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36 Year Old Single Mum of Three :) - Australia

Hi all :) I have decided to get a tummy tuck with...

Hi all :) I have decided to get a tummy tuck with muscle repair and hopefully hernia repair in August this year. Lucky for me I was accepted to get procedure through medicare which is exciting! I haven't told many as my close friends understand but others judge me. I work very hard to look after myself and I am not a big girl but have damage to my rectus muscles which has caused a hernia. When people find out without knowing the full story they can be quite rude. Has anyone else noticed this? Anyway I am excited and nervous! I have heard very positive things about my surgeon. I do worry about the post op time as it will be a struggle at home but I have 4 weeks off work. I am a nurse in mental health and sometimes my job is very challenging but I love it. I am really enjoying this site so far. Very lovely group x
You are going to be so happy you did this, you already have a nice figure so this will just be the icing on the cake. I haven't told many people about my tt, but I will say that once I made the decision I released a lot of the worry about what others might think. There are some that I choose not to say something to because I just don't want to deal with their issue with it. Yes, some people are just rude and assume that 'you' need to be more disciplined or work a little harder. But honestly you need to be pretty close to your ideal weight and there is nothing you can do when you need MR and loose skin. So power to you, you will not regret it!
I so needed to hear this today. Thank you :)


I was pretty unprepared for my consults and looking back on the ones I had, I didn't even ask doc any questions. I guess when the time gets closer and I receive info in mail then I will know more. We didn't even talk about the hospital stay etc but I nursed someone in the past post tt. At this time I was brand spanking new and really had no clue. Poor girl was in horrible pain and had urine retention. Then I helped her with binder and had to redo as it wasnt on properly. Oh poor girl haha I hope I get a more experienced nurse than I was haha. Anyway there is about 6 weeks til my surgery. Can't believe how fast that time has gone. Watching a tt on rpa this yesterday made me excited and nervous!

Post Op weight training..

Something I forgot to ask surgeon was how long you need to wait before going back to gym and weight training. I realise it won't be directly after and I will have to be patient but I'm a gym junkie it scares me...
As a fitness/yoga/PE instructor I hear ya! I started back teaching partial Zumba classes at 31/2 weeks po. what I can tell you is that each week makes a big difference on how you feel and how exercise feels. I've been cleared for light cardio and weights, nothing heavy. I think a big consideration is making sure that your incision is fully closed before attempting too much. Also, it takes about a year for muscle repairs to heal, so you want to take it easy with anything that challenges your core muscles. I was complaining to my ps about my legs getting flabby and excited to do some lunges, he gave me 'the look' and said "Lunges require a lot of core", so in other words not yet. Oh well, it's SO worth it.
I'm finding it hard too! She told me I can start light waking in the treadmill at 2 weeks & start easing myself back into my regular workout routine at 6 weeks. I can't even lift my toddler until 6 weeks. I'm 3 weeks post op now & just started on the tready at 4-5kph yesterday - it felt good! 5 weeks to go for you now, woo hoo! Dr Lawrence & her team, plus the staff at the hospital are VERY good! My pain was managed brilliantly & I've had great post-op care. You'll be great x
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Exercise After Tummy Tuck Surgery


in the waiting room terrified!

This is it. No turning back now!
Thinking of you and hoping everything went well. Looking forward to seeing you 'on the flat side'. Hope your nurse was experienced, haha. =)

1 day post op

Thanks! All went well and she removed 400gm. Fixed my hernia and muscles. Hard to see much in my pic at this stage but I will post more soon. Thank u x

happy on the flat side :)

Stayed in hospital from friday til monday. Tonights been first night at home. A walking frame would have been a grand idea! Im finding walking really hurts my back so I can't wait to stand straight. I now see what others mean about kendoll crutch haha. 4 days post op!
Already the transformation is amazing! Sending healing vibes your way. =)
Thank you :) I can't wait to recover fully but kind of enjoying the process. Thanks for your support x
I've been thinking of you - you did it!!! I hope you heal nice & quickly xx I'm 10 weeks post-op now & pretty much back to full intensity with Zumba. I did a 15 minute core class before Zumba on Wednesday. I managed really well, but I felt it the next day - ouch! I've done some light weights & on Monday I'm going back to high impact weights/sculpting/boxing. You'll bounce back really well, because you're in great shape! The first few weeks are full on, but they'll soon be a distant memory x

battle between feeling better then over doing it...

Feeling much more comfortable 11 days post op. Still some pain but only because I think I am over doing it. Walking lot's! Got my honeycomb dressing and most of the belly button stitches were removed. Felt so weird! I am happy with result. My scar is fairly high but I have no regrets even though its been tough. Being a single mum but not being able to do much is hard! Omg finally showered yesterday! It was heaven. Used an outdoors chair and washed my festy hair. :)

some definite definition!

Im still swollen like crazy and the wound is massive and its been very hard but not once have I felt regret. I can picture how it will turn out ones swelling fades and I can start training again. I love my surgeon!
Your abs are FAB!
You are welcome. Love the new pic, you look really great. I mean it!

2 1/2 weeks post op

Very happy with this so far. Finding baths are really good to relax muscles.
Looking Great!
Thank you bella besos x
Yw! :) Happy Tuesday!

first proper look at scar..

I can't believe it looks this good after only 3 weeks (1 day short of). I am still getting used to it but I love that I can sit without anything hanging and I'm relaxed not having to suck it all in! Been walking a lot. Bring on the weights I say!

3 weeks almost post op

First time removing tape in bath
You look fabulous
Thanks sweetie
WOW!! You look Fab!!!! Your scars are so faint and thin,it looks a year post-op results. No Lie. Happy Healing you are the poster Girl for tt.

almost 4 weeks post op pic

Very happy with my scar so far. Been walking so much and can't wait til I can weight train again.
You look good, and u don't seem to have that much swelling. Look at mine I still have swelling and dog ears. When he opened me up my navel was cut off. He had to create one and it has not healed yet.
My God, you are turning into a 'Hottie'. Magnificent figure now, you would have to be impressed at this early stage. I hope I can do as well after the big day tomorrow. Keep posting and I'll be following your progress with interest.
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