Large Eyelids That Don't Look Natural - Brisbane, Australia

I had upper bleph almost 4 weeks ago and I am...

I had upper bleph almost 4 weeks ago and I am concerned with how big my eyelids now look. I expected the change to be subtle, to have a natural amount of eyelid showing. Looking at "before and after" photos on the internet, I can’t find any "after" photos that have big lids like mine.

I am unsure if this is because the surgeon took too much fat. He told me that in time the top would hang over a bit more and look more natural. It hangs over a little now but there just appears to be too much eyelid on display (but no hollowness). Maybe he has made the incision too high (but the scar is hidden in my eye crease so I don''t think that is the case). Maybe it is just that I have always had big eyelids and was not aware because they were hooded before? Or maybe the eyelid looks big due to swelling (athough it has been almost 4 weeks so I would have thought the swelling would be minor).

I feel I have made a big mistake and regret it so much. I made the mistake of not talking to the surgeon much, I just placed my trust in him and assumed I would end up with a natural result.

I don't blame you. I am 15 days post op, optimistic but not there yet. It really depends on the differences in each surgeon and the shape of the eye. All the best to you.
Thanks everyone for all the comments. I am starting to feel better about things (and I am seeing improvement with my eyes each day).
The emotionality is a fear reaction
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When given actual healing times,
relief ensues. Most of the
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