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I had a tattoo which was not suitable for laser...

I had a tattoo which was not suitable for laser removal so excision was my only option. Due to the size and location of the tattoo, 3 excisions were required to fully remove it with minimal scarring. Each time the excision was carried out under local anaesthetic, taking only about 1/2 hour and was relatively painless. Two weeks after each procedure I had a wound check followed by a six week review with my surgeon-Mr Paul Banwell. Mr Banwell was very warm and friendly as were his team also. He fully explained the entire process and put me at ease right from the first consultation. I am delighted with the outcome, the scarring is minimal and will in time become almost invisible.
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Mr Paul Banwell (www.paulebanwell.com) is a warm, friendly and caring surgeon. He fully explained the process I would be going through, putting me at my ease right from the first consultation. The procedures were carried out at roughly 4 monthly intervals with the final outcome being an extremely neat hairline scar which will in time become almost invisible. I am delighted with the final result and would not hesitate to recommend Mr Banwell and his team.

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Wow I'm so glad you had a positive experience. I am also thinking of seeing Paul Banwell. Will inbox you.
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Do you have before and after photos? And interesting that you were told the green would not respond, that is one of the colors responding the best in my tattoo.
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Wow. I always wondered about xcisions for tattoo removal. Where wss it located n how big was it?
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It was on my shoulder blade about 7- 8cms long and 3-4cms wide. the scar which is left is a fine red line, no stitch marks as they were all sub-cutaneous, a very neat job!
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Wow, three excisions and you aren't even whimpering a tiny bit?!! You sound brave, and definitely have a great attitude about this!

Do you mind me asking why your tattoos weren't candidates for laser treatments?

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It was a single tattoo, but wasnt suitable for laser removal because it was green which doesnt respondwell to lasers, so excision was theonly option. I wasnt brave, the only uncomfortable bit washavingthe local anaesthetic injections but even they werent bad.there was minimal discomfort afte rthe procedures.
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