19yr Old, Had Tuberous Breast Pre Op Size 14AA, Post Op Unknown - Brisbane, AU

I have never been a person who wanted plastic...

I have never been a person who wanted plastic surgery just wasn't my thing but I have had a lot of health problems in the last 4 years and thought that is the reason why I didn't develop, wasn't till a ex of mine compared my boobs to a 12 year old, I then knew I had to do something about it.
I was already looking at getting a BA but thought maybe in a couple more years. I did a lot of research with surgeons and decided to have a consult with Dr Phill Richardson, I found out I had tuberous breast and that is part of reason I never developed.
After the consult I did some thinking and realised I needed to do this for myself as I have never had any self confidence and the time was right.
I booked in the date of the surgery and then had my 2nd consultation.. I was worried I would go to big all I wanted was to be in proportion to the rest of my body. They showed me what each implant would look like with 3D imaging and I chose 400cc silicon both sides.
2 weeks before my surgery I went back as I was worried I was going to big but once I put the implants on I knew they were right.
On the 14th of May I had my surgery at North lakes day hospital, have never met such nice staff. I wasn't nervous I was just excited.
I woke up 3 hours later with some boobs!! Yay :)

Post op day 5

It's already been 5 days since the surgery I can't believe it!!
The last two days I haven't felt myself been feeling a bit low but I have read that can happen. Feeling much better this morning just the thought I have finished all the drugs makes me happy. I got sick from the pain medication so I stopped that on day 2.
Once I got over the fact I finally got some boobs, I have been worried about the shape, they seem to look flat from the front especially in the sports bra. I'm trying not to worry over it untill I go back and see my doctor on wednesday.

Post op day 5

Pressed the wrong button meant go add this photo too.


It's officially one week post op and what a week it has been!
From waking up happy I am not flat chested, to having to stop the pain meds on day 2 as they were making me so sick. Then thinking there were to wide and not perky enough, worried I picked the wrong size to now where I couldn't be happier!
I saw my surgeon today ,1st time since the surgery and finally saw how he reconstruct my nipples ( something I have being stressing about not knowing what a normal nipple should look like)
It looks amazing! He did such a great job!!
He also told me I didn't get 400cc put in as he wasn't happy with the size with the width of my back so he put in 450cc, which I am glad he did now they are in :)
I know I am still extremely swollen but I am already so happy with how they look can not wait for the next couple of months to see what happens.

Not happy with the shape

So it's nearly 3 weeks since I had my op.
I'm really worried they are to far apart, it doesn't look like I have any boobs when I put a bikini on, I know everyone says it takes months to take shape but I don't see how it will change. Feeling pretty crap about it all at the moment :(

Laying on your stomach

I'm about to go away for 4 days to a spa resort with a friend wondering if I can lie on my stomach for a massage it's been a month since my op.
When did everyone start lying on their stomachs?

Just over 4 weeks and finally getting a bit happier with my result

It's been what feels like a long time but I think they are finally getting some shape, well hopefully!
Had a great week away with my best friend, am we had a spa in our room and for the 1st time I put on a bikini and actually wore it around someone, have so much ore confidence even though I wish they were a little bigger and more defined.
But slowly getting happier :)

8 weeks post op.

I saw my surgeon today as it has been 8 weeks post op, was suppose to see him at 6 but I have been sick.
I went shopping last week and bought 4 bras it was very exciting to be able to pick anything I wanted and not just go to the push up area and see if there's enough stuffing in it.
I got fitted at Myers and Bras and things, they were both different.. 14C and 14D, I am wondering if it's just the different brands. But can't wait to get more!
I am so happy... Even though my doctor won't let me wear them for 3 more weeks becuase I'm still swollen I took a couple of photos in them :p
I now get to take my tape of the insicion and start massaging them so they can drop more.
I can't believe how fast the time has gone and can't wait to see the end result!!
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I think they look fantastic, girl! You should be SO proud of those babies. From what I can tell from your photos they look very natural and not so big that they'll be in your way when you are active (jogging, swimming, etc...) :) I also had "tube-boob" and had a nipple lift and 450cc's put in three days ago. (I started as a 34A aiming for a full 34C or D) I'm swollen like crazy all over, but I think once the swelling goes down I'll be very happy with them. Hopefully they'll end up looking as nice as yours! Keep your head up!
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Hey girl...how are you doing? I think its fine to lie on your belly now if it feels ok. It took me a while and it did feel a bit weird the first time I had a massage. I think I just said shorter on the back massage while I could deal with it...then after a while I just told her I wanted to turn over on my back. They can then spend time on legs feet arms and neck too :) . How are boobs looking...have they fluffed anymore for you? Hugs Shelly xoxo
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Tell me about it!! I feel exactly the same way in a string bikini. I hate the look on me so much I I'm embarrassed to wear one.. boobs feel too small and out the side. I feel much better if I wear an underwire bikini which pushes them together. . If you take a look at my profile. ..see how flat I look in a string bikini compared with my other bathers pics. Sunburn does some good bra top bikinis..you could try an outlet store as there is a good one at harbour town on the coast. I like the seafolly underwire and also 2 chillies brands. Check them out. I felt so bummed out in a bikini too especially after seeing amazing pics of other girls on realself . Phil promised me my boobs would be close together but they're not as close as alot of BAs in the states. I feel like my gap us really wide and he tells me he can't do anything about it now... yeh right!!
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Thanks for commenting lovely, I think yours look great and love the size! I understand what your saying about the width but yours are still defined.. Mine aren't, not sure if it's cause I will have a little swelling in the middle :/ Think I am just struggling this week with other problems then bought my 1st bikini set and didn't feel that great, but it's only for the spa with my friend.. No where near having a bikini beach body yet, so maybe by summer they will look better :/
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Absolutely! Have you tried on any bras yet...do you know what size you are? Sometimes that pics up your mood...and definitely try on a seafolly underwire bra...its amazing the difference xoxo. Big hugs Shelly xoxo
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Hey...cool you got the 450cc too!!! Thats what I have :)
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Actually I just remembered that you have areola incisions. ..I only had under breast. ..so probably best if you call because it could be different?
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Thanks lovely, I'll call tomorrow. Yes I am so happy about that. Haha before I got them I was worried 400 would be to big! Think because I had no idea what it was like to have anything.
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Just give it some time honey. They change so much in the first few weeks. Take a look at my pics and you will see. I did 425 unders high profile. My surgery was may 9th. This post Saturday at VS I measured 34 D. Before BA I was a 36 barely there A. Hang in there.
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Thanks lovely, I didn't realise it took so long for the shape.. Just thought you were swollen for a couple weeks that's it. Also thanks for looking at my profile, not sure if it was worth posting anything.
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Hi girl and congrats about your surgery!! Hope you are feeling better everyday. I also had my BA with same dr. I got 450cc mentor mod plus. What type did you get? I'm happy with my boobs but not the size.. I think that Phil is very conservative and I didn't get the look I wanted. Lucky you had vectra but I didn't have that last year. My boobs cost me 11k. . Did yours only cost 7k...I'm very interested. Let me know. Hopefully you will be happy with the size. .it often takes a while for the muscles to relax. Hugs Shelly xoxo
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Morning, thank you! I got the same, mentor mod plus. I actually wasn't sure why it was so cheap I was expecting about 11-12 grand but I think because I got a lift and they start from $7000 so I think they put it under that then added the augmentation. Wasn't sure if anyone would look at my post so thank you :)
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Hopefully you will get more posts soon! :). That makes sense for the 7k as they probably put some.of the costs off medicare due to your tuberous breast lift which may have been partially subsidized. ..lucky for you :). Look after yourself hugs Shelly xoxo
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Hey shelly, I had my 1 week visit with Dr Richardson yesterday, and I now have tape on and I just have to keep changing it. I didn't ask when should I change it and for now long should I have it on. Do you know at all? If not I'll call him tomorrow :) Thanks lovely xx
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I used to keep it on for a few days... until it got a bit yucky or too wet and started coming off then I'd change it. You can always call Carley his nurse if you want. The tape is good...helps flatten out the scar and also I used silicone gel after a few weeks...called dermatix I think. Its not cheap..$ 50 bucks a tube but great results. Xoxo how you doing today?
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Sorry didn't see this, just replied to u about the tape. And yes I have seen the gel, so I'll call her tomorrow and ask about both. She is lovely, they all are I have found :) Today I have done really well, have been going out last two days and not as sore as after I went out Monday. Actually can't believe how much things have changed this week, the shape and just pain level :) Thanks for checking up on me!
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