3 1/2 months Photo update: Running and still going strong

I'm 5'3" with a bra size of 36E and...

I'm 5'3" with a bra size of 36E and like most of you I have had large breast for most of my life. I did't mind them when I was younger but after breast feeding 2 children and here we are 15 years later and ... well... they GREW even bigger and DROPPED !?! So now they just get in the way of me wearing what I want, bra shopping is a big hassle and not to mention when running I need to double up on bras to get the support I need. I have been thinking about getting a BR for about 5 years but always thought it would be out of the question because of the costs associated with it. Now for about 3 years I have been experiencing off & on again shoulder, neck and back pain but never had thought that this could be because of my large breasts. I went to a therapist for about a year with some relief but never feeling a 100%.My story now goes back to Dec/2011 when I had a mammo/ultrasound done for a routine physical, where they found a mass. I was then refered to a surgeon for further follow up where it was then discovered that it was a Fibroadenoma (benign mass) to my relief. She then proceeded to ask me if I ever consider having a breast reduction because of my breast size being much larger then my frame. She also asked if I experience any shoulder, back pain (to both I answered YES) I then asked if our provinical health insurance would cover it and she said yes in most cases. So on Jan 31 /2012, I had my consult with my PS. I was told I would probably be a D but that is only an estimate. I was told to set up an date for the operation that day because I would have no problem getting covered by our government health insurance - OHIP. They had a cancelation for Feb 16/2012 if I wanted that date I could have it. And I was thinking to myself but wait a minute that's in about 2 weeks, I need some time to process this! I wasn't expecting it to go this quickly (I was thinking about 2-3 mons plenty of time to mull it over). I asked if there was another time available and she said April 5, so I quickly said I'll take it! So now my date is set for April 5/2012 this will give me time to get ready and to get use to the idea. Or it may give me to much time to go back and further with should I or shouldn't I. I just have to keep telling myself "Worth It"


Hi Rosie! Welcome to RealSelf. My opinion...it is TOTALLY WORTH IT! I'm not even as small as I wanted to be and it has made an incredible difference. I hadn't run since I was a child, but now I'm on the treadmill every day and believe it or not, I'm actually enjoying it! And I have had several doctors tell me that women who have had a reduction have a much lower chance of getting a breast cancer. And besides all of that...I feel good about how my breasts look now! Anytime you start having doubts, just remember how you feel when your back and neck are arching. It is amazing that I wasn't sure how it felt not to have a stiff neck until after the surgery! Good luck!
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Hello Iowa71, Thanks for your encouraging words. I'm glad to hear how happy you are and to hear you have no regrets, will keep your advice in mind when I start having doubts.

I have been shopping over the past week or so for...

I have been shopping over the past week or so for sports bras, body pillow , pillow with arms to sit up in bed/support, button up PJ's, hoodies . I'm contemplating on buying silicone scar sheets...what do you think?... do they work? ..they are expensive. I'm so glad we have a place like this that we can talk to women who know exactly what we are feeling and going through. You have given me alot of encouragement and advise.

I have a supportive husband and luckily my procedure is scheduled on the Thursday and being Good Friday the next that will give us a long weekend so I'll have help for a longer period. I also have 2 daughters oldest 15 and the youngest 14 thankfully they are old enough that they are self efficient and can also help around the house.


Hi Rosie, are you scared? I think I'm thinking about it way too much! I went to day to look for some sports bras that have front closures but I didn't have any luck, I even started crying in the cereal aisle of Target :( Not my proudest moment, but I needed to release, I've been a mess lately. I just want 4/5 to hurry up and get here.
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Everything you said are all things that are taking over my brain. I have been so snappy with my boyfriend lately, and he is super supportive, so I know I shouldn't be, I explained to him last night how much stress I'm feeling, and that's when the indecision comes in, and you're right, it's all about fear of the unknown for me. You and your hubby enjoy that getaway and I will absolutely keep in touch:)
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Hi Rosie, I'm April 5, and my emotions are all over the place. I stood in this shop today and looked in the mirror questioning if I really need the procedure, sigh. I haven't been sleeping well at all. Anyhow, I need to take a deep breath and go get a massage.
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Today is day 10, I'm starting to get excited the...

Today is day 10, I'm starting to get excited the closer I am getting to the date. Now and then the nerves set in but now they are fewer then before and I'm thinking this is a go sign being that I don't have much time anymore to feel anything differently. I sometimes go through my mental check list of things I still need to do but unfortunately it's all last minute things like stocking the house up with food, cleaning, making sure the bills are paid, making sure I'm up-to-date at the office, so it's just a waiting game for now.


Way to go Iowa! It's nice to see you got right back on the treadmill. I hope I can get back on the treadmill just as easy as you did. Take care
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You will be tender for a while with the lipo. I am still a lil sore but my bruises are gone. I did not watch a video of lipo but I heard it is pretty scary to watch, they are not gentle. Lipo for me was more painful then the BR itself.
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Hello Iowa, I don't know much about lipo but it's hard to image why it's more painfull then the BR operation itself? I hope you will be satisfied with your results so you don't have to go through that again. Well I have a week left and that's about all I can think about. I'm pretty excited! Did you hear that because it wasn't to long ago I was scared to death about the whole idea. Take care of yourself :-)
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I got a call today around 5:00 pm from the PS...

I got a call today around 5:00 pm from the PS office to tell me there would be a DELAY on my procedure tomorrow, well you can imagine I how I felt to hear those words. Luckily, within the next sentence she proceeeded to tell me that my procedure would be delayed an hour so I should check in for 11:00 a.m and the procedure scheduled for 1:00 p.m. Phew.... that was close. Well, the house is stocked up with food, and spotless so I'm ready to get the show on the road. I would like to thank you Ladies for all your encouragement and advice leading up to this day and I'm very happy to have a place like this to go to for support. I'm sure I will continue to need support/advice during my healing period. If you could please send me along tomorrow with some good vibes that would be greatly appreciated. Take care.


This is it, Rosie! I'm so excited for you. I hope and pray that everything will go smoothly for you, that your surgery will not be more than the hour delay, and that you will awaken to find your transformation all that you hoped for. I will be anxious to hear from you when you feel up to it. Take it easy and get plenty of rest and know that we will all be here cheering you on!
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Thanks Viva, I appreciate that. Take care.
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Good Luck! Sending good thoughts your way!
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Hello ladies, I'm official on the other side .....

Hello ladies, I'm official on the other side ...yay. I'm feeling pretty good, mild to no discomfort for now but I'm on tylenol 3's so that helps. I have been throwing up from time to time depending on how much I move around, things start to spin around, other then that I'm doing well. Will write again tomorrow I'm feeling a little foggy right now.


You were right about the time calculations, but I got delayed again. She ran about a half hour late, so it was after 1:30 when she came in to talk to me and to her drawings on my breasts. Thanks again for your prays I think it helped. How are you doIng these days Iowa? Take care :-)
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Glad to hear that you are doing well. I remember that exact feeling on dizziness and nausea. Try and get some good rest.
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Hello Sherry, thanks again for your nice thoughts. I know that part isn't much. Take care. :-)

For the past 2 weeks I had finally felt confident...

For the past 2 weeks I had finally felt confident that I was making the right decision and was looking forward to getting my procedure done. (Thursday) I started off in the morning feeling pretty good until it was time to say goodbye to my girls who were going off to school. As soon as they left I got all sentimental and broke into tears. Was I making the right decision? Wonder if the worst happens, how will they cope? I still have time to cancel if I want too! Crazy stuff like that ran through my mind. Luckily my husband was around to calm me right down and brought me back to my senses. He always said it was my decision and he would support what ever I wanted to do he also had to remind me of all the reasons why I wanted this. I told him that I was ready to go for it and just needed a good cry,so off we went to the hospital.

My procedure was scheduled for 1:10pm but my PS was running late from the procedure that was scheduled before me so it was about 1;30 when she finally saw me to have our last minute talk and for her to do her drawings on my breasts. It was about 2;45 when she had spoken to my husband to tell him all went well and to tell him that she had taken roughly 1 pound from the right breast and a little over 1 pound from the left. (will get the exact amount taken on my post op visit)

My PS called today (Friday) to see how I was doing and to tell me that I could have a shower if I wanted too, so I did. She also arranged a Home Care Nurse to come to check my dressing and my drains today. She is to come back on Monday, hopefully by then my drains will be ready to be taken out if not she is to return every 3 days until that happens (or sooner if my drains are ready to be removed before then)
I'm doing pretty good so far not alot of pain its more discomfort then anything.

Well take a picture as soon as my drains are removed. Take care.


Hi Rosie, I was hoping to get on here to wish you luck before your surgery :o( Sorry I didn't work and my 2 year old are keeping me super busy these days. I'm glad to hear you did well and only had mild discomfort afterwards. Nausea and vomitting, sucks though, I'm concerned about that too because I had some after my c-section with my son! Can't wait to see updated pictures. Sending good vibes your way for a fast and healthy recovery. Rest and Relax and take care!
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Hi Mel, Thanks for the good vibes. I'm doing good so far the nausea finally past. I was pretty thirsty and hunger by the end of the day, I couldn't keep anything down the whole day. I'm finding that sleeping is a challenge. How are you feeling these days your time is just around the corner.
Rosie, Glad to hear all went well. Rest and relax and take care of yourself!
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Well it's day 2 and it's official my rating is...

Well it's day 2 and it's official my rating is WORTH IT! I'm pleased with the size and the shape of my breast. They are still swollen and they still have to settle into their final shape but I'm glad that I followed through with it. I know there were times that I was scared and hesitant but I am truly glad that I told myself to "Just Go For It!"

I will post "After "photos as soon as my drains are removed.


Hi Rosie, feeling pretty good about upcoming surgery after hanging around here and hearing the great reviews. I of course have my good days and bad....where I think...am I sure I need this?? But overall the closer it gets the more I feel it's exactly what I need :o)
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I am ok. Good days and bad. Wore a bra today with no underwire. Still a little tender underneath so not real comfy. Unlike everybody else on here I hate bra shopping. Having body issues. Need to lose the belly! Still happy with my decision though.
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Hello Viva, You look great! Don't forget that. You have to stay positive. I still have to climb some hurdles right now I'm on the up swing but I'm sure I will also get frustrated when I see things are not going quite to my expectations. Happy Easter! Happy thoughts! =0)

Day 4 post op, drug free, pain free yahhh. In...

Day 4 post op, drug free, pain free yahhh. In hindsight I don't know what I was so worried about? Today the home care nurse came to check my lollipop incision and drains. She said that there are no signs of infection and my incisions and nipples have good colour. She was quite impressed how good they looked which was reassuring to me to have a third party's opinion other than my husband's. Her next visit is on Thursday which will be a full week from my surgery.
Tomorrow I will be calling the Doc's office to set up my 2 week post op appointment (couldn't call today because closed for holiday) I will also confirm the minium amount of liquid required to have the drains removed. I am pretty eager to get them out because I can only shower on the days that a nurse comes for a visit because the gauze gets wet around the drains therefore they need to be changed afterwards. On the days I don't a have nurse visiting I am giving myself a sponge bath which is by far not as exciting then a refreshing shower.
Has anyone experience hiccups following their surgery? I had hiccups constantly for the first 2 days straight, then I goolged it hiccups were a reaction to the anesthesia.
My energy levels are pretty normal I don't know if it was because I was on Iron pills for the past 6 months which helps to prevent anemia.
Take care ladies and best wishes to any up and coming surgeries.


Sounds like everything is going about as perfect as possible for you Rosie! You will be set completely free once those drains are gone! Enjoy that shower :-)
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Hello Iowa, I am so glad I did this. Do you remember how scared and hesitate was? What a nut I was! I am so happy with the results! You can see by my before picture that my breasts were so big, and saggy ... and who knows where my nipples were? I think they were on the floor somewhere? Now they are smaller and so much more perkier. I will be honest with you even when I was younger and without even breast feeding children my breasts were never perky. So to see them like I should have seen them when I was younger it's so THRILLING!!!! I guess I'm over looking all the bad stuff because I'm so darn happy that I did it. I would like to thank you again for helping me get perspective on what I really needed to do for myself.
The nurse came today to find out that my drains are not ready to be taken out.. rats.... she said they will be ready to be taken out for tomorrow. So one more day of sponge baths. So I guess tomorrow you will find out if you are going back for more lipo. My fingers are crossed for you on whatever you decide to do. Please keep in touch to let me know what you decided on. Take care.

I am so thrilled that you are so happy! I have thought about you so much and hoped that you would feel this good about it. I figured I would be on the top of your *@!% list if you weren't happy! So I laughed out loud when I read that your nipples use to be "on the floor somewhere" Loved it!

What a bummer about the drains, but hey, it's just one more day. You waited this long to have the boobs any young girl would envy, you may as well give them that extra day to drain as much as possible. And my boys would tell you that showers are over-rated anyway :-)

I was shocked the first time I bent over in the shower to shave my legs and I didn't have a large swinging breast to hide that roll on my tummy! I didn't know that had been hiding there all along! That is one reason I started the running. I hit my 20 minute mark today so after this week or next I think I may try alternating days with pilates, but will have to do at home as we don't have a gym anywhere near here.

Let me know how you do with the drains tomorrow and I will be in touch with what my PS says at my appointment.

7 Days Post Op. Today I had my drains removed, ......

7 Days Post Op. Today I had my drains removed, ... Yahooo... oh what a feeling to finally be free!

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Day 7 Post Op Today I had my drains removed......

Day 7 Post Op Today I had my drains removed....yahoo....Oh, what a relief it is to be free..... with an extra bonus of smaller and way perkier breasts! They now have a bit of bruising that just started about a day ago and some swelling but still not to bad. I have some mild discomfort but most of the pain comes from where the drains use to be. Glad that I can now shower like the rest of the human race.


Wow! They look great!
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Thanks Mel, your time is coming very soon. Take care and try not to stress to much about it.
You look half your old size!
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Day 9 & 10: We own a business and one of my...

Day 9 & 10: We own a business and one of my responsiblities is payroll and being Friday yesterday I had to go into the office to do the paychecks, READY to back to work or NOT. I only went in for 1/2 the day, then to Walmart to get a better supporting sports bra and that was enough to make Friday so far my worst day for pain and feeling generally like CRAP. By the evening I ached all over almost feeling like I had the flu. It's funny by day 3 you feel like super woman. Look at me...look at all the energy I have ... I can take on the world and I just had surgery ! Then you stop taking your pain medication and you soon learn that you can't do everything without feeling it later on.
I ran out of Tyenol 3 's so I'm now using extra strength Tyenol but I find that I have to take 3 at a time inorder for them to be effective. So I have learned from yesterday to take it easy and slow down. My breasts are not what hurts oddly enough it's more where the drains use to be. I'm now experience those famous " zingers" which means that the body is healing itself (nerves are regenerating themselves), so I can't complain about that.
Sleeping has it's moments, I find that sleeping on the couch is better then in my bed so far. I find that if I prop myself up with a few pillows against the arm of the couch it helps support my upper body and with the back of the couch it keeps me in place. I'm thinking about trying my bed again tonight and I'm going to use a body pillow to see if that helps.
I have my 2 week follow up appointment with the Doc on Wednesday, will ask her the amount she had taken out. I didn't have a chance to speak to her yet to get any details of the surgery. Will post pictures when the steristrips are taken off on Wed.
Take care of yourselves ladies.


Wow, looks great! Can I ask how many grams they removed from each breast? Insurance wants 460g each from mine (5'4", 165 lbs, 32H).
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Thanks Gaby, 418g was taken from the right and 458g from the left. Good luck!
Hey Rosie, was just reading that you enjoy running too, try to remember please, to keep me updated when you are allowed to start back at it...something I'm definiteloy worried about...gym, running etc....grrrr...im going to be a blob after all the hard work getting it off :(
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I'm on day 15 now and life is back to normal for...

I'm on day 15 now and life is back to normal for me. I'm back to work, and I maybe able to do the house work, but I have been thinking I might still MILK, that ... "But I can't do the house work" to my daughters for a bit longer, I figure why not I gave them life .

I had my 2 week post op appointment the other day. My steritapes were removed and she said that everything is healing just nicely. A little bruising and swelling only on the right side where the drain was , some nipple sensation, incisions are dry/good colour and they are softening up into a normal shape.

I asked if I could do any light physical activities (such as a stationary bike (at a slow pace), yoga & pilates) before the restricted period of 5 weeks and she said yes... as soon as I feel pain I should stop... fair enough. I was real glad to hear that because I'm starting to feel pretty blobby here and summer is just around the corner. Before this I would run between 4-5 times a week and being off for these 2 weeks is killing me.

By Day 9, I switched over from sleeping on the couch to my bed which was a pleasant surprise that I did very well there and I even managed to sleep on my side for the first time. I'm only able to sleep on my left because my right is still tender and a little swollen from where the drain use to be. Needless to say sleeping is a much better experience now that I have at least 2 positions to work with now.

Take care of yourselves, ladies.

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Oh by the way I forgot to include the total amount...

Oh by the way I forgot to include the total amount removed, just got that the other day when I saw my PS : Left breast @ 458g
Right breast @ 418g


Sounds like everything is right on track, Rosie! You keep those kids waiting on you for a couple of more weeks. It is good for them...and good for you (we moms have to stick together!)
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Yes, we should band together! We can start up another forum site called " Mothers Unite" :o)

I love it! We can all share our secrets and teach each other how to get our kids to do what we want and creative discipline! I think it would be a huge success!

Well I hit day 23, and I feel great. Pretty much...

Well I hit day 23, and I feel great. Pretty much all reminders that I surgery 23 days ago are gone. At least the physical signs are gone for the most part but the visual signs are still there like the scars. I have all range of motion without feeling pain or even that stinging/tightness you feel when reaching out to far. This week I have also been sleeping on both of my sides.. what a relief that is.

My incisions are now completely closed and all my stitches are dissolved. I also started to massage my incisions with Scar Zone 3 times daily (morning, late afternoon & evening) for about 5-10 mins. My husband has graciously offered his services to do the evening application ... ..bless his heart.
But seriously he has been so supportive and a big help during this whole process from the beginning to not quite the end. He loves how they look and loves to see how happy and sexy they make me feel. I absolutely love them and I couldn't be any happier.

Well, this week I got back to the gym 3 times, it was nice to get active again. Since I would normally run but can't for another 2 weeks, I decided that the stationary bike would be the next best thing. I thought this would be a good cardio workout without the bouncing and jarring. (was okayed by my doc) I felt pretty good.. nothing hurt, and I even broke out in a sweat. Hooray..life is back to normal again.


Hi Rosie! Just checking in to see how things are going at the gym? Hope you're not accelerating things too quickly, but dying to know how it's going. You're sort of my canary down the well......in the nicest possible sense of the expression!
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That's GREAT news! I used to be very dismissive about stationary bikes, until we got one. I was absolutely amazed at the workout you can get when you work it...and without moving anything above your waist. I suspect that you aren't going to need too much ramp-up time when you can run again. You know how the first run after a break is always a brute? I bet this time won't be a lot different than that, except you'll be lighter both physically and mentally. SO happy for you (and, selfishly and eventually me) that you are back to some cardio a little after three weeks post-op! I'm sure you're feeling a ton better too, sweating again!

And you're absolutely right; I want to move this process along and at least change the type of anxiety and waiting that I'm doing. Right now it's limbo. But I know it will happen. (Just not fast enough!!)

So glad you're feeling as well as you are!
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^^ GP appointment...sorry.
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5 1/2 Weeks: Going back to Nov/2011... (hopefully...

5 1/2 Weeks:
Going back to Nov/2011... (hopefully I can make this quick for you all) as previously written waa..ay at the top of my review I had a scare going back to Nov/ 2011 when a Fibroadenama (benign mass about 1 cm long) was discovered in my left breast. During that time my Oncologist Surgeon recommended that we would just keep an eye on it and had an ultrasound booked in 6 months ( May 10 2012) to see how it was doing. If it remains the same size and it doesn't bother me that we would leave it alone but if it was to grow too large and started to cause any discomfort to me then the mass would have to be removed.

May 10, 2012 - I went to the same hospital that my BR procedure was done at to have my follow up ultrasound. I had told the technician that I had a breast reduction just 5 weeks ago at this very hospital just because I knew she would be wondering about seeing the scars. As I joke I told her that I was hoping during the BR that maybe the mass was removed. ( the mass was located , say if you were looking down at your breast and the top was 12:00 and going clockwise it would be located at the 2:00 mark - by the arm pit) By it's location I wasn't sure if the PS would go that far to the side to remove tissue. To make a long story short she couldn't find it during the ultrasound then remembering that the operation was done at the same hospital, she then referred back to the pathology report from the BR to see that it was indeed REMOVED. How great is that? I go in for a breast reduction and I come out with a lump free (more importantly cancer free !!! ), smaller, perkier, new and improved breasts!

All and all everything is back to normal no tenderness at ALL with any presssure applied to my breasts, no swelling, all that is left from the procedure is the scars, their appearance are now more flatten out with a slight redness, we are still (husband and I) are still applying Scarzone daily.

The past few weeks I have ramped up my workout at the gym to the Elliptical machine and stairmaster/climber, the workouts are more intense then the stationary bike with a bit more bounce, it's all baby steps with the end goal of running next week! Oh.. and I even got on the weights but again just working on the legs maybe next week I can start on the arms and abs again. I'm super excited about running with my new breast size. How liberating and free it will feel!

For my Mother's Day gift my husband and daughters took me out for lunch today and as a yearly tradition I have my picture taken with my girls in celebration. This was the first time I have seen myself in full with my new figure and was shocked to see how slimming and youthful I looked without the Granny boobies hanging there off of me. Now.. I can't think of greater Mother's Day gift to myself then that.

Wishing all the Moms .... a Happy Mother's Day!!


Okay, just got back from a run. Single most glorious morning of the year to-date and couldn't help but think of you and your DH heading out for your first post-op run! You hit the jackpot weather-wise! Hope it was the most liberating and joyful run EVER and that you're feeling like a million bucks!
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Yes, it was a gorgeous day for a run.
Wow, what an awesome side effect of surgery! Must be such a relief. And your boobs look great! What a nice shape, they're so full! And it's good to know you're comfortable exercising at this point, I'm looking forward to that.
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Six weeks: Hooray, I finally ran this week! On...

Six weeks: Hooray, I finally ran this week! On Monday I said to myself this is it,..my new boobs deserve a proper supporting sports bra, damn it! Now you have to understand in the past I would use old bras and doubled them up for extra support, I guess I didn't want to spend a small fortune on a speciality sports bra because I could never find them in my size or with the support I needed in regular department stores. I live by a bra shop that carries these beautiful European bras and sports bras in all shapes and sizes so I was sure to find the most supportive bra on the market. My goal is defy the effects of gravity as much as possible and one thing I can control is the amount of bouncing around my breast will do while running. My breasts are finally perky and I want to keep them that way as long as humanly possible. This sports bra is not pretty to look at but it certainly keeps them in place.

I ran 7k, 3 times this week and it felt great. Now you maybe wondering if I truly "ran like the wind" as stated in my Title review well maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration but I certainly had a spring in my stride. I ran with such ease, I totally surprised myself, I guess I wasn't sure how I would feel especially after a 5 week break. The problem with taking breaks is sometimes you have to start all over again to get back to your maintained pace/time/distance or your never ending goal to get even faster and further. Some runs you totally feel like you're running like the wind but then there are some runs you feel like you're running through peanut butter. I did feel a difference that's for sure so much lighter and freer … about a 2 ½ pounds lighter and freer! ... so liberating :o)

I haven't gone officially bra shop just yet, I want to lose a bit of weight first. During this healing period I gained a bit of weight :( and just in time for summer to make matters worse ;o( … Bummer. I did get a Bali bra (36D) with a flexible underwire, which is so comfortable. I'm probably a 36 D but I would like to get back to my normal weight first before I can say for sure. Don't get me wrong I'm totally okay with a D cup but I just want to be sure first before I go out to buy some bras. I want to go back to that shop I mentioned earlier for some cute lacy ones, they are kind of pricey but they are so beautiful. I like the fact that the owner measures you and makes sure that you are getting the right fitting bra. (this woman knows her boobs)

I would like to mention and this is out loud that, it is official my back and shoulders don't hurt anymore. I never wanted to make that statement just in case it was just a fluke but enough time has pasted to say so. I'm so happy for that.


You look great!!! So glad everything went well with you. I live in Toronto too. Just wondering the name of your dr. as I did not see it posted anywhere.
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Hello Lato, The doctor I went with was Dr Christina Tang, her office is in Etobicoke. She only uses the Short/lollipop scar method if you are interested in that method.
I am very happy with my results. Good luck with your search. Keep in touch.
So glad that you are pain-free and happy and able to run again! You still have some healing and changes to come, as you well know. Congratulations again!!

71/2 weeks: Last week I had my 6 ½ week post op....

71/2 weeks:
Last week I had my 6 ½ week post op. appointment. I'm doing really well but my only concern is my right side nipple. By about the 3rd week I noticed that it was inverted (being pulled inward about 80% of the time) I wasn't too concerned at the time because it was early on in my healing and it was all ready the slowest of the 2 in the healing process . I have noticed now over time that it's only inverted about only 25% of the time.
I mentioned this to my PS and she said it maybe the ligaments in the breast that attach to the nipple and areola have tension on them causing them to form in a new pattern therefore pulling the nipple inwards. It could also be some hardening of some part of the breast tissue which changes the structure of the ligaments therefore pulling the nipple inwards.
She said it probably will resolve itself over time, she said to give it about 8 months and if it doesn't resolve itself by then, then an in office procedure would be done to correct this. A small incision is made at the bottom of the areola then it's lower a bit to allow the nipple space to stay at the erect position.
I'm not overly concerned right now because I am seeing that It is more erect then inverted but I would be a lot happier if it was more like the left. Well, I guess only time will tell … fingers crossed. Has any one every experienced this? Or know anything about this?

Still very thrilled and happy with my results and I have no regrets. I have taken pictures of a braless me, no more boobs at my waist,… how about that!
Take care of yourself ladies.


Hi Rosie, your breasts look amazing. Can you tell me who the doctor that performed your surgery. I am also a 36E and would like to get a reduction but haven't really found a doctor yet.
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Hi Rosie, your new breast look marvelous! :) I wanted to comment about the nipple thing. Funny, cause my right one was doing the same thing. It was kinda getting squished in. I would have to coax it out :). At 9 wks post op it's much better now. Almost back to normal. I think it's just one of the things that happens and then goes away.
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Hello Ana, You don't know how glad I am hearing from you. :-) I know what you mean about the nipple being spuished... the aerola would pucker up at the bottom therefore leaving no room for my nipple to erect. I do the same thing coaxing it out (pulling on it until it comes out) I guess I do this hoping that it would get use to the idea and stay there for good. It is getting better though but I am a little concerned that maybe it will never be the same as before my BR. But after hearing from you it gives me hope that it just times a little time and I would like to thank you for easing my mind :o)

I've seen your review... Wow.. you look fantastic!! You must be so thrilled with your new sexy body. ;o) Thanks again...and take care.

81/2 weeks The other day my husband came with me...

81/2 weeks
The other day my husband came with me to the gym, he on the stationary and me on the treadmill. After our workout he had commented how differently I'm running now. I know I feel different since my BR but I had no idea that other people could see that I was carrying myself differently too. He said that my running has a more fluid, relaxed movement to my upper body. He went on to explain that I would run like I was holding myself back as too minimize bounce, and he also said that I would tend to lean forward ..I would say that was too counterbalance myself because I was so top heavy.
Who knew that my running would change so much? .. just by changing one thing about myself...that's so crazy??!!
It's incredible how our bodies are designed to compensate for weight that is there... or that isn't there without us even being aware of it until there is a change to it.

So anyone who is reading this who is on the fence.... has doubts.... fears.. about having a breast reduction then I would say to you that only good things can come of it and I'm living proof of it. It will not only change you physically but it will also change how you feel about yourself. Can you imagine how thrilling and rewarding it would be if you were to take up running for the first time, or any kind of physical activity you enjoy because you are finally free of all that weight you've been carrying around all your life.

I wish you all the best for those who are healing.. and for those who are still waiting for their turn... and most of all those who are still on the fence. :o)

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Ooops I left out a word husband was on a...

Ooops I left out a word husband was on a stationary "bike" So, sorry I did proof read my review before I hit SUMMIT.


p.s., you didn't have side lipo, did you?
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No, I didn't.
I replied on your review but not sure if you will see it. I'm not sure if you know but OHIP doesn't cover Lipo but I'm sure your PS would have told you, right? :o(

3 1/2 months: It has been sometime since my last...

3 1/2 months:
It has been sometime since my last update but I have been keeping up with everyone's updates and it looks like everyone is doing great. So good for you all! :O)

I have a update on my right side nipple erect/inverted situation, well I found that if I made a point of flattening out my nipple inside the bra (I think it was getting smushed inside the bra) and I stopped wearing my bra 24/7 to give the skin time to relax.... Well to my relief over time it worked itself out... thank goodness.

I'm so happy I did this... I feel great .... I love them. :))))

And..... TADAH...I finally updated my photos.


who was your doc?
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Yay, Rosie! You look great. So glad you got your nipple problem worked out. How is life in the fast lane now that you aren't packing so much wind resistance?
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Hi Iowa, Long time no write... So sorry I haven't written to you lately. I'm on vacation sailing the northern waters of Ontario. I'm on my cell phone and service is between 2-3 bars so I'll try to type quickly.

Weather is beautiful.. Sunny, temp is 30•c (28•f) ..hoping it stays this way.. Not looking forward to any bad weather ... I don't like being tossed around.. just a little unnerving when that happens.

The scenery is beautiful lots of rocks/trees ... Many small islands with cottages I would die to own... boy I need to win our lottery here in Ontario.... I think it's about 20 million this week.

I hope all is well with you and your family.
So how is your summer? Getting out in some HOT.... spaghetti strap number?? :))))) ...... I certainly hope so.

Take care of yourself. :o)
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