29 Year Old Scarring. Fraxel on Face. Melesma Around Eyes and Lips. - Brisbane, AU

This is my second fraxel treatment. Had it done...

This is my second fraxel treatment. Had it done the 3rd of February 2014. My first fraxel to treat my picking my face scars got good results but not what I wanted. I found that this time I needed to speak up about getting closer to the nose to get all the pores so the skin has an more even look. This photo is just after the procedure.


Welcome!! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with Fraxel, look forward to seeing your results - thank you for posting pictures! Do you find the procedure painful, and how long did your treatment take?
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Day 3

Today is day three and I've started to scab and get that rough brown look that happens. One side of my face hasn't been done properly due to the numbing cream being put on too thick.
Will hopefully not look too awkward as that is my better side anyway. The nurse is giving me a free treatment due to this stuff up. My advice is if you feel they stuffed up, speak up and sort it out before it's too late. Glad I did.

Not as red as last time too due to the excess numbing cream. Making sure that the girl who put it on won't be the one who puts it on again.

Anyway, still looking forward to my third one and can't wait for the results.


HI, what clinic did you go to? Im in Brisbane also and wanting the treatment for lax skin and fine wrinkles. Also, how much did you pay per treatment and are you noticing more improvement? thank you and sorry for the 20 questions.
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hey dear can you tell me the exact name of the laser u had?? is that ablative or non ablative??
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Final procedure takes less than ten minutes. It does sting bit straight away goes away. So nothing drastic. I have a high pain tolerance when it comes to beauty. As I think most women do. Beauty is pain some say... :)

Alst two weeks post laser

I am 13 days post laser and all my peeling has gone. I had a big breakout on my chin which is now going away.
Because of the screw up with numbing cream (they used one with water in it. Not good if the laser targets water cells.) I didn't get penetration on one side. So am getting a complimentary one. As they should. Spent a lot of money.
But in regards of results face looking clearer and more smooth. Can't wait for the last treatment.

Anyway have posted some photos from this morning.
Will update in another week. Hopefully no more breakouts!


What sort of place was it you had it done? Did she do your laser the one that stuffed up your numbing cream application?
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I saw a dermatologist and a nurse did the procedure. The have me a water based nbing crime which was the problem and they admitted that giving my my third and free treatment. I will wait a few months I think. Getting married at end of the year so a bit scared and for my future. But at the same time why do they put it on the market if it does damage? Weird
Yeah I think the problem is they are not used correctly , I was shocked when I learned that all it takes is a weekend course and after that you can wield a laser. It's sickening how many are damaged and there is nothing that is done to stop this. Problem is that you look great about a month or two and then it all goes either back the way it was or worse, if you read all the positive reviews they are after two weeks of procedure if that but I haven't found a single positive review after a year or two from the treatment. Lot of people don't put two and two together that the skin damage is from laser, and I was told mine was just natural ageing, it's rubbish! I'm Scandinavian never tanned and always stayed out of sun and they tell me that all of a sudden all these holes must be ageing , in a month? No one ages that fast that radically its ridiculous. My mothers has better skin than I do and she is over 60. There are many hear at real self that have been damaged by Fraxel , problem is laser providers know about potential dangers but they market it as safe and mild procedure, I would have never done this if I would have been told about possible scarring, fat loss etc. I asked many times in my consultation because I was adamant I did to want to risk anything and said so, she just laughed and said it's impossible for Fraxel to damage my skin. Well here I am two years later face scarred beyond my wildest dreams, I can't work anymore due to anxiety this has caused me, I no longer socialise as I used to and stay home 24/7. I can't go n to the sun because my skin is so sensitive and reacts to zinc suncream so I stay inside during the day and walk my dog at night. Not worth the loss of life.

Almost 4 months post Fraxel Treatment

Hey everyone,
I am now 15 weeks post Fraxel treatment and my skin is looking fantastic. The little holes on my face have reduced and the scarring I got it for has reduced.
I am still hesitant to get my free one due to the warnings of others about the two year mark. I am really hoping mine will be fine.

But at the moment I am quite pleased with how everything looks. Just wish the pores around my eyes matched the rest of my skin as this has not been touched.

I am using bio oil twice a day for moisturiser and just to assist with the healing ageing process.

Anyways will add photos soon.

Feel free to ask any questions and add on to the debate on whether to get the third Fraxel done. :)

Ciao Ciao


It's been a while, are you ready to post your picture's? I would love to see them as I have been contemplating this procedure. Thanks
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Emily Hyde

The nurse Emily is really friendly and open to your questions. But I would recommend you check what has been done. As last time she didn't cover as much as I would like/she should and this time she missed a 1inch round area round my cheek which she fixed promptly when I mentioned it. Really my advice is be assertive. Your paying big money for your skin health. :)

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