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15 weeks scar is improving feeling good.

Hi im 35 have 5 children 4 by c section was my...

hi im 35 have 5 children 4 by c section was my tummy was a bit of a mess to say the least . im 14 days po and the diffrence already is amazing would definately recommend . i had full tt , lipo and hernia repair . my recovery has been really good so far with no problems at all. im back to college , driving etc .

Day 15 . Healing really well and feeling great ....

Day 15 . Healing really well and feeling great . But I am suffering with terrible headaches . Swelling is quite minimal and feel the binder is a great help and support especially has it has back support . Don't know how I'll manage without it when it's time to stop wearing it .

Day 16 po , feeling pretty good , back to college...

day 16 po , feeling pretty good , back to college but have to admit it exhausting me, also quite frustrating as i'm a massage therapist and have to sit out a lot of the time , but i will get there. i'm from the uk and the weather is starting to suck it is bloody freezing and i would kill for a long soak in the bath, showers are not much much fun when its cold. but overall i am feeling ok and can't wait to be back to normal. also just put more pics up of last night .

Day 17 was feeling great until I spent 8 hours in...

Day 17 was feeling great until I spent 8 hours in college . I am now totally exhausted and very swollen so am currently in bed relaxing and being waited on . Not good to over do things because I am now paying for it hopefully swelling will go down overnight .

Day 18 . What a milestone managed to sleep on my...

Day 18 . What a milestone managed to sleep on my side all night and slept through. Think it was all in my head thinking it was going to hurt , but my back feels so much better . First night without painkillers to think I was just taking them out of habit so will stop them now . Happy healing everyone xx

Today is day 20 and have been doing so well . Woke...

Today is day 20 and have been doing so well . Woke up this morning feeling nauseous and sweating out , clammy. Now I am experiencing the dreaded swell hell. I wasn't even this swollen the day of surgery , also very painful but have decided on normal pain killers as I've been losing a lot of hair and thought maybe the medication was contributing . Anyone having this problem ?? .

Well today is the 3 week milestone. feeling so...

well today is the 3 week milestone. feeling so much better today the dreaded swelling from yesterday is almost gone. (yipee)
i also managed to get into my new dress and zip it all the way up, not that i need it for another 3 weeks but an achievment in it self.
feeling of nausia has gone, so in general feeling much happier. happy healing everyone .

So impressed today have gone from a 14 to a 12 UK...

So impressed today have gone from a 14 to a 12 UK size. Also had my tape changed last night will post pic later my scar is looking amazing so happy with it.

Healing is going really well although think I'm...

Healing is going really well although think I'm coming with a cold. Coughing and sneezing are getting much easier and not very painful. Still feel very vulnerable especially when hubby touches me I just tense up. Need to relax a bit more but feel he's gonna do something silly and forget sure this will pass. Still to scared to even remotely try sex at this point but not sure when this is safe as forgot to ask ps .

Well I have decided after another 8 long hours in...

Well I have decided after another 8 long hours in college is when I seem to get the dreaded swell hell. So back in bed with legs uo to try and reduce it. Tge rest of the week the swelling is almost none existent. Also think some feeling is coming back as experiencing some nasty twinges and a burning sensation in my scar area. Happy healing everyone x

Forgot to mention have my appointment for hair...

Forgot to mention have my appointment for hair extensions tomorrow . It's strange I never really bothered with hair and make up before but now my confidence has grown so much it feels right to make more of an effort .

Well had my hair extension appointment getting...

Well had my hair extension appointment getting them fitted on the 26th as I have 2 big nights coming up. Can't wait to get dressed up with my new figure.
Although I'm having a fat day today hate swelling with a passion can't wait for it too pas.
Also spending the next 4 days with just me and tge kids as hubby is having a well deserved 4 day boys weekend . Think the kids are gonna have to vacuum but I can now do everything else.
Feeling roughly 90% back to normal

Well I'm 4 weeks today definitely underestimated...

Well I'm 4 weeks today definitely underestimated healing time. Don't get me wrong I am now more or less doing everything, but so tired at the end of every day.
I am now able to sleep without Cg with is so much better and comfortable but still another month with the day time one. My scar and bb are looking great just need the swelling to go away now but I've relax that takes months so trying to be patient. But honestly these 4 weeks have flown by.
Happy healing .

Well made it to 7 weeks feeling 100% again back to...

well made it to 7 weeks feeling 100% again back to full time work and exercise . scar is looking amazing so much better then I ever expected, this has to be one of the best thongs I've done for myself. confident and feeling sexy again . hubby can't keep his hands to himself lol .

So now at 10 weeks po my belly is looking amazing...

So now at 10 weeks po my belly is looking amazing and lost a stone since surgery. I finally have a figure and love showing off with fitted tops etc. Never would of dreamt of wearing fitted clothes before. I have no pain what so ever and have been exercising nearly everyday since 5 WEEKS.

Well I've made it to week 12 I'm so very happy...

Well I've made it to week 12 I'm so very happy with my results. I started using vitamin e oil on my scar roughly 2-3 weeks ago and noticing a massive difference . Just thought I'd share as its about £4 a bottle so really cheap and very effective .

God times flies can't believe 13 weeks already ....

God times flies can't believe 13 weeks already . Would say this procedure was very worth it. Although I think I'm still fat but that's all in my head rather than reality I suppose. Something else to deal with as this surgery doesn't cure everything. Although my results are fantastic I still have my down days and sometimes think I had unrealistic expectations that this surgery would cure my bad body image. It helps but still. Happy healing everyone.
mr orlando

my provider was chosen because he had done my sisters work 2 years previous and i was very pleased with her results .

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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BTW your full frontal pic was lovely ..so encouraging too. HX
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Aww thank you , I'm very happy with my results x
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hi there from Bath Spa Uk ! I normally live on The Sunshine Coast BC Canada! So glad to hear from another Brit ! I had my birthday yesterday . I was looking at tummy tucks ... your pics have been so helpful ! Ty I am seriuosly wanting a TT too ! All the best ... Hilary
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Congrats on those results. I'm guessing that vertical scar under your BB is your old BB? Did your surgeon close it differently than the main horizontal scar? My surgeon said I would probably have a vertical scar for my old BB so I've been looking at pictures. I'm always surprised how well those scars heal compared to the main scar. Yours looks nearly invisible already!
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Yes it's the old bb it was closed the same with disposable stitches think it heals better as its a much smaller cut. Good luck on your surgery x
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what sort of hernia did you have? i am nervous about the repair and the tt at the same time. i have an inguinal (groin) hernia. thanks!
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I'm not sure they found it in surgery and didn't think to ask wi'll be seeing ps on the 22ND so will have to ask .
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looks great! Thank you
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Looks great. Thanks for the pics.
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Well done, sounds like your recovery has gone really well, tummy tuck and boob lift for me Jan 21st 2013, I too am from the uk having mine at the Spire Whalley Range Manchester. Love your pictures great resuls xx
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I had mine done by the spire in bristol. recovery has been good no problems at all xx
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You look fantastic. Any new pictures of yourself and the scar. I'm PO day 12 today. Just wondering when I'll look like you. Take care.
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new pics just added x
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your stomach looks flat! and thank you for closeup picture of your scar. can you make another pic of scar now? I want the procedure done but really afraid of scars and pain....
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will do soon need to get photos off my phone onto the computer . these ones are from 4 weeks po I think.
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SWEET !My husband is freaking out! I am so so not patient and I am just now 6 weeks almost seeing the possible results! I think I will be siked I have not worked out at all yet...I WISH! I have only had the energy to get my family fed and sort of clean HAHA...I am hoping for a walk today and maybe just maybe THE GYM next week!
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im exercising most days now with no pain feeling fantastic . not much swelling and don't tire so easy .
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I had intimate relations at week 3. The best way for me was at the edge of bed and have them hold your legs up. This way nothing is pulling on the incision. And there body is not on top of you.
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He's more then happy to wait, he's more nervous than me lol . Thanks for info . Never thought about it like that before x
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love it we shall try that!!
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I am so happy for you! I was told six weeks for sex. I know some people on here did it sooner, but every body is different. If you are freezing up and nervous about it, I would listen to your body. If you are not ready to go jogging or to an aerobics class you are not ready for sex!!!!! :) Think about it -- its common sense :) And your hubby would rather wait a few more weeks than have you set back a few more months! I am sure with FIVE children he doesnt want to take the slightest chance of having mommy "sick in bed" any longer than necessary! :)
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Looking good!! The scar looks great. What do you think is the key to having such a nice scar outcome??? Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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I'm not using anything as my ps keeps tape on for 3 months . So I'm just hoping for the best to be honest. I'm 24 days po so think it's looking really good, but I've read it gets worse before it gets better. X
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Wow great to Hear about your recovery I'm more worried about swelling then the pain, I know it won't be for long but I'm just not good at sitting still and resting I have taken 4 weeks off work so your recovery gives me hope, I can't wait for the surgery' I'm booked in on 29 oct for fleur di lis, your pictures are fab x
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Hi Andrea the pain isn't so bad the swelling comes and goes but I find my cg really helps control it .I still have swelling but it's not so bad. Don't get me wrong it will be great when it's gone altogether . Good luck for the 29th it will be he're before u know it x Jo
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