Rhinoplasty: Should I or Shouldn't I?

This is now my 5th year of contemplating getting a...

This is now my 5th year of contemplating getting a nose job, and now I am 21 years old and in a position where I can afford to have the procedure done, I now do not know what to do.
I have performed so much research, and the reviews on this website have been so helpful… But part of my thinks that I am being unrealistic and I have doubts that a surgeon won't be able to help me… I am very unhappy with my nose, it has a bump on the bridge and the tip is very bulbous (even more so when I smile, which makes it look horrendously wide too). Has anyone got/had a similar nose and could provide me with some advice on what they would be able to do?
Your nose looks like mine! Its the first I've seen so similar. I'm also afraid of the surgery and have wanted it for years. I'm finally going for it this June. The fact is life is too short not to live your dreams. Why walk around feeling less than beautiful, when you could feel actually beautiful. Its no small thing for any women. If they say it is they're lying ;) unless they wear no makeup, don't color their hair or wear jewelry etc. That said yes you are beautiful, such pretty eyes. You will be even more stunning if u choose to change the nose.. I'm doing it! If u do, stay in touch :)
Don't get it!!! You are just fine! Take a look at me! You have it perfect. I don't care male or not, I'd rather look like you or even a mouse than what I look like now. Please do yourself a favor, overlook that! That's one thing you're insecure about! MY ENTIRE FACE to my large forehead to my sunken in hyper pigmented cheeks with a protruding lip are drawing mockery around you. If you don't have people pointing and staring at you, you're fine! There are billions of other people with the same problem you have. But in my case, I'm completely and bitterly alone, I have no one and probably will always be alone. Enjoy yourself :)
Good luck with your decision! If you decide to go for it, do a lot of research on your prospective doctors. Here's a list of questions to ask at your consultations with board certified plastic surgeons. Keep us posted!

I'm on my way...

After a lot of research and consideration, I decided which surgeon I would like to perform my rhinoplasty if I decide to go ahead. I met him for a brief chat last night so I could meet him and feel if he would be right for my surgery. It turns out he was lovely, very friendly and immediately knew what I was unhappy with before I even said anything to him. He also said that the improvements I wish for are achievable, and he is pleased I am not being unrealistic and only looking for subtle, natural changes. He said it would require open surgery rather than closed, and would cost between £5000-£5500.
The photo shows that my nose is not straight, and the slightest push to the right shows it how it should be… This is not something I noticed before speaking to the surgeon.
I have booked a proper consultation for the 25th June and here he will provide me with more specific details and provide me with a digital image of the results I hope to be achieved.
you are already beautiful but I say if you have been thinking about it for that long just go for it! Make sure you find a surgeon you trust and i'm sure you will get amazing results. I wanted to do it for a long time and i'm 22 now and figured why waste anymore years hating my nose!
You're beautiful! My nose looked very similar to your 11 days ago. Dr. Naderi did open rhino on me and I already love it. Good luck girl go for your dream!:)
Your nose is a little like my nose. You are very pretty. I completely understand and support your decision.I feel the same way about my nose. Good luck with your journey:)
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