24 Year Old 5ft 7 125lbs Having Overs 475cc with Mr Meleagros Transform Uk - Brentwood, GB

I've wanted breast surgery for two years!! And...

I've wanted breast surgery for two years!! And finally I've decided to do something about it!! I was a 30DD before my son & although now I wear a 30D bra they are very empty looking where the skin has stretched due to my milk coming in. I want them looking full & round again instead if droopy tea bags! So I've had my initial meeting with my surgeon MR meleageos, as many people have said he is very short & doesn't advise you much in terms of size of implant he says he prefers to do overs & as I have breast tissue explained they would hide the implant well! He recommended 525cc but I felt these were too big for my frame as I'm only a size 8? The patient co ord recommended weighing out uncooked rice & wearing them inside a sports bra to get an idea of weight & size to decided between 475cc & the 525cc he recommend! So going to go home & try this technique! Surgery is intislly booked for 4th September 2014 so plenty of time to get advice & blog about my worries! Anyone else had my surgeon??

Rice test!

So today has been spent doing the rice test which was recommended to me by the patient co ordinate - you weigh out grams of uncooked rice tie them in old tights & put them inside your sports bra! Gives an idea of weight & helps to decides between sizes. Not the most comfortable of experiments but did help me get some idea of implant size. I'm stuck between having 475cc & 525cc. Picture doesn't really show much difference between the two but 525 felt very heavy :/ just don't want to wake up & get boob greed & wish I'd of gone bigger!!
Hi there I'm also having mine done with transform with Mr khan I'm having 375cc in one breast and 340cc in the other as one is slightly smaller and over muscle aswel with allergen inpira responsive ultra high projection I'm a 34B at the moment and he said that will take me to a full D bit worried that they might look to round as I did want a really natural look! I'm getting mine done sept 13th I will try the rice test later on. What is your before stats?
I wear a 30D bra but tbh it's just skin in there now! No actual breat fat. Before my son I was a full lush 30DD - I'll find a picture & add it onto the review but when my milk drained it just took everything away with it leaving me with what I like to call my empty tea bags! I originally had de khan booked for 3rd august but he cancelled two pre op consultations with me with no excuse other than there wasn't enough reason for him to travel to norwixh to see just me! So now I'm with me meleagros! Rice test helped me feel the extra weight but it's so hard to know what shape they'll come out? Have you tried the chixken fillets on in the transform clinic? They are made by allergan & gave me a much better idea of size but obviously you can't take them home with you so rice it is from now on! Xxx

My old boobs!

Before I has my son these are the wonderful breast I used to own! This isn't a push up bra & they were a healthy 30DD! Hoping to achieve this fullness post op!

Wish pix!

Found this picture today which shows exactly what I want to come out with! These are 475cc HP round :)

Deposit PAID!!!

so today i put down my deposit and applied for 0% finance through transform. whole process took less the 5 minutes & the patient co ord was lovely lovely lovely!! surgery is booked for 4th septemeber!!!!! I have my clinic nurse appointment booked for next thursday & im seeing my surgeon again on 27th august for final talks :) so excited but so nervous now!!!

Boobs boobs & more boobs!

So today I'm spending my day looking at boobs!! Still can't decide wether 475cc is big enough!! 525 just seems too greedy lol but I want the saggy skin I've got filled up and nice & right! So many decisions!
Hi hun how did your surgery go? I hope it all went well and you are loving the results!! I have only a week tomorrow to go. I had my pre op today I'm feeling very nervous now!
Hey! I'm home now! Had my op at 2 yesterday afternoon! I'm so swollen but the nurse surgeon & team were fantastic!! Kept me calm the whole time. Currently my boobs are massive! I had 525 inspira soft put in each one & I've only had a peek so far but I'm a little worried that I've got stretch marks where they've swollen so much :( good luck with yours! Xxxxx
Wow thats brilliant im so pleased for you I bet you are so happy with them was you nervous before you went in? I'm worried about stretch marks too I have them already but they look wrinkled where loose skin is so hopefully they wont look as noticeable. I've only a week left now I can't believe its finally happening! I'll let you know how mine goes thank you and I hope you have a smooth recovery keep us posted on how you are getting on xx
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