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I have never had a flat stomach,even as a...

I have never had a flat stomach,even as a teenager,and always wanted one. 3 pregnancies,tons of stretch marks and a hysterectomy later,my abdomen had seen better days. I love to exercise; eat well and take care of myself,maintain a good weight,but nothing could help my " pooch" on my belly. I finally convinced my husband to let me spend the $, so that was my biggest hurdle!
I am 17 days postop tonight; feeling pretty good. Have been housebound,other than doc appts. He wants me take it easy; doesn't want to have to drain me with a needle if I swell from over exerting.( 1st drain came out 1 week postoperative; 2nd, 11th day) the thoughts of a needle going into my stomach are daunting,to say the least! Going back tomorrow.hoping I can start walking around the block at least once a day.i hate just sitting! Stomach is very tight; hate the binder; incision,holes,belly button seem to be ok.my skin itches like mad! I'm putting aquaphor on incision and noes potion on holes and button. Glad I found this forum!
Your binder is prob too tight and making u itchy. Losses and give yourself a few mins away from it now and then. Rub Vaseline or a moisturizer on your tummy. As for walking - you should be walking. Sit when u get tired. Every day you will be able to do more. Tummy will get softer and you will miss it being tighter, lol. Would love to see some pics :)) Lisa
*loosen. Not losses.

Postoperative appt.

I went to the doctor on fri. ( tomorrow is 3 weeks PO) and he said I could stop the wound care,no more neosporin on belly button and tube sites,and to stop using aquaphor on stitches and switch to bio oil. Also,I'm to start massaging,which I did for the 1st time last night.im sure I'm being a wimp,but it feels so weird to massage the area and I'm afraid I'm going to hurt something.anyhow,think I'll also add vitamin e as a massage helper as well as the bio oil,since that helped tremendously with my thyroid scar years ago.
Hi Beachy56, I just replied to the message you sent me!
I felt like you about the massaging too. It will get better. I can't talk though. I can't stand to touch it much because of the odd feelings. I can feel a suture knot in the center of my belly and a ton of lipo bumps ick... But the lipo bumps are a pain that sometimes feels amazing to rub! I use bio oil and coconut oil as well as Vit E although I need to get more! Oh I use cocoa butter a lot too it helps with the itching! I have that too. I keep my binder as tight as possible.

almost 12 weeks po

well, I saw my ps today,1st time since 6 weeks. I had a good checkup, he's pleased the with scar and minimal swelling. says its normal to still be sore/tender where the muscle repair was done,which for me is all the way from the incision to the bra line. I'm to keep using bio oil on the scar and bb. now onto the bb: both he and the nurse seemed a little concerned upon seeing it. it's just a slit. he said it wasn't a scar tissue issue,and that if it doesn't work itself open eventually,he could do a little revision. in the meantime, I'm to put bio oil on my finger and massage it in there several times a day. when I got home, I did that (he did it in the office too) and I tried to stick a rolled up piece of gauze in there,and stuck a bandaid over it to hold it in place. i'll see if that helps. it doesn't look bad,just a little weird. I really don't want to have a revision on it. I asked about starting ab exercises,he said ok,but slow and easy. to tell the truth,with the soreness/tenderness in my abdomen,i'm not in any great hurry! so that's it. i'll see him next on my 5 month po date. thanks to all of you for being you and being there! have a great weekend!


p.s. did I say I love my doctor and his staff? they are wonderful and I would highly recommend them. I am so glad I found them!
Hey Hun I would love to see pictures of your progress. As you know we have similar things in common. My BB is being stingy too. I've put an ear plug in and I've taped it. It's working wonders since I can't fit a marble quite yet. I would try that for a few weeks if you can. I'll try and post pics of what my bb looked like a week ago and now. Hope everything else is going great for you :)
I never took before pics,didn't find this web site till 2 weeks po,and am not tech savvy at all! I just did take some pics for the 1st time,since you asked. I'll see if I can figure out to post them. Lol.
Lol. That's ok. Just thought we could compare journeys :)

4 mos. po

I'm a little over 4 months po.finally took some pics. they aren't very good,sorry. you can see how closed my bb is,though.
You look great... If you're not happy with your BB you can have that fixed in office. You may want to see a different surgeon who uses a different procedure. My surgeon does revisions on BB's all the time he says. He uses a different method...he doesn't sew all the way around. Look at mine to see what I'm talking about! Other than the BB you really look great! Scar is low and very thin!!
Thanks! I'll post an update with newer pics after my visit with him.
Will you be updating with photos soon? I'm curious as to how faded your incision is now. Mine is fading very slowly. It's very light first thing in the morning then darkens as the day progresses.

almost 9 mos.po

I saw the doctor today for the last time.he took my final pics today. I took my own when I got home.they aren't very good since I had to use my camera instead of my tablet.my tablet bricked because of the whole apple debacle.argh! anyway, I didn't realize it was going to be my last visit. I'm not overly thrilled with my belly button. he said it's coming along and the scar tissue will continue to soften if I'm vigilent with the silicone,etc. also,i was going to get a laser treatment today for the first time on my facial hair {mustache},but backed out after reading the disclosure statement. I wasn't ready to deal with all the possible side effects,honestly. wish there was a better solution to that problem!
I am repeating what I posted to your comment on my thread. On to Mexico! We should meet on the beach. We'll know each other from our flat stomachs! If you've not been to that resort before, you'll love it! Our resort is about a 30-40 minute walk south. At one point, closer to your resort is a big tilted tower in the water. It would be a good landmark to meet! Best wishes on the wedding!
Overall....very nice results!
Wow are you fit! I've seen a few others bb heal similarly. (If i remember who they are ill point you to them). I wonder if its more genetics than surgical approach. Wow! I need diet/exercise tips from you! Looking great!
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