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I am 48 years old and since the age of 41, have...

I am 48 years old and since the age of 41, have tried to stay ahead of the aging process. I've gone for fillers and Botox on a regular basis. However, I had started to see the beginning of a descending face that I knew needed a more intense intervention. I researched the heck out of the procedure and decided, that for me, having the plastic surgeon do the procedure was the only way to go.

I should also mention that I am a licensed esthetician who takes good care of her skin and stays out of the sun. I KNOW that this has helped me tremendously up until this point.

Enter Dr. Samra. One of the most pleasant , knowledgable and caring doctors who I have met. The day of the procedure, yesterday, I came with a list of questions and the doctor answered them truthfully and completely. He NEVER made me feel as if I were a bother and, in fact, just the opposite. He seemed interested in what I had to say and the session flew by. At times it was a little uncomfortable, but nothing I couldn't handle, although I did have quite a high pain tolerance, especially for the sake of beauty!!!

It's too soon to tell if I will get the results I want, but I DO know he used the highest settings and the appropriate transducers, and so I feel quite confident that I will be seeing good things in the near future. He exceeded my expectations on every level and I am forever grateful. Thank you Dr. Samra!!!

Five days after ultherapy and feeling good!!!

I had some slight swelling in my lower face which is slowly subsiding. I have just a tinge of yellow on the lower left side of my face, although I never had an actual bruise there. The lower face still feels tender, which I expect given how intense the procedure was!!! It is nothing that a little Tylenol can't take care of and, at this point, I am hopeful and would do it again in a heartbeat!!! The one thing I am thrilled about is the apparent lifting of my eyebrow. I had one side that was higher than the other, and so Dr. Samra treated the lower eyebrow and they are both equal now. AMAZING!!!

Day 6 photos not pretty

I've decided to post all my photos without makeup. This way, in a few months, I'll hopefully be able to see a result without anything to camouflage it. I will try to make a real effort to document my journey, good or bad, so that the next person contemplating my procedure can make a more informed decision. I would appreciate any feedback, comments or questions, since this is the first time I've done this sort of thing. I am so proud of myself that I was able to figure out how to post the pictures here!!!

More pics day7

I cheated a little and put some makeup on. The swelling is going down and I am soooo hopeful!!

More pics day 9

Cheating again with makeup...just came back from work so here it is!!!

More cheating going on with new pics!!!

Day 11...my son's senior prom is tonight so I want to take some pictures with him for his special day!!! My "baby" is growing up...so bittersweet.

Think I see something!!!

Trying to stay away from this site but it's hard. I want to help other people and will try to contribute more in this community. I just wanted to post a couple of pictures that might show minor improvement!!!

One more pic


Just a quick one...does anyone see anything?

Another picture no makeup!!!

Still serving small changes everyday!!!

Feeling crappy but a bit better

Picked up what I thought might be the flu, but after a day and a half feeling a bit better and am thinking it was just a virus. Anyway, in the midst of some MAJOR life changes(wrote a book and having meetings next week!!!) so I really haven't had time to focus on myself. That's probably a good thing for me and all of you because I've really posted lots of pics!!!

Anyway, haven't washed my hair in four days but feeling hopeful about a shower today!!! Have a great day!

Found before picture

I have nothing but continued progress to report, but someone asked me to post a before pic so here it is. I had been shying away from pictures because the camera doesn't lie and it was hard not to get upset over how I REALLY looked!!

Newest photo

I continue to see results and am at the six week mark. I have an appointment to see the doctor next tuesday so that he can evaluate as well. I have been reading so many bad reviews on here and it hurts to see so many people not happy with this procedure. So many of these reviews involve welts( that should NOT happen) and burns. I just had mild swelling in my lower face. I can't stress enough that this procedure is only as good as the provider. It should NOT be done by techs.

That being said, I know I am one of the the lucky ones to get out of the procedure what I wanted. Please do your homework, only have board-certified plastic surgeons do the procedure and ask to see tons of before and after pictures. Ethical doctors will even put you in touch with former patients so that you can ask them questions as well. It SUCKS to get older, but we can go down fighting!!
Your sister in beauty,
New Jersey Plastic Surgeon

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Hi everyone, I saw yrs Pictures, and I´ve to say, you was Beautiful before and after de procedure... I am from Brasil and I´d like to do Ultherapy in my stay at (Orlando-FL). Could you recommend me where should I go in Orlando, I mean a nice and reliable Doctor there? Thank you so much for yr Statement.
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Hi Elen...don't know of any doctors in Orlando but if you check out this site I'm sure you can find some reputable DOCTORS who do it there. Good luck with whatever you decide!!
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Hi there, can you tell me how long before your face stopped hurting and swelling? It would make a big difference if I make the decision to do it and how soon. Also, have you ever heard of Ideal image and if so any comments? Thanks!
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Never heard of ideal image...beware of any large groups who have technicians performing ultherapy...they are not properly trained. Make sure it is a board certified plastic surgeon performing your procedure. I had very minimal downtime after procedure...just a little lower facial swelling. Good luck with whatever you decide!!!
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Your my hero Jill! You look fab!
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Thank you sooo much Pinch!!! I do feel better about myself, but your kind words made my night!!! Xoxo
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Hi u look really good. Did u post any before pics? I don't see them.
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I didn't post any before pics. I didn't realize how into it I would become!! I will try and find some before pics and post them. They are similar to the ones on day one except my lower face was a little more swollen after the procedure. Hope this helps
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Hello again! Sine you are licensed esthetician and have an in-depth knowledge of skin care, maybe you can tell me how does ultrasound technology interact with filers, back 5 or so yrs ago, I had filler near my nasal folds and year or so later I was at Med Spa where I went tor just a facial, licensed esthetician like yourself offered me the skin topical ultrasounds treatment to help 'rejuvenate' the skin after facial, well, it apparently has very bad interaction with fillers and it solidified in my skin, thankfully w/o any dramatic distortions, but my question to you, since you mentioned fillers, is how do they interact with any ultrasound based treatments, which Ultherapy is to best of my understanding ~
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Did you have any fillers OTHER than hyluronic acid based ones?? For example...radiesse, sculptra, silicone?! It sounds like radiesse to me which is a calcium-based filler...but it is just a guess. Let me know Kosher, but I'm glad it has mostly resolved!!!
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I have a question. I'm going to your plastic surgeon in Holmdel. I am just getting it done on my lower face but some years ago had filler in my jawline around mouth and nasal folds. One of them was Artefill which is great. That's the only thing I'm afraid of is loosing fillers. Any advice. I'm sure the Doctor will advise me but you have knowledge also and I feel will giveme a honest answer. Blythe way. The person that said they think you work for the Doctor is a idiot. I know a lot about certain procedures because I educate myself as I see you do. They are just random people that like to put negative posts out. I believe you are out there helping.
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Oh...yea...there would be a difference between the hyluronic acid based and calcium based, right? How differently do they react? Does calcium based gets calcified when zapped with ultrasound? I am not sure, but I can ask the doctor who did it, just to find out for future reference. So far I did fillers and in two different doctors and I know both of them used both types of fillers, hyluronic acid based and calcium based. It could rule me out as candidate for any Ultherapy ...Oh BOY! am I only happy I am ready those post!!! Thank you for generating such rich and informative discussion ~
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You are so welcome Kosher!!! I am NOT a doctor but I wish I were!!! I know that different fillets can react differently, but the only way to be sure is to ask a trusted professional. Don't discount this procedure just yet...keep me posted!!
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Thanks Tipjo for believing in me. I know who I am and what I'm about but remarks like that are so not necessary!! We are all on this site to navigate the aging process and there is definitely power in numbers!!! I am so excited that you are going to see Dr, Samra...you will love him and just make a list of all your questions beforehand. It's too easy to forget something when you get caught up in a beauty moment!!! I look forward to hearing all about it. Your sister in beauty, Jill xoxo
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Oh, and by the way, the only thing I know about artefill is that they put it in in droplets...don't know how long it lasts but I'm glad you had a good result. He will definitely let you know about any adverse reaction you could have, but I know that fillers that have been placed WAY before ultherapy are usually not affected. You have to be careful not to get fillers RIGHT before the procedure. Hope this helps:)
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Thank you. BTW. You look wonderful.
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Thxs. BTW. You look wonderful
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Thxs Again
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Get well soon and congratulations on writing your book. You go girl! PS: Had my first consult regarding ultherapy today. Am a little unsure as the practice assistants do it there. Hmmm...
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Thanks Similla...your kind words are so appreciated!! PLEASE see if you can do a little more research regarding finding a board certified plastic surgeon in your area who will do the procedure. Almost ALL of the bad reviews and experiences have to do with operator error or lack of knowledge. If you want, pm me and let me know where you live. I'll do whatever I can to help you in any way that I can. I am no expert, but two heads are better than one!! Xoxo
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I had it done twice...18 months in between the two times. Much less painful the second time as the technique has been refined and perfected in the past two years. The results are subtle. I like what it does for the texture of my skin, and I love what it does for crepiness under the eyes! (Make sure your doctor has the specific handpiece for under eyes.) Ultherapy will not inflate your cheeks or add volume. It will not give you that over-filled look that we see so frequently. But, it does provide a nice subtle lifting. I had minimal swelling and tingling along jawline and under chin both times. Nothing obvious. I highly recommend it as a way to keep yourself looking rejuvenated. I have tried everything and I will keep up with my ulthera!
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Learned...I am in total agreement with you. Don't want that unnatural look from from being overfilled, but love the fact that I am increasing the collagen and elastin production to give that subtle lift and NOT look fake!!! I am most definitely going to keep up with it as I think it's GREAT as a maintenance treatment. Didn't do the eyes yet, but maybe next time. I would love a smoother look there! Cheers to technology!!!!! xoxo
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ok but how is the actual procedure done??
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Robin...go on you tube and search ultherapy. Lots of demos. Basically it delivers ultrasound using different hand pieces at two levels. It goes as deep as the layer that is manipulated during a facelift and then at a more superficial level. It heats up the layers enough so that it causes stimulation of new collagen and elastin production. Collagen and elastin is what keeps our skin young and firm and levels naturally decline with age. Hope this helps!!
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ok thanks ))
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