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Hi... Im 22 and I have just had a breast reduction...

Hi... Im 22 and I have just had a breast reduction done. I had it done on sunday 18th July. I am already loving my new boobs!! I was a huge size! A size 34 H, Im only 5foot6 and a size 12 (UK) So was way to big for my small frame. I am quite comfortable and not in much pain. My surgeon is amazing, such a lovely man, made me feel so comfortable and relaxed, He really listened to what i wanted. I went private for my operation as i was told i could wait upto 18months on the NHS list! No chance was i waiting that long! I must say my care after surgery in hospital was amazing! Around the clock care, My nurse was amazing, she made me feel great, giving me lots of pain releief and support! Anyone thinking of doing this?? My advice?? DO IT!! xxxx

Will write in a few days x  

will write in a few days x

Congratulations!! I had a reduction 12 days ago too! Like you I too was a size H and now Im a D.. What size are you now if you don't mind me asking? My hospital stay was great as well. Take it easy and get plenty of rest. You'll feel better as each day passes. If you feel comfortable sharing, we'd love to see before and after pictures. Take Care!! :)
Hi, Im now a C cup and i couldnt be happier. I went to see my surgeon today, he sed my new boobs are healing well, thers no sign of infection at all which i am delighted about :) They are very swollen at the minute but i am comfortable. I may upload pics, not sure tho hahaha x

Did you have your reduction before or after children?


Hi im now 4 days post op. Ive had a lot of pain...

Hi im now 4 days post op. Ive had a lot of pain today :( Lots and lots of pain reliefe hahaha. Just really uncomfortable. Hopefully tomorow i will feel better. Today is the first day the pain has been high xx

Hi...I feel your pain it realy sucks. If i were you i would bring it up to your parents but maybe wait a bit before the actual surgery. I was also a C cup when i was 14 and now im 16 and a G cup...they grew a lot in just a couple years and im sure you wouldnt want to get the surgery then be right back where you started...I was supposed to have my surgery on the 20th but some things have come up and now i have to wait but everyone keeps telling me maybe its for the best just incase they do grow more.
Hi I'm 14 and I I really want to get this operation but im only in grade 9 and my parents might not let me and I have to persuade them to let me because it will take me to long to raise the money I need. I really would like this reduction and I don't want to wait because I hate looking super fat every time I where clothes. I don't care what other people say but I don't know how to convince my parents to let me have this operation now. Im a 34 C and i am 5'5 but I feel so uncomfortable and have for years now. :( what to do?

Hi Kayley -- Just curious how you're doing now. You're about 6 months post-op, right?

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Excellent doctor and nurses! Amazing care x

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