Biggest Mistake Ever - Bristol, England

In march I had my eyebrows tattooed on illegally...

In march I had my eyebrows tattooed on illegally by a woman who I trusted and thought she would do an amazing job on my eyebrows.. Obviously not as now everyday I have to wake up with these horrible things and the most horrible thing is.. Is that I'm only 16! And no one will remove them because of my age! If people want to say I'm stupid for even considering it at my age.. I probably was but I used to get bullied over my old eyebrows and it made me feel insecure.. And now I feel even more insecure :( and people still laugh at me :( people really should do research and really think about if they want it done before going ahead with the procedure, because you really don't want to wake up everyday hating what you see in the mirror and trying to cover up these horrible things! It's made me feel very depressed and I can't even do anything about it.. The pictures are of the actual tattooed eyebrows and the other ones are of the tattoed eyebrows with pencil on them.. I hope people really do go on this website and read this before considering getting permanent makeup because you could be making the biggest mistake of your life.. Just like me :(

still hate my eyebrows

its been a year and a half since I had my eyebrows tattooed on and i still regret it every day... i use concealer and powder to go over the tattoo and then use a pencil and they look okay... but its such a hassle and i still know them disgusting things are there! i cant wait until im 18 so i can consider laser removal! if you are considering ever getting your eyebrows tattooed then please DONT. it isnt worth it and natural is so much better! if they do go wrong then they will make your life very difficult and im only 16

Improvement on eyebrows

Ive tried a lot of techniques on my eyebrows and they look much better than they ever have (since having them tattooed) people don't even guess that they're tattooed anymore which is great! but I still regret it a lot. It would be so nice to wake up in the morning not having to worry about my bloody eyebrows! I'm still very insecure about them and scared that people stare at me.. I find it hard sticking to a job because I take so long trying to perfect them and Im usually late.. I sort of have an obsession now.. I just hope no one has to go through what I do, If you have natural eyebrows you are the luckiest person ever

Was nice, but nowhere near experienced enough to even touch someone's face with a needle! I am disgusted

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