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Hi all, Had my anchor-type breast lift...

Hi all,

Had my anchor-type breast lift without implants on 10/10/11 - just a couple of days ago.

Spent a lot of time here on RealSelf going through the galleries of before and after photos. I especially liked the results of these patients: (My breasts were similar to hers before surgery.)

At this point I'm unable to upload a "before" of myself but here's an "after".

I'm not really worried or unsatisfied with the results but would highly appreciate any comments you might have. In your opinion - looking at the photos of 2 days post-op: do you think my doctor did a good job? Perhaps I'm a perfectionist but I was expecting my new boobs to be a bit higher?

(I'm 28 years old, 5' 8" and 128 lb. Prior to this surgery I was as a very saggy 34D/DD due to weight loss of 66 lb.)Updated on 19 Oct 2011:Secone week of my recovery! Not that concerned about the shape anymore, as the PS assured me she did all she could do and I've quite gotten used to the new look. If I had wanted higher, rounder breasts I would have needed implants and then I'd be too big, I think. I'm still a 34D right now.
Katrin Krüünvald (Ars Medica, Estonia)

Have to say with stuff like this I'm a perfectionist (very hard to please). This is my experience so far. Will update the ratings once fully healed.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I think you look great and proportionate too. I agree that if you want that upper fullness then some implants will give you wonderful results and the doctor you have seems like the one to do it too since this was done so nicely.
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I think that as they've healed they've gotten a GREAT shape:)
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Thank you! You look great, too! I'm jealous! :P
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Hi, Indigo2788!

Thanks so much for your comment!

I'm healing well, will add new pics at exactly one month (11/10/11).
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How are you doing now? I think they look great!! like that natural, tear-drop yet not TOO full shape that is really ideal.
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Thanks, LillieLee! :) Fingers crossed for tomorrow.
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I agree with you about wanting to be happy with your body and even though there are complications, you're still closer to that dream than say, a month ago? You were brave enough to make the decision and now in the healing process... which will take time. I've seen many pictures that look scary as hell but later on the breasts start to look very nice. Hope all goes well from here on :)
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lol last update :) i have had the two rare cases now :) allergic reaction and now hematoma. I should play the lottery, maybe there is all my luck :)
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:) I dont care abt the money any more, I just want to feel better. Just do what you think is good for you and what you can afford.

I have more issues now, I had bleeding, very little of it and I saw it myself actually - my wound looks like XXXXXXX, not pretty is what it is. :) The doc said my breasts were very big, there is a lot of pressure on it and also there is stuff coming out but no infection which is OK, is not he said, such a complicated case, is a lite complication and a smooth PO is the one that is quite lucky normally,not that I am so unlucky. I dont know anything. I am exhausted of the drama around it all.

I appreciate your support and wish you to have fantastic results! Any woman deserves to have nice breast and feel confident to undress herself before herself alone and before her partner. Any woman deserves to wear any dress and feel beautiful at all times! All I want is that. Just to feel normal and to like myself.
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Well the plan is to use both - one in the morning and the other in the evening. Whenever I go out or need extra support, I think I'll add a (Mepore) dressing just to be sure. They have a soft pad in the middle and adhesive borders. Actually the PS recommended I use silicone dressings for better healing but they are so darn expensive...
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Great news!!! Please keep me posted which one you like and is it working :)
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Dear Francesca,

Let us know how it goes!

PS I took all bandages off today :P Will start using two different creams - Sodermix and Dermatix...
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Hi LillieLee,

Poor you!!! I can imagine the pain for you then. A few years ago I had upper lip surgery and when they were removing the stitches, tears were running down my checks as it hurt a lot.

My doctors tell me I have an allergic reaction to something. I was given an injection today and also allergy pills. They said on Monday they will remove the stitches, or maybe Tuesday. I am going to prepare my mind for a painful procedure again. They said is normal to have some pain at times. They also said to me the stitches removing part will not hurt. Hmm... not gonna take their word for granted. Thanks for your tip!

All the best to you too!
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Hi Francesca,

Read your post in the Q&A section... What does your plastic surgeon say about this?

May I suggest you take some painkillers before you have those stiches removed! I had the dissolvable ones so I wasn't at all prepared for the pain when the PS pulled on them and cut the ends away with scissors - boy, did that hurt! Ironically, I think that's the most pain I've had with this whole breast lift.

Sending many healing thoughts to you!
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Thanks for your answer, LillieLee! Mine got worse on the 10th day and seems like I have all sorts of complications. :) Not very lucky at all. It is OK, I feel better today.

For some people this surgery goes well, and others suffer a bit more to get the results. I am going to have my stitches removed tomorrow. I guess I will since its already almost 14 days. I am scared of that as well. I am sacred also to see my scars.

I sound like a drama queen, but seriously, I could have been a bit luckier. :))

How are you without stitches?

Take care!
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Dear Francesca,

Sorry to hear about that!

I had sort of an "uncomfortable" pain for about 10 days. Didn't let it get too bad and took painkillers (Ibuprofen and Paracetamol) several times a day and in the first couple of days applied a cloth soaked in 1 part 40% vodka, 1 part water - it helped with the pain and swelling as well.

Hope you feel better very soon!
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Hey LillieLee,

I wanted to ask you about the pain.I just had my support bandages removed and have my see through ones, like yours. However, I am in horrible pain now when I sit or walk. :( Did you ave that and how long did it last? Thanks!
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I think you look fantastic! I hope to get a similar result without implants.
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Hey you,your breast look very nice, LillieLee!!! Cheer up and enjoy. I have my own review and would rather you read there about my little story from today.

I need some advice, if you have the answer:
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Sending good thoughts your way... Hope that soon the difficult days will be over and you can start to really enjoy your new look :)
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Thank you so much for being the first one to send your support and comments!

I can now say that I'm happier with every day. Still don't have the "before" photos but this is a MAJOR improvement for me!
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Hi LillieLee,

I don't know if I would write a review. :) I wrote quite a lot in your own thread. I will see after they show me my boobs, now they are all covered. They are very swollen too, and when I walk they hurt.

I will maybe post pics when they are visible and write my own review, unless I get scared when I see them end of this week. :) Thanks so much for your support!
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Oh, that's wonderful, Francesca! You lucky lady, didn't need the horisontal incision after all - how great is that?!

I do hope your recovery goes nicely. My pain was gone at the end of week 1 (and most of it came from the horisontal incision anyway). Now I'm left with mild discomfort. Will be adding new pics soon.

Enjoy your new body!!!

P. S. Do you think you'll be writing a review about your surgery as well?
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Hi LillieLee,

I just got home. :) You are right, I did not even realize what happened and I am already home. It was my second time in this clinic, but first one was not with general anesthesia and just a small lip correction.

Now I feel a bit of pain and bored of having to stay in bed. :)

Originally, the doc told me I would have 3 incisions, the anchor mastopexy, but when he started drawing on my boobs, he realized I only needed 2 actually - the vertical type (lollipop, I guess), so I feel good about this. He said I would recovery from this one faster. I hope its true, as I have to fly to Spain in 20 days and need to at least push my suitcase. :)

Thanks for sharing with me about the bras!! Those are very expensive and I would need more, so I will consider ordering from ebey as well! Thanks for sharing!

I hope you feel better and happy.
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Thanks so much for your comments, Francesca! Keeping my fingers crossed for you... Please, do let us know how it went.

I was surprised at how well my own surgery went - having never been under anesthesia or even in a hospital. Hope it will be the same for you.

By the way, my PS also suggested I buy the Triumph bra (they sell them at the clinic for 30€/$41). Instead I got three(!) Barely There Microfiber Crop Tops for 18€/$25 off eBay and when she saw them she said they were completely fine. They are comfy I'm glad I saved some money there, too :)
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