I everyone. I'm 42 years old, 72kgs and 172cm tall...

I everyone. I'm 42 years old, 72kgs and 172cm tall (I think). I have been searching online but can't find many cases where people explanted and didn't replace, so I decided to put my story up. I had my silicone under the muscle, 350cc's done about 13 years ago now. My PS in Brisbane has insisted on a scan to make sure there is no rupture and no CC, but luckily everything looks fine. There is some natural droop and the PS has recommended a lift with the explant. He says I have enough of my own tissue to create a good result. I'm booked in for next week.

I'm not one of those people who believes my implants have made me sick, in fact I have enjoyed them for many years. When I got my implants I had breastfed two children and my boobs had shrunk to nothing, which was upsetting. But now 13 years have passed and I feel it's time for them to go while I am still 'young' enough for my skin to recover. Also I have put on about 10kgs since the original op, and my boobs just seem too big and attention-grabbing for my age. I find it difficult to wear elegant clothes and I feel like the boobs are just too big and silly-looking for me now. I wear a 38 DD minimiser, or thereabouts, depending on brand.

I have an awesome husband who supports my decision, although I think he also likes them big he understands my decision.

My other problem with them is that my left implant seems to be riding very high and with natural sag, I now have a sort of lump on my left side - it looks like I have a big pec muscle, but it's the implant stuck there! My own breast tissue is hanging down a bit, creating a 'bread loaf' effect...And they are also becoming slightly uneven, because the right one is creeping under my arm!

I know my boobs aren't too bad looking, actually I still quite like them but I think the time is right for the implants to go. My fear is that I have a bad result (and mess them up completely), especially because I like my nipples and they will obviously look different afterwards.

Wish me luck ladies! I'll put some photos up now.


Hi Hayley! Thanks for sharing and good luck on your big day! Looking forward to your updates!
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Hi HayleyH, Thanx for sharing yr story! I had implants the week before my little one was accidentally conceived, & now 2 yrs after, I have a drop..... I'm 40 years old & thinking about gng to get a lift (undecided about new & bigger implants, as I feel I'll lose size, once they go up) see my photos..... Personally looking at yr photos, I think you'll loose a lot of size & would go for a small implant......& how strange where yr other implant has gone up? Have you considered that? BTW I'm a Melbourne girl..... :o)
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Hey PorschaBaby thanks for the reply. I guess if your implants are only 2 years old you could re-use them after the lift & save some $$? I'm not sure about that. I did consider a small implant but I decided against it because a) I am just over big boobs and when I started asking about 200ccs the PS basically said that's a waste of time! b) I can always go back in a few months if I have made a mistake, but I hope not because of costs, and c) It just means in 15 years or so I am looking at another op when I am 57+ so I don't know... I think I will see how I feel with littlies. I think it's going to take a bit of mental adjustment because I'm so used to them and I wonder if my clothes will be too big...? I have never been very sporty but I used to like running at gym and I just stopped because they were too sore. I'm hoping to get a bit more active when I feel smaller. Watch this space! I'll go & take a look at your profile now :)

So many questions

Well I don't know if anyone is even reading this but I have so many questions/concerns. I'm just going to list them because I'm a bit OCD, lol.

- I hope my scarring isn't too bad! I wonder about the best creams/oils and silicone strips I've read about on here...? Any tips?
- What does a capsule look like and why would a PS leave it in? Is it difficult to remove?
- I wonder if I'm going to have big empty pockets that are noticeable on my neckline in t-shirts? I wonder if I will have wrinkles and an 'old lady' chest.
- I'm doing a course by correspondence and it's quite intense. I'll have to do about 5 hours a day of homework (every day) and I'm worried that my head will be too fuzzy and I'll fall behind.
-What do I say to my teenage son? It was one thing having them done when he was a toddler & he didn't know what was happening, 0_0 now I feel stupid.
- I haven't told my family except my husband, because I hate fuss. I wonder who will notice?

Ok that's all.


OMG don't lift your boobs, you don't need a lift.
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Thanks Jessica :) I know they aren't terrible, but I figure since I'm going under the knife and general anaesthetic I want to try for the best outcome. I have been thinking about it for months. I took a couple more photos this morning that look pretty droopy (I want good records).

Couple more photos

Today the girls look very droopy - haha good! At least I won't back out of my op scheduled for Tuesday!


Hi Hayley! I think you are doing the right thing. I would do exactly the same if I were you. As for scaring, that's a fear of mine but there are some great pics of girls on here whose scars are almost gone 1 month post-op. sure there are some scary ones but there are so many factors that go into it. Just take care of yourself and do what the PS tells you and you will be ok. We can't help nature so if something happens you will know its not your fault. As for telling your kids, I have young children and have only told them I'm having surgery. Teenagers would be harder for sure. I am def not in a position to give you advice on that....sorry. As far as wrinkles, your PS should be removing the excess skin and tightening with the lift sloth at should all be taken care of. If you have too deep of pockets PS should be tightening those back up too. You should have nice perky, tight boobies again! The course, hmmm, I think it depends on how you are feeling. My PS wants me on pain killers every 4hours the first 24 hours so I know I wouldn't be able to do a course until after that. It's all on how you feel. Your recovery is most important. Just keep reminding yourself of that. Best of luck to you on Tuesday! I'm one day behind you with my BL and BA! I'll be following your journey and am so excited to see your results! Xoxo
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Thank you very much jkd, I bet you are getting a little nervous now...;-)

It's tomorrow afternoon!

I wondered if anyone else can tell me if this is normal - I need to be at the clinic at 12 midday, to be operated on at 1pm. They reckon I will be sent home by 5pm. It sounds so quick! Is that what happens in other countries?
I also cannot eat after 7am, but I can have water or black tea until 9.30am.
I tend to get very nauseous with anaesthetic, so I'm definitely not going to eat anything - also I'll be asking for anti-nausea meds.
I thought it was probably the right thing to do, so I told my brother that I am getting my implants out tomorrow and he said I should rather go with smaller ones than nothing!! I said NO! They are gone, thanks! Fun times.

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Nervous anticipation

I've done all my paperwork, filled the fridge with food, washed all the washing ironed (only my share, haha) and put clean linen on the bed, had my hair coloured, cut & blow dried today - what's next?

It reminds me of the night before I gave birth to my daughter, I went out in the yard and washed my husband's car inside & out at 9pm. Nesting, or something??


Good luck HayleyH Im had my implants 2009 bt wants to get rid of them. I've been looking for a Doctor that can perform a lift without the vertical scar & im struggling to find one here in SA, will keep looking though because i cannot live with that scar bt want the lift even if its a mini-lift its fine.
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Your big days tomorrow woohoo good luck
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Good luck with your surgery! I'm sure everything will go great!! Will be thinking about you :)
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24 hours after op

Hi ladies - I'm a bit tired to post a full review but uploading a couple of pics now. Waking up from the op was horrible, but I had no nausea. Just a very heavy feeling on my chest! My hubby had been fantastic :) :) :) doing everything for me. I didn't sleep much but not due to discomfort, I just wasn't tired! At the moment not too sore & I did have a careful hip bath earlier. Chat more later. Thinking of the ladies going in today (((hugs)))


So happy for you! Xoxo
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Congrats Hayley! :)
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So I had my post op

I was so happy to get the yucky bandage off! 3,5 days in this Brisbane heat was enough for me. Also I had accidentally got things a bit wet in the bath and it was all sticky. Anyway! I saw my boobs and they look good! I don't know what I was expecting but they seem cute, perky and best of all even! It will be a few weeks until side swelling goes down and my nipples look 100% right, but so far I like! The nurse didn't clean any of the sticky off my back or sides, or the marker, so my husband did it when I got home. They also told me to buy some surgical tape stuff (they don't use steri-strips!) and gave me a size L little tank top to wear (that I was billed $40 for) hmmm. Now I still don't know what size I am...they say I can wear anything as long as there's no underwire (!)The nurse asked me what size implant I got. Sigh. I told her again. No implants in there ;)' I asked about vitamins & oils and she said we would discuss at 6 weeks...am not so sure I want to wait that long.


Haha they are definitely still Frankenboobs but I already like the feeling in my cute little crop top thingy. I may never need a real bra again! ;) thanks for the encouraging words ladies! Good luck on your respective journeys too. It's nice to be able to share in private!
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You look really good! Looks very full w/o implants...you lucky gal!
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Bruising day 5


Your results are great!
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Thank you! Nobody is really noticing my boobs are smaller, haha

Freaking out slightly

Ok so today we took off my dressings and cleaned everything with a little Dettol in boiled water (didn't get any instructions on this so I guessed). I took some photos but of course I'm a bit worried because they look ugly ugly ugly with the cuts!! I hope like hell this heals ok. To give my DH credit, he didn't even flinch, he just says they will be fine in about 6 months! I hope so :(

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Photos - not for the squeamish :D

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More photos


PS... Are you sure your doc took your implants out?! Lol!

Are those pie-crust scars?

Anyone? They look awful but I have seen too many success stories to panic after 9 days. Time will tell. For now I have a great profile in clothes, minimal pain, no more bruising and I can even sleep on my side. Not much tiredness any more either. I know they are 'boxy' but I always had breasts pointing East & West anyway, to my irritation. The PS explained that the boxiness corrects over time, so that doesn't worry me much. My husband did say 'Wow dis he have to make such long cuts underneath!?' Hmmmmm


I wouldn't worry with the length of the cuts. Check the photos I've posted as well - mine run rather long along the chest, too. As I had rather big asymmetry on my right breast - it was a lot larger/heavier to begin with, I have the horizontal cut at least 3-4 cm longer. That's because it all needs to be balanced as much as possible, in the end. :)
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I've seen others with the pie crust scars and they look great now...
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So do you think that's what they are?

Tried on an 'old' bra

This is a 36E I bought just a couple of months back (waste of $$). It's not as loose as I'd hoped, but does give me an indication of the volume I've lost :D :D :D


You can try to exchange the 36E for store credit...I just did that at Victoria's Secret...3 old bras 34DD for 3 new bras...34C-34D. I think VS is trying to make women feel bigger...my breasts are perfect size, and what in the 80s would have been called a B
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Aww it's ok I already wore it a couple of times ;)'

2 week photos

Actually it's day 17 but I'll call it 2 weeks, because I was told to change dressings every Friday. I think they look a little better. My husband says I still have some yellow bruising under/around the right side. All in all I feel good, just that it's only really comfortable to sleep on my back. I hope & believe I'll see a big improvement in the scars over time. Still no creams or massage, only dettol wash & sticky gauze happening. No more painkillers necessary. I love that I'm smaller! :-)


Hi Hayley! Your pre op boobs looked so much like mine with the lump on top. It felt like my boobs had fallen off their implants whereas in reality I think the capsular contracture moves the implant(s) up and age and gravity pulls our real breast tissue down. Your boobs look great, you were fortunate to have enough volume of your own. Scars: coconut oil after 6 weeks. It's natural, no chemicals and it is great for scar tissue. ( have a look at my pics, you will see ) I'm in SA also had an explant and a lift and I was given micro pore tape to use which you replace maybe once a week. Good luck, hope your healing continues to be worry free.
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Your new shape looks great!! I have been using "Scar Away" strips and my scars are healing so well that some are already nearly invisible after just 6 weeks!! You might want to try it. My natural volume after the explant is about a full C which my husband says looks perfect on me! So glad you also have a supportive husband who really loves the natural you! I too was worried about what others would think, since many didn't know I had implants. But since I am working hard to lose weight at the same time, either they think it is from my weight loss or they are too polite to say anything. ;) Either way, I am happy with my results and sounds like you are too!
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Thanks Susie I plan on using a scar treatment after my 6 week consult, which is what the doctor said... I am in Australia so I'll need to see what equivalent we have available here. I forgot to take my 3 week pics so I'll just do it at 1 month, but they do look a bit better every week.

One month photos

Well - scars around the nipples aren't looking too bad but the others....hmmm very angry-looking still. I don't know if it's the camera angle but I hope they drop because I have a lot of side boob!


By the way, don't be too concerned about the puckering of the downward scar. I had the same and it smoothes out. It is stitched like that on purpose to prevent you getting a wide scar down the road
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Looking good Hailey! The side boob bit will diminish in time.
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I hope so Pink! Thanks for that :)

6 week photos

Well I have started using the Kel-cote silicone scar gel, I read good things about it so I hope it will work. Thought I'd upload some 6 week pics. I don't know what the pink mark is (next to nipple) and I forgot to ask. Looks like a stich but in a random place.


sorry ,my surgery was on september 20th
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HI HayleyH.I had the same procedure-Explant with Lift and No Replacement on October 20th & it was my 2nd lift.1st lift was with augmentation in 1999(275 saline under muscles), My PS tried to talk me into getting new implants but i am done with them-I am 48 now and have a lot of my own tissue like you do.Still recovering:After cleaning pockets PS put my own tissue under muscles -used my tissue instead of implants (do not know why?)I still can not sleep on my sides and didn't bother to try on my stomach.I am going to post pictures later .I am not to happy with results nether .They look kind of wide...& i don't think i'll able to fit them in an underwire bra ....I was 34DDD before-now not full 36C and pressure of wires on sides are to painful .
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Hayley....your breast shape is so nice and they definitely look like they are settling more. At 6 weeks do you have any lingering pain or soreness? I'm one month and feeling pretty good, but still internally sore in spots - especially my left breast that I had muscle repair done and contracture. My right nipple is hypersensitive and my bottom incisions still hurt a little if I touch them. I'm hoping that another couple of weeks I will be feeling 100% or close to it.
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3 month pics

I'm happy with my shape, scars are still looking red!


Your shape is amazing! Would love to hear an update! How are your scars? I've heard they can be really red around the three month mark.
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You really look amazing!
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Aww thanks! I need to diet a bit now & get the butt down to match!

10 month update

Hi ladies

Just wanted to post some update photos. The scars are still really not great, but I really love my shape. I haven't really bothered with creams or silicone since month 2, but I might soon.

Good luck everyone still in the process :)


You look amazing. Hope you are enjoying your great breasts. Thank you for posting the updated pics. It's good to see the results lasted so well.
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Thanks. I must say I had hoped for better healing of my scars! It is almost a year now. I wanted to put the pics up so people know what they're signing up for ;)
Brisbane Plastic Surgeon

5 days before - Dr Cheng has been careful so far and he comes highly recommended in Brisbane. He insisted on an ultrasound and two appointments before he agreed to my operation. He took his time during the appointments but so far I haven't had any other contact from his office (besides an automated text) so I would have liked a bit more communication, but I will update this after the operation has been completed. 1 day before - I must mention that my costs include the day surgery and the anaesthetist's fees. Medicare covers the explant and that portion of the time devoted to the explant - the $10k is my (out of pocket) share for the cosmetic maxopexy and all the above charges.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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