Endermologie - 10 Sessions, No Results - Brisbane, Australia

I have just finished my 10th session and decided...

I have just finished my 10th session and decided not to continue. I haven't noticed any results at all. The procedure was quite pleasant and relaxing, sort of like a deep massage, and most sessions I managed to even have a bit of a nap, so I wasn't too stressed about sticking with it for 10 sessions, but with no evidence of improvement, even with measurements, I won't be investing in continuing.


Endermologie doesn't work on 100% of people however in about 9/10 cases our clients are very satisfied with their results. The problem is not the machine but the people operating them. I have been treating clients with endermologie for more than 8 years and most girls that I interview for jobs that say are endermologie trained do not do the treatments correctly. The key to cellulite and fat breakdown via endermologie is the use of very specific movements of the hand piece and the right suction. For those that say the treatment is pleasant have obviously had an incorrect treatment. In areas of concern there is slight discomfort as they say no pain no gain. Since the national endermologie centre closed in 2008 there has been very poor training for clinics, and I know of some clinics that have learnt from YouTube. I'm lucky to have been trained by endermologie practitioners from France and am able to train my own staff.

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I would like more info on the equipment LPG endermologie. I am receiving treatments in Greece & might be interested in opening a place in Tampa Florida were I live.
How do I get in touch with the company, & how do I find qualified staff ?
Would love more info if possible... Thank you

We are a community that discusses the pros and cons of different treatments. More than likely we aren't the best source for the information you are seeking.

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The salon where I went was fine and the staff were really lovely and knowledgable, it is just that the procedure doesn't seem to work.

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