Chin Reduction Soft Tissue Combined with Sub Chin Lipo, Buccal Fat Pad Removal and Rhinoplasty - Excellent

I had a large chin, specifically chin pad (fleshy...

I had a large chin, specifically chin pad (fleshy bit on chin tip) which dimpled and extended down to produce 'witchies' chin. A family trait I always disliked. In addition I always felt my nose and nostrils were too wide and high across the bridge and that my face was quite 'fleshy' all round. I consulted with fab plastic surgeon who is a specialist Ears, nose and throat surgeon, a specialist facial reconstructive surgeon and plastic surgeon who advised that a better chin shape and profile could be achieved by reduction of the soft tissue of the chin pad via lipo and minimal muscle tissue removal.

Rhinoplasty was performed to reduce nostril size and achieve a more overall refined appearance and buccal fat pad removal to define own cheeky bones with lipo of neck to define jaw bone.

I am only 2 weeks out from surgery and the nose is fabulous already, still swelling is present however will resolve and refine shape over the coming months. Still have much crusting in the nose which is annoying and uncomfortable. The chin shape is much improved although at this stage very swollen so it actually looks bigger. I feel confident that this too will subside. My chin is still paralysed in some movement so when all settles in, then I hope to see a great shape and improved movement when laughing and smiling.

The sub chin lipo provided immediate and fabulous results, great jaw definition. Still a little too much swelling to comment on the buccal fat removal.

Already the results have surpassed my expectations and I look forward to continued refinement over the coming months.

Update - I see that putting my total surgery cost...

Update - I see that putting my total surgery cost was distorting the average figures for chin surgery specifically. I have adjusted to $2000 for the chin and sub chin lip. Costs were as follows:

Chin and sub chin lipo $2000

Rhinoplasty $7500

Buccal Fat Removal $2000

Plus private hospital and anaesthetist costs - $6000

Dr Michael Zacharia

Uber experienced and qualified coming from being a specialist ENT surgeon, a specialised facial reconstructive surgeon and plastic surgeon on top. The best 'breeding' you can have in someone who is going to cut your face.

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Hi Meg2010, I think I have the same problem as you did. My chin looks okay when I'm not smiling or talking enthusiastically, but when I do do those things it extends down and popples. I was wondering if you could email me some before/after pics so I can see if we had the same problem? My email is jkryan52 @ Thanks, and I hope you love your new chin :)
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hi! do you have any photos of your chin? I think I MIGHT have the same issue, not sure though! This didn't require braces before right!?
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Hello Everyone, I thought I would update my progress. I am now 5 months post surgery and I continue to be trilled with the results. In fact, I have become so accustomed to the changes that it is difficult for me to remember what feelings i had about my features before the surgery. When looking at pre-op photos, I think it is so alien to how I feel now. The chin is amazing, the shape and profile is excellent, no poppling, no extended witchies chin pulling down when I smile, now a lovely smooth and symmetrical chin. Also thanks to the lipo of the neck under the chin and jaw, I have a killer profile which has taken years off! And now a vast majority of movement has return, the function is actually BETTER than before. When in full smile I once would pulled down the lower corners of my mouth too far which would sometime appear as a grimace, this has improved and I have a much more relaxed smile. I still have the smallest amount of uneven swelling on the right side of the chin, but again something that no one would notice apart from me. Still the smallest amount of numbness at the site of the incision however this is neatly tucked away under the chin so it does not interfere or annoy at all.
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hello - i have the exact same situation with my nose and chin my chin (mine gets worse with smiling)and was thinking of a chin reduction but am now thinking this would be better suited. it would be great if you could please post pictures..thankyou
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hello - what is your surgeons name? I am in brisbane and would be interested in this procedure. But have no idea where to look. Thanks heaps!
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Hi My surgeon is {edited}. He is based in Bondi and consults in Brisbane twice a month. Dr Zac operates through the Cosmetic Surgery Advisory Centre based in Hawthorne. Do a quick google to find Dr Zac's own website and also CSAC to find the advisory centre. They are moving to Kangaroo Point soon, however Hawthorne is still their current address. I am now 7 weeks post surgery and the results just get better and better. The chin form is looking fabulous and (apparently) there is still some swelling which is yet to reduce further. I still have some residual numbness at the incision area and movement in the lower chin area is still slightly restricted, but again it is improving slowly so no concern, just need to be patient. The nose is also just fabulous and balances the new chin perfectly. That is one thing to give special mention to and that is Dr Zacs artistic eye and his more conservative approach to too much change or reduction to ensure facial balance. Good luck with it. Kind regards M

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Hi Meg2010, Please keep us updated on your progress. I'm particularly interested in your chin reduction. I need to get my chin reduced by a fairly large amount but would like to hear about other patients' experiences before taking the plunge. Thanks for giving us some feedback. There are so few chin reduction patients posting their experiences on the internet.
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Hi Rudi Thanks for the email. I am now about 10 weeks post surgery and the results are just getting better and better. I am slowly gaining full mobility in the chin (no one else can notice, only me when I try talking with a full smile) and I still have some residual numbness which again is slow subsiding. From all the surgery I had, I must say that I love the chin the most as it was this which started the whole journey. There is still some very slight and uneven swelling, again no one could tell only me as I am inspecting it daily! The scar is right underneath the chin and I have difficulty in viewing it as it is well concealed. At this stage it is still purple, however this too is fading very rapidly (more rapidly than I expected) The only thing I am anxious for is regaining full mobility and feeling in the chin - most numbness is at and around the sight of the scar. I didn't have any loss of sensation or mobility in the lower lip which seems to be a more common complaint with other chin reduction candidates. I do have confidence that it will completely return as already I have had most of it correct itself, so I am confident that the nerves are repairing. I will need to get organised and post some photos. Just to remind you, I only had soft tissue reduction and not a full bone reduction procedure, so my results may not look too dramatic (to anyone else, but has mad a world of difference to me) Also, the issue I had was when I moved my mouth and smiled my chin would popple, so it is difficult to show the improvement through still photos. Overall, I am really happy with results, and would do it again 100 times over. Of course, everything i.e. your results and recovery are largely in the hands of your surgeon, choose wisely. Good luck Meg2010
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hello - what was the name of your surgeon?
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