Aqua Lipo on Upper and Lower Abdomen and Side Flank Areas - Brentwood, TN

Amazed that it was so simple and seeing great...

Amazed that it was so simple and seeing great results at 3 weeks! Cant wait till another few months for the final result. Most pain was tenderness. That is all. Procedure was a piece of cake! I will get the before from the office! but on day 3 is pretty much my size. You do swell and im still a lil puffy. To be expected though.


Hey, glad it's working out for you. The improvement is epic. I've just had this treatment done (today). I'm worried the doctor didn't remove enough fat (600cc). I'm around 140, 5'6". Do you know how much fat your surgeon removed?
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No , I dont ... But i dont. You prob didnt have much to take at your lil size lol. Share some photos! Its even better today those last pics were from 4 weeks i am 6 now and He said i still will improve! im so excited!!!
This is the procedure I want to have done. I am so happy I found yours and that it is so new... Thank you for posting!
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6 week follow up 4/04/14

Looking better and better! I am so pleased with my results! The doctor said i was only at the half mark! He said i will continue to do better. I still have minor swelling. He said that is normal. He had me to get Biotin vitamin 5000 to 10,000 mcg per day. He said that is for hair skin and nails. he said it will help to improve tightening! You can get it at any vitamin store or even a supermarket that sell vitamins! Ask your Doctor if that can help you too!


Thanks for posting your experience and photos. I'm having the same procedure tomorrow at the same location and am reassured by your results.
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Thank you for posting from Brentwood TN. I live in Fairview and have been wanting to get something done for quite sometime. i am 38 years old with 3 children, I got discouraged working out because it seems that little pouch won't go away. i have been wanting to go to Nu Body Concepts for a consultation. I have 2 friends that did the liposuction and their stories scared me. One almost died from the anesthesia and the other one said it took her 6 weeks to heal with tubes hanging out of her and working for Publix, I don't have 6 weeks! Lol. Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm getting married soon so now I'm trying to figure out how to fit it in my wedding budget! :)
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What about the price? Is it lower or higher than regular lipo and how much per area was the price?
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Nubody concepts

Wonderful! The whole staff was great. I was more nervous of what they thought of my body than anything. They made me feel great!

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