a day but with some almonds. There are many yummy treats you can make as well using honey or better still Stevia / I have astonished my partner with a "clean" chocolate ice cream using just banana protein powder dates and cacao powder- and you can also have days where you indulge but not everyday :) it is a little hard sometimes but the benefits outweigh any few times when it does feel a little restricted. There's a great book talking about the addiction of sugar and once you break it it really is easy to keep weight off - its called sweet poison by David Gillespie- highly recommend it - thanks for your kind words too- I'm sure you will have a better result being younger with better skin so stay positive and don't worry too much about weight as you really do look good now.

Second appointment

Hello all :)

So I had my second appointment. It was originally scheduled for December and I was popping in quickly in November just to re-evaluate the quote for my thighs but his secretary got confused and called me and we decided to move it all to last Monday. Last time I saw my PS he said it would be good if I bring my mother with me. He, rightly, seems to place a lot of importance on checking you are really sure, if you have a good support system and you understand the risks. He seems to try to put me off and never uses a sales technique which I appreciate. He is really fair and to the point and so you always know where you stand.

Nevertheless I was more nervous bringing my mum with me as it somehow seemed more 'naked' to go with my mum! Unfortunately my PS was stuck in surgery much later than expected so my appointment was meant to be at 6.30 but I didn't get seen until 8.30. Lots of waiting!

He talked through all the risks and side effects and possible outcomes. At times the whole process makes me feel really nervous and nauseous but only because it is such a big decision and a lot to get my brain around. I never waver that I want to do it.

He re-examined me, called a nurse but drew the curtain so my mum didn't look. That did make me feel better! He got my quote lowered a little bit for my pocket of fat on my thighs. I should add a photo for you all of my thighs.... I'll do that in this post! He did say that if he could he would remove some of the saddle bags which would be nice but ultimately my thighs is more of a physical discomfort for the amount they rub and rip all my leggings up. So I am not too bothered about my saddle bags (it would be a bonus though!) To be clear - I am aware I have slim legs, it is purely the pocket at the top of my thighs that causes me pain (phyiscal, not emotional) and I can't bear the idea of another summer or walking anywhere with that pain and rubbing again!

So with my breasts...whereas last time he said he would need to remove tissue and do a reduction because the tissue was 'dense', this time he said he wouldn't need to and that 'I wouldn't mind if they stayed the same size would I?' I get so nervous in these things I just said yes but then thought actually no I do want to. I'm not a 'fuss' sort of person so he asked questions like 'Do you get back ache and shoulder ache?' and I was like 'Well yes but it might not be due to my breasts'. The other thing is although I am a 36FF, I am also very hourglass so have a large bottom and hips. I am not top heavy at all! So in his eyes, and another surgeon I saw, a reduction is not necessary from that perspective.

Anyway after a few days reflection, I have decided I do want a reduction - at least to a D or E if I can. He wanted another appointment with me so hopefully that will be scheduled for January.

Surgery dates - his secretary said there was a spare date 6th Jan! I am not ready for that because I still need to secure a loan and time off work. He had originally been abroad in Jan so he told me Feb and so I've been working to Feb all this time because of this. It's silly but mentally I am not ready for January.

I just went to Portugal for four days with my Dad and the whole time I was in swimming costumes or clothes I thought 'I wish I'd had it done already'.

I can't wait!

Question - are there any girls out there who have had this, or a lift with the same scarring when they are not in a relationship? I am currently single and part of my reasons is because I am too nervous to be seen naked and under-confident. I am acutely aware however that the scars are not something I will be able to hide or hope people don't notice in the future. I feel like I won't be able to have a boyfriend or any sexual relations without explaining....These thoughts have just been on my mind. I'm particularly private and have told only one friend about the surgery so the idea of having to tell a guy makes me very anxious! I wondered if anyone else has experience of this.

Surgery date!

So girls, I have a surgery date! I requested, and was given, 17th Feb 2014. Eek!

I am going to apply for a loan tomorrow, I'm terrified I won't be able to get one.

I'm also going to start really focusing on healthy eating and losing weight - the nurse I met with initially said that she can tell immediately after surgery if someone smokes or is unhealthy (ie doesn't eat a balanced diet) as they scar far worse. I don't want to be that person! I have never smoked but my nutrition leaves something to be desired!

I keep getting momentary panics about this decision. I met a girl 6 years ago, VERY briefly, who had a breast reduction. She was a friend, of a friend, of a friend! So I tracked her down on facebook and messaged her. I only met her once but I wondered if she would be able to give me some advice and she came back with the most helpful message saying it was the best thing she had ever done, tips on the surgery and recovery and it MADE my weekend.

I know you all understand but it's a big decision isn't it, to change your body forever. I have spent so long ashamed and uncomfortable with my breasts that the idea of doing something about it is monumental in my head.

If any of you have any tips on nutrients/vitamins or anything that is meant to help with scarring it would be really appreciated :)

PS have just added a photo from a wedding this summer where I was a bridesmaid and I could not STAND how big my boobs looked
Oh I've been taking zinc and vitamin c daily and my lovely protein shakes ;) lots if greens and lean meats etc best for skin- if you can boil up soup of gelatinous nature parts of chicken, lamb etc this is meant to be great for skin :)
Hi there, you are the same height and weight as me, I am also in the UK, but you are lucky enough to be 31 years younger! trying to lose weight is a complete pain isn't it, and very baffling. I had a real pig out weekend and hey presto! Lost 2 pounds. Don't know what that was about. Just a word of warning. I had a reduction aged 19 37 years ago when I was really slim. After breastfeeding, weight gain and the menopause, I am back to a G cup and having a second reduction in January. So if you lose some weight think about getting a C cup because when you put any weight back on, chances are it will go onto your bust and you'll go up a cup size....discuss this with your Mum and your surgeon. I do hope you have more self confidence after the surgery, you should be enjoying your 20's including wearing whatever you want.
Thanks peediewife :) It's so hard knowing what size to say to go to...I was thinking small D but I'll see what he says next time I see him. Your surgery must not be that far off now!

My loan was approved!

So my loan was approved! I was so nervous and it feels so real. It's not been signed on the dotted line yet but they said it's approved. I sent off the supporting statement today (a water bill for proof of address) and then it's a lot more real!

I'm still struggling to gear myself into action to lose weight and it is getting me down but otherwise I have had a lot of thoughts going around in my head because of the loan and the reality of it all. But coming on here and seeing so many happy people has really made such a difference. I'm so thankful I found this site!
Hi, you are the same height and weight as me! Glad about the loan, hopefully on a fixed rate while interest rates are so low! 17th Feb will feel like a long wait. I go on 3rd Jan and Christmas related stuff will help to pass the time for me!
Yeah it was a very low interest rate luckily! I think I'm glad I have some more time to get my head around it. I could have had it sooner but I wanted a bit longer to sort out the loan too! I'll keep an eye on your blog, can't wait to hear how you get on!
Thats great! You do not need to lose weight- concentrate on eating healthy lots of greens, protein and vitamin C and try to limit the sugary things ;)

I got the money....GULP

It's finally happened....It was so easy it's bizarre. I applied to a local supermarket and it had a really low interest rate. I didn't think I would get given that rate but I did and I posted back my form on Tuesday and by Thursday I had a voicemail saying 'Hi your funds are being transferred today'. Initially I felt very panicked but now I feel like 'hurry up!!' I am excited!

Time to really focus :) I feel really determind, excited and positive. For now! It's hard sometimes keeping such a big thing to myself. My parents know and my best friend knows but it's not something I discuss at length with any of them, it feels too personal. It's odd going through something so huge and no one knows, people I work with, or good friends. I just don't want to become a conversation topic between people and I know I would. I'll keep it to myself :)

I took some more photos today, felt appropriate, like saying bye!
Well done you, so many people don't look for solutions, especially if they try to get the op through the NHS and get turned down. You are making a real investment in your future and your everyday quality of life. If it means going without a few things to pay off the loan, well it will be well worth it. Roll on 17th Feb.
Thank you so much, it is nice to feel the support on here. It was definitely a lot to get my head around the money but you're right, I think it is worth it. Jan 3rd isn't long now! :)

"Massive Boobs"

So I had a pretty bad night the other night and it tied so much into my breast reduction that I had to share it with you all.

It was our work Christmas party and I have never been before (it is not usually extended to several departments, this was a first). I have a lot of friends at work and really enjoy it there but the people who were predominantly having the party are much older, more brash, louder Sales people. I get quite anxious in social situations so was pretty stressed anyway but sat with my friends I was ok.

I was also next to three men, two of whom were from the Commercial department of which I am not a member. My manager made a joke about having the best looking table and the guy next to me, who was getting increasingly drunk and leery, leaned over and said 'well looking next to me, we definitely have the best looking table' (referring to me and staring at me). I ignored it and carried on eating. (Bearing in mind he is mid-40's and married). Then it got worse. The director's decided to play a 'game' (the whole room that is) of 'Guess the Celebrity doppleganger' Most people got unreasonably nice ones like Liv Tyler, Jennifer Anniston, Kurt Russell. There was maybe 50 people there and they picked 20 to make people guess. Then they said 'Barbara Windsor' was me. (For those of you who don't know, google her). Everyone who knows me was appalled and shocked (For the record I understand she was attractive but I genuinely don't resemble her at all, I'm tall and have dark blonde hair and really my face is nothing like her at all!) The whole room was staring at me and laughing and the director made a point of saying 'Hey hey I didn't do this it was a suggestion'. I was shaking, I hated the attention being on me and also didn't understand why they had picked her. Then the leery guy next to me was talking 'subtly' aka LOUDLY to the other men on the table and said 'Well I get it....She has blonde hair, so does she, and they both have MASSIVE BOOBS'. Then it clicked for me, she has massive boobs and blonde hair and that is the only reason. I felt so claustrophobic and panicked. I left at 10.30 and cried the whole way home. I know it was all done light heartedly and I shouldn't have taken it so personally but it was so on the nose, touched such a nerve...and what annoys me is people define you by your breasts and they assume that it's always a GOOD thing, that no one would ever have an insecurity based on big boobs. I know that no one there would think I was shy or concerned about these things, let alone that I went home crying....

It really instilled in me that it clearly matters a lot to me and I am doing the right thing. Not long now!!
oh gosh that is terrible- that would count as sexual harassment at my work and I would have the right to get them all in serious trouble :) You are definitely going to love having smaller breasts but I think you will be so happy with the physical and aesthetic aspects you may entirely forget about idiotic men like this. I certainly feel less self conscious about my breasts now but I am also so happy that I forget what it is like and have severed any of the emotional turmoil I went though - all in the past now. Your next Christmas party will be definitely something you can look forward to.
Thanks :) Yeah it was horrible....people just assume that discussing you having large breasts is somehow ok as its meant to be a 'good' thing...ridiculous! I'm so glad you feel better and less self conscious. Your results are so good, I think the best I've seen!
oh thank you that is very nice. I am looking forward to seeing my surgeon and getting his opinion on the things I am wondering about but really not fussed- I feel pretty good so that's the most important. I love my boobs now. I don't think I ever said that in my previous big boob days ;)

Christmas pondering

Hey ladies

I've been at my parents over Christmas, I hope you all had a lovely time, and it amazed me how much I thought about it and how much I was still on this website! I am getting quite excited! Not long now,eek! How many days...let me calculate...52 days (just over 7 weeks) eek!

I'll add some more photos
Im so excited for you :)! Can't wait to see you results will be so happy you did this!
Thank you Daisy :) I hope you're feeling better. I have had general anesthesia a few times and I always feel nauseous for ages afterwards, it's the worst feeling! I am really dreading that.. Fingers crossed you haven't caught anything and you feel better tomorrow x
Thank you! Feeling much better today!! :) They gave me some pills for nausea after my surgery and thankfully gave me a lot! they are amazing! I wouldn't worry to much about what men think. So many of them act shallow but they prob wouldn't even notice the difference. My husband has been 100% supportive even knowing that I will have scars and will be smaller.


Hey girls

It seems more and more real now - I think about it ALL the time. I took some more photos to get some 'before's' in certain tops so that I can compare. Seems so surreal......

I still have lots of panics and doubtful moments. I googled 'mens opinions on breast reductions' and came across this forum which didn't make me feel good at all....there are some people on there with fair comments but a lot of horrible guys....just makes you panic.

I feel like on this site there are so many positive stories and great outcomes, I hope I am one of them and don't regret it. The thing is I am really curvy and I will be quite pear shaped afterwards but I don't mind....just seems strange doesn't want that....

I also am really struggling to lose weight and I'm acutely aware that any weight loss after the surgery will be counter-productive. I am always good all day and have fruit for breakfast and salad for lunch and I've cut back on all other drinks than water but then I get home and I go mental. Today I got home and had maybe 10 crackers with tons of butter and then a weight watchers meal. I mean why??? and THEN I had some ice cream. I didn't even want it, its like self sabotage! I will try and be better....42 days to go GULP

I'm going to peruse all your amazing accounts and feel inspired
the waiting is awful, in my case op got postponed from jan 3rd to 24th due to a nasty cold. As for men, what self respecting woman would want to be with someone who only wanted them for their huge boobs? To me that is horrifying.
Thanks, no I totally agree I guess I'm just paranoid because I am single and I shouldn't have googled. Obviously I can't imagine every being with someone who thought that way but it hurt me that people even do! I can't imagine women thinking the opposite though I spose some would. I hope your cold is getting better? That must make your excitement and anticipation so much worse! I'm looking forward to reading your updates
Hang on in there, your time will come. Trying to get over this cold sort of helps to pass the time, but I feel like everything is on hold until after the surgery and I expect you do too.

Quick update

I'm sure some of you have already seen this but this is Christina Ricci's breasts after a BR. I noticed her scans in Bell Ami as well in the sex scene which suprised me as I knew about her surgery but imagined they would airbrush! To be fair to the untrained unobsessed eye they wouldn't notice or look for them!

Reality check

So today was my final appointment with my surgeon before my surgery in a month. I was quite nervous because he is an interesting character. He's apparently the 'best' in my area particularly for breast surgery but he is scatty, unorganised, eccentric and a bit inconsistent. The first time I saw him he stated I'd need quite a considerable reduction due to the size of my nipple. The second time he said I wouldn't need barely any reduction and this time he changed his mind again!

He is a nice guy and clearly really dedicated but the last two times I've waited between 45-90 minutes past my appointment time and when I've been in there he's forgotten my notes, or his dictaphone etc. It doesn't instill confidence! So today was no different. I waited for 45 minutes but when I did see him he was funny and he is always on my side I feel, he makes it SUPER clear all the risks (too clear I think) but he does say he understands why I want this etc. He also went to considerable effort to get the prices lowered for me which I appreciate.

Anyway he also said that he will be away the week after my surgery so for week two of recovery but that he has covered me with another surgeon. I am quite stuck between work and my parents holiday so I cannot move my surgery. Another thing that was upsetting was that he said 'I wish you had managed to get to your target weight' (although I never told him a target weight) and I know he meant it because it's obviously detrimental to lose weight afterwards but it still stung. But you know what, it's good for me. I really needed that kick. It super kicked me! I reiterated I was 100% sure I wanted a reduction and I was thinking a small D ( I am a FF now). He said this was about right.

I went home and I felt so stressed. I've got other things going on (I had a second interview for a really great job and I am waiting to hear) and I'm generally exhausted so after a long boring day at work, then sitting in a dark wintery office waiting til 8pm to see him and then him forget my notes, tell me I should have lost weight and that he's away the week of my surgery I sort of felt upset. I called my mum who didn't know what to say but she did say that it doesnt matter he is away the week after because my dad is a surgeon and she books his cases and they usually say its a personal option but there is no real need they are around that long after. To be fair I wasn't too worried as lots of places such as Harley Medical Group you go to London for your surgery then leave and don't see your surgeon!

My Mum called an hour later and said she hopes I don't mind but she contacted their friend who is a assisting nurse at that hospital. She said that my PS is actually brilliant but VERY busy as he works at 3 hospitals so is a bit scatty but that he is an amazing surgeon and she always sees good results. She said she may even be in my surgery which actually odd as it is, would be quite nice. The fact that she said it and my mum was reassured made me feel much better. I genuinely think he seems great, but I think my nature, or the type of person I am, is an on time, organised, A-type character so to be doing something so big and so monumental in my mind and the surgeon can't be on time or remember my notes, and contradicts himself....worried me. But if he is just a creative genius haha and he is really the best breast surgeon in the area then I think I'll be fine. I think it's all the emotions in the run up...I'm sure you've all experienced this! Also my Mum's friend also knows the surgeon who would be covering whilst my PS is away and he is apparently the best in the area, phew.

I had soup for dinner, 4 weeks of motivation is what I need.

Sorry this is a long one. I always feel quite churned up about things when I've seen my PS.
Anticipation is the hardest part because you have so much time to worry if you are making the right decision. If you have spoken to people who know him I wouldn't be too worried - geniuses are often scattered - yet when it comes down to the task at hand they are as sharp as a tack. Good luck with your survey!
Thank you, reading your message earlier made me feel a lot better! I think it is the anticipation that is making me more sensitive and worried so thanks for your reassuring words! How are you getting on now? I had a look for some post op pics but I just read you struggled to upload them, hope you're doing well :)
I am doing pretty well - I am finally working out. I was so happy to learn that I can now jump rope and do jumping jacks - it is the little things that make me happy. It is just such a relief not to constantly fiddle with bra straps and trying to shove them into a bra. You will be so happy once you have this done. You are young and you will have your whole life ahead of you without having to be your wan with the massive boobs. Plus, you are young so you will heal better and faster.


Hi ladies

I am four weeks away today! I feel in a much better place than last week. I've been really trying to prepare myself so I've been taking my diet seriously and just calorie counting! Trying to eat healthy and low GI as well to keep my fuller and less sugar-based. I have lots 4lbs in 2 weeks which isn't groundbreaking but it's on my way! I have also started a squat challenge. I'm conscious that once I have the reduction and lipo on my legs, my tummy/arms/bum will look worse! I want to try and build up my core too as I've heard that makes a big difference in recovery as you have less flexiblity in movement!

I have been taking Iron Tablets and Multivitamins everyday along with Spirulina. I've been taking a berocca when I have them as well as rubbing BioOil on my breasts and thighs twice a day, before and after bed.

I feel like I'm getting ready! I need to gather some more information on what I need before surgery as my PS hasn't told me to buy anything. I may email his secretary tomorrow as I know I'll need a bra and I've read you girls suggest button down pj's... I've got to spend 2 days in hospital so I need plenty of books/things to read/things to watch! My mum won't be able to spend much time with me so that'll be hard as I'll be bored and in pain! Maybe not bored actually....

I enjoying reading all the posts on here, get me excited! I'm mostly worried people will notice when I go back to work, so part of me is trying to make a good amount of effort dieting before I go away so they think its all part of my weight loss.

Excited for a few people whose operation is this week! I can't wait to see everyone's results and hear how they are getting on. Boob obsessed we all are :)
I can totally relate to the worry of what the people you work with will think. That has been something I've been worrying about for months. I work in automotive (very male dominated environment). My GM did that get friend had a BR and no one noticed! To be honest, I'll be speaking to my local guide dogs association if no ones notices mine!!! I can also see why you'd be worried about your surgeon but at least you have contacts at the hospital to put your mind at rest. Imagine how you'd feel if you didn't have that. Also, losing 4 ponds is great! Don't be so hard on yourself. Speak soon x x
Stupid predictive text *my GM said her friend had a BR ...... Sorry about that!
Thanks, yes I'm excited I've lost 4lbs, I'll keep up the motivation for the next 3 weeks! I think some of my friends may notice but I'm hoping to fob them off with the 'I lost weight' comment, hopefully it works! Hahaha to your local guide dogs comment, I'm sure they'll notice! Especially in work shirts etc, I find them particularly hard with larger breasts! Looking forward to hearing the update from your check up :)


So quick update before I go to work. I got a new dress this weekend, I got it in a size larger so I could for my chest in and you will all know this issue - I tried it on for work this morning and it's cleavage city. All buttons popped open so I had to put a vest on underneath and it's still cleavage city!!!
I absolutely appreciate your story! I'm getting nervous too, at times it feels like it will never happen, then I realize it's right around the corner!! 12 days to go. I haven't tried to lose any weight I've actually gained it! Yikes I was more focused on quitting smoking, but reading your posts I'm wondering if I should concentrate on that as well?! Are you really not suppose to lose weight afterwards? Will it ruin the surgery? I was thinking it would be easier to, because there would be less back pain involved. (I have been substituting sugar for nicotine:()
The surgeons want you to be close to your ideal weight because losing weight afterwards (depending on how much) can cause your breasts to sag and to also go down a cup size.
Yep like momofthreepixies said below it's just because ideally you are at your goal weight when you have the reduction as any weight change afterwards can affect the result - and if you lost much more you could lose volume in your breasts. However it does depend on whether your breasts are fat or tissue - whether they get much bigger or smaller when your weight changes. Anyway I won't be at my 'goal' weight but any effort I make I feel better for! But no it definitely won't ruin the surgery. I think from what little I know about the effect of smoking I think it inhibites healing? If you have a quick google I'm sure you can find some info :)


Hi ladies

I have had to cut back the email updates I get from this site! I was getting 200 a day! I am a bit of a stickler for a clean inbox so I've narrowed it down to one big update a day :) I still read every single one, it's so nice to feel like we're all in it together.

Tomorrow is TWO weeks exactly until surgery. Eek!!! I had a list of questions for my surgeon so I emailed his secretary and he personally called me back but he sort of...laughed off my questions?! I think he is very casual about these things and maybe I have been influenced by all my research on here but he didn't seem to think it mattered what pyjamas (front opening) I bought and I asked what bra I should buy and size (as in my first consultation he said he had a good brand to reccomend) and he just laughed and said just buy any old sports bra. In my second consultation he also said that I would need compression garments for my thighs but that the hospital sometimes didn't have these in stock and to remind his secretary, which I did, and in his call he said 'oh they don't really make any difference anyway'. Like I've said before he does often contradict himself! So I have decided to do some research and make myself a little hospital bag anyway. I think I'll get some nice comfortable pj's and I've seen the Marena bra mentioned a lot on here?

UK ladies can you help? What surgical compression bra would you reccomend? I don't think it's very easy to get hold on the Marena one?

I am hoping to borrow my sisters Ipad to take into hospital with me. Is there anything else you would reccomend?

I have had such a bad back the last two weeks, I want to try and get a sports massage. I obviously won't be able to for a while afterwards, however maybe I won't have a bad back!

I'm going to go read some reviews and comment now :)
I feel like my breasts never have changed gaining or losing weight. Only breast feeding changed them, so I'm hoping they won't change too much. I still want to lose 10-15 lbs. I'm a c now, so I'm really hoping for no change!!! Good luck with everything. Try not to stress! I actually am enjoying recovery more than I thought I would.
Thanks, that's good to know too - I don't think mine change drastically either so hopefully I can carry on losing weight afterwards :) I'm glad you're enjoying the recovery, I suppose it is a rare opportunity to force yourself to relax!
The Royce bra does seem to be very popular. My surgeon has told me a soft cup Belvia bra is fine so I've got some similar ones from sainsburys. They are very comfortable. As far as button up PJ's it just makes it easier to put on and take off as you're not raising your arms.


So it is finally the day before. I feel...strange! I have had a lot going on lately outside of this so I've pushed it to the back of my mind and now it's TOMORROW. I am at my flat and procrastinating because I need to pack to go to my parents house and I can't bring myself to do it! My cat is not going to be impressed, she likes her little flat! I went out last night for a friend's birthday and all night in all the photos my boobs just made me look so much bigger than I am. I've lost about 7/8lbs recently so feel much better about myself which is really nice. But even so, the photos are not the flattering cos it's a high neck dress (it was a themed night, not my usual attire!!) and it just makes me look big! I'll attach a photo.

Otherwise I'm quite prepared. I have been using my vitamins and Bio Oil and I've got several button up tops and pj's. I've got my kindle and laptop ready for my parent's house and I've finished up from work.

So crazy to think it's going to be tomorrow. I get little splurges of nerves but I think this website and how busy I've been have calmed me down. Although that could be a bit different tomorrow!!! I have to be there for 11am and then who knows what time I'll be operated on. I'll try keep you updated tomorrow.
good on you for sticking to it and losing a few pounds you will feel all the better for it and you will be fine. Can't wait to read your next update on the other side-wooohooo
Thanks BeCup! I actually have really enjoyed being more motivated and healthy and feel like I'll continue it afterwards with no trouble (ignore my recent cake reference haha). Thanks for the support :)
Hey I will be thinking of you all this evening (I am 8 hours ahead of the UK) Just logged in as I remembered it was your operation today :) I hope it goes well and you don't feel too bad when you wake up! xxx

It's today!

Eek. All packed. Ready to go! Hungry and really want a cake haha. It's 9.48 am and I think we will leave about 10.15 for 11am.

See you soon!
Good luck!! I look forward to reading the next chapter of your story and seing your results!
Thinking of you cinnamon. It's 3.45pm now and I'm guessing your being made pert as I type this! Eeekk!!! Can't wait to see your results. :-D
Thanks Lilibelle! Just did a big update and I will try and update as things change :)

Day after

Hey ladies

First off thank you so much for your support, it made and still makes such a difference.

I want to write a detailed report and I am struggling to type on my phone so will do it later today at home. Essentially it all went we, they are super perky and right it feels so foreign to me - I'm used to feeling so uncomfortable without a bra and scooping them up off my chest. I had quite a bad reaction to the anaesthetic so threw up twice and I couldn't keep any food down so only just started to feel good lately. Had a lovely nurse though and on the bright side it may have helped my weightloss!!

Will do a proper update later but for now I will add photos!
Welcome to the other side. Hope you're feeling better soon. Take it easy x
Thanks Maz, feeling loads better now x
I am very excited for you, fingers crossed and warm thoughts sent your way for healing and happy boobies.

Full experience

Hi ladies,

I am home (at my parents house) and being looked after by my mum so I will hopefully try and write a helpful and detailed report of my day yesterday.

I went in at 11am but my family and I always early so got there at 10.40. The concierge (yes concierge!!) came and collected me and carried my bag to my room. I was on the third floor and I started to see a trickle of different people come check things with me. I was admitted and had wrist bands put on and someone took some blood (although they didn't explain why and they took bloods a week ago too). They weighed me and I weighed less than expected so was happy about that.

Then the waiting kicked in. I was told I was first on the list and would be taken down for 1.30. However at 1.15 the Anesthetist still hadn't been to see me nor my surgeon. Finally they came in and I LOVED the anesthetist he was so funny and confident and patient and informative and he made it clear he would be with me the whole time and really put me at ease. I made it clear to him I always suffer with nausea and he said that he would give me anti-nausea in my drip and avoid certain chemicals.

My surgeon came in and he is a bit of a rogue so I was worried he would say things to worry me. He did a little bit in that he said because of a keloid scar I have on my shoulder I would probably scar quite badly (why he tells me this now!!). He said a few confusing statements about 'not going too small but giving a reduction' then queried if I was the girl who wanted a reduction with an implant - nope that's not me! Anyway he was better than usual, took some photos but then added that he moved his list around and was doing someone else first! This is totally normal for surgeons but by this point I felt like a baby and was fed up, tired and SO HUNGRY! I was also really dehydrated and had headaches - I have got really buried veins and it is much harder to find them if I am thirsty so that worried me too for being put to sleep. He also did some markings but a lot less than a lot of the girls I see on this site and it worried me after reading some girls reviews that went wrong with minimal markings. He did use the tape measure a lot to check things and fussed around for ages but he marked very little. He then added that when he trained in France he used to do markings completely freehand in a dark corridor. Sounds very strange! I am often at a loss for words with this man! He is quite a confident man and winks a lot!!!

Anyway the time FINALLY came at 4pm! I felt fine until my mum kissed me and said good luck then I felt teary. They took me to the bottom floor and the anesthetist really put me to ease and I was asleep in no time. They asked me if I had a cat or a dog which seems totally random until I remembered that I had play fight scratches all over my hands from my cat - they probably thought I was a self harmer!! I forget about them haha but they look worse than they are.

Then comes waking up time....I woke up absolutely freezing and shivering and I had obviously bitten my lip at some point because it was really swollen and I could feel the bite marks. It must have bled loads! They put this blanket on me which connected to a tube and pumped hot air inside and that was lovely. I was apparently in recovery for ages because my mum was in my room at 7pm and saw my surgeon and I didn't get back up there until 8pm. So when I got there my mum was tearful and crying because she recently lost her mum and she said I looked just like her, white as a sheet and I smiled at her exactly how my nanny did. I felt bad to put her through that. She was worried why I was taking so long to come out of recovery but I was obviously not aware of this at all.

I immediately was really uncomfortable and even though I had told my surgeon I was a large (I have large bones and a large bum/hips) he put me in medium control pants for my minimal lipo. I felt incredibly nauseous and this was compounded by extreme pain from the tightness around my stomach. The nurses didn't really respond to this so when my surgeon popped in on me he made them come and take it down and he did admit 'you told us to use the large!' I had huge welts in my skin where it was too tight but I felt immediately better for rolling it down. My surgeon talked at LENGTH about how it went - but I was so drowsy I felt really irritable and just wanted him to leave me alone. My mum spoke to him a bit and I kept dropping in and out of consciousness. All I remember was him saying it went well and that they didn't take much but it was a reduction - whatever that means! I think he said about 300 from each but slightly more on one, which I expected as my left breast was larger.

Anyway this is when I really started to feel unwell. I had intense nausea and I was unbelievably hot. So hot I was really visibly irritated and I am generally quite pleasant! I was kicking my sheets off and I was sweating profusely and what frustrated me more is that the nurses didn't do anything about it and I was near tears like 'please can you just cool me down' in the end my mum took control and found a fan in a cupboard, turned it on and pointed it at my feet (my request) and opened the window. Bear in mind it's the middle of winter in England, it's cold! but they had the heating up so high, my mum was baking too and I was in control pants, dressings and DVT socks !!! I still feel irritated now remembering how hot I was. My mum wet a flannel but the water wasn't even cold and she asked several times for ice and no one got me any. Mum joked that ice must be really expensive or something. I think they didn't believe how unwell I felt at this point. Then I started throwing up bile (as I hadn't eaten in over 24 hours) continuously and wretching. Then they took me a bit more seriously and gave me some anti sickness drugs. The nurse I had was lovely but not very sharp as she was the one who undid my control pants and then later came to give me an injection of anti sickness - in my thigh! She was then like oops no I can't inject you there, she had completely forgotten. Anyway she put it in my IV and I thought I felt a bit better. Mum eventually left, traumatised probably as I was like the exorcist kicking and sweating and throwing up!! They bought me a tuna sandwich and a fruit crumble with custard but because the kitchen had closed hours ago it was a bit congealed but I love pudding so I had about 2 or 3 nibbles but it was hard as I felt so unwell.

I slept until 2am where I decided to try and go to the toilet. It was very hard to move especially with drains and an IV. I stood up ok but when I went to the toilet (this is probably TMI) the control pants they put on me had a hole but they hadn't put them on straight so they were off to one side. So it was impossible to move them but impossible not to get wet either! So I had to pee really slowly and still got wet. The nurses didn't have any suggestions when I asked them, as if they had no idea what I meant. Anyway when I was on the toilet I said I felt quite nauseous again and she said oh you will be fine just wait it out. Unfortunately I wasn't and was sick violently! Luckily I was near the sink but it was an awkward angle and the few bits of fruit crumble I had came back up to greet me! I was just happy I hadn't eaten the tuna! I was sick for a minute or so and then got back into bed. However after this episode of throwing up I felt better! My nurse made me some tea and biscuits and I was nearly in tears cos I enjoyed them! Then I slept on and off waking every two hours to talk to my nurse. I properly woke up at 6/7am and had breakfast. Then I saw several nurses and eventually my surgeon popped in.

He was surprised how little I had bled into my drains and I quote 'if anyone was going to bleed lots it would have been you' but barely any at all. He said not to bath/shower for a week and to come back in on Monday to see a nurse to remove stitches. He would see me a week monday on the 3rd. He said, and I quote, 'It went as well as it could have' I don't know what that means! I think he tries to cover himself all the time! He said one was 'perkier' than the other but 'it would all come out in the wash'. I think from reading so many of your reviews on here I know they all settle in don't they.

I had the drains removed after he left by another nurse ( I saw SO Many different people). She was lovely and although it did hurt a lot, it was over quite quickly. Getting changed was a challenge and I feel quite gross knowing my control pants are soaked in urine most likely! But I am home now, and I don't feel sick any more and Mum made me lunch and I ate it - I was giddy with excitement not to feel ill.

I think had I not been nauseous the whole ordeal would have been absolutely fine as I was in barely any pain - I am just unlucky and always react to anesthetic.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. They feel really perky and upright and I know this sounds odd but I feel like my old boobs are still there? Like where my nipples used to be or how they sat against my body and they are not!? Like phantom breasts! I am slightly concerned my nipples seem to be quite outward pointing towards my arm but I'm going to wait and see as I can't really tell or bring myself to look. Just going to try keep an open mind!!!
I had the "phantom boobs" for a very long time. I'm two months now and finally just starting to get over thst feeling. Sorry you had such a bad experience with nausea. Glad it's over!! Get lots of sleep and rest :) *hugs*
Haha it's funny isn't it, I wrote about it and several of you had the same thing! I suppose you spend so long rearranging yourself and knowing how they feel that it's odd when they're not there! I feel so much better now, thank you :) xx
I'm happy for you!! (except the nausea :)) Can't wait to read the next chapters of your journey...for now rest and get better. I am sure you will be happy with the results.

Just some more photos

I just felt a bit better and got changed into my new pjs (they are just from primark but I love them!!) and I took some photos and I know I can't really see much but I'm pleased with them so far!!! Also I've been waiting to do this haha but I have a mole almost central on my chest/waist and so you can see how much he has lifted them. I absolutely loathe the before photo and it's in such horrible lighting but I'm going to post it because it's relevant!
So happy for you. I did not knee christine ricci had a bready reduction. I wish I got one as t your age. I hated the way I was teased and one breast hanged down to my stomach. It was horrible. Along with the pain. I'm so glad all were went well for young look into arnica montana
Yeh it's interesting isn't it? There are a few celebrities who had them but she is one of the few I've seen photos of. In the film Bel Ami you can actually see her scars briefly which I was suprised about! Makes me feel better anyway cos she looks great! Wow you must feel such a relief now since having your op? They are healing really well, it's amazing how they change over time, I always think that when I see other people's photos - it takes a while but then they look great! I laughed at your bowling ball comment, I wrote in my last post about phantom boobs, and it feels like that doesn't it!!
yay so excited for you- your sugeon sound hilarious and honest and that is good- it is never perfect so don't worry - rest as much as possible- do what you can - drink lots of water, eat your protein and leafy greens and vitamin c and zinc and soon enough you will be trying on cute bras! Sounds like my volume resduction but you were larger so I am guessing you will be a D and if you're curvy than that's perfect! It takes a while - even 6 months before they settle do don't freak out if left is perkier, higher etc- expecially in the first 6 weeks!

Day 2

Hey ladies

So today I feel a lot better :) I slept ok, through the night at least. It's annoying not being able to move and sleep on my side or sprawled as I prefer! My cat (she is 1) is being kept in my parents dining room so she is unhappy to be without me and is making a lot of noise in there! So I bought her up to sit with me this morning. She is a little diva! I am in not much pain, maybe 2 /10?

My PS said I could have a bath on day 2 and wash my control pants (I am sure that is not the proper name but its for my thigh lipo) I was going to try and wait longer but I had welts all over my sides from the zips from the control pants so I decided to go for it. I filled the bath only about half a foot and got inside. It felt SO nice to be clean and get the orange ionide stuff off my body! I didn't wash my hair or face or underarms for fear of wetting my breast dressings but I used a flannel and scrubbed clean. I am still feeling pretty positive and happy, hope I don't get the post-ops blues as lots of girls do! At the moment they are all bandaged up and they look great, it'll be a whole new issue when I see the scars and the nipples and have to worry about even-ness and nipple placement etc!

I had a good look at my thighs when I was naked. They definitely look different but not hugely. I only had small pockets of fat that I wanted removed and I've read it can take up to 6 months to take shape so I'm looking with a pinch of salt. They definitely look better but I'm sure it'll take a while to settle. Also he did say it could be difficult due to the small amount I wanted removed and it can be dependant on skin uptake. I made sure to put the control pants back on quickly (luckily they gave me a spare pair) and I'm in clean pjs and underwear and feeling refreshed! I am taking paracetemol every 4 hours and codeine when the pain is worse. Yesterday I took one codeine at two different times. I just took one now because I have bad stomach pains (from a previous issue not surgery related) and I know I'm allowed to take codeine. I have to set timers on my phone because I'm really bad at regularly taking medicine and my Mum tells me off!

Movement wise I have been ok. At times I think I've over-exerted myself like picking my cat up (she is a little chunk) and trying to clean my room (I am a bit OCD) and realised that its pulling a bit and my chest and arm movement is quite limited. I am trying to stay put more but it gets a bit boring and also my dad is a surgeon and is OBSESSED with me walking so that I don't get a blood clot! He got home yesterday and kissed the top of my head and before even saying hi he said 'Wiggle your toes' - obsessed! So it is a battle between staying still and moving at the moment!

I have also noticed that my stomach is pretty swollen. I've read about this from other girls and it has definitely happened to me! I think it's combined with the fact that I have a really tight girdle/control pants on so it squishes my fat up! But I look bizarre naked at the moment, all squidgy! But hey, I know it'll go down!

I am about to watch Footless online because I love Julianne Hough, she is too cute!

Thanks for all your updates and support, makes me smile every day!! What a find this website is, for all of us!
Hey Sweetie, sorry i write so late! I am so happy for you that you have it behind you too and that except from feeling of nausea ect, you feel good now! :) You must be nervous to look under the dressings. Man, i was! I guess after surgery the biggest fear was if everything turned out as you wished / hoped for and i was so happy with my results, i wish you the same :) Try to relax as much as you can and enjoy your time off as much as possible! It was a very interesting post op update, i loved it :) You have a cute cat, i love the furrbutts :D Can't wait to see your results! And don't think about post op blues yet, they hit everyone i guess, some earlier, some later :D haha! Xo
hey Raboobsel!! Thanks for your message. I am definitely nervous but I'm patient as well, taking my time to prepare! I would be so happy to have results like yours :) I was telling my Mum about how good you look! My cat is very cute, pretty little thing. Glad you're feeling good, I love your updates xx
Glad you are doing well. Hope your recovery goes smoothly! Don't overdo things... This is the time to baby yourself. Cleaning can wait :) happy healing thoughts to you.

I've lost track of days

Hey all :)

Just a little update. The days are going quick quickly and blurring! I am sleeping well, the first day/two I napped on and off but now I'm going to bed about 11/12pm and waking up at 9am. I am usually a late owl so go to sleep at 1am and wake up at 7am for work so I am definitely getting more rest. I don't enjoy sleeping straight and on my back and sometimes my lower back aches from the same position but overall it's really not so bad.

Pain wise, my doctor told me to use paracetemol every 4 hours as pain prevention rather than waiting until I was in a lot of pain as it works better that way. I definitely did that for this week and today I've just take one set at 9am. I do feel that when it wears off I get pain in my outer thighs and underneath my breasts but it's mostly just tender and probably only 3/10? I mostly feel the pain where the drains were removed, sore!!

I took some photos today and weighed myself. I was worried about weighing myself as prior to surgery I had been losing weight and then I was super nauseous after and then the rest of the week because I am at my parents house I have been eating more - not over eating but not dieting either. Then on the other hand I know I'm bloated and swelling but I haven't had any digestive issues. I was super sure I would have put on about 2/3 kgs so I was really relieved when I weighed myself and I had lost 1kg. I have no idea whether this is purely from the surgery (obviously I know he removed breast tissue and thigh fat) or if I have actually gained or lost weight due to eating/swelling but either way I didn't put on a lot of weight so I'm happy. I work better knowing scale says so I'm happy I did it.

I took a photo when I weighed myself, I'll upload it.

Otherwise the only thing I'm dealing with is boredom! I'm quite an OCD busy character and between working full time and having a cat and a busy social life, I am NEVER still. I am watching bits of tv and helping mum around the house as well as reading but it is a wee bit unstimulating! I struggled to fall asleep last night and I think it's purely because I had such an undemanding day! My parents are going out to a dinner party tomorrow night and I am going to be SO bored! I need to read some more books and besides I am enjoying it, when do you ever get two weeks to do nothing as an adult?!

My first appointment to change dressings and remove stitches is on Monday. That is the moment of truth!!! I tried on clothes today and they fit so much nicer, everything just feels more me - like my body is more in balance now! And although I can't see them properly I think he seems to have done a great job with the shape, they seem just right you know? I hope I continue to be as pleased with the results when I see the true results!
You look great and your diva of a cat is beautiful.
Thank you :) Yes she is so beautiful but a big diva hehe
Glad to hear things are going well. Enjoy your time off. as it goes fast.

Day before stitches out

So I get my stitches out tomorrow and I guess it might be the first time I see them. I'm not sure that I will look unless I have to. I feel like I'm not ready...

After my last post I decided to go on a walk with my parents and the dogs around the lake where we live. It was so difficult! I thought I wasn't in pain and that I felt fine but I was so slow and so tired and have been a in lot more pain since. I was not aware of my limits so haven't gone again!

I have been in more pain the last two days - does it get worse before it gets better? I have barely had any pain and then the last two years its amped up - although not terribly. Also I have this odd sensation in my left, larger, breast of ...well it actually feels like liquid trickling or bubbling upwards?! Only today but it's odd. It also looks bigger than it did before - and definitely bigger than my right breast! Also I noticed my right breast, the other one, has gone really yellow from bruising. I guess I will mention these things tomorrow at my check up. It isn't with my surgeon as he is on holiday but I'm not hugely worried, I have had nearly no pain and barely any bruising so far so it's probably a bit delayed?

How long does nipple feeling generally return? My surgeon asked me if I could feel anything on the day.

I also have some bruising developing on my lipo areas on my thighs. Oddly it is predominantly on one leg. That isn't taking shape much but I am oddly enjoying wearing the spanx things now, even though they are tight I do look great in clothes haha! It is odd though sometimes I think maybe they are too small? I held a bra over them and they seemed about a D but to me they look like Bs! I know some girls on here want to be a B or C but I never wanted to be super small. I'm still so happy with how it's gone but it's hard to re-define yourself. I was always the girl with big boobs, I can't imagine being considered to have small boobs? But I know it'll take a while to settle down and get used to it all. No regrets whatsoever so far :)

I'll add some photos xx
Aww go on, take a good look tomorrow! That should be an exciting moment! Hope it goes well
You inspired me! I did it...

The big reveal

So today was my week post-op appointment to have my stitches out. I was really nervous but in no pain and feeling quite active so decided to drive myself rather than my mum take me. I'm quite a prude anyway as is she so I wouldn't have had her in the appointment anyway (ironically as I post on here!! But it is anonymous and you are all brave so I feel confident to be so).

The nurse I saw was absolutely lovely and explained that the dressings stick so thoroughly to the skin she was going to soak them in antibacterial foam soap first to get the glue to lift. She did that and slowly removed. As I wrote yesterday I was not ready to look so just looked down at what I could see but didn't ask to see properly. We had a nice chat whilst she removed all the dressings and tape. She said I was healing beautifully and that my surgeon is a 'perfectionist'. From what scars I did see they are absolutely minute - probably the smallest I've seen. He uses disolvable stitches on the entire breast with one stitch on the edge that she removed. That was near where the drains were and I explained that is where I have had the most pain - although explained I have had very little. She said that is quite normal and it could be because of the tight end stitch and when she cuts that I'll probably feel some relief. She cut them and they did hurt but it was so quick and then I actually got goosebumps from the relief!

So after peediewife encourage me to have a look I decided to go for it! Now I waited until just now (10pm) to look at them (my appointment was at 12pm). They are really neat and even and there is nearly no bruising (the yellow is bruising and iodine). The only thing I would say is that they are a LOT smaller than I expected. I was an EE before and he said he only removed 300g. We were aiming for a D/DD and comparing myself to what I have heard girls on here have removed (700g etc) this seemed quite a small amount to remove for what I consider to be a big reduction. However I am really pleased with all the other aspects - he has done the neatest circles for my nipples and made them smaller which I am glad about as I'm SO fair. I think it will take me a while to get used to having what I would call SMALL boobs!

But I wouldn't go so far to say I am upset or anything, just a bit shocked! I feel like I really need to tone up my bum, arms and most importantly tummy now!!

I will add some photos for you - bear in mind that they are yellow from iodine and she couldn't get all the glue off - all the scars are covered in nude tape as well which looks odd! Also I have no idea why but they are not very good quality photos, I think the lighting in my room at night isn't good enough so I will get some in natural light soon.
Looking great :)!!!!
Thank you!
You look great - keep up the happy healthy healing :-)

Is it fat necrosis? Help!

Hi girls

I took some more photos which I've added to the post. They seemed to have softened a bit and seem a bit bigger which makes me feel a bit more relaxed.


Yesterday, for the first time, I noticed that on both breasts along the incision line from the T-junction to the underarm it is rock solid with some lumps. I am REALLY worried that this is fat necrosis. I couldn't sleep so was up til 2am googling! Generally I found that there is nothing you can do about it but I feel so worried! It is so solid and thick and I'm worried it will leave me deformed or something?

I am seeing my PS on Monday evening after work so not long but I just wanted to see if any of you had experienced this?

Other general comments are that I am aware my left breast is larger and I think my nipples may not be completely lined up but overall I think that's fine because that's what happens with natural breasts!
Dont worry about it - you are looking good and you are a newby so see what you ps says :-) Smile things will get better each day !!!
Thanks Tash! Seeing him tomorrow so will get some answers. Feeling lucky I've not had much pain or anything really
Thank is great - You are going to do amazing and are going to love your transition into you new healthy self :-)

Last few days of sick leave!

So I go back to work on Monday (it's Saturday now). Typically, after two weeks of being in very little pain, on Thursday/Friday I suddenly started feeling pain/problems. First I noticed the really hard lumps (see above post) then yesterday I suddenly felt the sharpest sweetest pain in the T junction below my left breast. I looked at the tape and there as no redness and no bleeding. I left it but had to take ibuprofen and started icing it (using a cold gel compress thing from the freezer). This helped loads. Today I was still in the most pain I've felt so far - like a sweet sharp tight pain? So I had a shower and then was like ENOUGH IS ENOUGH (haha) so removed the tape underneath. About 1-2cm BELOW the incision line was a stitch trying to come through the skin. Son of a gun it hurt!!!!! I showed my mum - Peedie/Colorado you're right I got a lot less shy and let me Mum see!! - and she said that she could get Dad to bring home a stitch kit and cut it (he is a surgeon). So I kept icing it and later this evening he did but BOY DID IT hurt. He didn't remove it, just cut the tightest part of it. Sadly it hasn't stopped the pain and I am still icing it! At the moment the gel pack had stopped being cold so I put it back in the freezer and have an actual rectangular cool block on my chest! Haha

When I did look at the breast without tape I did notice there were some small sections that had opened slightly but I am seeing my PS on Monday so he can advise. I kinda want to use steri strips on them! We'll see

Whilst I was untaped I took some photos. I did think this was the case but was slightly disapointed (I stress slightly) that the incisions came up so high on the inside of my breast. I had seen that my surgeon does this a lot and I see it rarely on other people on here but on the bright side, they are tiny incisions so I hope they will heal well.

On a side note - did anyone see the show Bodyshockers on Channel 4 UK with Katie Piper this week? There was a girl on there who gets her breasts 'tittooed' where she has tattooes on her nipples to make them into hearts (lol) and they said as they introduced her 'Ashlee, having undergone a breast reduction, now gets her breasts tittooed' and they said it so casually/quietly that no one else I know who watched it even noticed but boy did I! So I paid special attention and I managed to see her scars, but they were so good! I am going to try do a screen grab to put on here for you all, it's nice to know she could be topless on tv and no one even notice the scars :)
How did your first day back go?
Hey Maz! It was fine actually, I was super nervous but no one commented! I give them too much credit haha. Thanks for asking :)
Looking good,,slight opening will correct itself i am sure.

Post op appointment

Hi ladies

It's so much harder to update/read/comment now I'm back at work! So I saw my PS on Monday. He was like 'WHAT a GREAT result' I mean I know he is complementing himself but I was still happy haha. He took the tape off and retaped and said I could shower to get the crusty bits off then retape. I did that tonight and it was so odd seeing them untaped, un covered!

First day back at work yesterday. I was SUPER anxious and worried someone would say something but luckily no one did. One of my best friends recently started working with me and she said gosh you have lost weight but that's about it!

As usual my mind totally blanked when I saw my PS and I forgot to ask him about the lumps/hardness but I assume he would have said something. You all calmed me down so I don't feel so bad.

My general thoughts are so happy I had it done. The left breast is bigger and the nipples are not 100% perfectly neat and I don't love how high the central incisions come but that's being SO PICKY. None of those things bother me, I think he has done a great job and I can't wait to see how the scars turn out, I'm optimistic!

When did u guys start doing things like bio oil and the silicone sheets?
You look really good :) i used silicone sheets on week three ( and left out the open T part) you should put sheets on open wounds so i guess you should wait a bit longer because of the incision that doesn't look closed on May 1. It doesn't stick if the incisions are not dry completely. Around week three spitting sutures might show up when you think you are done with the incisions healing, so don't be sad if that happens. About the lump.. I have and had one too which was really big in the beginning under the huge haematoma i had and it is still not gone completely, but it is almost gone now! My skin is still slightly Yellow and brown there. I was worried too about fat necrosis or encapsulated haematoma.. But it seems my worries were needless. Put heparin creme on the part for the next few weeks if its right under your skin, and since i carefully massaged the part ( really short and without a lot of pressure! ) it really changed to the good!
My ps said it can take up to six months to see if it's a necrosis or not. If it stays after all that time and doesn't change it could be a necrosis. But first, don't think it is one
Oh i meant you SHOULDN'T put sheets on open wounds!!

Three weeks post op

Hi ladies,

So life is pretty much back to normal! I am in no pain, sometimes at work I feel a little irritated by the clothes against the tape - or maybe it is just the tape - but that is it. Sleeping isn't amazingly comfortable as I like to sleep on my side and I just feel like I'm going to push my boob off my chest when I do that haha but I have gotten pretty good at stationary sleeping.

I haven't inspected them for two days but I'll add some pics from then. They are definitely dropping and softening. Sometimes it freaks me out because I'm so used to them being rock hard and super high now! I got changed today and just loved how things just fit better now!

No nipple feeling yet but not worried as I know it can take a while and even if it doesn't I don't think it's the end of the world.

Lumps - I think they have softened actually.

Scars - looking good, dry and tight. My PS said they aren't really strong until 3 months time so that's good to be aware of. I have a shoe cupboard attached to the ceiling and I have to be careful when I reach into it as it's quite high and can feel like I'm stretching them a bit.

I still get a bit of itchiness where that stitch was and the same on the other breast but it's ok.

The scars around one of my nipples are slightly darker than the other and the join from the vertical stitch to the nipple on that nipple is a bit bigger too - but I'm sure it'll all 'come out in the wash' as my surgeon says.
you are looking good girl. Every month is a little cheers!!
Thanks Natalian!
You are healing beautiful. Sounds like you are doing great. Keep having that positive attitude - it certainly helps.

Wound opening

Hey all :)

Hope you are all good! I have been so busy as I've been back at work and I have a new job! Well I got offered it this week - and of course like buses I got offered two others as well when I have been waiting years for this to happen they all come at once! So I've had a really stressful couple of weeks and therefore been exhausted and haven't had much time to update - but I am now!

I have been feeling fine EXCEPT on Monday night my right breast underneath was really itching. In the morning I took the tape off and saw that there was an opening! I know these are super common and I see them on this website all the time but I was still worried because it was weeping and I have seen plenty get worse on this website and can take ages to heal. So I took a photo and emailed my surgeon on his personal email. He replied within ten minutes - it was 7.30am! He said it was absolutely nothing to worry about, to keep dry dressings on it and it will absolutely heal. He then also called twice that afternoon to check up on me and said I could come see him if I wanted. I decided not to and have been ok so far.

I have been using a bit of salt water to bath it in and then when completely dry, putting a small square of non adhesive absorbant dressing on it. Within 24 hours it seemed loads better so I've done that for 2 days and will keep an eye on it.

Otherwise I am all fine! Tonight I tried on a bikini and it fit SO MUCH better than before, I felt so good! I tried on a couple of other but unfortunately in those you could see my scars but the good thing is that those ones I only wore cos they fit my larger breasts better but now I can buy cute ones! Not that in England I ever get to wear any anyway!

I am trying to be more conscious of not over-doing it since the opening and really trying to be good! I am so happy with the shape and scarring and when I look at the old photos or pics of me in clothes, I know it sounds bad but I genuinely shudder. I am so much happier this way and feel like it's the real me!
You look amazing, fabulous result
Thanks perky!
Your shirts look waay better now

Hey there!!

Hey ladies, just a quick update with some photos.

My opening has closed and the little scab fell off :) All in all I think it healed in just over a week. I just did salt water and dry dressings and left it alone!

I did make a boo boo though! My surgeon had me taping my incisions and one day my skin was dry so I used sudocream. Well It hadn't properly sunk in and I retaped and when I took the tape off a few days later the skin ripped off with it! But I have been doing the same as my opening and moisturising it and fingers crossed it will heal well! Such a shame as it's my own fault!

Otherwise still super happy! They change everyday and the shape and feel and overall look changes loads! I love getting changed in the morning and generally I am physically way more comfortable.

I do find it slightly difficult with the inner scars that come up my chest as I could never wear anything you see down the top or a v neck but it's a small price to pay. And hopefully in a year or two's time when they have faded I will be able to again :)

You look wonderful! They look so nice on your frame too!
Thanks Ava!
they are wonderful, and you are so right that fresh air and leaving well alone is the best recipe for healing. creams can make things stay soggy. you are looking great and will have such fun with pretty tops and dresses this summer.

Where can I get shaped silicone scar sheets from in the UK?

Hi ladies

I want to start using the silicone scar sheets. I can't seem to find any pre shaped ones anywhere to buy. Can any of you help? Thanks! Just had a quick look xx
Ah thanks Em!! That is so sweet and helpful of you. You know when you google and there are so many results I didn't know where to begin!!! That link looks really good actually so I think I will order those. Don't be jealous, you are looking so good! And you are so lucky you didn't need the horizontal scars, that is my least favourite part so you don't need to worry about that. Can't believe how good your scars look already! xxx
So jealous of you right now!! You are looking fabulous :D I love how neat they look and really even! As for bursting out nipple, my left one is the same haha. I remember looking at it thinking does it have enough room on my boob!? lol. Have you tried boots? They usually have such things, if not eBay/Amazon might be you're best bet. They always stock such odd things! xxx

7 week update

Hi all

So it is nearly 7 weeks - crikey that has flown! As I said before I have a new job and I'm job sharing between the two at the moment so it's stressful. Added to that I have an ongoing stomach problem and Dr's are not sure what it is so I'm losing weight and been quite unwell so just haven't had time/energy to update on here as much as I would like but I want to keep updating because I know that when I was researching pre-surgery I was in a frenzy to read as much as possible and to see results as many months along the line as I could. So I want to keep posting photos and updates for those people!

I still get some pain on the outer sides, under my arms. I suppose it makes sense that would hurt the most and those scars, the horizontal ones, have sadly become slightly hypertrophic. My PS was worried this would happen as I have a hypertrophic/keloid scar on my shoulder from a mole removal and it's a bit upsetting as you can see in my earlier photos the edge of the scar was SO tiny and neat and now it has swollen and become red and raised and lumpy. However compared to many other hypertrophic scars it is nothing and I'm sure it will heal well it just hurts quite a bit and I want it to calm down. I've been putting sudocream on it and I am going to order the silicone sheets which I have heard can help. I am seeing my surgeon in June so I can ask him what he thinks. On the bright side it is only the horizontal line and extreme ends that are bad and the nipple and vertical line is perfect and faint. Unfortunately the scar that I dislike the most that comes up the centre of my chest is very red and raised and I think it will be a long long time until I can wear anything v neck or lower cut due to this. As I always say though, these are nothing compared to the great happiness I have about my surgery :)

I will post some photos from today. However the scars look a lot less red and raised in the photos for some reason, the lighting/camera quality maybe?

Love to you all xx
Hope you are doing well and that you have your stomach issues under control.
Hey Ciannmon! Hope you're doing well, you're like 10 weeks post!??! Or something!? I'm envious! Looking forward to seeing your next update and I hope work isn't too difficult anymore xxx
You really have such a nice result! Such A difference from before! The scars might calm down, give it time. Hope you find out what your tummy troubles are soon, be blessed girl!

Final Update

Hi all

I am sorry I havent updated. Like many ladies on here once it is over you let you head move on from the months of obsessing, all being well.

I feel fine, I am more than happy with my results. I had me 3 month follow up last week. I knew I had, but it was confirmed, hypertrophic scarring. Predominantly on the scars at the outer edge by my underarms. The insides are bad too but the outsides are the ones that are very thick and hurt. It is really unfortunate but what can you do! Now that it is summer I am really enjoying wearing strapless bandeau bras and not worrying about thick bra straps or sweaty breasts - you know this is true!!! - or generally being uncomfortable. Its a nice freedom that I never realised would make me so happy.

I tried using silicone sheets but they are TOO MUCH HASSLE. Now I use Kelocote scar gel and I think its working, I will keep using it. My surgeon said he didnt want to inject, even though they are painful, as it can make them spread and become HyPO-trophic instead. The pain is managable and I dont want to pay for steroid injections anyways.

I have taken some photos and attached. I changed my username, photo and title and edited my photos as I realised that they came up in google as many other users have realised. I know its unlikely anyone I know would find it but Id rather they didnt.

I hope you are all well and for anyone about to have this procedure, good luck - its the best thing I ever did :) xx
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