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Hi everyone. I have been considering a breast...

Hi everyone.
I have been considering a breast augmentation since I was a teen. I fell pregnancy very young and had my 1st daughter at 16yrs of age. I was chubby/large I'm only 5ft 3 and I weighed 89kg (196lbs) after her and I only had a C cup. I lost 34kg in 2yrs and ended up at 55kg (121kg) and was around a large B cup small C or a C-D for pushups. (32-34 B-C cup) I then fell pregnant at 19 with our 2nd daughter. my boobs grew like crazy!! I was a 12E!! (34E) I didn't gain as much weight with my 2nd. after my milk came in the E bra was way to small but I didn't by new one. 

now 8 months after my 2nd I've lost 20kg, currently at 59kg (130lbs) and I have lost all my boobs. they are now a 32-34 A!! if that. but I have a very wide chest plate so the width of A bras do not fit. I'm wearing my old C-D padded bras which do not fit but the width of my breast is comfortable in this size. 

I did not breast feed I expressed for no longer than 1 week. and I am left with nothing. I have no upper fullness but some from the nipples down.
I have a consultation booked for may to choose sizes and get an idea of what we will be looking at. and then I have another $10, 000 to save. I'm 21yrs old this year and my husband's pecks are larger than my boobs. it gets me down. not only can I fit any bras I can't wear most clothes either. I'm nervous as I've never had an operation but I'm very excited and I believe anything will be an improvement. I'm looking forward to a better me! (will upload photos soon my phone won't let me)
Wow!! You've had 2 babies?? Your stomach is awesome !! When is your ba date? Can't wait to hear more:))
Hi there, Yeah gym 6 days a week and on a very healthy diet has helped ALOT. I havn't booked it yet, but been for my consultation. My husband just bought a motorbike, I have another $4000 to save which would only take me another 1-2 months, but my husband wants me to save double the cost of the BA so when I go and spend $11,990 we will still have $12,000 left in the bank. SO I should be able to book it around march/april next year (hopefully sooner but we will see how we go) Then going by his usual waiting list should be getting down around this time next year. Its a long long long wait but well worth it!
Hi! I read the comment you left me and decided to support you back on your journey:). I also have a daughter that I recently just had but I only breast fed for 2 weeks because I lost so much weight quickly. But I was a full c before and now I just have boob on the lower part of my breasts. The top is deflated but I can't wait for that to change! Congrats on going for it:). I know you're gonna have beautiful results!

Had my consult now saving!!

So, Its been awhile.. Life has been busy!
I have had my consultation awhile ago with Dr Daniel Fleming and I am more then happy to go through with my BA through him.
Talking I felt nervous (I can be shy) And we discussed sizes ect, And I know 100% that im getting furry Brazilian implants under the muscle.. Pretty sure im going for tear drop as I have a wide but shorter chest, and we decided on 375cc's BUT going under the muscle I think I might go to 400cc. Either way im saving alittle more money then going to have another consultation, take a few of my tops with me that I can try on with the implants in the bra to see what I think with them compared to the rest of me.
The implants cost $11,990 through him, but im positive it is well worth the money that's for sure! I will have enough in 1-2 months, but im saving up double the amount, so once I go spend all that money I should have plenty left in savings (don't like to leave myself broke incase life throws something at me)
Im more excited then ever! I wish I could go in tomorrow and get them done, I have waited so long to do this, and the more I think about it, the less nervous I am of getting an operation done. I will try and keep updating this :) Sorry if I forget!
I will add that being wide in the chest does eat up the ccs. me I know. My breast width was 13.9 and I got 450cc mod plus mentor. I wish I went bigger.depends what size you want. I also had massive gs when I was feeding. My maternity bra is still way loose when I try it on lol x
yeah my breast width is 15cm lol they get wider as they get bigger though. Thank you for that tip! I didn't think of that at all I will be putting that into perspective at my 2nd consult. Im going with tear drop implants, though they more look round and are only slightly teardrop because I can control the height and width, so I can have a wider but not as tall implant. which is what I need :)
Sounds good. Someone told me something that is easy to picture...imagine 2 plastic swimming pools. The wider they are the more water you need to put in them to fill up...very good imagine to think about with sizing lol !!!
Dr Daniel Fleming

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