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I have wanted a brace for years with my teeth...

I have wanted a brace for years with my teeth slowly getting more and more crowded. As it was only minor alterations required I decided to go for simpli5 which is for top and bottom but just 5 moulds for each. I figured if at the end I still didn't have my desired results, I could go for another 5 and it would still cost the same as the full invisalin so I can't lose out really.

Had the first mould put in just over 48h ago. I have been in severe pain with them but can finally start to feel the pain easing off. The back edges have cased lesions at the top and bottom so again, in a lot of pain but rinsing my mouth with salt water regularly and persevering.

Unable to take in and out to eat as too painful so on liquids only... fingers crossed I will go onto solids tomorrow. just taking in and out to brush teeth quickly morning and night.

Better be worth the pain!

I just called to speak with someone regarding the Simpl-5 device. I was prescribed this by my dentist back in July. In a matter of weeks, I had a toxic reaction. I was told that this is impossible, therefore, I spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours going to various specialists to find out what was wrong with me. After 3 months, my mouth felt better and I decided to try Simpli-5 once again. MISTAKE, Iam back to square one and my mouth is on fire and I cannot eat or sleep, as I am in constant paind. SO, I decided to call the lab and I was told, that the only one they will speak to is my dentist!. This is outrageous! I am now going to take this to the next level!
I am going for a consultation next Thursday and am quite excited about it. I only have minor corrections but never had braces as a child. Does it affect your speech to start with? How long does it take to receive ur braces? And does everyone think it is definatly worth the money? My choice is between the simpli5, inman brace and invisilign ones, the inman ones look awful and really affects ur speech so fingers crossed I can go for one if the others. Can people tell if u have them in because I'm not telling anyone not even my boyfriend.

It sounds like you have a lot of questions, so I'm glad you are on here doing your research before you decide which kind to go with.

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