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I have wanted a brace for years with my teeth...

I have wanted a brace for years with my teeth slowly getting more and more crowded. As it was only minor alterations required I decided to go for simpli5 which is for top and bottom but just 5 moulds for each. I figured if at the end I still didn't have my desired results, I could go for another 5 and it would still cost the same as the full invisalin so I can't lose out really.

Had the first mould put in just over 48h ago. I have been in severe pain with them but can finally start to feel the pain easing off. The back edges have cased lesions at the top and bottom so again, in a lot of pain but rinsing my mouth with salt water regularly and persevering.

Unable to take in and out to eat as too painful so on liquids only... fingers crossed I will go onto solids tomorrow. just taking in and out to brush teeth quickly morning and night.

Better be worth the pain!

London Cosmetic Dentist

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I just called to speak with someone regarding the Simpl-5 device. I was prescribed this by my dentist back in July. In a matter of weeks, I had a toxic reaction. I was told that this is impossible, therefore, I spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours going to various specialists to find out what was wrong with me. After 3 months, my mouth felt better and I decided to try Simpli-5 once again. MISTAKE, Iam back to square one and my mouth is on fire and I cannot eat or sleep, as I am in constant paind. SO, I decided to call the lab and I was told, that the only one they will speak to is my dentist!. This is outrageous! I am now going to take this to the next level!
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I am going for a consultation next Thursday and am quite excited about it. I only have minor corrections but never had braces as a child. Does it affect your speech to start with? How long does it take to receive ur braces? And does everyone think it is definatly worth the money? My choice is between the simpli5, inman brace and invisilign ones, the inman ones look awful and really affects ur speech so fingers crossed I can go for one if the others. Can people tell if u have them in because I'm not telling anyone not even my boyfriend.
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It sounds like you have a lot of questions, so I'm glad you are on here doing your research before you decide which kind to go with.

Here is some info you might find helpful:

Invisalign lisp - Will invisaline give me a lisp or affect my speech?

Cheaper Alternatives to Invisalign?

Invisalign vs Braces

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Hi all,

I thought I would give a little update now that I'm on my last set of moulds!

I only experienced pain with the first two sets - I guess that is when most of the movement occurs and when your mouth gets used to your teeth moving.

I did however learn a lesson after set 1 which cut my mouth quite badly… Sometimes the moulds are made too long, and if you try them in your mouth when you get them fitted, and you feel any tiny bit of an ‘edge’ anywhere, then get your dentist to file them then and there.
This has worked wonders for me and I’ve had absolutely no problems since then.

As for taking them out for full weekends at a time, I have to say that for each set of moulds that I’ve had I have left them out for at least one weekend and not had any issues getting them back in. Although you do feel your teeth move slightly, back to where they had been in the previous set, after 24 hours or so. This makes the mould feel tighter when you wear them again but it doesn’t last long.
I guess this would change from person to person though.

Overall I am happy with the change that this has made. Being very picky I would probably want one tooth (the one that prompted me to get this in the first place) to be a teeny bit straighter. But this is a vast improvement to what it was and I won’t be wasting money on another 5 sets to move one tooth (when it’s probably only me that notices it anyways).

I hope everyone else finds this helpful!
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Do you have before and after pictures? I just got my Simpli5 two days ago and there is NO information online about their results. Your situation sounds similar to mine and it makes me curious because have a one tooth that is far worse than the others and its the whole reason I paid for these. I don't want to get my hopes up about the final result.
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Hello Rita,

In my oppinion you can leave them out for special events, you are setting yourself back a little in theory but once your at the end of wearing that set of aliners, most of the movement has already occured so just make sure you wear it as much as possible e.g at night and whenever possible in the day.
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Hi all,

I wondered how everyone is getting with their treatment?

I also wondered what people have done if you've had nights/weekends away? As obviously you can't eat or drink with them in...

I have a hen weekend away, at the end of week 4 of my 1st set of moulds, and wondered if it would be ok if I just wore them in the mornings, and while I was sleeping for that weekend?
Does anyone know if that would make a huge difference? (Seeing as I'd have had them in for 2 days short of my 4 week period).

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

With regards to the pain, I am only on day 3 of mine.. and do have quite a bit of discomfort and pain too. So much so that I had to go back to my dentist to get the edges filed, and it made such a big difference. Just waiting on my mouth to heal abit now. :)
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Hi, just stumbled across this forum while looking for reviews on Simpli5. I've booked a consultation in Kingston as I couldn't find anywhere locally that offered the treatment but I live near Brighton and this would be a lot easier to travel to, which dentist did you use if you don't mind me asking?

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Just under the review, but before the comments Amy noted she went to Shoreham smile studio. You can probably find the with a Google search.

You can also click on the Find a Doctor tab at the top of the page to see a list of doctors in your area that are active on RealSelf. If you click through to their profile you will be able to read reviews of them & see their answers in the Q&A section, so that can help you decide if they are someone you would like to consider for your treatment.

Hope that is helpful! :)

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Thank you for your message and I am glad you are getting along well with yours. I had to go back to the destist after about 2 weeks as I was still in pain and my gums continually being cut. Turns out 3 out fo the 4 ends needed filing down to be a little shorter. Since that has been done I am getting along great although getting mould changed tomorrow so ready for the paina agin, lets hope it wont be as bed this time around. Good luck with the rest of your treatment, Amy
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Hi, I'm now on to my 3rd top mould and my 1st bottom one (delay with delivery of bottom one). I didn't experience any pain until my 3rd one, which lasted only a couple of days and didn't stop me eating. The hardest thing for me was to stop myself being self conscious about my speech, which goes back to more or less normal after a couple of days, so persevere! Results so far have been good for me, the gap between my front two teeth is closing over, although not yet completely and my top teeth are more in line with each other. Good to hear from someone else who's using Simpli5, there doesn't appear to be many of us about! Hope all goes well for you.
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Hey Megan,

Thank you! Moved onto bread last night which was wonderful after soup, smoothies and yogurt only :) Day 3 now and the pain is getting more and more bearable. The majority of discomfort is from where the braces have cut my gums at the back but I have just discovered dental wax which is helping, if I only I knew that from the start :) any more words of wisdom?

Thanks again though, have you worn a brace in the past or are you just knowledgeable on the subject?
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I guess I would have to go with just knowledgeable. I've worked in the dental field for years, and love being the dental community manager here on RealSelf.

My best words of wisdom is to stick out the first week, and come here whenever you have questions. There are so many people on here that are happy to help, and have been through Invisalign so they really understand what you are dealing with.

So glad you are here! Hope your teeth continue to feel better as the day goes on.

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It sounds like you have a great attitude for the amount of discomfort you are experiencing. Stick with it, many people say the first week is the worst.

As for a liquid diet, that is no fun & I'm sure you are starving by now! Mashed potatoes & yogurt are always my go-to's when I can't chew well.

Have you tried putting brace wax on the trays in the areas that they are rubbing?

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