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So I got my implants about 7 years ago. It was 3...

So I got my implants about 7 years ago. It was 3 months after I had my baby girl which was the first mistake. I was still about 20 pounds heavier than I like, but I guess I assumed I would stay that big. However I finally got the motivation to lose the weight and ever since my boobs have looked ridiculous on me. I was a 34B before and told the doc I wanted to be a nice, full C. I took his suggestion and went with 350cc implants. I ended up a DD. They're crazy. They get in the way of everything. I can't wear any of the cute flowy tops that are in style now cause they just make me look like a cow. Plus they went almost completely numb. I never got that much sensation out of them before, but now it's creepy when you can feel pressure but have no skin sensation! Makes hugs and sex feel bizarre. Plus the back and neck pain. So many reasons for them just to GO!

After meeting with a few surgeons I've finally found one that has the right attitude and that I feel comfortable with. I'm going with the option of having implants out under local anesthesia so it should be relatively simple and straightforward.

I have my pre op appointment this Friday and one thing does worry me. I recently came across a picture where a woman had pretty bad double bubble before removal and the after picture was not so great. Basically she still had double bubble after, where the skin underneath didn't draw back up. I worry about this because I have double bubble and/or bottoming out and I worry that without having the muscle reattached or skin 'tacked back up' I might have issues. Plus I have an animation deformity. I've also read that will probably stick around after removal, but I don't care about that so much as long as they look relatively normal when I'm just standing there.

Sigh. No matter what I will be happy for them to be gone gone GONE! I'm using skin firming lotion and supplementing with gelatin in hopes that the skin will snap back soon.

Before the explant


Doctor just called and moved my removal up a week. 8 days and they're gone. Makes things seem very real.

Skin firming products?

I'm wondering if anyone else out there has tried skin firming products to prepare before explant. I've been using Nivea skin firming & smoothing serum everyday and adding plain unflavored gelatin to my morning coffee. Gelatin supposedly can tighten lose skin and helps produce collagen. I'm hoping it'll help out a bit!

Can't believe surgery is on Friday. I'm feeling really calm and good about it today.

Less than 24 hours!

I can't believe tomorrow is the day. I'm still feeling really good and calm about the whole thing. I keep thinking about all the things that will be different. I'll be able to stop wearing 1 or 2 sports bras to smush them down so I don't look ridiculous. And tonight will be my last run while having to drag these puppies around. I've thought about coming back to work and wondering if people will notice but I've come to the conclusion I'm so happy to get rid of them, I don't give a damn if they notice or what they think.

I window shop constantly. Looking at all the cute dresses and tops I could wear if I didn't have to keep the girls strapped down all the time. The loose tops I can wear this fall without looking like a cow. I just Can. Not. Wait!

I've also thought about how I dread looking at them after it's done tomorrow. But then I thought well, if they look horrible at least if I see them tomorrow I can tell myself they'll improve. If I wait a few days or a week to look and it still looks horrible then I'd question them ever improving.

I wonder if I should have antibiotic ointment and scar cream on hand for after surgery. I know my doctor told me I could shower the day after, but he didn't mention any scar treatment specifically.

It is done!

So the nurse asked me how out of it I wanted to be and then set me up with some Valium and something in my IV as well. I remember all of it though. We talked about old commercials during the procedure. Haha. They played music for me. The oddest part was watching him stitching me up. He was super efficient though. Seeing how big the implant sacks were afterwards and how much fluid came out was shocking.

From going back into the room, getting everything prepped, done, talking about after care, and leaving the office was 2 hours total.

Initial reaction is that I look better than expected. The skin is loose but not nearly as loose add I feared. What still concerns me is the skin underneath where my implants had bottomed out so much but won't be able to see that until tomorrow when bandages are removed.

About 5 hours after procedure I started getting achy and tender feeling and took a pain pill but it is not bad at all. He prescribed me 5mg hydrocodone.

A few more things

I meant to say that skin sensation came back almost immediately in my right breast and seems to be coming back in the left.

Also before surgery I measured 36.5" and now immediately after I'm 33.5"

24 hours out

24 hours out and minimal pain. Only hurts if I'm trying to lay on my side so the mild pain medicine helps me get comfy.

My surgeon was really laid back about bras afterwards. He didn't seem to feel any compassion was necessary. Regardless I'm switching from wearing nothing, to a tight sports bra, to ace bandages just depending on what is comfortable.

I'm really really happy with the results. I feel like I am already almost back to what I looked like before. They are so tiny and cute and comfortable. I've tried on a few shirts and just sat and cried in front of the mirror. It's amazing to feel like me again and like I don't have to hide anymore.

48 hours out

Pain almost nonexistent when I woke this morning. I slept in ace bandages over sports bra.

But then after climbing in and out of our truck a few times I thought I'd try to mow the yard. Both stupid decisions. The jiggling is a no no! Took a pain pill and hope that's the last I have to take.

The incisions look really good, like they are almost closed already. There is only one little spot of red. I've been putting neosporin on them once or twice a day.

Day 3

First day back to work. No pain, just some annoying itching. I bandaged back up just to keep my bra from rubbing the incisions. Still absolutely loving my new old boobs. Hoping they fluff out a little as I'm not really filling out a B cup which is what I was before.

6 days post

Saw the doctor yesterday to get my stitches out and he said I don't have to come back again. Any problems or complications at this point have a very small chance of occurring.

I'm definitely not fluffing up, if anything I'm still shrinking but that's okay because I love it! I bought 34B bras 2 days post and having trouble filling them out now.

I've had a bad headache for the past 2 days and even some nausea. I don't think it'd be related to the surgery but man I hope it goes away soon!


I made this before/after with my picture from yesterday, 6 days post. I just can't believe that was even me before. They were enormous! And that was just with 350 cc implants!

My dog jumped up on me last night and hit my right boob. I had some stinging sensation in it after and a bit this morning but seems to be fine.

Noticing more changes

So I've went a few days without scrutinizing the girls but when I looked today I noticed more changes. Before surgery I never really had a crease below my breasts and it looks like they are shrinking up to go back to that. I hope they don't shrink much more or my scar is going to be hanging out in my rib cage.

This doesn't bother me but I also included a pic that shows how I still have animation deformity.

3 weeks out

So every week I'm noticing changes. They draw up a little more every week. I'm loving my shape. I love wearing shirts and not having these things bulging out from the sides into my arm pits.

I did try to go for a run on Wednesday and was getting some pain. Nothing horrible but enough for me to say I don't want to jeopardize my healing process. Tuesday -Thursday they were painful when any pressure was put on them. I couldn't lay on my stomach. Not sure if it was a hormonal thing or what? Anyway they are better now!
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you look awesome! so much better. please continue to update periodically, as I need the courage to explant also!
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I think that you look fine: and I have to say that you looked fabulous before. It's all about choice and preference . However: breast implants are 'NOT toxic bags'. There is absolutely no evidence for that assertion. The reason I felt the need to make this point is that there are a lot of women on this site that DO have implants, or are planning on getting them, so those kinds of statements are far from helpful. I have implants, and they changed my life. : )
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Thank you. From someone on this side of an explant it's hard not to think of them as toxic bags when you experience the difference in how you feel when they're gone. But everyone's body reacts differently.
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Jewell - it's important to be informed. There is a HUGE amount of evidence to suggest that the bags are toxic. I suggest you read a book written by Dr. Susan Kolb titled "The Truth About Breast Implants." The implant bags themselves are made of toxic materials (this is why we call them toxic bags). They have a shelf life - once that 10 year mark is reached, it has been scientifically proven that the material starts to break down. Some ladies feel this way before the expiration of the shelf life and others feel it as they approach that 10 year mark. The statements made here are REAL and FACTUAL experiences that many ladies have felt. They should be applauded for their courage to share their experiences (some heart wrenching full of pain) and post pictures of the problems they have had with their implants. If you feel that your implants have improved and changed your life - then good for you - but know that there are always repercussions for placing foreign objects in your body. I wish you the best and hope you never experience the negative side effects but please take the time to educate yourself as much as possible about the implants (preferably from a reputable source).
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Amen. .we all denied the side effects from implants and most of use got Implant sickness.. I never would have ever dreamed it would happen to me. ITS REAL LADIES
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It is always hard to dispel a myth once it takes hold.
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Ps: I hope that you never need to have a hip or knee replacement. I also hope that you dental fillings do not cause you the same issues. Or that your hair colour or your makeup, or your 'fillers' (should you use them), do the same. Hundreds and thousands of people have implants of SOME kind everyday, and if they were all toxic as you insist, the evidence would be clear and unquestionable. Pseudo science is the backbone of myth: but easy to manipulate, precisely because the 'evidence' is open to subjective interpretation . The women here having their implants out are not doing it because of toxicity: they are doing it because the don't want to have implants for other life style reasons. But, and with respect, we will have to agree to not agree. Good luck to you also.
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I've suffered and I have no doubts it's due to my implants. I have spend month after months suffering extreme fatigue to the point of leaving work or social events as even sitting up hurt. All tests came back normal - I am grateful that sites like this and the YouTube videos of Dr Susan kolb are shouting the truth out. Everyone has a choice to read or ignore. For me I gratefully read ladies stories to see his they are getting well and feeling better because until you suffer and hit dead ends and your life turns off, you wing understand and that's ok. If posts like these offend then why read them - read what encourages you - I only read the posts that I need to help me and feel heard and understood by ladies that are walking the same joinery as me. No offence is meant / but the truth at times may big bd palatable ! X I wish every lady to feel good about themselves as there is plenty in media & life to make us not quite feel good enough xxx be happy all ladies xxx
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Amen bluebell68 good comment
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Jewell - I agree, I hope I never have to have a knee/hip replacement. I try to lead a holistic life - I have been transitioning into this lifestyle little by little now for over 25 years. I do this because I no longer trust the big profit-making companies who try to produce bulk as cheaply as possible - GMOs are added to our fruits and veggies as well as all sorts of TOXIC chemicals added to so much of our skin care products. So yes, I'm one of those that buys organic, researches labels, uses animal-free tested products when it comes to skin care and make-up. I don't color my hair as I don't care for those TOXIC chemicals either and I really love the silver highlights 50 has brought me. I try to buy from the small business and help support their success in our economy. I care about the underdog. So far so good, my dental fillings have not bothered me, but if they do in the future then I will take all necessary steps to remove them and find an alternative. And NO, I do not use fillers as I have no idea what's in them and haven't cared or bothered to research them. I try to embrace every wrinkle I have as I there IS a beauty in that acceptance alone. I work out on a regular basis to improve the quality of my life as I age and give myself THE BEST chance to lead as healthy of a life as possible. There IS evidence - hundreds of stories on here at RS that many ladies have experienced symptoms due to the TOXIC bags placed in their bodies. I trust the women who report this FAR MORE than I trust the manufacturers who produce these money-making bags. I applaud every woman who gets off that surgery merry-go round and no longer feels that the implant-look is what they need to look/feel sexy in society. Respectfully Jewell I disagree with you, as far as I'm concerned the evidence that the bags are toxic is clear and unquestionable.
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Hi there, i think we are all entitled to our own opinion and this lady was simply saying how she felt about her own implants, and that is her choice. This isnt meant in a nasty way, but if you are happy with your implants why are you even looking on this board? You dont think this person is making helpful coments....but you saying what you have said isnt helpful to the people here either. This is an explant board, most people here have had hurrendous problems with implants and they have changed our lives but not in a good way.
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You are very ill informed and a bit ignorant to the facts. Why are you even on here?
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You are right. I am on the wrong board. Questioning unsubstantiated correlations has no place on this board. Apologies!!
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Cat - You look so good as if you never damaged them with those toxic bags - congrats on healing so beautifully!!!
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Thank you! I can still tell I had implants. Just from the way they fall to the sides when I lay on my back and such but I'm still tickled to have regained my membership card to the itty-bitty titty committee
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I like that - the itty-bitty-titty committee membership - just a little over 24 hours for me - I'm scheduled at 10 am tomorrow! Thank you Cat for sharing your details about your experience - it's all so reassuring.
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Is the fluff fairy visiting yet.? I think I have a ways to still in that square shape.
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No I haven't really noticed it. Husband swears they have gotten a bit bigger though so I guess there is still hope.
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I think you look GREAT. . I was hoping before my explant I would have as much as you...seems I had a bit more. Im hoping to tighten up a bit myself. . So dont sweat it girl..your doing great .
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You look loads better without the implants and will only continue to improve , good for you! X
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Thank you!
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You look great, you must be really pleased, happy healing :)
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I am overjoyed and thank you!
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Your story gives me hope. I'm looking to get mine explant and I have an appointment this Thursday with a PS. I'm hoping all goes well because I'm ready to get these 9lbs bowling balls off my chest. Looking good and I'm wishing you the best during your recovery.
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Finding the right surgeon is hard but hang in there. There are ones out there that will listen to you and give you the least invasive solution available!
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