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30 Y/o with Collagen Loss - Love It, Why Did I Wait So Long?

I am a 31yr old female with loss of collagen by...

I am a 31yr old female with loss of collagen by the side if my mouth and I have a nasal labial folds. I have been hesitating getting restylane for sometime mainly b/c I was afraid that I would have horrible bruising or swelling. Well I am now one day post treatment after having one syringe injected and I LOVE IT! No bruises & minimal swelling!! Why did I wait so long...

I am kinda thinking that I may go back in two weeks and have just a little more put into my nasal labial folds since most of the syringe went into the corners of my mouth.

The needle was a little sting and some pressure but not bad at all!!!

I'm glad you love your outcome...me to, 34, have obvious smile lines and i just got one syringe tonight at reflections!.....im a little worried cause it looks smollen and it hurts...did you have any side effects?

How you feel now? It's almost one week, does the swollen still there?
I'm 45 years old, think about to do restylane for my cheeks.
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