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I had upper bleph almost 4 weeks ago and I am...

I had upper bleph almost 4 weeks ago and I am concerned with how big my eyelids now look. I expected the change to be subtle, to have a natural amount of eyelid showing. Looking at "before and after" photos on the internet, I can’t find any "after" photos that have big lids like mine.

I am unsure if this is because the surgeon took too much fat. He told me that in time the top would hang over a bit more and look more natural. It hangs over a little now but there just appears to be too much eyelid on display (but no hollowness). Maybe he has made the incision too high (but the scar is hidden in my eye crease so I don''t think that is the case). Maybe it is just that I have always had big eyelids and was not aware because they were hooded before? Or maybe the eyelid looks big due to swelling (athough it has been almost 4 weeks so I would have thought the swelling would be minor).

I feel I have made a big mistake and regret it so much. I made the mistake of not talking to the surgeon much, I just placed my trust in him and assumed I would end up with a natural result.

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I don't blame you. I am 15 days post op, optimistic but not there yet. It really depends on the differences in each surgeon and the shape of the eye. All the best to you.
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Thanks everyone for all the comments. I am starting to feel better about things (and I am seeing improvement with my eyes each day).
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The emotionality is a fear reaction
stemming from a lack of factual
information as to what to expect.
When given actual healing times,
relief ensues. Most of the
surgeries are beneficial in their
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It is only natural to have second thoughts, it is such an emotionl time. By week 12 you will be loving your new eyes, believe me!
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Eye surgery is generally not done twice. There is a new look to the eyes since excess skin has been removed and the levator muscle has been tightened. It is best to accept
and be happy with your new look as you did elect to do this for a reason. Time does heal a negative viewpoint since others do not notice any "terrible mistake" differences or even any difference at all. Makeup can also work wonders down the road after 4 months of healing.

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Useful to know: each eye heals independently of the other, at its own pace.

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I had an upper bleph ten months ago. The right eye looks normal and opens fully with some residual scar points and a slight ridge that apparently resolves itself by 18 months post op. The left eye has a larger eyelid since it was cut too high and droops slightly in the evenings as the levator muscle needs to be tighter. I was advised twice by plastic surgeons not to revise it since the danger is removing too much skin and being unable to close the eye leading to blindness down the road. I hate my different eyes but others do not notice it so for now, I will leave it alone. An oculoplastic surgeon is the answer and the only answer for any eye surgery. Check references ahead of time.

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My upper lids hung over the lower crease pretty heavily until about the 8th week or so. I thought the same thing - that after 3 weeks everything would be fine. My surgeon had to put up with me constantly asking why there was still swelling. Around the 8th week it started getting less and less and even now (at 3 months) there is still a little under my eyes (i had lower bleph as well). Some people just swell longer and you might have this issue. I have hypothyroidism so this might cause my swelling to linger as well. Looking at my eyes at 3 months they look completely different than they did at week 2 - 10. One eye was bigger than the other for awhile. Everything seemed to even out right around the 3rd month. I had no idea it would take this long (they always say about 3 weeks). Hang in there - you will be pleasantly surprised after a few months how all the swelling and uneveness works itself out! I know I was!
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When I went into the procedure I was quite naieve and thought that everything would look perfect after about 2 weeks! It is nice to hear from you and realise that it will be okay, I just have to give it time. Since reading your messages I have calmed down a lot and stopped my obsessive examining in the mirror so thank you so much!!!
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Wait a bit longer. My upper lid swelling didn't go down until about the 10th week...
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Thanks so much for your reply, that makes me feel better.
I look at other people's "After" photos and their eyelids look perfect after 10 days and it freaks me out!
I know my eyes are puffy in the morning and get better in the day but I have been trying to work out if it is still puffiness in the afternoon/evening or if that is just how they will always look.I think it is swelling that remains (even at night) as the eyelid crease line looks really deep.
Thanks again for your reply, it is nice to have the reassurance.
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Hi I'm from Brisbane and researching for the best surgeon for upper and lower lids as I have hooded lids and lower bags.I'm sick and tired of people saying gee you look tired which I must admit it does.hope someone reads this post to give me some names.Jill.
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Well finally taking the plunge getting upper and lower lids done 28th May excited but some what scared.
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