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I had previously had gastric sleeving done on the...

I had previously had gastric sleeving done on the 21st or April 2013 to lose weight, as I have multiple sclerosis and a heart condition. My heart specialist had asked me to lose weight, but he knew with my lack of mobility it would be an issue. The following year I saw him again and had only lost a couple of kilo's, that's when he suggested surgery. He spoke to me on the lap banding, and also the gastric sleeving. He told me in his opinion the sleeve would be best in the long run, so I rolled with it. Then 6 months later, I was nearly at goal weight, and I consulted Dr Broadhurst, a plastic surgeon in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. He consulted with me in my home town, some 500 kms from him as he regularly comes here for procedures and the like. That first consult we spoke of the thigh and arm lift to remove saggy skin and a couple of other things, such as tightening my tummy and breast implants. I also had his registered nurse and lovely wife Leila do botox for me and also lip filler *ouch* I then received a quote for the arm and leg lift, app $12000. I decided to book in. So on the 26th of November, I had the operation and stayed overnight in the Mater Private Hospital. I had the botox and lip filler done, cause it hurts like a bitch and I am a sook. I woke up in this suit thing, covering my torso and also from under the breast down, very tight fitting as well. I have NO IDEA how the hell they got this on me, but I sure am glad I was asleep when they did it!!! I then learned I had to wear this compression suit for the next 6 weeks *omg really? Its summer here* But 3 1/2 weeks out, I am managing fine. I remove it everyday to shower, then place a new one on. It is annoying, and irritating, but you overcome that knowing what a difference it is going to make. Not many issues except for me being a worry wart from watching and looking at too many photo's online. I just want to say I received excellent care in the hospital, and excellent care pre and post op from Dr Broadhurst, Leila and his practice. Also, my arms look FABULOUS! Legs are getting there, still waiting for the swelling to subside and my little fat feet to return to normal and for my "cankles" to go back to being normal ankles.


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Hi Jules! I am post op thigh lift 4 days out. Doing pretty good. You look like your going to have great results. Please do post lots of pictures because we all love to see how each other is progressing . Take care Beach girl
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hi jules! i have been following you a little on MBL's review! Glad you finally posted a review! legs take a LOOOONG time to heal and for swelling to subside....I am trying to keep my own expectations low!!! I am also a sleeved sister! I am planning on major compression wearing too in order to keep swelling down. I was worried about the compression garments irritating the leg incisions as you have to "pull" that on ...if you don't mind can you post a pic of you in the compression garment?
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Compression garment - the nightmare

Hi, just posting a pic of the garment I have to wear for 6 weeks...2 weeks and 2 days to go before it is gone for good! Is driving me nuts, and yes, I know it looks like a superman outfit with the knickers on, but it has this darling little gap to go potty *urgh* which I tend just to undo the zippers and clips and pull the whole thing down lol Feeling very short of breathe the last few times I have removed it as well, might be because it is very tight?


thanks for the CG pics! LOL@ batman!!! too freaking funny! I think my PS ordered a black garment for me - i did get all of these funny colored undies to go over top of it (one pair is pylon orange)! I meant to get a bright red pair, but never found any :(. Hey have to entertain myself somehow :). I also will have some head to toe deal ankle to end of arms and also boobs i think?? Sooo much to look forward to I tell you! And you SHOULD mention the shortness of breath to your doc!!
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I am going to a local GP today if I can get in. I live in a very tiny community and I cannot even understand what they are saying, I mean, not being racist or anything, but they are all Indian or Pakistani doctors and the accents are so hard to decipher. One put a facemask on a week ago when he was reading my test results out. (first he said he had a sniffle, then he changed it to "I dont want to compromise your immune system, if you have breast cancer. Have to go have biopsies done) My surgeons office is closed and he is 5 hours from me. I have taken pics of swelling and hardening in my leg which I can email him, but the pics make it to hard to really see. I will also ask about the shortlessness of breathe, could be just anxiety because of Christmas? I love my red knickies, lol but orange? haha I have lime green ones here we would look like a pina colada if we got together. I got the black one, and a cream and white one. My surgeon ordered them as they were included in the price of surgery. He doesnt go for the ankle to wrist ones because of our hot humid climate here, and it is aussie summer at the moment. I would love to see you in your Boy Wonder (aka Robin) get up when your done! Dont let your better half know that there is "easy" access either. Trust me, nag nag nag. Speak to the hand I say, not while I am recovering! LOL Only time you will get for a bit of respite!
LOL...well i am having lipo to my CANKLES (thankfully yours will go down with the swelling - some of us have the genetically thick ones!) - so huge body suit - i will post pics in various undies for all to amuse themselves ;) - we can take votes!

DVT or Hematoma

Monday 23rd Went to the GP about the large swelling on the inner left thigh, and he sent me straight to the hospital (at 4.45pm 40 mins away from me) to have a doppler and other tests done. He was immediately worried it was a blood clot/dvt or vasculitus. The imagine at the hospital closes at 5pm and they said if I got the at 4.45 they could do me, or the machines would be getting shut down for the night. So I did a 40 min trip in 30 mins, and probably have some speeding tickets heading my way. The technician said there was not clots but I would have to go to the doctor to find out if it is vasculitis or not (I think it is just swelling) I am still unable to "fill" my lungs up, but could be anxiety. Shall update after visit to drs this morning. Christmas Eve,,,,sigh, where has the year gone?


Hope all is ok
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Hi Ya. Yes, all id ok, still massive amounts of swelling, and now...HEAT RASH to contend with underneath the CS....teach me for standing at the races all day watching my niece race! lol Just having a little down time, plus, I am on satellite internet so it is very slow and I get booted off all the time. Hope you are well, and enjoyed your Christmas!
Did they rule out hematoma? Thigh lifts are famous for these!
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Some more pics and more pain

Uploading some pics of the end of week 4? Tuesday is week 5 for me, then the next week will be week six, which means no more compression suit! *yay*
My legs have had very little feeling in them, but today I have noticed when I had a shower, when I touched the leg scar, it felt like I had leaned up against a cactus! Needless to say, I think the sensation is coming back! :( Still in a lot of pain with the lump, the leg pain is intense, and the pain from the CS on my arms is horrible as well. You can see in some of the pics red marks at the tops of my arms where it rubs. I have tried padding it with different things, but it still rubs. I also have an awful case of heat rash on my back, under the CS. We are having a heatwave here in Australia at the moment :(


Poor you i feel your pain in this heat
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Congrats on your weight loss. I thought about getting the sleeve but I changed my mind. I am just to scared to get that done. So I am doing the diet pills instead so far 30 pds gone in 7 months so I can't complain. Hope everything is good. Happy healing :)
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Hi Lamicah1, congrats on the loss! I tried the pills, they didnt go well with my heart condition, but they did work :) I hope you have continued success with them.One thing I have learnt with the sleeve is we don't need the amount of food we consume at all. My other half is cutting his portions back as well, I used to really eat huge amounts of food and put me in an all you can eat place, I would sit there for ages and try everything! Keep going tho, its worth it to lose weight, changes your perspective on life and everything.Thank you for commenting as well :)

I don't know why I am bothering....

I was going to say I now only have 5 days til I get my compression suit off....and how much my feet are swollen and ask how I can elevate this as there are some knowledgeable people here. Bit disappointed tho, only 4 replies in my story, mainly talking to myself and just a couple of others. I do try to stay positive in here for others on their journey and support them. Might just stick with my private blog. Hope everyone recovers ok, and thank you to Jules73, Lamicah1, onedimsim (mmmm fish and chips) and BeachGirl66 for conversing with me


Hey Jules.. sorry I havent commented. Been dealing with stuff on my end. Your pics look good but I know about the swelling as well as hematomas.. i have both. If there's anything you would like to ask or talk about I will inbox u my number.. for some reason Idont get nonotified when someone replies or responds here... I just so happen to be browsing and saw ur post. Hope to talk to u soon
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Jules please update been thinking about u and haven't heard from u in a bit missy...
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Oh dont be discouraged, these ladies, beachgirl, onedimsim, bariatric life, is all you need. :-) i just stumbled across your profile and i just want to offer my support, i know your frustration with the swelling. Just keep your feet elevated above your heart that is and drink Arnica tea. Lymphatic drainage massages help a whole lot but im not sure if its allowed since you have a vertical insicion. Additionally Chi Massagers are working wonders for me... I'll post a pic of it in a couple of days. I hope you are finding yourself well and that those biopsies resulted back to your favor.
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