Nearly Ten Years of Aquamid - Injected in 2004 - Lips -Brisbane, AU

Yes, I am happy with it and have had no major side...

Yes, I am happy with it and have had no major side effects. Obviously, you MUST have it professionally done as mine has lasted for 10 years.

BUT, the only down side is that my lips are now fuller and a little less flexible - I used to be a very good amateur flautist and can not now flex my lips to play the high notes on the flute, nor can I whistle.

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Wow, that is really interesting that it has affected your ability to play the flute. You must be pretty bummed about that. I'm glad to see you still felt it was worth it even considering that.

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It affects the flexibility of your lips, even eating a burger is challenging.
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Ugh, that can't be fun to deal with. :-/ Glad you are sharing what you have experienced so others can be aware.

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