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Three Kids in 3 Years and Ready for the Op - Brisbane, Australia

My husband and I married in 2006, I got pregnant...

My husband and I married in 2006, I got pregnant straight away with our first child , when our daughter was only three months old I got pregnant with my second daughter. I was still carrying extra weight from my first pregnancy and continued to gain over 30kg with my second. I lost all the weight plus more after my second and then accidently fell pregnant when she was 9 months old! I kept up my running during the third pregnancy and only gained 18kg although it has taken me nearky a year to get it off. My stomach was wrecked after my third as he was a largish baby (9pd) and I am only very small.

In my opinion I needed a tummy tuck before kids as I was VERY overweight as a child/teen and the skin just stretched and never went back to normal. Stretch marks are not too bad, most of them are below my belly button with about half an inch above the belly button.

I am a self confessed gym junkie and have worked extremely hard to get the fittest Ive been for this surgery, using a personal trainer two times a week and running every other day. I am at my goal weight of 63kg and I am 5'5, i am not interested in being a skinny minnie, I am happy at that weight, my belly is the part that has bothered me my whole life.

So my surgery is sceduled for Wdnesday the 20th April. Unfortunatly I have to travel there without my family as we have a business and three young kids so my husband will stay home with them. I will have my brother with me for the surgery day.

So I am hoping tht the days of picking clothes to hide my belly are gone. Im also kinda over being asked whether I am pregant!!!!!. My aim is to keep updating this. Also I had three natural labours so I have no idea what this pain will be like as I have not had a csection.

I will add some pictures tomorrow sometime as I...

I will add some pictures tomorrow sometime as I fly to Brisbane tomorrow night, Just adding we live in a small mining town this is why I need to go away for my surgery.It will be very hard being away from my kids but also good that I actually CANT do anything because I do tend to overdo things.

After having three kids in three years my belly...

After having three kids in three years my belly was sitting in my lap! I am four days post op from tummy tuck. Pain was not as bad as I thought, last drain came out today on day four. I was very overweight as a child and teen and probable needed a tummy tuck before kids! I am 5'5 and 62 kg and had rather large babies.

Had op am now 4 days post op. Last drain out today...

Had op am now 4 days post op. Last drain out today. Am walking stooped and interested to see how i will sleep tonight!. I have some phtos i will upload when i can as computer keeps shutting down. Please note , doctors rating is not final as im only in fourth day but so far so good.

Hi there just adding that Dr Kane took about 1 kg...

Hi there just adding that Dr Kane took about 1 kg of skin from my abdomen, doesnt sound like a lot but on my small frame has made all the difference. I am also taking homeopathic arnica and vit c , the arnica has definatly helped with the swelling, I expected a lot more, maybe thats to come yet!

Photo Update

So im one week and one day post surgery. All going...

So im one week and one day post surgery. All going as well as expected, still feel tight. I am not taking any pain releif now and dont need it. Taking a laxative at night is probably the best advice that I can give , getting cloggged up makes everything so much worse. The recovery is a lot easier than I expected, I was well prepared as I have done a lot of reading. I am sleeping with a few pillows under my knees but that is all. Another thing that has been great is I am using my old pregnancy belly bands under my compression garment, this has kept the garment clean and makes it more comfortable to wear. ALSO the best tip I can give for in hospital ( and i found it on a post on here) is a long necklace to hang your drains from, it was the BEST I just hung the drains from there so my hands were free and I didnt have to put them on the floor. I am seeing doctor in five days and will hopefully get the all clear to go back home to the kids. I am doing light housework, washing cooking etc already my biggest problem will be my 11 month old baby who I cant pick up for awhile.

So im now 3 and a half weeks post op. All going...

So im now 3 and a half weeks post op. All going good. I had a small seroma form approx a wek and a half post op, I had this drained 5 times at the PS then had to travel home, the saeroma returned but I left it alone and it has now resorbed. Im back to driving now, the only thing I cant do is lift my 12 month old boy , but Im managing, my husband comes home to put him in his cot for a sleep and a friend or mmother in law will come a take him out so it all good. I have a fair bit of swelling still. The garment is a pest but it helps a lot, I dont think I will be taking it off at 6 weeks, especially when I start to exercise again. OH A WORD OF CAUTION, if you live in AUSTRALIA your operation will NOT be covered by medicare if your last child is under 12 months old. my boy was 11 and a half months and they refused to refund ($1200) but my PS is saying it was weight loss related (which it was) so I may get it back. I will post some more photos when I get the cahnce

Dr Anthony Kane

Dr Kane is an excellent surgeon. He will not perform a procedure if you dont require it, he knocked me back on 3 procedures as he thought I didnt need them, Very particular and down to earth. Scar is unbeleivable, straight and pencil thin. His staff are wonderful and have been working with him a very long time and they love him. All over an excellent experience and will be seeing him for all my future surgeries.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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by the way your results are amazing!!!
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how much did you tummy tuck cost you and also did you get a full tummy tuck??
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No worries! Please keep in touch and let me know how you go, and you should be excited! its a great thing to be able to have!
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you are looking fabulous hun. a real transformation
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Thanks for the pics lovely lady!!! beautiful thin scar! you are right! i'm looking forward to it now x
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Hi Dharling Diva!
I've sent you a PM. I'm seeing Dr Kane for boobs on the 1st November then TT in January... loving reading about your experience!
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Anthony Kane is the BEST surgeon, I am 3 months post op now and I cant beleive how flat my belly is, can hardly see the scar, he is awesome. He is on Whickam Terrace in Brissi. Will post some update photos soon. I will go to hime for all my future surguries.
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Congrats! YOu look great for one week post op! Get lots of rest=)
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hi dear...
your tummy great. congrats! i'll be having my TT in about a month. super excited! hopefully you are healing fine. :)
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Wow, so good to hear from someone having a TT in Australia! I am scheduled for a full TT, 27th May in Brisbane too. I too have to travel about 4 hours as I am from regional NSW. I would really love to hear how it all went for you yesterday.
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Hi there, which Doctor did you choose? It was so hard to get info on this as I ddint know anyone who had the procedure. My doctor is board certified and been a PS for about 15 years. So far im very happy but know not to expect the final result for awhile. I did a lot of reading so was pretty prepared for what it was goin to be like!. Im only on panadol and voltaren suppoisitrie. My scar is dead straight and low i was very impressed. the other surgeon I picked was Richard Theile but timing wouldnt allow for him.
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Hi, First of all - your photos look fantastic. I can't beleive it is only 4 days post op. I am going with Dr Paul Belt. I also had a referal to Richard Theile but same thing, timing did not work for me. Dr Belt is great so far, very happy to answer all my questions and immediately put me at ease. I know what you mean about trying to get info on this procedure, I have spent literally hours researching and so much of it is American - but still useful. What hospital did you go to? I am going Greenslopes Private. How long are you in hospital for? I have a zillion questions but don't want to overwhelm you when you are so early in your recovery. Good luck with everything & I look forward to reading more updates.
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I went to Brisbane Private, not the best experience, the staff were all rotating because of easter and none of them seemed to know what they werre doing! or maybe im picky because I am a nurse. Paul Belt is apparently excellent and very particular. I was in hospital 4 days but would have been less had I have been home. Im a week post now and feel fine, still a bit hunched over and only on panadol, I see Dr Kane next week tot get the all clear to go home. He has done a very good job the scar is straight and thin i am very happy already and have had hardly any swelling. The nurses also had good things to say about Anthony Kanes work. I will upload another photo asap which was 5 days post op. Ask as many questions as you like cos Im bored shitless!! Im ready to go home now but better stay here in case anything happens.
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Hi there - I'm booked for my mummy tuck on 19 August with Dr Belt. Are you happy with the outcome? I'm also having breasts and thighs done at the same time (I deserve it after four big babies!). Hope you've recovered well. :)
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God yes! It is so worth it. I did it easy and had a 10 month old baby to look after when I got home. Pain was not bad, just annoying to be bent over. I have a completly flat stomach, scar is minimal. I am 3 months post op, back to gym etc. Have a look at my updates as I have some good tips that I found useful. I never got the "post blues" or anything, im just happy to have my belly gone. Please dont be nervous, as long as you do your research there is nothing that wont be expected. I had Anthony Kane as my DR, love him, he did such a great job!
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