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Not sure at the moment 6days post and I am...

Not sure at the moment 6days post and I am concerned with the darkness of my nipples and the blisters I have. my doctor said that this is normal and I will be fine. doesn't feel normal to me. Is this common after a implant removal? I have been advised to use polysporin. I had a Closed Capsulotomy preformed on me due to capsule contractions. In results I had complications due to the Closed Capsulotomu and that is was I had my implants removed. So far this as all been a nightmare. I a, just praying that what is going on with my nipples right now is normal.


I may be missing the date done where, but when did you have your plants removed?
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Sorry, that was suppose to say "some where?"
Ugh, " Implants removed "not plants. Stupid spell check. Sorry :)

Sorry I haven't posted anything. I have been...

sorry I haven't posted anything. I have been really depressed.Today I am furious upset and just want to ball my eyes out. I have both emotions and I am so upset :(. I can only pray that something will be able to be done for me in 6months. I just can't be left like this. So horrible. It's all I can think about. I am in tears. I am upset with my doctor for doing what he did and now how I have to live for the next 6months not knowing if I am able even going to be able to be fixed. I just oray that I am not going to be left like this. In tears


I am so sorry sweet girl :( I completely understand every emotion you are gong through. its so hard to be patient i know that from experience. I went through and am still going through what you are now. There's also another gal on here Reed69 that is going through the same thing.just remember all us girls on here are here for you. there is not an emotion your going through that i havnt had.Please look at my pics. It is fixable but it takes time, which i know really stinks.If you would like to send me a private message please feel free to do so :) Try and stay strong and keep yourself busy so as to help not to think about it. I know its always in the back of your mind.I would tape my favorite shows to watch or spend time with my friends.Just remember you always have a place to turn to with all these amazing strong women on here to talk to :) There's a song that a girl on here told me about called "stronger" by mandisa I use to Blair it while driving :)
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Any developments Natalie? XXX
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I'm so sorry you're going through all of this, Natalie. I wonder if it would be worth getting a second opinion, perhaps from a PS with significant explantation experience.
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Well I just added two more pictures. 3weeks post...

Well I just added two more pictures. 3weeks post op. I look like a monster! This has been a nightmare for me. Prayers of reconstructive surgery in 5 months.


Time will go by so quickly, you'll see. Don't despair, keep calm so that your mind stays clear and you're able to see and act clearly. I know it's hard, but you can do it. Just think that getting depressed doesn't fix anything, it only makes it worse. You have to prepare your mind and body for healing when the time comes to get your reconstructive surgery. If your mind is at peace, your body will heal better and faster ;o) Get yourself ready, because 5 months will be here in the blink of the eyes. I've done some research in the last few days to get myself ready. I'm sleeping better, eating healthier, learning Yoga and exercising in order to help my body respond positively when I need it to and I haven't been to my first appointment yet. I'm a very scary-cat, just thinking about surgery and the what if's gets me worked up so it helps me keep my mind focused on something besides what I'm dealing with and what's in my future. Do what you have to do, take care of what you have to take care of, but keep positively focused. Your situation is bad, but there are way worse cases with no hope. You have hope, it's not over for you, you'll be okay. Sending you positive vibes
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I am in the precess of filing my complaint now. I had to contact the Federation Of State Medical Boards and they have directed me on who I need to contact for a complaint in my state. I won't be going back to my doctor he is a liar and cuts corners!!! I am keeping alot of information out for a reason on here just in case. My patient care was so horrible I never thought a would be so tainted by a physician that I put my trust in as a patient. Ridiculous very upsetting.
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Dear Natalieswrld, I would highly suggest you not only seek out a PS and lawyer but to also report this "doctor" to the AMA as quickly as you can. Maybe you can prevent some other person from having this done by this "doctor". Prayers for a full recovery coming your way, PLEASE report this "doctor"
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Well guys I'm 30days out and I am not happy. My...

Well guys I'm 30days out and I am not happy. My scars look horrible and I still have stuff oozing out of me. I am so unhappy. Trying to find answers. This just can't be it! I have numbness still in the breast that has all of the damage. I went from having beautiful breast with no scars to this. Thanks Doc!


I also did see a doctor and he highly suggested that I do not have implants put in me again. So far seems that the only way to restore my breast tissue is by having fat cells injected into my breast. Total cost $50,000. :(
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Hi everyone sorry I have not posted been dealing with everything still. I have been going to doctors I had a mammogram done due to constant pain that I have been having in each breast. Turns out that I still have some fluid in each breast about 6cm to be exact and an inflamed lymph node. I have been referred to a breast surgeon. The good news is that I have insurance ..still having to pay for all of this though. Still pretty sad about everything. Saying my prayers. At this point I would love for the pain to go away. Its everyday. Hurts just to massage. I still do it ..mainly in the shower though. I hope and pray that everyone is doing well. I will update and send some more pics soon.
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How r u doing??
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Update Photo almost 6months since I had them removed

Not much change :-(


I'm so sorry for your complications. I explanted 7 weeks ago for health reasons. While I'm healing from the implant illness, my cosmetic outcome was horrible. I am deformed and depressed about it. I'm sure you know how I'm feeling. My pics are on here if you are interested. I hope you are doing better.
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Hope meds & massage make your fluid go away, at least the new surgeon will have some ideas. I have a smaller version of yours on my left boob....I was pretty flat to begin with, but since he had to dig the old implant out from the tangled mess it grew to inside, with my tissue, the bottom of my boob isn't perfectly rounded, it's more squared a little bit, which aims that one nipple downward....I suppose if I wanted to pay to have it repositioned, I could, but I haven't paid the explant off yet. I really like my surgeon & am sure he could fix it, but I don't have the loot to do it. I'm sure you look fine in a bra/comfy sports bra, so your main thing right now is to get rid of the infection in your lymph node....they surgeon could give you an antibiotic, maybe? The fluid supposedly goes away after a while, and with massage. Sorry you're hurting, though. Good luck & keep us posted. I STILL think it's worth it, even though I don't have my big fake knockers anymore...I'm happy this way!!
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