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Last year was a difficult year for me and I...

Last year was a difficult year for me and I remember thinking, what better way to move forward then by getting a new tattoo. That's where everything clearly went wrong. I have other tattoos already but to be honest, I love them - but unlike this tattoo, they mean something to me. So it was November last year and I decided I would get a large flower design on my left hip. I would like to state that I mean no disrespect to the tattoo artist, she is wonderful and incredibly talented. It wasn't until I saw the tattoo on my skin that I panicked! Immediately I did not like it! The following day I delved straight into research regarding tattoo removal. I spoke with several reputable places in Brisbane and spent hours researching the procedure on the internet. This procedure is not something to take lightly. This is your skin you are messing with! So once I found a reputable place I made a consultation. I was told I could not start treatment for a minimum of 2 months. Apparently the ink needed to settle into my skin first before attempting to remove the tattoo. The ladies who spoke to me during my consultation were amazing. They were friendly, and answered my million and 1 questions. They were incredibly knowledgable and I felt comfortable. I paid for 6 sessions upfront costing a total of $1800 AU (that is with a discount for purchasing several sessions!). Yes, it's expensive, and if someone tries to tell you otherwise, I would be hesitant to allow them to commence the procedure. The ladies were honest with me and said it will more than likely take more than 6 sessions to completely remove the tattoo. I couldn't believe it! So finally the two month mark came around and I went in for my first treatment. As you can see in the photo, the tattoo is quite large, so because of this I had to split the first session into two. I completed only the bottom half and returned 4 weeks later to complete the upper half of the tattoo. I could not believe the pain! IT WAS TERRIBLE! And I have a high pain threshold. I returned 4 weeks later to complete the first session. I saw improvement almost immediately - the tattoo was much lighter than prior to the first procedure.

Hey there, thanks so much for sharing your story with the community, we have a wonderful group of people here so you found the right place! I actually think your tattoo is so pretty, however if it's not for you then get rid of if ;) What kind of laser is being used to treat you? 

Hi! Glad to hear you are having good results. I am in a similar situation with a similar size tattoo on my hip as well. Which, like you i disliked straight away (though i have spent the last 6 weeks trying to convince myself that i like it). I'm located on the gold coast but am considering traveling to Brisbane for laser treatments. Would love to see post treatment pictures. :)
Hey glad your seeing results and glad you waited 8 weeks to start.jeez that price is crazy high.here in America alot of tattoo shops are starting to laser so it's dramatically Cheaper. Post updated pics! Also tattoos don't have to mean anything , they can just be beautiful art on the skin if done right. :)

6 November 2013

Goodmorning fellow bloggers. I have receive an overwhelming response from users, and I am very grateful. I have posted two photos online the first photo is a side angle and shows the tattoo only hours after completion. The other photo (close-up) shows the state of the tattoo 5 sessions later. Unfortunately the photo does little justice. The tattoo has certainly faded and if I stretch the skin I notice it has certainly shattered into smaller pieces. I am due for the second stage of the 5th session next week. The second stage of each session involves removing the upper half of the tattoo. I have noticed the upper half of my tattoo is deeper and darker compared to the remainder of the tattoo. I recall the upper half of the tattoo is where the artist commenced hence why it is deeper and darker. I take it she became fatigued several hours later hence why the bottom half is responding to the removal more effectively. Once I complete the second stage of the 5th session I will post another photo. I will attempt to take better photos for you all so you can get a better idea. I hope I have answered some of your questions and queries. Until next time.
Hey the second photo isn't posted. Try again !:)
I love your tattoo lol oh well
I believe the laser being used to treat me is the Q switched laser (Medlite C6). Is that a good laser?

5 sessions later

Thats a lucky laser.lol,jk

5th session complete

As some of you are aware, I completed my 5th session of tattoo laser removal two weeks ago. I didn't want to post a comment regarding the treatment as I wanted to see whether I would notice a difference after two weeks. Hate to say, I am finding it difficult to notice a difference. In saying that, there are subtle changes and the tattoo has faded dramatically. I was wondering whether the lines are suppose to start breaking and disappearing? It appears my tattoo remains in one piece however it is dramatically lighter in colour.

I have my 6th session before christmas. Following the 6th session I will be required to fork out another $1800 (more than likely) for what I am guessing will be another 6 sessions. Loosing patience with the process and I really hope that after the two years I have committed, the tattoo will cease to exist!

Words of encouragement are highly welcome!
I am at the same spot you are! I've had 6 sessions with great fading, but when the doctors said 8 to 10 sessions, I would expect to be further than I am. Patience is key! I am the most impatient person ever (which is why I'm in this situation). Here lately, I've become more impatient and find it so hard waiting between sessions! The expense is terrible, I know. So far, I've spent around $2300! I'm only half way! I thought this thing would be gone for about $2000. Stay strong! It's going to be a long process, but as TenaG said, it will come! Thinking of you! :)
I know how you feel with not seeing the results you wish for. I am 12 treatments in on my chest and feel the same now. I am not going to give up though so be patient! it will come
Hey. Stick with it. Have been doing tattoo removal for a couple of years now ( on multiple tattoos). Trust me when removing black tattoos treatments 5 to about 8 are like 'no man's land'. the first stages of removal seem quite rapid. The 'no man's land' phase is a real test, I think quite a lot of people drop out at this point. I found that from around treatment 9 onwards things really look up. I don't mean to undermine your clinic but I think they always underestimate the number of treatments required. I was quoted 10 - however realistically I wouldn't be surprised if I need another 5. Which would mean that I will have had approximately 17 treatments on my remaining tattoos. Just be patient...your tattoo is actually quite pretty and easily covered in the meantime ;)
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I am happy to recommend the clinic I visit. If you wish to know the name, please inbox me and I am happy to disclose the information.

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