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I've started my laser tattoo removal journey end...

I've started my laser tattoo removal journey end of October 2013.
I've got 4 tattoos I'm having lasered off. Young and silly not thinking long term what I wanted! I'm also having two other tattoo redone with cover ups!
So I'm having 8 sessions at Sk:n clinic in bristol. The black laser hurt like a b*tch!! It's much worse than having the actual tattoo!!! And I had to keep having breaks, I become very sweaty and dry mouthed, note I had no numbing cream! The red laser was a tickle compared to that and the green laser just felt like an elastic band was flicking my skin but it was bareable. I've added some photos to show u my progress, sorry haven't got any before ones but I'm pleased with the progress after 1 treatment. Next treatment is 19th dec!


You've had some amazing fading on that large tattoo. My next treatment is also on the 19th December *high five*. :-)
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The fading looks good! Makes me optimistic about my knee tattoo removal.
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Hey, welcome along. Obviously I don't know exactly what the tattoo looked like prior to treatment, but the larger tattoo on your back is looking pretty damn faded for only one session! Good luck on your removal journey; everyone here will support you on the way :)
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Cover up tattoos

Hey guys had my two other tattoos covered yesterday 3 hour session, gotta go back for touch ups but I'm pleased with the results. Very painful today as quite swollen. Got my laser session for the other 4 on the 19th dec! Eeekkk


No the ones on my back are just being lasered completely off. Yeah the cover ups are nice but they hurt like hell especially the stomach one this last week! Almost healed now thankfully.
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Wow, your coverups are great! It gives me hope for my cover in the future! Are you getting the fairy tattoo covered also?
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Thanks guys, I can't find before pics but just image rubbish basic tattoos with no detail. The guy I went to is that good I has to wait nine months for my session? It's all done free hand to hide the cover up as best he can
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3 weeks post treatment 2

It really hurt this time but seeing good results.
I took x2 ibruprofen before the session and no numbing cream. This made a huge different after no hear to the area or swelling or blisters!!
Seeing some good fading.
My next treatment is late February.

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