Breast Reduction by Army at Fort Bliss, TX

My name is Tamara. I am 35 years old. Before I had...

My name is Tamara. I am 35 years old. Before I had my procedure I was a 40 D, hopefully after my procedure I will be a 34B. I mainly wanted this procedure because being an active duty soldier, it has become a terrible burden completing certain physical activites.

I have already had my procedure, but here is a...

I have already had my procedure, but here is a rundown of what I experience.

Pre Op - I arrived to my appointment, I was seen by the Plastic Surgery staff. My wait time was about 10 minutes. After my appointment I went upstairs to pre admit for my procedure,did my vitals, met with anesthesiology, did my bloodwork, and got my prescriptions for after my procedure. All of this took about 3 hours to complete.

I was told that afternoon what time to check in for procedure the next day.

Operating Day - I arrived to the hospital at 930 am, I was given a private room, and scrubs to change into for the operation. Unfortunately, there was an emergency the day of my operation so normally you would check in 2 hours before your operation, but I did not have my procedure performed until 130 pm, therefore I ended up waiting 4 hours. No big deal to me, things happen, I rather wait, then have to rush.

The procedure took 4.5 hours. My doctor reported that it took him a little longer because he wanted to make sure everything lined up correctly. I am in no way upset about that, I rather line up properly than regret it later.

I stayed at the hospital for 1.5 hours after the procedure to recover, then I was released home.

2 Feb 2012: This was post op day 1. Spent most of...

2 Feb 2012: This was post op day 1. Spent most of the day sleeping. I was in soo much pain, plus i had the vac via tethered to my side so it was pretty much driving me bonkers while I slept.

3 Feb 2012: First time I took photos. Got around a little bit that day.

6 Feb 2012: This was my first post op. Doc said everything look good. I was really excited about the unveiling. My next Post op will be 21 Feb.

Well today was day one of work. A little sore but...

Well today was day one of work. A little sore but it went better than I expected, and I am officially 2 weeks post op. Loving my new breast

Today is post op day 16. Breast are still looking...

Today is post op day 16. Breast are still looking good. I got another post op appointment on tuesday, so I will post pictures on that day. I have started using a ace bandage a night to sleep in, seems to be more comfortable than a sports bra since I am a wild sleeper. Also noticed that I swell more at night and in the morning. This seems to be my most painful time, and it is not really painful, just very discomforting.

Bras size: Still don't know what size I am, but the 36c bra is a little to big now. I might actually make it to a B cup. That would be awesome

Here are some updated photos. I have started scar...

Here are some updated photos. I have started scar treatment. The scars are healing really nice.

Currently I am at week 6, My right is still...

Currently I am at week 6, My right is still slightly larger than my left, I don't know, I think they are settling, but I look at them daily so its hard for me to tell. I can not even see the scar on my nipple anymore, and my other scars are healing quite well.
Col Zambrano

When I was approved for my procedure it only took 1 week for my referral to go through, and then I had a surgery date with in a month. Usually in the amy this can take anywhere between 3-6 months. Col Zambrano was patient with me, and answered all my questions. The staff at the clinic was patient also, they gave me insight to what I would experience, and let me know how previous patients handle situations after the procedure. I feel that the clinic prepared me for this procedure so that it would be a success. During my surgery the DR took his time and did not rush through to make sure the best job was done

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Who was your surgeon?
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I have to wait til they say its ok I have been only wettting my waste down though I need to clean some areas I just tell them I havent
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Wow one of ur boobs is flat and ther lopsided vwhen dithery want u to shower
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Wow really ur so lucky one boob is flat and the other is lopsided I can't get naked around my husband at all 17 is still early for me they say but it feels like a lifetime
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In the photos I posted I had not started using any creams.
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did you use any creams or something to heal faster? or take the scars away? im on day 17 and still look like i just left the OR...they told me not to shower or put anything on it still..
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Your shape is wonderful! Congratulations!
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thanks i saw ur pics, you are looking so magnificant
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your PS did a great Job, and they are healing so nicely...Congrats!
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Congrats, you look awesome! Glad it went so smoothly for you!
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looking great tam!
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He told me that he did not remove that much, mostly excess skin. i think he took about 200 per side.
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Hello ladies thank you for all the great support. I have to say this process has been so much easier than I thought it would ever be. I sooo wish that I would have done this sooner rather than later. I will advise anyone that is considering this procedure, please go ahead do your research and then go for it.
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U're boobs are looking great...Did U ever find out how many grams of tissue was removed during your BR?
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You look fabulous!  Congratulations on such a wonderful result!
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They look great! I hope your pleased because from what I see in the photos, I would be:) They match your little waist!!!!
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What a great job! You look amazing!
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I concur, you look great, thank you so much for sharing, I too would love to know how many grams were removed:)
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Wow, huge difference. You look great.
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dark and lovely, no I don't know how many grams were removed, but when i go back I can def ask him. Thanks everyone. I figure if I am looking this good at only 11 days, then I should heal up real nice over the next couple months
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Wow for only 11 days they already look great!
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Mz Pynk, Your results are great, do u know how many grams of tissue was removed?
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wow...he did a great job. they look so amazing! congratulations!
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