Explant and lift..17 months (and a baby) later

Hello lovely ladies. I have been looking at this...

Hello lovely ladies. I have been looking at this forum for a few months now, it has been absolutely inspiring reading stories and looking at photos.
My story is i was about 29 years old, dreadfull self esteem (at the time), terrible body issues and had had really really small, saggy breasts, with huge areolia. I hated my boobs and i obsessed about them every day. I couldnt find bras to fit, and i always bought bras with padding. I hated the thought of every getting intimate with a male ( i was single at the time), as i just felt repulsed at the state of my boobs. it wasnt so terrible the size if they had been perky, but they were saggy and small, and when i bent over, they hung like spaniel ears. They made me feel very upset inside of myself.

Anyways, i managed to convince the GP to refer me to the hospital and i was very lucky to get implants on the NHS. The first set was put behind the muscle and they went wrong pretty much straight away and they were catching and distorting, so they replaced about 3 weeks after, and placed them over the muscle. My aim was to have implants with the hope that it would fill out the saggy skin and make me look fuller and pert. I was implanted with 500cc Mentor implants. The result was not at all what i thought i wanted to look like, and i have not since ever felt comfortable with them. They are huge, and they are still as saggy as they were before, just huge saggy boobs now instead of small ones. I cant buy nice pretty tops and always struggle to find clothes to fit my boobs (big boobs are never what they are cracked up to be are they when you get them). Anyways, roll on 8 years, i am in a much different place now, i accept my body much more, i am a Mum and i have a loving partner of 8 years (he actually doesnt mind the implants) but i just really dislike these implants. I feel fake and they look huge and i want them out. Thing is i am terrified what i will end up with. As they were so saggy before, they are going to be absolutely terrible after being stretched with 500cc implants.
Is there anyone who has had saggy boobs before, and who had huge implants and had them out that can reassure me that it wont be as bad as what i imagine. I am considering a lift at the same time, but i worry that i will have absolutely no breast tissue at all. Please help, ill upload pictures of these monstrosities when i get a bit more confident.,...they really are awfull looking. Thanks all.xx

Hi BB, thanks for sharing your story too - I can relate to what you've been through. At my first consultation (this time around) I was told I should re-implant with bigger ones privately or I could have explant only on the NHS. He said if I was concerned about my body image I wouldn't be happy with that, and he's right. So I thought about it and then thought "if I'm going to pay privately, I may as well pay my surgeon of choice". So I researched my surgeon from 11 years ago, who has a brilliant reputation and booked a consultation. We discussed the options and I booked for my explant and lift then. I feel totally confident with my choice even though there are still risks and I would rather not have to have an op at all. I suppose what I'm saying is, have more than one consultation and make sure you go with a surgeon you trust :)
thanks niknik01 please let us know how it goes. I am debating doing it in stages and going for a lift later as ive heard you might get a better outcome that way. Cant get boobies out of my head at the moment. Angiemcc, how come my review doesnt appear along with the rest of the new ones?
I've noticed that if you include photos the site will put your review at the top of the page. Otherwise, if you sort the reviews by "most recent" you will find your review :)

Im just going to try and upload some photos, this...

Im just going to try and upload some photos, this is me before BA and now, please be gentle but honest...this surely is the worst BA you have ever seen, and can you see why im so worried about the sag before and after. Please excuse the dodgy tummy and bruises, ive just had my gallbladder removed through key hole.xx
Brighton, please be kind to yourself! We are our own worst critics, I am guilty of that too. Your breasts are a little saggy but honestly they do not look bad! They look like big boobies that have probably gone through pregnancy and breastfeeding. They are not monstrosities! If you take them out, you will see some tissue retraction. Then a few months down the line get a lift if you want. A lot of doctors recommend this so you don't end up removing more breast tissue than necessary. Have you scheduled any consults yet?
Hi Again :) Yours are very similar to mine - before BA and after. Mine droop too and that's where hopefully the lift will help me. I'm too scared to be too optimistic as I know there are many risks. The general advice seems to be to explant and then have a secondary op later to lift. I've found out more since I've booked it but I'm hoping I'm worrying unnecessarily xx

Well i've booked a consultation. Going this monday...

Well i've booked a consultation. Going this monday at 2.15pm UK time. Yikes !!!!
I am soooo glad I did it :) I think you will be happy, talk to your doc about a lift if your worried. I've researched on this site like crazy and women that have had lifts & women who didn't all look AMAZING!! Don't be soo hard on yourself :) your beautiful!! :)
Ah, thanks for everyones kind words. I am excited, but apprehensive as well. I just feel like i am in some kind of booby haze at the moment, im thinking about boobies all day...lol..
The consultation is going to cost me £100 so i hope its worth it as money is an issue. Im not going to rush into it though, and i will definately go and see the Doctor after the consultation and see if they can help me with the removal part of it, and then perhaps i can go for the lift at a later date. Im just worried that the Surgeon is going to take a look at my before pics, my boobs now, hear what i want and laugh at me....and tell me, who are you kidding, your boobs are wrecked and you have no tissue left. Im worried that my implants will have squished all the tissue over the years. Ill let you know what he says.x
Hi BrightonBird

Stop being so hard on yourself! I went to see my GP who was great and very sympathetic and I was explanted last week by the NHS. I think you should bite the bullet and speak to your GP, they were sympathetic first time round and I'm sure they will be the same this time. They will only explant but they will review you regularly and mat offer further assistance later if required. You have absolutely nothing to lose! Good luck. Let me know how you get on. X

Well, had my consultation this Monday the 13th....

Well, had my consultation this Monday the 13th. Ive been feeling a little flat (excuse the pun) ever since :(. The surgeon was really nice, id met him before when i was referred on the NHS, but it ended up someone else who did my BA. Anyway, he had a look at my before pics and how i am now, and he recommended that i have a staged procedure. He feels that i should have them removed first and then see how the skin retracts (he said wait about 3 months), and that will then determine what level of lift i would benefit from.

It was good to see him, but when i left i all of a sudden felt very sad about my situation, my boobs, and that it is likely which ever way i go i probably wont really like the outcome. I certainly dont like silicone in my body, and huge fake boobs, thats not appealling to me, but i also dont like what i had before, and i know that with these removed they are probably going to look a lot worse before they look any better. Then who knows if a lift would make any difference?

What really didnt help, is that i had also asked a question on here to the surgeons and someone has answered saying i probably wont look very good with a lift either and he would recommend getting a lift over my implant, that left me feeling a little down and dispondant.

So, anyway, the surgeon is going to be very good and write a letter to my GP to state that i want removal, and he feels that this may possibly help my chances of having them removed on the NHS. I felt happy that the surgeon did not seem to be in this for profit, as he seemed suportive of me having the removal on the NHS, and didnt seem to encourage anything that would make him any money any time soon. That gave me some confidence in his ethics.

Anyway, outcome of the consultation is i still want these things out of me, but it has left me feeling quite low about the prospects for liking what boobies i will be left with.

Glad your consult went well. Good luck with the NHS referral, I was referred by my GP and it all moved along really quickly once it was processed. The staged approach sounds like a good plan, especially if you're looking to have kids. As for being unhappy regardless, that's exactly what everyone here has thought at some point but the majority of us have been pleasantly surprised. Keep strong and keep us posted. X
Thanks Loubedoo. Im defo going to go for it. Im going to give it a week for the letter to get to the GP and then go and see him and see what he says about the removal. Me and my other half were thinking of trying for a baby next summer too, so mabey if i get them removed before then, i could have another go at BF and then have the lift after, if i can bear them for that long. Im so pleased yours went well for you. How come your having to sleep sitting then, is that what they advise? are you in a lot of pain where the incisisions are? i have been following your updates, and cannot wait to see Pics, im checking in every day...lol...like an obsessed woman...hehe...xxx
Haha I'm obsessed too! We're just thirsty for information as this seems to be the best source :) Yes, I'm told to sleep sitting up for most of the first week. I suppose it stops the sutures being pulled towards armpit etc...? I'm guessing. I have and anchor lift so all around the areola straight down to breast crease and then along the breast crease. To be honest the pain isn't bad. I felt a strain if I bent forward the first two days but I should bend anyway. The day after the op they gave me morphine on top of the other painkillers but I don't notice any noticeable pain really, just some discomfort. My dressings cover everything real;l so there's nothing to see really. I've taken some pics so I'll try to upload them now :) xxx

Well i went to see the doc's yesterday. It was a...

Well i went to see the doc's yesterday. It was a lady locum doctor, and i was so nervous about going in and giving them my sob story about my hated implants and why i wanted them out. My nervousness is because im embarrased and worry that doc's will think im a drain on NHS resources (but thats my stuff...lol).

Anyway, i went in, and the doc said that she had read the letter from my consultant, and yes that was fine and she is going to refer me for removal on the NHS....OMG....i was shocked, it was so simple, straightforward, no begging, no crying, no soul bearing...just a simple YES!!!.....

But now i am so shit scared. I am absolutely sure that i dont want these awfull bags on my chest anymore but i am seriously terrified that i have no breast tissue, i am seriously all implant, and the skin sags so low even with them in. I am so worried i will look like a monster after. My other half is supportive, and will go with my decision whatever. But there is part of me that thinks that he is intollerant of my obsession with my boobs, and also yet another operation to go through. I think my other half quite likes the big boob look, and he doesnt mind the implants. I so worry that although he loves me i know, he will go running screaming for the hills when he see's the removed look....

I plant to get a lift sometime after, but i just cant help but worry that mine will be beyong repair, and they will look like one of those plastic surgery from hell jobs that you see on celebrity chanel's.....god, i am even dreaming about boobs at the moment...i had a dream that i had them removed, and at first they look full and great, and then all the skin started melting...hanging down...oh help me...lol...
I would guess you're having a consult with an NHS plastic/reconstructive surgeon? Talk through all your concerns and ask about a lift. If you don't ask, you don't get! He/She will have seen every kind of shape and size and formation of boob before and can hopefully give you a better idea of what you'll look like after.

I totally understand how your feel about your other hafl's thoughts. They say they're happy with whatever we're happy with and I think they mean it, but which fella is going to turn down more of his partner to love? Though you know what they love more? Confidence. If having this operation makes you happy and confident, he'll be happy with whatever size and shape you come out with! Good luck with it all :)
BB? Good advice from Lainey and louloubear here :) You'e looking at the big picture which is great. Confide in your hubby - I'm sure he'll reassure you too. I think it must be hard for the surgeon to do explant and lift like I had - so many variables...The breasts aren't adhered to the chest wall and I imagine the trauma and swelling of explant could affect the accuracy of the lift. I'd have done two stages if I could have had the time off work xx

I'm lucky I don't need a lift, nothing to lift basically, lol! I was terrified I would be deformed, have the ball in sock look etc but it's not been nearly as drastic as I thought it would be. I know it's impossible but please try not to worry too much about the outcome, if you need a lift then that can be arranged. Everyone is different but personally I would have a lift after kids as your boobs may be huge when pregnant and then will obviously shrink back afterwards. I've had 2 kids and breast fed both, hence the ball in sock worry but it's not happened. Check out Silicone Sally and Softleaves websites, these give you a great boost/shape and may help with confidence issues when out and about. I will post more pics soon as mine have gone down quite a lot since the last ones. X

Last Friday (14th Sept) i went to see the NHS...

Last Friday (14th Sept) i went to see the NHS consultant breast surgeon (the same one i saw for my private consultation, he works for the NHS as well as the Nuffield here in Brighton). As i had already seen him privately i didnt need to be examined or anything, it was more a formality. He said that he is going to write off to the PCT to request funding for removal (because they are not PIP's), he said he is going to push my case. Now i am worried, because they are not PIP's and i do not have CC, i am worried that the PCT will say no.
Can i ask for those that went through the NHS for removal, how long did it take to get your decision for removal?. Thanks all.
Hi brightonbird I was just stopping by to check on you :) we joined this site around the same time. Are you still waiting to get your date in removal? Hope all is well :)
Hi Elle, how you doing? yes still waiting for a decision on whether they will or not...still here every day obsessing about boobies...lol...xxx

My story is similar to Loubedoo and Revvix. I was experiencing pain and my left boob went very hard and misshapen. My GP suspected a rupture and said she would refer me to plastics for explant. I then received a call from her a couple of days later to say the breast clinic wanted me referred there first which I worried about. They saw me they informed I had a rupture and silicone had leaked into my lymph nodes and they could explant the following week, yep that quickly. I had a holiday booked so it was arranged to explant the week I came back. From my first meeting with GP to explant was 6-8 weeks I think. AND I was not implanted by NHS, I was done privately but clinic had no records and didn't seem interested. Good luck, will keep everything crossed you get a YES soon. X

NHS say they wont remove because they are not...

NHS say they wont remove because they are not leaking....:(....completely gutted.
I dont know what im going to do to be honest..i have saved some money but thats was toward the lift later...i might get a loan?..never had one b4 so not quite sure how to go about it all...i feel bad to put myself into debt over a body issue when ive got a family to look after and a home which needs improving etc...feel like im being selfish. i want to look at doing it under local but not sure who would do it in UK...i rang John Davidson sec coz there was a review on here bout going under local but she said he didnt do it...woke up really deflated this morning (excuse pun..i wish i was..:(..)
Hi BrightonBird, I'm so sorry to hear about your disappointment with this response re the NHS refusing to fund your explant. The more research I have been doing about the dangers and damages of breast implants the more horrified I am that these 'devices' are permitted without women being made more aware of the outcomes and dangers. You said your surgeon was supportive about trying to get the NHS to cover them, and I wonder if it's a possibility to go back to him as a potential private patient and ask about the possibility of reduced costs. There are also funding options so that the cost of the surgery can be spread which means you wouldn't have to delay the surgery until you have the money. Sending you a huge hug (((((())))))
Oh BB I'm so sorry. What are you going to do? Will you be able to save the money or will you have to forget it just now? I'm gutted for you. Stay strong. X

Can any UK ladies help me..im in Brighton..need...

Can any UK ladies help me..im in Brighton..need some reasonably priced surgeons for explant...anyone had local?...heard thats much cheaper...willing to go with that if its cheaper..xx
Best of luck
I had local and it wasn't bad, was nice to be able to go home right after surgery

Grrrrrr!!!!...my phone wont let me reply so doing...

Grrrrrr!!!!...my phone wont let me reply so doing it here...hi Loubedoo, im in such a quandry..i was counting on NHS for removal as when i had private consult in Sept he said staged proceedure and i cant afford to do them seperate as it costs a fortune. Id have it done all at one but want to try for a baby nxt year and want to breast feed...thats why he recommended staged..ive had quotes for just removal nearby and cheapest ive found is £3005...:(....thats so much...that would be all the lift money gone...i dont know what to do...was it Kent?..someone who had removal under local...cant find her review...think that was reasonable in price...i thought as i was NHS origionally id be looked after...seems they just plan to leave them in me until they rot...:(..xx
Hi brightonbird, I had mine removed at spire methley park in Leeds. Now I know that's a long way from Brighton, but they have lots of hospitals all over the country. Anyway mine cost £3140 as I had capsulectomy too. However, the price for just removal of implants was £2000, so maybe worth a shot? X
Hi sweetheart, I think a private consultation with a recommended PS will help you to decide. I didn't know if I'd have enough tissue for a lift but thankfully I did. I paid £120 for the initial consultation but I'm totally over the moon with the result. I'm so glad I made the decision I did, as it's positively affecting how I feel now and my future. Having my op has changed my life - best decision ever! I hope you can get the outcome you want soon :) xxx

Help help help....prices here in uk...cheapest ive...

Help help help....prices here in uk...cheapest ive found is 2900 for removal only...:(....anyone found any cheaper?.xx
£2,600 in London for removal. Could you not go back to the docs and try the depression route?psychological impact on you? may work? I could really feel my implants through my skin, they were saline and above the muscle. I have no breast tissue at all and looking at you pre photos you def have breast tissue. I would consult some more surgeons and find one that's positive as you can see from this site some if them can do great work. I know urs an awful lot if money but if they are upsetting you that much I would get some other opinions. I don't think they would lift prior a pregnancy as they will change shape again and also your boobs will change shape after removal. Again it all comes down to cost and it's not cheap x

Had the surgery on the 14th, i didnt want to say...

Had the surgery on the 14th, i didnt want to say before just incase for whatever reason it didnt go ahead...well it did and im on the otherside. I am now in the very itty bitty almost non exsistance club...im up and down to the mirror checking them out and keep going in and out of 'can i accept them' head mode. I think surgery went well, they look nothing like i ever remember them, the nipples point up and are much smaller than they ever were before...think of a much tighter version then my origional and you can imagine how small...anyway, im trying to be positive, im on my own recovering in a hotel room and im not with my nearest and dearest....skype is a complete blessing...and ive been able to see my little boy and lovely other half. Im so worried what he will think..i hope he can accept me with my small boobies...im sure he loves me regardless but it doesnt half tap into your insecurities. Surgeon gave me my implants back...OMG....huge and they weigh a ton...im trying not to eat loads of crap food so i can see a lovely number on the scales when i get back from the loss of these...hehe....every little helps eh ladies...
So you can tell im not in my full faculties, the drugs still making me feel pretty wooshy and tired and not that great so ill update more fully when i can...but ill defo be here stalking...and reading...ill see if i can upload a bandage shot..

Congratz!!! so happy for you. I hope you are well! I too have large implants 650-700ccs and I am having a lift as well. What type of lift did you have? did you have any back or neck aches prior to explant? and does it mess with you balance having them out? Cant wait to see the pics. You are an inspiration. Cant wait till my explant :))
Congrats!! You must feel so relieved! Those things looked uncomfortable! Happy healthy healing!
Congrats on getting them out!. Rest up and let us know how you are getting on when you feel up to it xx

Well!!!!........ I am just back from seeing the...

Well!!!!........ I am just back from seeing the surgeon. It was really good to get out and get a bit of air. Went in and the nurse took me into a room layed me down and began to price away all the tape from my boobs...it wasnt really painfull or anything but i was worried about when she got to the nipple bit..couldnt help to think that the nipple had been restitched back on...eeeeeeek!!! and i wondered how it would handel been pulled about.
I took a little peek and my first thought was OMG they are small....just tiny little mounds on my chest...but as the tape came off when i looked again they looked more boob like. She said she needed to take photos of the results so needed to get all the tape off. I told her i didnt want to look in the mirror but could i see the photos instead (i thought photos would give me a more realistic picture and wouldnt be as shocking as looking straight into the mirror). She took a load of photos, front, side, close up etc.....and then she showed me....OMG!!!!!! i was in shock, they were not half bad...in fact they were pretty damn good...i felt like i wanted to burst into tears...these were not the boobs i had EVER known...not ever, these were like teenager boobs (in a very good way). I am happily surprised...:)

Then the surgeon comes in (im laying down again now), she looks great, all made up, dapper and confident. I told her i was too scared to look but i had seen the photos and i was very pleased. The surgeon laughed and just got out her mirror and placed it directly over my boob...she said 'please look'...i looked...wow!!! they are pretty much black and blue but they are right up there...and the scars are amazing and thin..and the nipples...well they are probably a third of the size i had (which were huge saucer nips before).

The surgeon then taped me firmly back up and pulled my boobs close together with a very large plaster on each side (she said it protects the wounds and keeps them still for healing)...hey ive got cleavage!!!!!....i am liking lots and lots and lots.

The surgeon then started to look through the photos and remarked how well she felt they had turned out given what she had to work with..lol...she said that in the opperating theater when she took out the implants she had thought 'oh shit (yes she actually said that..lol..i like her honesty)' as there really was nothing left....gawd knows how she has managed to scuplture what i had left into boobies but she has...

Its given me a real boost..i just hope i dont lose any more volume..because i am sure there is some swelling. It will probably be a little while till i can post any nude pics...but i will as soon as i can. I need to buy a proper surgical bra now (that i can have along side this one). She said she likes bra's that have cups in them to mould the breast...does the macom have cups? ive got a sports bra thats got cups...mabey ill put that one on while the others in the wash..:/

Im home tomorrow, can get to see my little boy and lovely other half....i have the implants in my suitcase to give to him....hahahah...xx
Hi Brighten Birdie, I was checking in on you. I haven't heard from you and am wondering how you are healing. Are you happy with you results? You look so cute with you bandages. Please in with us girls we all care about you. Sending you lots of love, ttBirdie
Hi BrightonBird, what a well kept secret! Congratulations on the explant and lift. Who did you go with in the end?? I'm so glad that you went ahead and are sounding really happy. I'm also sure that your partner loves the new you just as much, if not more. I hated sleeping on my back at first and had at least 4 pillows to make a nice little nest for myself. Funny though that I now find that I prefer to sleep on my back and only occasionally turn onto my side. The Macom bra doesn't have cups as such but does mould to your shape and gives max support. I'm sure Loobedoo would agree. Make sure that you allow lots of time to heal, I know that with 2 small boys that may be difficult but you do need to take it easy and listen to your body. Keep us updated. I'm looking forward to your updates and pics. Lots of love and hugs to you, take good care xxxxx
Hya Nerja, yes i didnt want to say until it was done...just in case it didnt all go to plan etc. I went to Prague for my surgery. I found my surgeon through a recommendation on here..and i spoke to some other UK ladies who had used her. Ill write more about it as i get better but all in all im happy so far. My boobs just feel so fragile though with all kinds of strange sensations, twanging and tightness..no pain really though, just a bit tender. I do have two boys, but only one little one, the other is my other half !!...lol.... My 21 month old cant understand why i wont pick him u so thats a struggle, i wonder when ill be able to do stuff like that...im on day 7. I have to keep dodging accidental blows from him when he tried to climb all over me...he got me a little bit on my 'righty' earlier...ouch!!.. Ive got really bad munchies now though and want to eat everything in the fridge...will have to watch that...!!. xx

Hello lovelies...im back for a quick update...!!!....

Hello lovelies...im back for a quick update...!!!....thanks Birdie for prompting me to write a little bit more. Ive been here in the background stalking..lol..but im absoutely zapped of energy so I appologise for being a bit quiet with the updates.
Well i am 8 days post op now and everything is going well so far (I hope). I am yet to take the pads and tape off but i do keep looking at my boobs every now and again (mostly to check the nipples are still looking ok...that bit really freaks me out) and everything is looking ok appart from them looking yellow and blue and lumpy etc...but i know that this will change so i need to be patient. One of the nipples is about a few mm higher than the other aswell but so far i am completely accepting of this when i think what i had before, my nipples were in complete different directions...:/..
Ive been back home since Tuesday (as i had the surgery in Prague...ill tell more about that when i feel up to it...but let me say...a character building experience to say the least...i went on my own and came back on me own..lol...mad or brave i'll let you decide...hehe...i like to say brave!!!).
My recovery is up down and all around, as in i feel great when i wake up and then as the day progresses i feel exhausted and sore and it feels like its taking ages to get better....or ages to get those nasty anaesthetic drugs out of my system. Im on my own all day too as other halfs at work and my little one is in nursery ( i paid for him to do a full week...and thank goodness i did...as he keeps accidentally knocking my boobies when he climbs all over me). I find im not doing alot just pottering around the flat...and EATING!!!! that will have to stop...i dont want my stomach to override the boobs...hehe....and it was already big!! Im trying not to be to hard on myself mind and let myself just be....
My little boy keeps wanting me to pick him up and he doesnt understand why i wont...i try to get him to climb on the sofa but he wont, he wants picking...the other half has to pick him up for me. I hope that this improves soon...ill need to be much better by next Thursday which will be the first day ill have sole care of him (without nursery or the other half....eeeeek!!!). On the positive side...he has been flourishing me with huge amounts of cuddles and love and he's been a little star bless him....
I flashed my other half the boobs the other night...just a peek!!!...he was very positive about them and say wow...if they stay like that i can work with them....cheeky bugger...i know he meant it in the most loving of ways!!..he tells me then to put them away and let them heal...bless him..
Hey did i tell you my implants weigh....on the kitchen scales...1kg and 36g....OMG... thats put me off them even more..they discust me when i look at them and look at other before photos that i took just before going out to Prague.
My worst thing at the moment is sleeping on my back, i am finding that i am waking up at 4am in absolute agony where my body has stiffened against the mattress....not liking that one bit...im desperate to cosy up on my side but soooo sooo aware of my little fragile boobies.
Ive still all sorts of strange sensations going on, twinges twanging itching..allsorts...im trying not to give them too much head power and think thats its all part of the healing...id be much more scared if i hadnt of read all your lovely reviews...and others who have been through the experience.
Im going to try and upload some 'teaser' shots...in my marks and sparks sports bra (while my surgical one was in the wash)...hey that was an experience, i almost thought i was going to cut off the supply in my nipples it was so tight...was glad to get out of that and back into the surgical one....ive ordered a Macom...hope its the right size when it arrives.
Ive also uploaded some more before....so you can see how in need i was to have this surgery!!!...
Im alowed my first shower on Sunday, mabey ill treat you to a nude shot then...lol...
lots of love ladies.xxxx hope all that makes sense....feel like ive ranted..

My photos are not the right way!!...how very dare...

My photos are not the right way!!...how very dare they..hehe....hang on, ill have a fiddle...think im going to take off some of the befores also...we get the picture!!. xx
You look wonderful congrats!
You look younger and so much thinner!!!!!!! Amazing. I am so happy for you and you should be a posterchild for the reason explants are a wonderful thing. I am stunned and thrilled and so excited at your gorgeous results. Congratulations with your new body natural body! Good for you! ttBirdie
you look AmAzInG!! You will feel it too as time goes by. Try setting an alarm to wake you every 4-6 hours so that you can keep the levels of the pain medication stable in your blood. This will help with the waking up in agony bit (this happened to me too when I got my implant put in and a lift). I am also a surgical nurse and this is what we tell patients ;) Thank you so much for sharing! Your story is encouraging as I will also be explanting large implants. All the best!

Ive managed to get the photos up the right way...

Ive managed to get the photos up the right way round!!!....not much to report, yesterday was shower day and i chickened out...lol....im going to have one today...im a bit scared to see whats under the tapes you see...i know that im one of those that can focus on imperfection etc and give myself a hard time...so i thought id hold off for as long as i can.
I hope that i am healing under there...they are getting less sore and im becoming more mobile day by day...i even managed to lift my little lad (and he's not so little) a short distance from the floor to my knee a couple of times yesterday.
My back still hurts from my sleeping position, but i am managing to sleep slightly on my side and thats helping.
I wonder when i can start using lotions on the scars etc...they feel like they need a good old lubricating session!!!....lol....they itch in places..when did others who had a lift start with the oils and massages etc?.
I am still liking the size that they are, i am not seeing any shrinkage yet and we are on day 11, so i am hopefull that i wont lose too much more volume.

Ive uploaded a photo....EEEEEK!!!...took bra off...

Ive uploaded a photo....EEEEEK!!!...took bra off to wash so thought id have a look....overall i am very happy, i am hoping they change and even out...there is a slight 'one higher than the other' issue...but when i think what she had to work with i think she has done an amazing job....i did upload some side shots also but they were not the right way again!!!...how do you upload from your phone peeps...im having to email them to myself and then save them etc...its a bit of on and on. xx

Right, hopefully some side shots.....bloomin...

Right, hopefully some side shots.....bloomin taking me ages...is the symetry (one slightly higher' really really noticable..?.xx

Wow...the first shower!!...that was an experience....

Wow...the first shower!!...that was an experience. Felt highly highly vulnerable with my support bra off....like my little boobs were going to break and it was difficult reaching to adjust the shower etc...the water felt lovely though and my boobs on the whole feel so soft and cute...on one side where it is more swollen and more bruised it feels hard at the bottom and a bit square....this is the one with the lower nipple...i am hoping that it evens out, i also know that stitches makes the skin look odd for a while and tethered...i had this after my gallbladder op so i am trying to be patient...i layed down to dry my tape with the hairdryer....i hope that i have dried it well enough...i wonder when i can pull this one off and put fresh on...it feels too vulnerable to tug at it just yet so ill just dry it...
I have gloss door wardrobes and when i way laying down i could see my reflection...wow those boobs are sooooooo up there....i like!!....never had that with implants, they would just hang to the side!!
I have also got loads of dry skin on my torso just under my boobs, where the implant used to sit against my skin and give me sweat rash....thats one thing i WILL NOT MISS!!!!!
I have the support bra back on, it feels so much safer but hey it aches my shoulders so bad.....cant wait for the macom...the macom felt lovely the other day, just a tad to big i think .xx
OMGOSH!!!!!! YOU LOOK FREAKING AMAZING!!!! YOUR BEAUTIFUL!!!!! You look soooo youthful !!! :D
asI;m just going to get my implants IN on wednesday I'm reading what you;re saying iwth trepidation, Then again, I just looked down at the empty old baggy men's socks I refer to as my 'boobs' and feel OK again :)
Do whatever makes you happy love..perhaps if my implants had of looked nice i might of felt differently about removal..mine never ever looked nice as you can see from pictutes..i think i needed a lift all those years ago not implants...

Im uploading a new photo!!!.....a side shot.....if...

Im uploading a new photo!!!.....a side shot.....if they stay like this i will be SOOOOOOOOO happy!!!...12 days post op today...xx
looking great! and i love the leopard sports bra!!!
You look amazing. Congratulations on the REAL you. Soft healing hugs
You look fabulous, so glad you put your story and pictures up here for everyone, it is very encouraging to others!! Especially with the good results you got :) You look like a beautiful petite woman now with those perky boobs of yours! Cheers!

13 days post op today, not much to report, i am...

13 days post op today, not much to report, i am getting stronger by the day which is good (and ill need to be tomorrow as its the first time ill have sole care of the little one...eeeek!!). My boobs feel the same size every day which i am very pleased about. I keep cupping them day and night to make sure they are not shrinking...hehe...would they still be really swollen after 13 days? i hope not.
I am still very happy with the result. One of my boobs, the right one, the one with the lower nipple is a bit square and distorted at the bottom, i am hoping this is just the stitches pulling in and also that this one was far more bruised and lumpy after...i know i need to be patient with this and hopefully it will round off like the other one. I LOVE how squidgy and warm and soft and bouncy they feel.
I took the car out for the first time yesterday, i still feel foggy and not quite present. I also am very aware of my stitches still and the tightness when i turned the steering wheel.
My tape is still on and i am drying it with the hairdryer when i have a shower...it takes ages. I wonder when i should dare to take it off, i am planning to leave it on until it falls off. I am too scared to tug at it and too scared to look still.
You look great! What a transformation!
You look amazing! Congrats to you!
Hey BB, I just noticed you still haven't posted your explant as "worth it." I am hoping that's just an oversight, because your transformation is just absolutely amazing!!! Hope you are still healing/ feeling well! :) P.S. I asked you this in response to a comment you left on my page, but what did your PS say about your lift and future pregnancies? Are you supposed to wait a certain time for the scars to mature before giving it a go? (This was the main reason I held off).

Having a dark day today..:( Day 20 and ive just...

Having a dark day today..:(
Day 20 and ive just took my tape off in the shower. My boobs look scary!!!!...nipples are uneven in size ive got one tiny one and one thats a bit bigger.
One boob looks like its being munched by its underside. Its all square at the bottom and distorted like a packman boob..:(...i am just hoping that it is the stitches just pulling tight at the moment and not the final result. The other boob looks near damn perfect.
Also, looks really wierd like ive been cut twice down one of the vertical incisions???
when i was pulling the tape off round the nipples there were tiny flaps of skin that i could see comming up with the tape where my nipple meets the vertical incision. I didnt like that one bit...made me feel like i wanted to throw up and pass out in the shower!!...oh dear, i can feel an emotional rollercoaster comming....:(...xx
Dont want to put any more pics on as they are not the pretty boobs that you all saw before...:(...the gloss has most certainly wore off!!.xx

Ive uploaded some photos...so you can see the...

Ive uploaded some photos...so you can see the sucked in boob....i do hope that this is temporary!!!...the double cut vertical incision seems to be (on close inspection with the hand mirror) just where the internal stitches are pulled together and pulling the skin taught!!....please please please boob settle down to look like the left one...xx
Hi my lovely, how's it going? I know you're back at work and busy with the family too! Hope everything's ok XXXX
Hya love, im ok, im still stressing about the munched boob, i go from acceptance to obsessing about it from minuet to minuet...i still know that it is early days...im telling myself that if they dont heal and settle as i want them to then im going back...either to the surgeon who did them or someone else for a revision...:(..I think its my origional scar, see she cut above it, and on one boob the breast tissue falls below the anchor to the origional scar, but the scar on the other side is higher...and the breast tissue on that side doesnt fall...thats whats giving it that munched look....its very hard to explain....im think if i was cut on my origional scars rather than above then it may be a better result? ...i dont know..i guess ive just got to be patient....one nipple seems bigger also, PS said it cant be as they use a template....but it defo is...im absolutely sure of it...lol..xxx
Hey there ! How u doing, are u healing ok and how's your new boobs settling in?

Well, i am 4 weeks and 1 day post op today, the...

Well, i am 4 weeks and 1 day post op today, the scars are red but i am healing well and the incisions are neat, there is no signs of any infections in the scars which is a blessing and fingers crossed nothing will develop.
My right boob still has issues with it looking distorted, my PS says from looking at the photos (she's abroad you see...i went to Prague to have it so i cant see her face to face...draw back from having surgery abroad) she thinks maybe scar retraction and i should massage and push on the opperated area, i have been doing this, it bloody hurt so much at first but its not so bad now...my breasts are very maluable now and move up and down and sideways and all over if i cup them and move them...so im not as swollen or as tight. I am not sure if it is scar retraction or not, i certainly have much more hard tissue in the right boob where it was so injured and bruised during surgery so i am hoping that once that dissapates and things soften a bit my boob might drop more???...i think there is some improvement...just a tad mind!!.when does this hard tissue go, im still a tad bruised even after 4 weeks...did others have this?....i think what i am struggling with is my PS cut above the origional BA incisions and i notice my breast tissue falls to meet with them and the anchor horizontal sits above it...well on the distorted boob the origional scar is higher and possibly thats whats stopping the breast tissue from being able to fall....??? its very hard to explain it...also one of my nipples is definately bigger than the others around the circumference...my PS says not possible as they use a template to cut...well it definately is!!!!....i know coz i look at it a 100 times a day!!!...lol.
Anyway, i am going between thinking they look ok one minuet to obsessing about them the next and looking for all the imperfections...thats just me unfortunately, i am one of those that can focus on imperfections...i wish i was one of those look at the positive type peeps as i am sure life would be a hell of a lot more enjoyable and lighter if i were like that...
One thing for certain is they look a hell of a lot better than they did with implants in....my other half said that too....he's saying they look fine and he cant wait to 'get amongst them'...hehe....cheeky bugger!!..i let him have a little feel, i like the way they feel, they are soft squiddy and bouncy....i like them in my clothes and i like them in the support bra....i cant wait to be able to exercise.
My PS said 2 months before i can have a bath, anyway i decided to ignore that advise yday and had a bath...the bath was lovely but by the time it came to get out i realised why she had said it....because i couldnt get out of the bloody thing...without the support bra on my boobies felt very very vulnerable still when i tried to stretch to get out....i wont be doing that for a while, stitches felt like they were pulling....no i didnt like that one bit so ill be a bit more patient i think for a bath...;/.....
The Macom bra is very nice, i have 2 now....there is a code....mybreast...it saved me 15% on line...i got the small 32 even though im usually a 34/36 back, it fits lovely, the 34 was not very snug so i sent it back.
Im putting a photo up...i can make myself look quite good on photos...hope i dont ever lose my phone....its a collage of boobies!!!!....i might get arrested!!!...lol...
Sorry ive been a bit quiet, ive had to retreat for a while and lick my wounds...xxx lots of love to everyone. xxx
Hey BB. You are looking great. It's early days. Give your body time to heal, you will seem improvements daily/weekly. Don't be too hard on yourself. Remember how unhappy you were Pre explant, time to be happy and look to the future. Big hugs x
BB, definitely rounding out already! 4 weeks is still so early, I wouldn't be too worried yet. Your nipple difference is pretty minor, but if it really bothers you, I do think it's a quick and easy in-office fix. But you can expect so much change over the upcoming months! I am thinking your PS may have gone above your original incisions because they usually lower the crease when they put the implants in, and she likely wanted your boobs to sit as high as possible, so she probably made new incisions to help raise the breast tissue up a bit (?). I had a hard lump behind/ around my right incision, and it took a few months to resolve. Your shape is soooo cute! No wonder your man can't wait to grab a handful! ;-)
I think that we all have breast that look different they dont look alike. If you look at my pictures my nipples are different and i just noticed that right now. I think you look good , maybe your nipple is being stretch by the skin or tissue that is tight. I dont know but take it easy let your body heal it takes time.

5 weeks post op today, nothing much to report, I...

5 weeks post op today, nothing much to report, I massaging them with bio oil (not sure if it works or not). They are starting to itch like mad around the nips, I am guessing where they are healing and the stitches are starting to dissolve maybe?
I still have bruising under the distorted boob, wonder why that is, its very faded but its there non the less....I think things are starting to feel that bit softer inside and all the hard tissue is starting to break up a bit. I still have a distorted boob and I still have one nip bigger ( I will defo be having a moan up about this when I send my review photos to PS..lol but at the moment I cant really do anything other than be patient and see if they miraculously grow and even out) than the other but on the whole they look a damn site better than with implants...im very very glad I don't have them awful things inside anymore...I have days where I look and think 'do you know what they look quite good' and then I have other days where I think 'why the hell have I got one big and one small nipple and why the hell did she put the scar there' (as they are not fully in my crease) those things I can obsess about....but I figure worst ways I suppose I can always go back and have them redone in a few years if I really cant live with it....im one of those you see, I can get a bit OCD with symmetry etc....prob silly that I had a breast lift you may say if I suffer with symmetry issues...lol....I feel a bit shallow saying all this because I know women have the implants removed because they are ruptured or because they are ill.....I purely had them out because I couldn't stand they way they looked, the way they felt and how I felt about myself with them in...
I'm wearing the compression bra day and night still that's not a problem for me, I quite like it on. I'm feeling like I'll almost be ready for the gym soon, I feel like I could do cardio no probs but weights I might struggle.
I have some numb bits on my boobs still, and no feeling in my nips at all....I wonder if any of this will return?
I know its still early days....so i'm hopeful things will continue to get better and round up and loosen off.
Hey and for some reason they are bigger than ever they were before implants...added bonus eh!!..lol.. i'm uploading a photo but its not massively clear.xx
How are you doing girly :) your breasts look AMAZING!! I don't see any pulling :D
Hey BB, how are you doing? Seeing the stitches relaxing? Have you started massaging yet? Have you become a prisoner to your TV volume control? lol. ;-) xxx
Great results! I I don't see any asymetry, not that anybody would notice. Thank you for your note about Macon bras, I ordered the 1007 size 34. I measure 30 with the tape measure but wear size 34B bras at the moment. I was a bit confused about this so I googgled it and apparently that's the way it goes. If you measure 30 under breast then your under breast size is 34. Cup size? In my case I really don't know what will be left there. I used to be an A so that is worrying me a bit, the possibility that there might be so little tissue left after the capsulectomy. The NHS PCT in Lincolnshire, where I live, funds if there is: breast disease, recurrent infections, capsule formation that causes pain or interferes with mammography and rupture. Your BMI must not exceed 25 and not be a smoker. My implants are Dow Corning put in 32 years ago and they have encapsulated and possibly there is a silent leak within the capsule. The PS suggested I wait at least 6 months for everything to heal. I will never have implants put in again and I would discourage anyone from doing so. I liked them at first, it was a novelty for me to have breasts but I am fairly physically active and they are in the way. They feel very hard but they shift if I massage them so they are not stuck! I am sure the capsules must be very calcified after all these years. They were also put above the muscle. There is a good post explant massage video on u-tube, I didn't save it but I'm sure it is easy to find again. I swear by Bepanthen ointment, I ran out of night face cream a while ago. My daughter had had a tattoo and apparently that is what tattoo artists recommend for healing. It is very good, I use it every night now. It is oily but it is absorbed by the skin and in the morning it looks good. It contains vitaminB an it is free from colour, fragance, preservatives, parabens. They also make a moituriser for babies which I use in the morning. The baby sun cream 50+ is very good too and it doesn't make me look like a ghost. I can't recommend this cream enough, I will be using it on my breasts. Don't fret you look wonderful!!

Well, its 7 weeks today, not much to report, ive...

well, its 7 weeks today, not much to report, ive been back to the gym....hooorah!!!!!....I took it easy and my boobs didn't explode and there were no ill effects the next day...so I am going back again today. Well, I am liking my boobies more and more with each day, I had some awfull rough days where I was blooming really hard on myself and was really in awfull self loathing obsessing about them....but I took some photos and had a bit of a revelation that they actually don't look half bad....its just the scar placement that annoys me (if I let it creep in) I have the anchor and my original BA scars and because my breast tissue falls naturally to the original scars it really bloody annoys me that she didn't just cut there...it makes no sense to me at all.....and she could of saved me an extra scar.....vanity is a very painfull thing sometimes eh...ill see if I can post some pics....I still cant feel anything at all in my nips...and I had a bit of a sore spot on the vertical line that actually look a bit infected, I squeezed it and some blood and fluid came out..ewwwwww...:( .....but ive put alcohol gel on it for the last few day and it looks fine now...no probs...xxx

Photos uploaded lovelies.......peruse at your...

Photos uploaded lovelies.......peruse at your leisure.....lol...xx
Looking good BB. Try not to be too hard on yourself. Patience is the key but if you're like me you want it all yesterday and done perfect lol. Take care. X
Thanks Elle....there is some pulling when I flex my chest muscle but I am hoping that will relax with massage...only noticeable when I flex hard though...it was the distorted boob that I was really worried about but it seems to be rounding off a bit now...its just the scars that annoy me from time to time now and my uneven nips...grrrrrrr!!!!...but other than that I am defo starting to love them more and more with each day that goes by, I love not having implants tho...that's for sure....thanks for taking the time to PM me by the way, I will certainly give that some thought.xxxx
Lol.....Nervous!!!...no ive not bought into that one yet...hehehhe....im still obsessing about my boobies...!! Im actually much better, things are relaxing and rounding off, Im still getting a bit annoyed by scar placement as in I have the anchor and the original BA scars and it annoys me that she didn't cut on my originals as my B tissue naturally falls to there..grrrrr!!!! the nipples are still off but I am just thinking if they don't relax into place and if I really cant accept them in a few years then ill just go back and have them nipped in a bit....lol..anyway if I get preggers again they will prob change anyway and become big brown saucer nips again..I am defo liking them a whole lot more than with implants that's for sure...I went back to the gym the other day, that felt good...and so good not to have an awfully tight sports bra on trying to hold in my big floppy jugs....heheheheh...how are you doing..?.xx

Well I went to the gym again last night and...

Well I went to the gym again last night and smashed it!!!....no adverse affects and I lifted the same weights that I had managed to before the opp.....so recon im all healed well now. xx
Hey BB!! How are you doing? Finding things to be more symmetrical? :-) xx
Hey Nervous, thanks for thinking of me, for some reason I don't get emails updates when someone posts on my review..!!..how are you? anything to report on your boobies or plans for future etc.? I haven't seen many more improvements to be honest...but I am much more accepting of them, they are still not symmetrical and the nips are defo different sizes and I have some scar retraction on my right boob when I lift my arm and clench my pecks....it sometimes can come into my head and distress me if I start to dwell on it...but im trying not to. Im thinking that ill let a year go by and re-evaluate. I am imagining that all of it could be fixed if I choose to go that route again. Wonder what they would be able to do to stop my boob from completely pulling in underneath when I clench my muscle...that looks weird....I know one thing, they look a hell of a lot better than they did with those awful implants..i am so glad I don't have the awful sweat rash etc underneath...and they look much better in a bra...im a 34a...maybe even a bit smaller but a 34 seems to fit ok. Any news with baby making...;)...xxxxxxx
Yeah, I don't get all my emails either since they updated the site. I'm doing well. Still have my bad days with the jacked up titty. I still can't believe the scar is halfway to the nipple. :-/ I wish it were under the hang so I didn't see it in the mirror all the time. But I am also being more accepting and not thinking of them as much. I know what you mean about the distress. I think I don't lift my right arm as much anymore because I picture in my head what my boob looks like and it's upsetting. You do look SO much better now-beautiful! Has any sensation returned? Is it just the nips or some of the boob itself? Are you still feeling tender? Are your scars lumpy at all? I never had a sweat rash, but I did have plenty of underboob sweat! I STILL have an 'underboob', so that problem probably still exists! lol. No news with baby making. :-/ Everyone says 'the trying is the best part'- nope, just stressful! It's different when there is a true purpose to the act! ;-) Plus, when you've spent so many years trying NOT to get pregnant, it's hard to get that protective drive out of your head. I feel almost like I'm doing something wrong! lol. Will you be posting pics soon? I love to see the scar progression on lifts but the majority of the ladies here stop posting very soon post op. xxxxx

for Nervous :)

New photos 3 month post op...they are by no means perfect...there are issues with scars (old ones) making breast tissue fall uneven..and also uneven nips..
That said they look quite good in a bra...a whole lot better than thosr nasty implants

oops sent before id finished

Yes whole lot better than with implants..i am so glad to be free of those. Im not half as stressed about them now...have stopped obsessing about the asymetry every day although it does creep in if i let it...from some angles they look great...i just like things even. Still no feeling in nips and still some tenderness and scars still red.
I might go and see in a year or so what i can do about getting the old scars cut out and them made a bit more even.
Anyway...look on the bright side..it cost me less than it would have cost me in the UK to get the bloomin things out..and at least they are perky..just uneven perky!!..
I haven't been on the site for a while and saw your updates - my, you have had to wait along time for your implants to come out. Your boobs look wonderful! They look young and refreshed! Isn't it nice to wear tank tops and have shirts button up without gaping? A lift was a very good idea; please don't let the minor imperfections affect you - they do not matter in the least. We should not nit-pick on ourselves, try to see yourself as your partner does...perfect!
Awwww thankyou...i just randomly logged on and saw this..really cheered me up. How are u doing?...hows baby?.xx
BB they look FANTASTIC! Thanks for the photos! They are rounding out very nicely! Your old scars are white so no doubt the current ones will also go that route. So happy for you!! :-) xxxx

5 months later

Not much to report..im ok with my boobies most of the time now. Ive stopped giving them half as much attention and i love how they look in a bra....i love love love not having implants.xxx
Thanks for sharing! You look great! Just wondering if you have a recent, one year post-op picture? My right breast is really "sucked" up, compared to how yours looked! I'm 6 days post-op and just saw my breasts today. Yikes! Even though they're small, if they both looked like my left one, I'd feel better. But it didn't work out that way.:-( What did you do, if anything, to help your right one match your left? Thank you!
Thank you so much for sharing!!! You look great and I am so glad you feel better :)
You look fab - your boobies look so relieved!!! Congrats on your little girl. When you start producing milk, watch out for plugged up areas and use a breast pump to work the milk out. Don't let your boobs get engorged. One of mine got engorged and sadly I lost a lot of my milk supply from it. Small boobs are so awesome!!!

Explant and lift 17 months (and a baby) later

Ill try and update properly later. Ive been meaning to post for a while.
BB!!! Congrats to you! Believe it or not, I thought of you just the other day, wondering how you and baby were! You look fantastic....boobies are still pretty and perky! :D I will be on the lookout for your update. Curious if breastfeeding worked out this time. You look beautiful, girl! Xxxx
Awww thank you. I want to hear how you are doing too. Baby girl is 5 months already. Isla Rose we called her. Ill defo update tomorrow. Tell you all about my boobs. Lots of love. Xx
Thx for sharing your story. I've had implants for 9 years now. Love them and don't want to part with them but 2 years ago I had a baby and started breastfeeding. 6 weeks into breastfeeding I got mastitis and had recurrent mastitis for almost 19 months. Surgeons believe there might be traces of the bacteria that has settled on the implant therefore I need to remove the implants. We are also planning a second baby therefore can't replace implants until after I'm done breastfeeding the second baby. It's so depressing as I was literally a surfboard prior to implants :( I'm also worried I'm going to be left with 80 yr old granny bags

update as promised.

Ok, just looking at the last photos I posted at 5 months post op. I remember taking those and thinking actually my boobs don't look half bad from a distance.lol. I was actually pregnant in that photo but had not yet tested yet to confirm, but I kind of had a feeling that I was. Pregnancy was a wonderful distraction from my boobs as I had my tummy to obsess about instead. I put on a lot of weight during pregnancy and I think I have gained a bit of tissue from the weight gain, not much but they definitely feel a bit more meaty. Hope it stays.
As you can see, I have some issues with pigment along my vertical scar line on my right boob which is a bummer and sometimes I can let it bother me. I got some pigment cream off the docs but to be honest its so messy on my bra and clothes I don't bother applying it a lot of the time. Its also not an overnight job and I like quick fixes. I think possibly the pregnancy may have caused the pigment issue as i'm one to get the pregnancy line up my tummy too.
I sometimes worry a bit about the double scars. As in I have my anchor but I also have the original BA scars and that's where my crease naturally is. I so wish that she had used my original scar for the anchor. Although you cant see that I have two unless I pull the boobs up which I am doing in the photo. Sometimes I think I may go back in for scar revision and ask if they can cut out the in between bit and make it all one anchor scar (and at the same time cut out the pigment). But I would really not want my nipples to be cut round again. The thought of necrosis the first time scared the life out of me. Then others days I just think I am done with surgery on my boobs (the poor things). On the whole though when I look at those monstrosities that were my implanted boobs I think she has done a pretty damn good job. Id definitely do it again (go to Prague that is) and id probably choose the same surgeon (although I just wished id have demanded she go through my original scar).
So, my little girl was born on 11th of March via c section. I was determined I was going to give BF a good go as I had not been successful with my son. I went through 12 days of complete agony emotionally and physically. Physically my milk 'came in' as it were, my boobs went through all the changes, grew to double in size, were agony to touch. Seemingly my boobs could produce milk and I went about persevering to feed my daughter. I fed round the clock all night every night. No complaints. It was lovely to feed my daughter without huge implants in and I felt completely different about 'getting my boobs out' as it were. Unfortunately at her first weight check she had lost over the recommended 10% and had jaundice and an infected umbilical cord. We were admitted to hospital and she was put on a drip. Again I persevered. We were discharged a day later on antibiotics. I kept on with the feeding and the midwifes kept coming. My baby was weighed daily and her weight kept dropping. In the end I gave her formula. It was awful as it was with my son, that you feel like your putting toxic waste into your baby's mouth and you feel horrendously judged (even if possibly most of that is your own perception possibly?). Its such an emotive thing breast feeding, I wish id got to experience it without breasts that had ever been operated on. However, I look back at some pictures of my daughter as a new born and where I thought she looked gorgeous (as I saw her every day) she looked absolutely starving and very frail bless her heart, so I have no doubt now that I needed to feed her with something other than my boobs. She is thriving now and I absolutely adore the bones of her.
So, I hope this has been helpful to someone, it might not be the case that everyone who has a lift struggles with BF, it might just be my boobs? who knows.
I'm very happy I had the surgery. I just wished id never had bloody implants in the first place and then I could have just had a lift with what I had before.
Now im obsessing about a tummy tuck. Im 40 next june and I am feeling pretty damn old. My tummy as it stands looks pretty gross from pregnancy and weight gain etc. Ill try weight loss and exercise before I make any more decisions about surgery but...
BB, don't feel bad even for one minute about not being able to breastfeed as long as you had hoped. You gave it your best shot and your boobies worked even after what they've been through! That's pretty amazing to me! Isla's very lucky to have such a doting mom, which is more important. :) I guess it's good that you have moved on from focusing on asymmetry onto the underboob scar gap? I think they look great...much better than before! Girl, you are crazy with the tummy tuck!! I just don't see what you see and I think you look all around fabulous, but I know all too well that we are our own worst critics! How amazing is it to be so far out from explant? It feels like a lifetime ago! Xxxx.
Lol.bless you. You have not seen my bottom half.lol.xx
Thank you for sharing your journey. It really is a process. We are all so impatient, but in the end your look is perfect. Congrats :)
Vera Satankova

I found this surgeon via other women on this site who had had work done. The lady who I was very inspired by had a lift and had in my opinion an outstanding result. I had a wonderful experience going to Prague and I was treated very well by Vera and her team of staff. I would return I think. I just wish I would have communicated my needs around the scaring better. I am not sure I found it helpful to book through an English agent as I didn't feel very cared about by them with regards to my feeling about my scaring etc and I was almost left to feel that I was not allowed to be too inquisitive or challenging in any way. If I did it again I may just try and book it direct with the Prague clinic.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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