Rhinoplasty on August 7th 2014!

This week I turned 23 and after lurking this site...

This week I turned 23 and after lurking this site for 5 years, I went to my GP and asked him to refer me to a good plastic surgeon. The surgeon he referred me to is Dr Phillip Richardson. I have a family member who had her breasts done by Dr Richardson a few months ago and she seems very happy. However I have not heard whether he does do good rhinoplasty so I am nervous about the consultation since his website only mentions breasts.

My doctor has however assured me that this is who he has referred all of his patients to for nose jobs and that Dr Richardson is the "best" plastic surgeon in Brisbane. I know that its important to choose a surgeon that specializes in rhinoplasty and although I didn't see it mentioned on his website, my GP assured me that he was. I would really like to hear from anyone on this forum who has had their nose done by Dr Richardson since I can't find anything online about his rhinoplasty work. My GP also recommended another doctor, Dr Andrew Broadhurst if it turns out that I don't feel Dr Richardson is suited to the job.

I am feeling really stressed out about this as the reason I have waited so long to get a nosejob is because I am terrified of turning out like some of the celebrities out there that have absolutely shocking nosejobs! I have always hated my nose and see it as a curse. It doesn't suit my face and is the ugliest shape, I really just want a small, straight elegant nose. My family are not supportive of this surgery as they are scared that I will have my face ruined and end up looking like some sort of freak. My boyfriend says that I don't need it, but it's not like he would tell me anyway!

I will update this soon as I have my consultation this week, in the meantime I look forward to hearing from you!

Noses that I like!

My appointment with Dr Richardson is booked for the 18th of Feb. I have been getting together some photos of noses that I like to bring with me to the consultation. I want to show him some different noses and see if he thinks any of them will be possible to achieve with my current nose.
I am not expecting him to make my nose to look identical to any of these, these are just some noses that I like.

First consultation

Today I had my first consultation! Dr Richardson explained that mine would be a closed rhinoplasty where he would remove the hump and slightly refine the tip a little. I asked him how many nosejobs he does a week, and he said usually its just one since most of his clients come for breast augmentation. He doesn't do photo simulations of nosejobs but has said that he has had experience in doing noses like mine, he also didn't have a gallery of previous patients noses to show me. He did however seem confident that my nose would turn out nicely. I will update again when I have my next consultation - I would like to see a few doctors before I decide who to have the surgery with!

Feeling really depressed and stressed that I won't be able to have the surgery.

Something that I should probably mention on here is that I have a low platelet count (Thrombocytopenia) which puts me at a risk of having this operation because my blood doesn't clot well. Basically this condition could affect the outcome of the operation by causing issues when it comes to how the nose heals, which has the potential to ruin the cosmetic result. The first plastic surgeon I went to see has referred me to a hematologist to get some blood work done that will determine whether it will be safe for me to have this operation. This is a condition that I have inherited and I am devastated that it stands between me having this operation and being beautiful.
I am really, really devastated. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my blood work will be satisfactory and that it will be safe for me to have this surgery...otherwise I don't know how I will be able to live with myself. I would really like to hear from anyone who has the same problem who had a rhinoplasty!

I have found the Dr who will perform the operation!

Today I had a consultation with Dr Andrew Broadhurst and I have decided that he is the one who will fix my nose! He will be doing an open rhinoplasty as he believes it will allow him to achieve the best result. I am extremely excited and will be setting the date soon as I get the go ahead from the hematologist. My surgery will take place early to mid April.

Platelet Transfusion...

Although I had planned to have my operation in April, due to my issue with my platelets I've had to push back my surgery to July/August. The hematologist I'm seeing wants me to do a treatment in May where they give me an infusion of platelets and then monitor how my body reacts. Before my rhinoplasty I will need an infusion of platelets and first they need to test to make sure my body won't reject them. I'm not going to lie - this whole situation is giving me cold feet as it seems like a lot of work. However, I find big noses like mine so absolutely hideous and vile that I will not allow this to change my mind about the surgery.

Hope this isn't a mistake

Lately I've been looking at a lot of photos of me (all taken from the front of course) and I keep thinking - ITS NOT THAT BAD, I CAN LIVE WITH THAT - WHAT IF I AM MAKING A HUGE MISTAKE? Every time I see a thing on here where someones rhino didn't go well I stress out. My family are generally okay with me doing this (my dad and grandpa don't get it but they are men!) however my grandma is extremely supportive of this, in fact insistent that I get this done ASAP. She thinks I'm beautiful but my nose is holding me back from reaching my full potential. I am also studying to be a primary school teacher and the last thing I want is to have an ugly nose for the kids to take notice and make fun of when I'm teaching - because kids are pretty unabashed in their criticism!

3 months to go!

It's crazy how fast time is going! When I decided to have this operation in February I thought time was really going to drag but if I have my operation in early August then its not that long at all. Some days I look in the mirror and think its not that bad...but then when I'm sitting in the classroom and people can see me from the side...all I can think about is that they are thinking what a f*cked up nose I have! I feel happy with myself until I am in a situation like that or someone takes a photo of me from the side and my stomach turns like I'm looking at a murder scene! I'm not exaggerating when I say this, but seriously if I see a photo of myself taken from the side I get that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and all of the air in my lungs running out. It makes me so so sick.

Whenever I start to get cold feet and have second thoughts about my surgery I just look at photos of myself people have taken where I am in profile and reassures me in an instant that I have made the right decision :)

Probably the worst thing anyone can say to someone considering a rhino is that their nose "adds character" - because the ugly witch from Wizard of Oz is not a character anyone would like to look like! Saying someones face has character is like a friendly way of saying "you're really ugly but I think you're a nice person :) :) " lol.

The thing that probably bothers me the MOST about this (and what has been one of the big reasons I have put this off for years) is how long it will take to recover. I have had to weigh up the idea of going out in public looking like a monster for a few months vs. being ugly forever. I know everyone's recovery rate is different and I'm just worried it will take a REALLY long time for me to look normal.


Whenever I get stressed about the operation I just take a picture of myself on webcam to reassure myself. I have to do this a lot!

I've been looking at noses a looooooooot lately to try get an idea of what I like and what might suit me...I am SO SCARED of getting a nose that doesn't suit the rest of my face! The reason I picked Dr Broadhurst is that he takes into consideration what suites the individual and in the end I am going to leave it up to him to decide for me as I trust him to know what will look best. All I want is something small - elegant - slightly concave - but not too much so that my nostrils look bad! I really like Kim Novak's nose - I think her nose is perfect from all angles.

The desired outcome...and weird nightmares...

I don't really like any of those plastic surgery morphs I've found online, but when I do this with my nose (haha I realize how stupid this looks btw go ahead and lol at me) it kind of shows how I want my nose to look - lifted and without the ugly bump. Right now I am hoping I can push my surgery to July...I am really irritated about the fact that I have to deal with the blood infusion nonsense and see how my first infusion of platelets goes BEFORE I can book the surgery. FML.

Not a single day goes by without me obsessing about my rhinoplasty, I spend several hours a day on here obsessing over it! I've also started to have weird nightmares about the operation. I had a nightmare the other night that my surgery went well but then I went home and stupidly had a shower and washed my face which made all of my stitches dissolve and then my columella was flapping all over the place...wtf.

Driving me insane!

I am not kidding when I say that I have not been able to concentrate anything else lately! This is ALL I can think about! I have been really struggling to concentrate on my school work this week because I just can't stop thinking about the operation. I keep obsessing over what the outcome will be like...what I will look like...will I look completely different? I just wish I could have the operation ASAP but its really not even possible until the end of the semester anyway. I just wish I could stop thinking about it, I try so hard not to think about it but I can't, I even dream about it every night. My Dr strikes me as a perfectionist and that is why I chose him, so I feel confident in the results. The annoying thing is that I keep having this same nightmare where I have the operation and my nose looks beautiful - but then after the operation I do something stupid like sleep lying down and roll on my face!
Anyway here is another photo my boyfriend took last weekend. Whenever I look at pictures of myself all I can see is how huge and ugly my nose is. I cannot wait for the day when I can look at a picture of myself without cringing. Lately I've just been struggling to find the motivation to do my makeup, get dressed and go out. I just want to hide away from the world until I get my operation, and then when I've recovered I want to pretend that this was all a bad dream. I know that the operation will be scary and the recovery process horrific, but PAIN IS BEAUTY.

A trying day...

Well today was the first part of my platelet infusion and it went really well! I had to be hooked up to an IV for 4 hours which was pretty unpleasant, and tomorrow is round two. After that I'll have a blood test and my hematologist will give me the all clear (I am confident its going to be an all clear because so far I have not had an adverse reaction to the infusion) so it should be all good.
Having the Intragram infusion meant that I had to sit in the same ward as people who were having chemo. It made me think that maybe I really am a total piece of sh*t because all around me are people going through cancer and I'm sitting there getting this treatment so I can have a nosejob.

Anyway I had to get the train home after the hospital since my partner had work, and I ended up sitting near this group of private school girls who were around 15 or so. The way I was sitting ended up being so that they could see me in profile, which prompted them to start talking about people with ugly noses and looking at me and exchanging looks and giggling. In any other situation I would have probably gone home, run a bath and got in the bath and slashed my wrists. However despite their comments I didn't let it upset me - because I'm finally getting a new nose! Instead I smugly sat there thinking to myself that in a few months I will have a new face and I will be beautiful and no one will be able to make comments like that ever again.


Well the second round of the platelet infusion has been hard as I started having some of the side effects. I had a fever and the worst chills I've ever had, the WORST migraine that even codeine did little to numb, I've pretty much had a migraine on and off for 24 hours. I called the hospital and they said it was a normal reaction to the treatment. I'm mainly mentioning this on here because I know I'm not the first person in the world who's had to have a platelet infusion before their rhinoplasty, so I want others who have the same problem to know what to expect. It's all part of the deal. At one point I even said I don't want my nose job anymore if it means going through this all over again right before the surgery. However this is just something I'm going to have to deal with because this surgery means everything.

Do I need a better chin?

Something I haven't mentioned on here before is that my doctor also suggested a chin implant. I would like to get some of your opinions regarding this because so far asking family members has not been helpful. I know I don't have a great jawline, I don't have much of a chin at all really...but I feel like its enough? What do you think though - would a chin implant balance my face better? I kind of don't like the idea of the extra $$$$$ its going to cost since I am already spending around $13,000 on this operation just because of the platelet infusions I have to have. I've never actually thought about chins or my chin before and now I'm scared that I look freaky or will look like a freak when I have a new nose. I want everything to be perfect...

Got the go ahead for the surgery from the hematologist!

The hematologist was satisfied with my blood work after the treatment - with the treatment I have normal functioning platelets. However the downside of this means I get to have 3 whole days of platelet infusion before my operation....and possibly another day after it as well. The funny thing is that as a result of that I don't even dread the actual rhinoplasty - its sitting there with an IV for 4 hours every day before it that I hate the thought of the most.

I am booking the operation tomorrow (hope I can get a date set for early to mid July) and I mentioned it to my dad. He started saying "It's not too late to change your mind" and that "who cares about beauty, inner beauty is what is important."
NO! I cannot stand it when people use the "inner" beauty line! I don't believe in "inner beauty".
My mother is fine with the operation and all she cares about is that I have a good surgeon, my grandparents are excited and happy for me, and so are my inlaws. I know its a lot to ask to have everyone in my family approve but I just hate having to explain myself, especially when I've said to my dad so many time over the years that I want this - so its clearly something that means A LOT to me.

Thinking of going to America to have Grigoryants do it instead...I don't know...ughhhh!

This morning I was going to book my procedure, but after a lot of thinking, reading you reviews on here and your helpful comments (all which I appreciate so much, you have no idea...) I have decided that maybe I should go to America and have Dr Grigoryants do the operation, even if it will be an incredible amount of work since I live in Australia and its a massive flight. I could always have my platelet infusion before I leave the country.

Just a little note to thank you for your input and support, I'll be back when I've had the operation :)

After a lot of thinking and soul searching, one thing I've realized is that looking at everyone's reviews and experiences with their rhinoplasty has kind of made me go a little crazy. Having read all of the mixed reviews on here regarding who is the best doctor and what to expect has actually left me feeling WAY more daunted about the whole thing, rather than relieved and excited. I don't like feeling uncertain or confused and this site (much as it has been helpful) has also caused me far more sleepless nights than I need.

So, I have now made my choice about who will do my operation. I have contacted the doctor I want about setting the date and will be waiting for their response so I know the date of my procedure. I will not be updating on here anymore until I have had my operation. I want to thank all of you who've commented on here, and those of you who've messaged me privately - you are all wonderful, amazing people and I know I wouldn't have it in me to go through this without your support and advice.

For the sake of my mental health, and so I can move on for a bit and stop obsessing about this (like I have been) I am going to stay away from this site for a while. I don't want to spend every day stressing and thinking about the operation and comparing everyone's doctors and experiences, I know that if I don't, I'll probably not be able to go through with the operation because I'll be WAY too stressed.

My operation is scheduled for August 7th, can't believe this is happening.

I cried a little after I made the booking - but in a happy way because I'm so happy this is happening.

63 days to go...

Lately I've been really depressed and I just can't shake the feeling and really need to vent. I keep looking at photos of me and wondering if I did something bad in a past life to be cursed like this. You know the phrase about getting "hit" with the ugly stick, well I didn't just got hit, I got BEATEN with it, mercilessly. I look at my face and see nice eyes, nice hair, nice cheeks, mouth and then I see that nose. That ugly misshapen despicable thing that poisons the rest of my face. I love photography and taking photos of happy memories and experiences but when I look back at the photos I am so unhappy with how I look. My partner and I have been together for seven years. On Saturday I am going for a wedding dress fitting - we are getting married June 2015. In the entire time we have been together - there are no photos of us together at all. No photos at family things - I do not allow family members to take my photo. It's like I didn't exist for all of those years because I wouldn't let anyone take my photo. I hate it so much and I cannot wait for all of this to be a bad nightmare and be able to attend special occasions and not hide from the camera. The other day my stepdad suggested that my mother cheated on my biological father and that explains why I ended up with such an unfortunate ugly nose - because NO ONE in my family has a nose like this - its not from my fathers side and its not from my mothers side. My family are White Russian and we all have Slavic features with small, STRAIGHT noses. It makes me feel hideous and deformed to look like I do. I look like my family members - I have all of the features they do - apart from my nose and it just makes me feel like such an abomination.

To console myself I look at my doctors photos of his past patients over and over again and remind myself that even the most difficult noses he did turned out great - that there is hope for me to look normal too.

55 days to go...

SO I've decided that I will say which doctor I've chosen (as some of you have messaged me about this) - the doctor I've chosen is Dr Broadhurst. I have got some great messages from those of you on here who have been his patients (I can't thank you enough because it honestly means the world to hear great things about the doctor I've chosen, especially considering there are so few of you on this forum who are Australian - let alone from Brisbane).
The days are creeping by so slowly...I went and tried on wedding dresses last weekend and felt so mortified and self conscious the whole time because of my nose. The way it takes up my whole face as you can see in this photo is NOT OKAY. I've decided to wait to try on dresses again after I have my operation and look good so I can actually enjoy the experience! There is no way I would be getting married if I wasn't getting this nosejob!

30 days to go

Just a month to go! All of this has been making me very emotional but in a happy way - its like I'm being given a second chance at life. I've decided to post some very unforgiving pictures here - you can see I have nostrils like a baboon and just how hideously witchy and hooked my nose is. My way of dealing with my fugly nose over the years has been to be very open about it - I shudder at the thought of people whispering about it behind my back and pitying me so I've always made sure people are aware that I realize how ugly it is by making jokes about it rather than have them point it out to me.

Final Pre-Op consultation - 21 days to go!

This morning I had my final appointment before my operation and paid for the surgery! I am so happy right now because I was so scared the day would never come. I showed the Dr some pictures of the type of noses I like to make sure that we are on the same page and he understands the type of aesthetic I'm going for. He was very confident and put me at ease so I feel really good about everything and cannot wait to get it over with! My next update will be after I've had the surgery!
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I'm so excited for you and will be watching your space for updates! :)
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Ask Dr broadburst to email the before and after photos that he takes and you can post those photos on here . He's camera is awesome and takes good detail photos . Your nose is gonna look awesome :)
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Good luck beautiful! You won't regret it :)
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You are too hard in yourself. But I understand the self hatred that a nose can cause. Hopeless feeling of "ugly" but guess what? That's in the past! There's hope & you'll be so extra beautiful. Happy for u!
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Good luck with your surgery! :)
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Your nose isn"t ugly. Sorry but I find an exaggeration in your description.
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Wow! We're practically nose twins! You're gorgeous and I wish you the best of luck in your surgery. Cannot wait to have mine done someday.
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You are gorgeous!! You definitely have a classic beauty look to you. Like one of those beautiful stars in the 50s. Your nose from the front doesn't look bad at all to me. I had a hump removed too, I hated it! Looking forward to seeing your results!! I know it seems so far but your surgery date will come before you know it!
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http://www.realself.com/review/brisbane-au-revision-rhinoplasty-rhinoplasty-dr-andrew-broadhurst-queensland rhinoplasty review on Dr Broadhurst
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So excited for you :) cant wait to see the results. Mine is months away with Dr Broadhurst - i am so keen though! Not even nervous - just super excited for the results!
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I wish you the best of luck in your surgery. Your nose is not that bad at all especially the front.
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My parents found out I was doing this the other day only because my receipt for the surgeons fee went to my mums po box ! And my stepdad reacted exactly the way a predicted (which is why i didnt plan on telling them) he said it would be easier and cheaper to just let my partener punch me in the nose !!! I was expecting him to say he could've done it with some tool that he'd have in his shed so i was close. Then he made a fuss over the cost and asked why i was doing it and i just cried ... people just dont understand what its like. Hope time flys for you so you can get married and start enjoying your new life :)
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Its wonderful you love your doctors photos. I wasn't in love with my doctors photos. This is why I'm still searching. You are gorgeous! Once you have your new nose you are going to feel gorgeous. You have so many magical things happening in your life new nose, marriage and your health is good. Ignore you stepdad. He sounds like a stereotypical mean stepfather. I have one like that. You shine through all your photos. You are a shining star!
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You are absolutely beautiful! Beautiful hair and features and a great style! Don't be so hard on yourself and get fixated on one thing. You've got 2 months to go and it'll be here before you know it. I hope you end up with your dream nose!
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you know what, i understand your feelings. but you are SO beautiful aside from the nose. your one pic, that is from the front, is just gorgeous like a model. i'm not kidding girl! you are too hard on yourself. at least for you it's just the nose. some people have other imperfections as well like me. but, you are stunning. and your stepdad, well he sounds like a real... piece of work. who says something like that? if he thought it was a funny joke then he's missing a part of his evolution and if he was serious ,then he probably should be in prison with a mentality like that. so hurtful. inconsiderate. our genes are from unlimited ages past, you could have ancestors who had a nose like yours, two, three, seventeen steps back in your family history and that is why your are blessed with the nose you have been given. it's yours to alter and don't feel bad, i'll be watching your review... and also mine is in only 2 weeks. ah!
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Good luck to you! The next few months address going to zoom by :D
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Are* stupid phone
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:) We are here for you. I have one more day to go and I am very emotional too.
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Hi !! I totally understand you I going totally mental about the nose thing , do it don't do it . I started looking in to bad stuff about rhinoplasty - driving me nuts !! Now 39 I have made my mind up I am doing it !! Have a look at Dr Imani in perth- I like them I've had a consultens with ather surgeons but but he does them straight and lifted He is a bit more expensive but best in perth and only does noses !!
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I had the rhinoplasty done 2 weeks ago, too be honest with you you don't need a chin implant, I thought I needed one too, but I wouldn't have done it anyways, because once your nose straightens, you whole profile will look much better, without the chin implant, I think if anyone's nose makes them feel unsecure, or have a low self-esteem , them get it done, I got it, and energy tho its still swollen, I feel already 100% more secure .. hope this was helpful :) you will look beautiful
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Sorry, I ment even tho its still swollen* ;)
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Go with your gut, forget all the noise. I wish you the best :)
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Oh and he has the training and the skill to perform excellent closed rhinos, which, in my opinion are much better. You should go on MMH and read the post by MsJ under the forum "Open Vs. Closed rhino". Doctor G suggested that I watch a video of him doing surgery on youtube to see how the open worked-- it's almost as though he is doing it open without having to remove the nose from the face and affecting more structures and having to add extra grafts etc.
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oops, I meant how the closed* works
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