I'd never been overly unhappy with my breasts, but...

I'd never been overly unhappy with my breasts, but over the past 5 years they've gone through a few changes with pregnancy, and then breast feeding for almost 14months. They've become quite deflated, and existing asymmetry from my 'slight-scoliosis' got a little worse. .my chest wall is a bit messed up, and my left breast is around a cup size smaller than my right.
Anyway, I'd been thinking about a BA for a few years, but decided to wait in case we had another child - but we are so blessed with our little family the way it is now anyway :-)
I decided it was time to start looking a bit more seriously, and short-listed some Plastic surgeons in the Brisbane area - all who have received good reviews.
I made an appointment for a consultation with Dr. David Chin, and attended it on the 23rd July - he asked me some questions, examined my breasts and chest wall, took some pics, and let me ask him the huge list of questions I brought with me :-) He then walked with me to his nurse, Keren's, room and we tried on some sizers - and decided on 300cc (left) and 340cc(right) . . Dr Chin advised around 300cc (silicone, high profile) would be the best size for my frame. I'm 165cm, 60kgs.
Dr Chin came back and had a quick look, and said he would try some sizers during surgery to make sure the asymmetry is corrected the best he can - the issue being the weird shape of my chest wall would require them to be sized during surgery to best determine the size for my wonky lefty.
I'm currently a VERY deflated 12D, they don't fill out the cups - the cups are just wide enough to accommodate for the width of my breasts - but projection and fullness is more like an A and B. . The sizes we tried should bring the fullness out to a real D!
We talked about the incision, which will be transaxillary (under the arm), and they will be placed under the muscle.
After meeting Dr Chin and Keren I felt like they were 'the ones', Dr Chin is professional and honest, and I couldn't help but give Keren a big hug before I left - she is so nice, and made me feel so safe and comfortable.
After receiving my estimate for cost, talking it over again with dh, and having a chat with my mum about it I decided to book in for surgery. Mid October is the earliest time that's convenient for us - and they had a surgery day available on the 14th - perfect!
I'm excited, and a little nervous at times. I'm looking forward to the end result - but not so much the recovery period. . .I think it will be worth it though!

Hi, congratulations on your decision. I've read many reviews and wanted you to know that you are extremely fortunate to feel so confident and comfortable with your surgeon. Many go on several consults to find one they feel comfortable with. You're Doctor sound very attentive and caring , that also is not always the case , so be glad you found a good surgeon ! Most of the success of the surgery is based on a good surgeon. I'm glad he took extra time with you ! Sound like you'll be in good hands. Wish you the best, I'll check your updates later
Hi, Thanks for your comment - and encouraging words :-) The only thing I'm a little worried about is if they will be big enough - I certainly don't want to go too big, but after reading so many stories about how ladies wished they went bigger I'm starting to second guess my own sizing. . .My PS thinks the size is right for me though, I might just have to get some reassurance next time I talk to them.
since you mentioned it, 400cc wouldn't be much bigger, maybee he can do that in one and whatever you need to even it out in the other one. To tell you the truth it's not that big, I'm sure he'd give you a little more. I got 400cc the first time , it's been awhile and I'm looking to get a revision but I would call that size a medium, it'll give you a C size.

Wish pic and sizing up.

After looking at lots of different pics, with cc's and girls with similar stats, I began wondering if 340cc is maybe a little less than I was hoping for. . So I contacted Keren yesterday, and even though she had been doing a procedure in the late afternoon, and I said it wasn't urgent, she called me back . . (I have to say at this point how impressed I keep feeling with Keren- even though it was outside business hours she listened attentively to my concerns, and took the time to chat with me without rushing me through). . I asked some questions about after care - and then asked about sizes, and she was more than happy to accommodate for the 'look' I wanted to go for. .which I don't feel is too far out from what they suggested anyway. I sent a pic via text, and Keren suggested moving up to maybe 360, but said they will bring sizers into the surgery to help achieve the volume I hope for. .
I felt bad it was outside office hours, but true to her caring personality, she let me know she was 'available any time'. . This is reassuring to me - I feel that after surgery they will provide good support :-)
The pic I'm posting is my dream boobies. . I don't feel over-ambitious with the size etc. . But unfortunately there were no details about this ladies stats. Before or after.. .so kind of winging it :-)
I'm so excited for your upcoming surgery! From what I have read and seen, 250-370cc is a conservative size, that still gives you plenty of volume and curves without the playboy look. Not that the playboy look is not sexy! Cause it is! But 360cc will give you lots of volume, plus you still have a lot of breast tissue left! You are going to look amazing! Can't wait to see your results! Good luck!
Hi! I just responded on your thread, giving my stats haha. . Now you know twice :-p Thank you so much. . I am driving myself (and husband) crazy with boobs. . Yeah - I agree; the 'playboy' look suits a certain kind of lifestyle too, I think it would be really hard for me to pull off - school drop off might be awkward with the conservative parents at our little one's school, yoga could be a bit hard -boobs all in the way, and sometimes sleeping on my tummy is the only way I can get to sleep. . .having said that, 10 years ago might have been a very different story. Haha. . Or who knows, maybe 10 years from now? Keren (The nurse) mentioned how everything stretches and often women either get a lift, or go a bit bigger when it comes time to work on them again. .BUT one (or two) boobies at a time, I suppose. How was shopping?
So thinking of you I went shopping!! Hahaha ok didn't buy anything but I just tried on... Our stats are around the same. You are one inch taller though. So I got the 350cc HP silicone gel by mentor. And I was a 32A. So I tried VS bras and the 32DD fit really nice. I had some roundness on the top too. My phone had died so I couldn't take pics, but I'm planning on going again and I'll take some shots. So... If you want a D, maybe go with a 350cc?? I think you would look great with 400cc even

change of surgery date, but not original size.

So I've brought my surgery date back to the 30th of September, I think that 2 weeks will save me a lot of crazy! I'm already going boob-loopy!! Second guessing sizes etc. But have decided to go with the original size - the PS really feels that any bigger is not suited to my frame. . But IF I really wanted to go bigger he was happy to talk about it. I decided to just stick with the original size, 340cc and 300 - I thought they were perfect when i tried out the sizers, already get slight back pain sometimes, and I don't want the complications and skin stretch that can sometimes happen with the bigger ones. . I need to stop second guessing my choice, and go back to being excited :-)
Hi , yeah ! You decided on size ! That's half the battle ! Lol So now you have to stick with your decision. Wishing you the best ! I'm glad you gave yourself more time and moved the surgery date . Happy Boobies !
Thank you. Yes, the main things which helped me make my decision were less complications, and that I would be able to fit comfortably into the right sized clothes :-) I actually gave myself less time- I moved it closer by 2 weeks! Happy boobies!!!
Hi, what's your chest width?


Poor little asymmetrical pre-op boobies.
How exciting! I have to wait til November and if I wasn't travelling for them I'd want to push it forward too. I have the same issues with size... The one and only time I got professionally fitted the lade sniffed at me and said "Wide enough for a D, barely enough to fit an A..." Mortifying at the time but have to laugh now. I understand the tossing up about the sizes though... It's so hard to know! It sounds like you're making the right choice though... Good luck! x
It will be so good not to have to be constantly adjusting clothing and bras. . And one of the factors which is helping me feel a lot more secure with size is this - I'm looking forward to fitting comfortable into clothes at last! Hurry up November!! Are you in Australia?
*I just saw your review - where is Australia are you?

almost 6 weeks pre-op. .

With just over 6 weeks to go I decided to start organizing some help for recovery, someone to help with my pre-school aged child, cooking and cleaning etc. My husband will be home for the first two days to help - but his job is extremely demanding, and his holidays and weekends are not really ever breaks from work (long story short - will need extra help). I initially contacted my MIL, because my dh prefers her washing and ironing his clothes - and said he feels bad putting that on my mum, so after calling and telling her about the procedure (much to my embarrassment) she actually won't be able to come help as she had already committed to minding my sister in-law's kids for a night during the recovery (she lives 3.5 hours away). So I called my ever reliable mum - who lives 8 hours away - and of course she agreed to come stay with us, no problem, until I can at least drive again. . (Yay! I love my mum, I love her cooking, I love her understanding, and I know she will help me wash my hair if I don't feel like going to the hairdresser's to have it done). . So problem solved in that regard, but now I keep thinking I should have just asked my mum first, I told her about the surgery the day I went for my initial consultation - and she is so understanding and supportive. . On the other hand, even though DH's mum sounded understanding and supportive to an extent, I cannot help but think about her talking to other's in DH's family about it. . .urgh - especially his cousins - those women are the gossipy type, and are very clicky. . It probably shouldn't bother me as much as it does, like most women, I've dealt with my fair share of the b*tchy kind, but for some reason I really regret asking the MIL at all - I feel like she probably would never have known if I didn't- because the size I'm getting is conservative enough to be questionable, at the most. . .I told DH how I felt about it last night, and he said "You already know she'll talk to them about it,". . Double urgh!!! Oh well - I guess it's done now, and I'll just have to deal with it. . Sorry if this isn't very reviewy, but I guess there will be people feeling the same way at some stage throughout their own BA journey.

. . .

I should probably mention that the MIL asked me 'So what does [DH] think about it?' I mean really. . .what does she think he would think about it!?!?! . . I just said 'well, he's supportive. . And I don't think he'll be complaining much when they're there!', I'm certain that last little bit was enough to get her off the subject. . But still. . .maybe I am just reading way too much into it. Maybe I'm being b*tchy myself. . Idk. . I don't really even know why it bothers me so much at all. . .but I'm sure I'll get over it.
Hi... I just had my surgery July 7.. I can totally relate! I am 44 years old, six feet tall and a size four. No kids. I had 24 year old silicone implants that were size perky b+ in front of muscle. My insicion was under my armpit (auxillary) so there were no visible scars! i highly recommend this, not the nipple!!! Gravity takes toll over years. But I fell last year running down camelback mountain and ruptured my left one. A regular mammogram emptied all the silicone out. Nightmare! Besides, they were so far apart, you could give me a high five between them. I knew I was having corrective surgery to clean it all up take out the old ones, seal the front pocket, and go behind the muscle with my new surgery. I was going to bump up a size at least to full c. Everyone said go "D"... What!?! I didn't want to look like hoochiemomma tits on a stick. I'm a petite frame. I thought d would be to big. I tried on the sizes. Chose to do wider implants, high profile. I had practically no real breast tissue. My implant size is a 492 cc. The swelling has gone down and they settled. Can't believe they are perfect for my body. I'm active and workout, etc. yes... Long term. I showed my dr. Bikini and swimsuit model pics of the ones I like their look. A pictur or pictures you can show your surgeon speaks volumes. Pick ones that have your body type!!! I'm really happy!!! Good luck to you!!!:))
hoochiemomma tits on a stick made me laugh so much! 24 year old implants - that is reassuring, and so is the armpit incision working so well! but not good you fell and ruptured one :-( I hope you weren't too badly injured otherwise :-/ I'm with you on size, I just want to fill out what I lost with breastfeeding and pregnancy, still fit into my pretty clothes (replacing my whole wardrobe to fit mega-hoohoos will cost me more than my new boobies), and have enough to make me feel womanly and confident :-)

Size . . always the lingering question.

Oh dear - the size monster is about again. . Questioning if I should just go for the extra 20cc & 30cc, it's not much. . But if it's true that we do actually 'lose size' going under the muscle it will make up for that 10% loss. .if not it's still not significant enough to turn me into a pair of walking boobs. I spoke to Keren (again - She is the most patient woman I know!) And I've made an apt. To go try on sizers again on August 28th. I think this will help me feel 100% confident in my decision, and then I can spend the next month concentrating on preparing for recovery :-)
gonna be with you throughout your BA journey! keep us posted!
Thankyou. Xoxo.
when is your BA scheduled? do keep us posted!

all done

So I had my surgery yesterday, and it went well.
The anaesthesia did muck me around a little - I found it hard to come off of it for a few hours, and the nurses said I kept trying to roll around in recovery :-/
I got to come home after, and just slept most of the day.
I have drains in, and I'll be getting them out tomorrow.
I ended up having the 345 and 395cc extra high profile silicone smooth rounds. I can't see much yet - but they look pretty good from the top :-)
Oh that's so exciting! Glad it's all done and you can just get on with the recovery stage. Hope that the in laws keep their mouths shut while you're still healing, you don't need any drama or negativity. Glad you're already happy from what you can see!
Hi Le, thankyou. Hubby has been good with letting them know they need to back up a bit - so am feeling more positive about that aspect :-) thanks heaps for your support. Xo
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