Breast Augmentation with Robert Warr Spire Bristol

I had my breast augmentation last week with Robert...

I had my breast augmentation last week with Robert Warr. So far I am soooo happy with the results! They are healing nicely and they looked a natural shape almost straight away! He has done an amazing job! He made me feel comfortable and went through all the precautions and understood my needs and wants

Post op day 10

Sooo I'm on post op 10 days!!! Love the way they are looking but worrying I should have gone bigger! PS says he could not fit anymore in me and that everyone in theatre thought they were too big as it is!!! Ha all healing well and eager to get some bras!! No pain at all now just get tired easily!

Post op day 10

Sooo I'm on post op 10 days!!! Love the way they are looking but worrying I should have gone bigger! PS says he could not fit anymore in me and that everyone in theatre thought they were too big as it is!!! Ha all healing well and eager to get some bras!! No pain at all now just get tired easily!


How long do u have to wait until you can have a second op? I will def go bigger I think next time!

Bikini time

Went bikini shopping and feel great :) the stitches are dissolving and they its neat cut that's healing well :) feel so much softer and only on week too! Def think I chose the right size as I can dress them up or down!! Yay :)

Speedy recovery!

Hi guys!!! Sooo I seem to be recovering really quickly! It's been 16 days the incisions are healing so well and I have no pain. Just itching that's it! They seem to be getting bigger!?? Haha and last week I was only saying I wanted them smaller!!! Can sleep on my side fine for about 4 days now! questions just ask!


So here is the scar ladies...

Week 3...

Ones different to the other today! Change so much every day!

1 month!!!

Sooo 4 weeks and 3 days now and they seem to be looking faker at the mo! I have been measured and I'm a 32DD :) I still looooove them! They are still quite hard but they dropped so quickly and they are yet to fluff out! The scars are healing nicely they rub on my sports bra now and then but that's it. Can't wait to wear bras!!! Still wearing sports bra every day but let them out loose sometimes as it gets uncomfortable!


How very apt!! Hen party time

Dropping too much?

I may be being paranoid but I'm worrying they are dropping too much!! Is this normal?

I wish I'd gone bigger :-(

I always thought I had gone to small from day one but my plastic surgeon said he couldn't have fit anymore inside me! I really love the shape but the size has upset me so much. People often say it doesn't look like u have even had one and some people even forget cos they don't look a lot bigger at all :( I have asked my surgeon for a re op as soon as I can to 425 or 450 but I don't know how much it will cost at all! It's not the size I wanted or expected as I wore the rice bags for a week and they seemed alot bigger and I didn't know about losing 10% by going under. He's done a great job just so upset about size. Can anyone help about costs and sizes etc. thanks xxx

Push up braaaaa


I can make them look big like this with a really padded bra but I didn't want to wear a padded bra any more that's the only thing. Thanks for your lovely comments tho girls

Still upset

So upset I chose the wrong size. I honestly thought they were going to be bigger :( I have been wearing triple gel bras to get them to the size I want but I've paid all this Money. I really want a reop to 425... Is that enough to get a difference? They look smaller than when I used to wear padded bras :( :(

Look different all the time!


Wanting to go bigger

I really really want to go bigger but the doctor says I shouldn't as they will look to fake :( I hate that I chose this size

Changing shape...

I think I prefer my boobs before they settled! They don't seem in as nice as shape anymore! Do they keep changing still? I am still a 32dd but I really really want to go a bit bigger :(


So these are them now after 5 months. I don't really like how they are settling as I'm quite skinny but they might still get a bit better!! Hope so x

Too small

Still worrying they're too small but my doctor won't go larger. I really really wanted them bigger from the start :(

Sorry forgot to add photo

These are then at post 6 months squidgy but don't really move that much haha
Bristol Plastic Surgeon

Glad I chose him!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Amazing results you must be soooo happy !!!! Thinking of going to my local Spire hospital.
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Yours look amazing!! I got 265 and wish I went to a 325. I am going to re op now but I will have to go to at least 365 so I'll probably be bigger than I ever wanted to be but that's my own fault! Please be happy with yours, they really are amazing and Id swap any day lol x
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Hi, they look amazing!! How much did you actually pay though as I've just had a look on his website and it looks a lot more expensive than you said you have paid :( xx
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Wow you look so amazing honey. I am having 310cc on 1st April! I was so worried that it would be too small but oh my god yours are PERFECT!!! I think if you went any bigger you would have complications. They look absolutely amazing. I hope you're happier now:) X
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They look great
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hey what are your stats? [height, weight] did you get saline or silicone? and how many ccs? high profile?
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Implants are so crazy! I have 375cc HPs and yours look so much bigger than mine. If I had to guess I would have thought you had 450cc-500cc. You look absolutely great. Keep in mind that larger implants tend to have higher risk of complications. If you go too big, it's next to impossible to hide them but you can always use various push up bras to increase their size. I know the whole point of implants is to get away from padded bras... I guess you could look at padded bras as more of an option to change you look rather than depending on them just look like a woman, lol. Keep your chin up girly and don't forget to acknowledge the positives as well. You really do look great. I know I have been struggling with my size as I feel I went too big. But I have come to realize that all the pre op obsessing over every detail has carried over to how I view my breast post op. I still find myself picking at every detail when I need to just enjoy the new and improved me.
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I'm sorry you're not satisfied! But I'm glad ur dr won't go bigger they're seriously amazing. And you aren't small -you're a double d!! : ) What r ur stats?
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They look great!! What size where you prior? From the pictures you look huge. I'm saving you as wish boobs as I also have asymmetry.
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You look good... If you do get surgery again ask about ultra high profile implants. I got those so they stay higher. I got 480cc under UHP silicone. Yours look great though!!!
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Your BA is amazing!! I think that when people don't even noticed that you had a BA is because they look so natural and don't look like implants. I get the same reaction from friends and family. I have 425 cc and wear 34D but to be honest yours look bigger than mine, maybe because you have a smaller ribcage. If you want them bigger you should go at least 150 cc more to see a difference. In the future I will go with 650CC but mine are just 2 years old, so I will just have to wait at least until the implants are 5 years old.
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I really want to go to 425cc do you think that's a big enough change from a 310cc. I really want them bigger :(
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They look spectacular! Did you get high profile and which manufacturer?
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I don't know what they are!
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What size did you choose?
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There beautiful...
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I think they look totally amazing, I'm from Bristol too and have been looking only at spire if I ever have the balls to get mine actually done. They really do look great even my husband thinks so too!!
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Aw u should go for a consult with him! He's lovely.. Hell prob even try and talk u out of it!! :) just get a good opinion so glad I had it done apart from boob greed!
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Awe I'm in California haha not uk :(
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Hi Hun, I'm from the UK aswell, always nice to find some girls from here! I think your boobs look great, infact they are my ideal :) might save your pictures to show my surgeon if you don't mind xxx
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Aw amazing course u can!! ;) my surgeon is good he's called Rob warr In Bristol spire! Where are u from?
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I'm from London Hun, I'm going with Transform on 20th December, so nervous/excited/scared! Hope I get great results like yours xxx
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I hipe you don't minde me asking did you go to Britain i looked at his page where is he located I want to get mine done like yours
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Hey Hun it's Bristol spire :)
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