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I had my breast augmentation done Oct 23, 2012. I...

I had my breast augmentation done Oct 23, 2012. I had moderate silicone gel implants 350cc in each breast they where put in with the incision under the breast and placed under the muscle. As you can see the result is horrible and my plastic surgeon will not do anything about it. He claims that this is a natural look and that some people have one breast "bigger" than the other. Pre op with the measurements he took this was not the case. I dont have any picture pre op but i can assure u i did not uneven. I hate the way I look and wish I never had the procedure done. I felt that I wasted $8000 on something that would make me feel more confident, which it did the total opposite. I am frustrated and very upset. I thought i did enough research on my PS who did this for over 20 years.
I not sure what to do now, If anyone can give me me advice of what to do i would be grateful
Thank you


Wow sorry. Who is your doctor so no one will ever go to him..he knows hpw his job turns out
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Oooooo, hell no! Diamond you must be a pest and don't give up....with him...he can clearly see the problem....with size. Please tell your Ps to compare your results with some of his photos. Ask him is he pleased with his work and how it turned out.....other then size they are pretty...but he needs to revise them....don't settle for nothing until he gives in....sorry
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OMG DIAMOND.......SO SORRY TO HEAR YOUR STORY!!! I can see the eneven results. Actually both breasts are pretty, but they don't match. Was you r PS board certified?? He should do your revision for free,
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He is a certified PS with over 20 years experience...

He is a certified PS with over 20 years experience. I did my research and read reviews of people who had this done by him before. I got another appointment with him dec 14. Hopeful he will do something.


I can tell you I had my first set of implants removed painlessly in the office of a PS, for only 250.00. If you want them removed it should not cost that much money, and its not painful..you do not need to be put under. I hope you get everything worked ou!
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I was planning to book an appointment for next month..was it Dr. Richard Bendor-Samuel?
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If he is unwilling to fix this for free then I would threaten to turn him into the medical board and then the plastic surgery board. There is nothing that will make him act more quickly if he knows that his livelyhood is in jeopardy.
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So after 3 visits from my last post my PS will not...

So after 3 visits from my last post my PS will not cover the costs of a revision. He will not return my phone calls. I cant believe I put myself through so much agony. Maybe this is what I deserve for being vain? I have not been intimate in over 3 months, I now have no relationship due to the depression that this surgery has put me through. I feel that I am at an extreme low point in my life. My family physican just keeps giving me more medication to mask how I really feel. I think about this constantly and this situation is effecting my school and work performace. I have tried so hard to remain postive about this situation but I feel I have let myself slip into a deep depression.

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Can anyone give me some direction in filing a...

Can anyone give me some direction in filing a lawsuit against my PS? And can anyone recommend where i should go to get my breasts fixed or implants removed. I will never go to this PS again!


so i went for surgery yesterday, turns out there was a hole in my left implant, so i got a new one, still looks uneven with my right. do i just need to be patient for it to drop more or is it already set in place from the pocket before? its been 8 months of being covered up.
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You are right. You should never go back to this doctor again. If he did something wrong in the first place he won't be able to fix it. He probably does not know how to fix it either. It is a shame that happened to you. This is not a natural look, this is his mistake. Can you go to another doctor so he can tell you what went wrong and how it can be fixed? You should file a law suit against the doctor for sure. My doctor here in Greece put the implants in and at the same time removed the lump I had in my left breast. After a week when he found out it was cancer and we talked about it, he admitted he should not have done the implants before he found out what that lump was first, he made a mistake but he said it was a way for him to remove this lump knowing I would put it off again like I did a year prior to that. I had to have my lumph-nodes taken out and he said he could do it for me with no charge for him just for the other surgeon and the clinic, which came up to 1,500euros. I could do it at the State Hospital where he sent me for the treatment without paying anything but he did not want me to wait. I was very confident with him too and so I decided to do it with him. What is money when your life is at risk? Think at it this way too. I can feel your pain and you are right to feel like that. You are lucky to be alive and have only this complication though. You would be able to have the one breast fixed with much less money, wouldn't you? Do not go into depression over that, you will find a solution. I think that doctors in the U.S are ridicilously expensive, it is a big business there. I used to live in L.A for some years, I could not believe how expensive doctors were. How old are you? Please, take it easy and just think it could be worse. A solution will come up pretty soon, if hasn't happened already.
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did you do any research on dropping and fluffing ?????????
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Please help! I can't take this any longer

I just went back for a revision on june 18 on my left breast. After my surgery he found out there was a hole in the implant, he then replaced it. I feel that my right breast has bottomed out. I still look uneven, im making myself sick dwelling on how they look. Will someone please help me or tell me what is wrong so i can go get them fixed.


you should find another ps, If you can you should start contacting some online and sending pics to them and see what they say that way your not running around from place to place. You should put up pictures and ask in the DR Q&A section here on the site, they will tell you for sure what to do. good luck...
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thank you, i posted my question on the Dr Q&A.

Thinking of explanting

I have done a great deal of thinking lately. I come to the conclusion that explanting is the way to go. I got implants only to find out that this is not something that i want or need. If someone cant love me for who i am, they doesn't deserve me at all. I know i am a good person and there is more to life than apperance. I value health more as there is no price on how you feel when you are healthy. I learned the hard way but at least i can say i learned from my mistske. I hope that others who read this, will really analyze their decision. Complications can happen, keep in mind that if they do more scaring, money, pain and recovery time is a factor.


I do hope you get the revision you deserve!! :-)
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Who was the dr? I'm scheduled for a consult in Halifax next month!
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I am sorry to see you are so unhappy. Hope this resolves soon!
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After a 2 year battle still not happy

I went to see Dr. Louis Bioleau today to talk to him about how unhappy I am with the results of this whole procedure. He is extremely unprofessional and I will never let him touch me again. I am in the process of filing a formal complaint to the collage regarding his matter and how I was treated. I have been looking in going to the USA to get my breasts redone. I am tried of feeling like I have been butchered and robbed. My relationships in my life are suffering. I need to get my life back on track.


How are you doing now?
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Hi hun, I am in a similar situation here in Australia and it sucks. The medical board here say there is nothing they can do, so I am stuck too. I really hope you can get some resolution on this.
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