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I'd 4 areas of my upper legs done on the 27th,...

I'd 4 areas of my upper legs done on the 27th, February 2012. On the 5th of March, I'd 2 areas around my waist and another 2 on my upper & lower abs done. Pros: I could see my legs changed their sizes immediate after my operation. Those big lumps on my outer/upper legs I always had in my entire life are now gone. I'm so happy with the result of my outer legs.

Cons: I've got scars to deal with and lumps in my inner legs. My surgeon didn't put me into sleep before the operation, just numbed and I knew all those steps of what he was doing to me. I still can't see the changed of my abs sizes, and there's 1 week to be fully 2 months after the operation on these areas. Compression garment is needed to be worn 7 days/24hrs in a month or so after the operation. I've been exercising, climbing, Mt bike riding, running, cardio, a healthy diet etc but I couldn't get the shape I wanted - so I decided to have Vaser done. All in all = good & happy with the result.

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thank you for sharing your story and review your results look excellent, you must be so happy! I will however say as much as im happy to read your review i dont see why you were unable to share the clinic or DR's name. As you mentioned something about speaking Thai to read the website and Vaser im guessing your reffering to VR clinic, the only one i can find thats all in Thai- you may need google translate if you use chrome -
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the final result looks so amazing. you look just like a new person !
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Hi :)

That was such a great result!! I am so happy for you :)

Could I ask how much fat did your doctor take out? Also did you notice any weight changes after the surgery Thanks a lot x
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Hi again Kanny,

If I was to give you my email could you send it to that?
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I'm happy and not happy. Not happy because scaring and burnt as the burnt shouldn't happen, so it made scars more obvious and bigger than they should. Happy because my legs are now slimmer as I couldn't get rid of that size before or it could take me long time.

Well, if you give me your email address then I can, of course, give you the website but will you be able to read and understand Thai though?
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Hi there,

Can you not translate it to english? Your English is very good. I am trying to book myself into Cosmeditour, which operates in Thailand - Bangkok and Phuket.
Which hospital did you stay in?
Who did you book through?

I'd love to hear back from you.

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they are some fantastic results!!!! did the wounds/scars heal up after some time?
I live in Australia as well, and considering going to Thailand for lipo, could you tell me the doctor or website of where you got it done? Thankyou for sharing your experience
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Well, scars are healing a little bit slow after some times now. They still look exactly the same as photos showed above, but maybe a little bit darker too.

Sorry, I don't think I should give out the website here.
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Hi Kanny,

Sorry I'm a bit confused. You were exercising a lot, nothing happened, so you then decided to go for lipo? Are you happy with the results? Or now you have gone through with it, are you still glad you did??

Won't you give the website because you aren't happy with your results?
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Can you share the website with me? i also have the big thighs and bulges tummy that want to get rid off..
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amazing results. i hope to get the same. what'd you do post operation? any massages etc? exercise?
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Maybe after 2-4 weeks is better to do exercising ( 1 week get rid of all stitches). It also depends on the condition of individual as well as areas that you've done.

I got 5 massages course after the procedure for free. To treat & smooth the effected areas. 5 massages weren't enough but helped a lot. I've been stretching a lot, and now start some exercises. I got told that some people used a hot-water bag (sorry I'm not sure how you call it) instead of going for massages(Massage in this case is using a machine).

I started applying arnica cream over bruises after the operation. It helped a lot. Try not to walk too much after the operation if have on the legs. Don't get the cuts wet & use Betadine to clean them every day - they dry and heal quick. Always wearing a compassion garment 24 hours/7 days.

Good luck
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Thank You. Im 9 days post op and still a little swollen and bruised, but i can already see results. I bought some arnica gel and I'm trying to use it as much as possible. I've been going on walks, but next week I'm going to try some easy work out routines. How long did it take your abs to look the way it does now since your operation? my stomach is smaller but still swollen.
Thank you.
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You can possibly see all of the results immediate after, but will look firmer about 1-3 months - I think it's vary in individual.
How is your result now?
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Amazing results!!!! I go in on thursday
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Hope you get the best result and share your experience here too!
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Hi kanny which hospital did u use? I live in bangkok. Thx Steve
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Hi there, thanks for sharing your experience with us. I'm glad you've had some success with the procedure. Please keep us updated on your progress.

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Thank you Kirsty:)
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