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I am in the thick of a Lumineers nightmare right...

I am in the thick of a Lumineers nightmare right now that you need to read about before making the decision to do Lumineers. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes. I want to start off by saying I own some of the fault since I did not research the procedure and the dentist well enough. Having said that I placed my trust in the dentist and what she said, which should have been enough.

I had 8 Lumineers placed on my upper teeth right before New Years and had planned to do 4 more on the bottom. I chose Lumineers for the sales pitch of "2 easy visits, no drilling, no pain" and boy was that false advertisement! In my first visit I suffered through an hour of drilling on my 12 natural teeth to roughen the surface so the Lumineer will adhere to it. They not only roughened the surface of my teeth, they shaved some down a bit as well. Nothing major but definitely took some outer tooth off. After the upper Lumineers came in I sat through the initial application that took over 2 hours, half of which was spent drilling and shaving the new Lumineers down. They went in and literally looked like horse teeth. They were huge and stuck out well over my bottom lip. All of them were cemented together like one big tooth. I felt like they carved them out of a bar of soap! The first look at them left me in complete shock, to which the dentist said “we’re nowhere near done – I have to shape them now”. I thought there was no drilling! I thought you get the impressions done and send them to a lab so they come back exactly how they should be – no drilling, no shaping. Needless to say the first visit I sat through was about 1 ½ hours of drilling that left me with these huge teeth two days before my NY Eve party. I left her office sobbing out of control.

She scheduled a follow up visit to remove the cement that fused my Lumineers together and shape them more. After over 2 hours of drilling and shaving of the Lumineers, not to mention some of my natural teeth again, I decided to walk away. There was no way it should take so much drilling after putting them in. Don’t they come ready to put in? The shape is definitely not right now and I’ll never have a good bite if I don’t fix them. Sadly I could not find any other cosmetic dentists in this area that work with Lumineers so I’m in a tough situation. I saw another more reputable cosmetic dentist and have been told to take them all out and go with Veneers. He indicated the gumline is wrong, the shape is terrible and there is no way to repair the damage. To be fair he is trying to sell services as well so I have another appointment this week for a second opinion. Now I have to start a legal battle to get my money back so I can have the funds to fix my teeth, this time with Veneers. I hate that I am starting this nightmare all over again with the added cost this time of removing my damaged Lumineers.
I hope my experience is helpful to you and that you do what I didn’t do – ask a ton of questions and do a lot of research on your dentist. Nobody should have to go through what I went through.

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Since I am starting a legal process with mine I'd prefer not to add her name. I may come back later and do so.

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Keep in mind the dentist tellign me it was a health risk was trying to sell me services but basically he said they should not have to shave a lot off of them. A little shaping is normal to make sure the gap in between is clear and they are lined up but when you shave them too much there is a protective coating that gets removed. He also said the edges were showing at the gum line. They should not be showing as that leaves a gap for plaque to get in and cause gum desease, cavities, etc. He was right - I could see it. He was the dentist I went with for veneers and he didn't have to shave much and the edges were under the gumline so it looks more natural. If I could figure out how to post pix on this site I would show you the picture with lumineers versus with veneers and it tells the whole story. In the end I wish I never did it but I do get tons of compliments now so at least I have that.
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This was my original post so I wanted to follow up with the latest. After a lot of stress and tears I finally had all of my lumineers removed. I was able to get some of the money back from the previous dentist since I had two reputable dentists say they were put in wrong, they were too large, they were a health risk and they should not have shaved all of the protective coating off of them. I went through hell once again to get veneers but they look natural and I get lots of compliments about my smile now. Of course after all the work I had done the pain lasted about 6 months but has finally subsided after over a year with some rare days where they just hurt for no reason. Had I to do it again I would have staying with my stained teeth, put the $20k towards a new car and continued with crest strips. Good luck everyone.
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Thank you so much for posting this follow up. It is so helpful to hear how things work out in the long run. I'm really sorry to hear things didn't go smoother for you, but am happy to hear you are liking the veneers you have in now.

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now you have me scared , why were they a health risk? They shaved mine down too, as they were too boxy,as attested to by the dentist on this site. So what was they health thing? I agree, I wish I never did it. My mouth is beginning to hurt and the teeth are so bulky still they cut my lip- nightmare, but too sick to deal with it.
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It just gradually started. I have diabetes
Which he thinks is linked to it. Ok then
Why are the others not doing it? All he
Did is fit me with invisilign and tell me
To come back in 4 weeks to tighten it.
You would not believe how much it hurts
To wear this, plus I havent worn it now for
A week and they are still killing me. Today
I bit into a boiled egg and that even hurt.
I feel like having all my teeth pulled and get
Dentures. Another thing they are not real
White at all. Look kinda dingy.
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I had lumineers put on 8 of my top teeth in 2007.
I now have an ugly space between my two
Front teeth. Can't bond to lumineers per
My dentist. Says I have some bone loss and
Put a invisilign on my top to try and push
Them back together. This is very painful.
I'm PISSED!!! I paid 15,000 for this crap.
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why did you get the space and what caused the bone loss?
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I had Lumineers put on and it was a nightmare. They were like horse teeth and hurt all the time. I have never cried so much in my life. I went to another cosmetic dentist to get them reviewed and hopefully shaped and he said they had to come out! I got a THIRD opinion with the same recommendation. After removing them and putting in veneers they look great but of course I am now $20k in the hole for the whole thing. Research your dentist well. I thought I had but lesson learned.
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my eye tooth one on the left doesn't fit right. It fell off once in the early days. I had had enough dentistry by that point so I told him just to put it back on and I would deal with it later. It is still on, it kind of hits the inside of my top lip. But I am still sick of dentists, so it is still there.
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I just wanted to say that I was reading these reviews to see if anyone else had issues with lumineers falling off. I had my six front top teeth done about five years ago and I had a great experience, I have been absolutely in love with them!! But my one eye tooth on the right side has fallen off twice, and I didn't know if this was a common thing to happen, does anybody know how many times the dentist will replace them or is it dependant on the dentist?

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I just wanted to say that I was reading these reviews to see if anyone else had issues with lumineers falling off. I had my six front top teeth done about five years ago and I had a great experience, I have been absolutely in love with them!! But my one eye tooth on the right side has fallen off twice, and I didn't know if this was a common thing to happen, does anybody know how many times the dentist will replace them or is it dependant on the dentist?
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WOW. After reading all of these negative reviews I have just called and cancelled my appointment for consultation on getting lumineers. I'm going to go back to my dentist and get the work done on my teeth that is needed. It sounds to me like having my own teeth fixed would be considerably cheaper too. So glad I decided to research these first as I was 1 day away from my appointment. I am very sorry for all of you who have gone through such horrible experiences with these but I do want to THANK YOU FOR POSTING and saving me from going through this nightmare. THANK YOU and GOOD LUCK to all of you who are dealing with this right now.
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I think that you made the right decision. I had tried zoom and lots of other things first. I don't totally regret it, but I think that better technology will come along as well as more dentists with more experience. I had a friend years ago who had very yellow, almost brown teeth. She was an amazing woman, very intelligent and always taking classes. This is a superficial thing to say, but I was very distracted by her teeth. I always wondered why she didn't have them bleached or cleaned up. No I realize that maybe they were like mine, naturally yellow and then further stained with age ( she was in her late 70s, I am in my 60s) So I think that memory also played a part in my choice. I really do enjoy seeing the white smile in pictures of me (and it isn't the "whitest Jessica Simpson color) but they look so clean and unlined. My teeth had etched lines in them and were very almost scalloped on the bottom. Of course that looks more "natural " for someone my age, but also nasty-natural. So I am going to have the dentist (who I like my dentist) pare them down a bit more when I feel I am ready, but in the meantime, they don't look totally stupid and as I said, it is a trade off. I have so many friends my age with no dental insurance who are missing teeth and have temporary ones that look terrible , so if I were younger, I would definitely wait for better technology, but for me, I think it was an okay trade off.
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Hi, I am to going through a lumineers nightmare. I believe its the dentist not the product. I had mine put on 5 years ago and with in 2 weeks my top 2 fell out while I was brushing my teeth. Since then all 8 4 on top and 4 on bottom have fallen out and broke over 6 times a piece. No lie. They are brwon and stained and 5 of them have cracks in them. Last year one of them wouldnt stop cracking off and falling out so I have a temp tooth in its place waiting STILL to see whats going on. Its awaful. My before smile was 10 times better then what it looks like now. I wont even laugh or smile because I dont want anyone to see my teeth. I paid $12,000 for my front top and bottom 8 teeth. I emailed the company and hopefully they can all be replaced

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I still wish that I had my own old teeth. I paid more, and have had fewer problems. My dentist put on on that isn't right over a year ago. He said he would get another one if I didn't like it, but I was so sick of dentists. They are ok, but you can't really bite into an apple or eat corn in the same way. They are much whiter than my old teeth which I like and my kids love, but they are bigger and squarer too. Less opaque looking. They don't look totally fake and I am ok with them, but they are NOT contact like lenses for your teeth . They are ham-fisted an bulky, but I agree If I were willing to let my dentist do more , they would be better--not fine, but at least as good as my own teeth and much whiter. So it is an expensive wash really. Nothing whitened my teeth before, so I traded bulkier teeth that are white from old people teeth that were easier to use, looked more natural, but were embarrassingly stained yellow.
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Hi Annie, thanks for all your comments; I noticed as I have been watching the HDTV shows and movies how obvious some lumineers are on actors, thus I decided against my desire to have White Teeth not to mess with them as I certainly don't want to suffer like you did/are and the price is insane! Thanks again for helping me with my decision and please keep us all in touch with lumineers, information from people is really HELPFUL and so APPRECIATED! SY
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Oh dear, I'm so sorry Lahigirl, I can't get over how much money lumineers cost, not to mention the pain! I think the dentist, like you wrote is the problem. However, you should get some compensation as $12,000 is almost like buying a car! I hope you will us updated and thank YOU so much for your insight because we can all learn if we listen. And, trust me, I'm not only reading, but I'm listening too. Blessings to you and I hope you Smile soon. Thanks, SY
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My goodness, I was really into having my teeth done to avoid staining, but I think I'm going to pass...
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Oh, I wanted to ask a question if somebody doesn't mind answering? Do the Lumineers look like Hilary Duff's original set? Like a horse smile before she had them redone? Thanks for any help :) SY214
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If you're happy with your teeth and just want to keep them bright, I am a HUGE fan of Crest White Strips. I don't drink coffee, but am addicted to Diet Coke and love red wine. But I still get lots of comments on how white my teeth are! Can't recommend them enough. 

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Hi Makenzie, I tried the Crest White Strips, but they didn't work, I think I'll just stick to cleaning from my dentist because I don't need straightening.... It's just I'd look them to look BRIGHT all the time, but am worried about enamel corrosion (Can't Spell) which is why I wanted to know about Lumineers..... however, I guess they are for correction? I don't know?
*Scratches head and wonders* :)
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I am getting used to the lumineers. I do get compliments on them. My jaw however is out of whack now because of my occlusion being off,I had them really shaved down and cut down. I was really regretting them until a friend was over and we were looking at old pictures. I saw my old teeth, and ugh, they were so yellow, I had tried zoom, and strips and everything. I think if I were going to do it again, which I wouldn't, I would do less at a time, even if it meant looking weird for a while. I did 14 at once. 7 down and 7 top. So, they are a bit thick, you don't bite into an apple normally after you have them because the biting surface is thick? My teeth are much better looking than they were. period.
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Hi Annie, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us all - much appreciated. I too, tried Zoom, it did nothing but hurt my gums. 14 teeth at the same time? Wow! You are quite an expert so pardon my asking, but aside from the apple biting have you felt any difference, like speech etc? Please let us know. Thanking you in advance :)
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I am still sort of conflicted, but overall, it looks better I think. I don't wear the nightguard which messed up my bite, so my bite has gone back to not popping my jaw. They definitely are bigger than your own teeth. So be prepared for that, but the can certainly be shaped and mine have been somewhat. They need more shaping but I am not ready for more dental work. SO they can't be that bad right? They are not white white white, but one of my kids noticed right away and loved them. I also got a bridge at the same time and it is still an annoyance, but they don't effect my speech since they were reshaped and they look cleaner and younger by far (I am in my 60s) than my own teeth. Now I look a the teeth of my friends who are my age and they look aged and yellow. SO it is a trade off.
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Hi Annie, I agree with you, I wouldn't want them White White either as the teeth untreated would not match... Wow! I'm still realing from the shock of how much it costs and so not ready to pay so much and then getting a great dentist who knows what to do is even more harder than the dent in one's wallet! So frustrating, but am happy to read you don't wear the nightguard and your bite is not popping; I'm wondering if this procedure is just too new? Sitting here confused... SY
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