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My female doc luves my new tatas PS = Jennifer Emmett Denver

Have BA / BL coming up. Will be May 16th, tho they...

Have BA / BL coming up. Will be May 16th, tho they are trying to get me in May 1 or may 2 if possible. Boy do I want in sooner. I am now a B / C cup, 5' 7" , 140 lbs, early fifties. Will be C / D after surgery. Doing silicone gel, moderate profile, under muscle. Doc says in her entire career she has only put in saline implants once. They harden and rupture, then more surgery is needed I am a gym rat. I pump iron often, doc thinks going under muscle won't be a big problem unless my pecs were to get much bigger than they are now. I did not breast feed my kids , tho many researchers think breast feeding is not what causes sagging. I have sagged since my twenties, but it has gotten so bad lately that I have to wear a bra until the moment I go to bed. The sagging is very uncomfortable for me. It just feels like something is drastically wrong, like i have these weird limbs dangling off my body that are unwanted, unneeded, in my way. I can't even jog with a very supportive jogging bra because the girls bounce so badly I will try to get before pix in here , once I am sure I have privacy here I sit on my arse all day at work, so I won't take even a full week off. I work at home one day a week, and when I go in, the commute is extremely short... And i luv my work. So I am hoping going back won't be brutal. I will have tons of food prepped in advance etc This forum rocks, I will use it to make a to do list


Fingers crossed that you're able to get in for surgery sooner! Thank you for starting your story. We're here for you!

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My date got moved up from May 16 to May 2! Arrive...

My date got moved up from May 16 to May 2! Arrive at 7:30 am, surgery at 9:00

I am excited and nervous. My heart started beating faster when I received the email saying May 2 was possible. As they say, be careful what you wish for, for you will surely get it.

A friend who had this done years ago and said do NOT disappear from work for a few days and come back with obviously bigger girls. She said start wearing padding in the bra ahead of time... so when you go missing from work for a few days and return, the girls won't appear bigger, and it won't be obvious what you've been up to... So I've been following that advice.

BL and BA together. Doc says I'll be C/D afterwards. I have been that size before when I was a lil heavier but I'm B/C now.

I was kidding hubby, asking him if he wants to place a custom order. He was smart enough to say I look fine as I am now. I could NOT get any order out of him (hee hee)

PS wants approval from my primary doc, along with EKG, so I am scheduling all that tomorrow. Yes, you'll get pix.


How exciting for you. You're less than 3 wks out! We are close in age & pre-op size. I'm thrilled with my results so far, but the hardest part is having patience for the final outcome. Good luck & feel free to ask anything you can think of - I'm 3 wks po today. Lol feel like an old pro already.
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Just got clearance from my physician for the...

Just got clearance from my physician for the surgery. Good to go.

The new girls will be slightly bigger than the current floppy girls. I've been wearing padding in the bra, specifically so I won't be obviously bigger immediately after having been gone for a few days (hee hee).

WHAT DO I TELL THE BOSS? He knows I have three days off... and I might ask to work from home part of the next week for half days. WHAT DO I TELL HIM? I suppose I could say I'm having a small medical procedure done, and leave it at that.

I'll have the entire house spic and span, stocked with groceries. Hubby and I do that every weekend anyway. And I have my ipad to keep me entertained.

The current girls reside 2 inches BELOW the fold. It's worth a month of inconvenience to change that.

Gonna be tough not pumping iron for a while, and I'm also going to miss shooting pool. I wonder when I can get back to that. Have a table at home, its lots of fun.


How exciting for you not much longer!! A kind word of advice from someone your age. I am 52 5'3" 129lb and had BL and BA 286cc. The only thing I was really able to do for about 4 days was lay in bed most of the day. I did drive to PS office 5 days PO and did one errand a day. I was in pain, uncomfortable, and at day 9 my nipples were so sensitive I went back to bed for most of the day because it hurt to move and I was so uncomfortable and my nipples were on high beam constantly. I did get a small infection so that could be part of slow healing but I was just exhausted. And this is from someone who does 2 hours cardio a day plus weights. Now I am 4 weeks PO and feel almost back to my old self! I guess what I am saying is don't push yourself you don't want complications and don't be surprised if you don't feel like going back to work after a few days.
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You and I sound very similar - same age and similar work out habits. Sounds like you had a challenge at first , I am glad you are feeling better now.

I am having SX on a Wednesday, and at this point the plan is to go back to work Monday. I have a sit down job, and I enjoy the job a lot. However I appreciate your warning. I'll have a plan B ready with the boss. Might work half days that next week from home.
I was very surprised at how long it took to heal. I was going to have it done 3 weeks before my friends wedding thinking I would be fine and the PS office said oh no that is a really bad idea! Now I know why. Lol I was so exhausted on top of everything else. I did go back to gym and did an hour of cardio slowly after 2-2 1/2 weeks. Started to hard had to take a few days off then went to the stationary bike for a week before got back on the stepmill..

Pre op tomorrow, plus I write a huge check. Gulp....

Pre op tomorrow, plus I write a huge check. Gulp. Tried to get a cashiers check this afternoon and the bank noticed my drivers license expired, lol.

I can't wait to get rid of these odd things flopping around.

Two weeks from today I will have brand new girls and I will be quite stoned.

I will post pix eventually


Yay! Congratulations! I am excited for you! I will be not too far behind you. May 11th.
I have wondered too what someone could tell a boss as I will be looking for a jobnot long after that. A rotator cuff surgery? Lol

Idk. I have heard PS's are asked for notes all the time and that there are plenty of other medical procedures out there that have the same recovery instructions. Maybe ask him?
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May 11, you go girl!

I told boss I was having a trivial medical procedure that day. I told him coz I've been disappearing, going to lots of doc visits in preparation - and there will be doc visits after the surgery... wanted him to not think I was out interviewing etc. (lol)

Had pre op appointment on Thursday. Doc took...

Had pre op appointment on Thursday. Doc took before pix. She showed me a picture of someone my age whose pre-op girls looked almost identical to mine... Doc also showed me this lady's post op pix - they are exactly what I want.

I got a huge list of prescriptions. I just now dropped all those off at the pharmacy.. except for the percoset. I'm going to ask for something else. Percoset makes me nauseous.

My doc was originally gonna give me 3 ambien (only). I told her if I am gonna sleep on my back for weeks I want more ambien - she gave me 20. I have an awesome leather sofa with double recliner - I will park there for 6 weeks. . I would not be at all surprised to see my hubby on the sofa with me. We are disgusting - can't be apart at night for 6 weeks.

I'm getting 375cc, under pec. I'll prolly be a C/D afterwards. Starting as a B-ish - but much of what I now have will be removed, it sags so bad.

Today I picked up items that women from this forum told suggest: back scratcher , a neck pillow, two pair of summer pj's that button in front (great Kohls sale) and also flexible straws. Doc wants me to take vitamin c twice a day now... and a week after surgery also start megadoses of vitamin E. I stocked up on all that.


Yay for May 2nd. It'll be here before you know it!

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oh yeah, def don't want them to think you are out interviewing! I didnt think about that! Can't wait to see your pics!

I Told hubby he better cop a few feels of...

I Told hubby he better cop a few feels of 'natural' boobies' while he can, and enjoy romance while he can.

I am getting my job and house very organized.

Shooting pool and soaking in hot tub lots now coz I will be missing out on such fun soon.

Skipping my one nightly glass of wine til 2 weeks after surgery.

I will post pre pix this weekend. You will quickly understand why I want the lift!

Please join RealSelf or sign in.


And here come the before pix. Four pix are on the...

And here come the before pix. Four pix are on the way.

One picture shows me holding one boob where it SHOULD be - so you can see exactly how out of place the other boob is. The breasts are resting about 2 inches below the fold.

I am proud of my upper arms - I work hard - but I am NOT thrilled with the boobs.


I'm excited for you!!! You will look great! Can't wait to see after pictures!
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Tonight last night know what u mean!!
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No wine did have vodka but that's it for tonight that procedure closes in the pocket after the new implant goes in
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Less than 48 hours to go. Surgery is at 12:30...

Less than 48 hours to go.

Surgery is at 12:30 pm on Wed. I arrive 11:00 am. Can't eat or drink anything that morning - so I anticipate a full day of fasting. I will wake up around 6:00 pm in recovery room. I anticipate a caffeine headache when I wake up (since no coffee that morning)... so I will have caffeinated soda ready to drink after I wake up.

House is spotless, laundry done, groceries bought, bills paid, some meals made in advance and frozen.

I will take ambien the nite before. Without it I'd be awake the whole stinking nite!

Tues nite will be one last good workout at the gym... along with many hours of shooting pool. A last hoorah.


Good luck tomorrow! Soon you will be on the healing side of this journey. I will keep you in my thoughts tomorrow and look forward to your next post!
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Does anyone have any suggestions for what is best when I come home? Do I need a neck pillow? Should I get shirts the open in the front or a zip up jacket? I know my nerves will be shot by end of day is it safe to take Tylenol PM to get a good nights rest? Still dont have my surgery time yet should hear this morning!! I wish you luck girlie!
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I wish you luck also sweetie. I am bringing a very very thin hoodie ... since the weather is quite warm... and some very loose sweat pants. I got the neck pillow at Walgreens, and also a back scratcher. My doc gave me ambien - I am taking one the night before. Ask your doc if you can take Tylenol PM.

Today is the day, leave in about an hour. ...

Today is the day, leave in about an hour. Showered but I can't put on any lotion - that is such a habit.

I have on thin, loose sweat pants, which are easy to get into, plus a very thin large Nike hoody (kinda warm today). Instead of sneakers, which are quite hard to put on and tie, I'm wearing shoes that I can slide into.

They had me take one nerve pain pill last nite, so I'm feeling a little happy.

They did let me drink clear liquids til 9:30 am, thank God! I'm not thirsty right now but I'd love breakfast right now.

I'm adding last pre pic (tank top)


Woohooo! Congratulations!!!
I wish you a speedy recovery!
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saying a prayer for you and your surgeon.
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I went yesterday From what I can see my tata's...

I went yesterday

From what I can see my tata's are simply gorgeous. I can't tell the cup size just yet. YES they are very high until the pec muscles relax.

My doc kept marking my girls and measuring stuff before surgery. Cracked me up when she got out her leveler tool, totally true. My Carpenter / artist / surgeon.

I do NOT remember the recovery room at all, and I do not remember the drive home. I just remember waking up on our nice recliner sofa, lol! NEVER NAUSEOUS.

I had Lots of pain last nite. Hubby fed me some yogurt topped with granola and them he gave me pain meds a few times. And he slept with me on sofa. My sweetie.

Not nearly as much pain this morning. Especially if I don't move much. Just took a lyrica and a Vicodin, should be very happy very soon.

Soon as I can I will post pix, they are very pretty


Glad it went well!
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How are you? I am having a tough time hope is yours is good!!
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Well ladies I love my new tata's. The shape is...

Well ladies I love my new tata's. The shape is perfect, the nipples are in the perfect place, I mean I am happy.

Only thing is I have several shades of purple to get past. .... Until the bruises leave I'm only posting pix with clothes.

I went back to work today - and was a little absent minded.... that should go away quickly. I was also quite tired - wanted a nap the entire day.


Arnica is an homeopathic medication here is a link on amazon for you.http://www.amazon.com/Boiron-Homeopathic-Medicine-Montana-80-Count/dp/B001G7QZSW/ref=sr_1_3?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1336448916&sr=1-3
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They look great. Have you tried arnica for the bruising?? My PS told me to get it and the purple ,yellow etc was gone in 24 hours!
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What is amica darling?

I have been using arnica Montana and still have...

I have been using arnica Montana and still have slight bruising. My ps started me on it several days before surgery.

Sorry I did not Understand some of the posts below referring to 'amica'


Ur pics are looking great! You must be so happy :)
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I wish I had used the Arnica my bruising lasted for about 2 weeks. Most of my friends swear by it. I hear it works very well. Your pics do look great! Isn't wonderful to have the girls up where they are suppose to be?
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It feels just awesome to have the girls in the proper location! I should face done this long agol

Saw ps today. I am healing nicely. I absolutely...

Saw ps today. I am healing nicely. I absolutely luv the tata's. When the color improves a bit more I'll post more pix.

Still a bit tired and occasional pain.


It looks like your surgery went great! I hope you are continuing to heal and recover well.
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Thanks for the compliment! you look great. Much "perkier"than before. How are your scars healing? I had an inframammary incision and use Mederma on them daily. at 4 months post op my are fading very nicely. Thank for sharing your story!
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It's been 16 days now. I am EXTREMELY happy with...

It's been 16 days now. I am EXTREMELY happy with the symmetry and shape of the new girls. ALREADY I can hardly see the scars. That amazes me and I'm thrilled about it. There are scabs around the nipple that are taking their dear sweet time to heal. Docs says if the scabs cause scars she can very easily remove those in her office. This is the first day that I have not some brief shooting pain at some point in the day. Sometimes I wish I'd have gone a little bit smaller... tho had I done that I'd wish I was a little bit larger. The grass is always greener somewhere else.


Angel you look great!!! Isn't it  wonderful to have them up where they should be?!? I sometimes take my shirt off at home and just stare!! My hubby officially thinks I'm crazy but I don't care! Im so glad I got a lift! I got mine done on April 3 with silicone 260 in one and 360 in the other. At first I thought I might stay a DD but the swelling went down and at 7weeks i am now a 34 D. I see you are a gym rat too, I do figure competitions and can't wait to get back into the gym and start lifting. It's killing me not being able to lift hard. Do you know when you are getting back to the gym?
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You look terrific, congrats!
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Looking good!!
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I could not be happier with these new girls. This...

I could not be happier with these new girls. This has surpassed my hopes of what I was going to get! I love the shape. To me they feel almost real... getting softer every day. The scabs are almost gone. I can hardly even see the cut from the nipple down. The cut that goes at the fold is very well hidden.


Great results!!
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You look fantastic!!!! So happy for you! Mine ate coming along nicely do you still
Feel uncomfortable sleeping?? I still do!
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I still sleep with bra, so am doing ok. 3 more weeks of bra sleeping. Are you still sleeping with one?

Feeling fantastic, healing very well. Love...

Feeling fantastic, healing very well. Love wearing my bikini at the pool, with my new tata's. Eating very healthy, taking tons of antioxidants, having very little alcohol. It's been over 4 weeks now. I'm doing relatively heavy squats, deadlifts and (back) rows now . In about 10 days the doc will let me do anything in the gym. I can really feel the implants just doing light lat pull downs - that scared me a little but I will get used to it. Updating pix today.


Glad you girls are healing nicely! I cant imagine working out with weights at this point, but kuddos to you guys for getting back in the gym! My pain also feels like a intense sunburn, especially ont the lower sides of the breast. In one place in particular it feels like a cigarette burning me! But, overall its getting better!
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I hope that stops soon hon
I am still quite sore, too - the worst pain being a sunburn sensation over both breasts which makes wearing bras and even shirts uncomfortable. Did either of you experience that? I am still a bit bruised and scabby on one side, too, but it will all fade soon enough, I'm sure. Will post pics when it does. I am far from being a gym rat, but do go about three times a week. I only feel the implant under my right pec when I flex, and honestly it sort of makes me squeamish - lol! I'm sure we'll get used to it. Yes, I am super busy! Not just from being a mom, but planning an international move and packing up a house full of junk. The procedure hasn't impacted that; I am hefting furniture, etc. All in all I am SO pleased. Should have done it sooner! Yes, it is such a small world. I was tickled pink to find your post, angel. Jri - hope your pain passes soon!
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I went to my normal doctor's office today and saw...

I went to my normal doctor's office today and saw the female physician's assistant. She is in her 50s and was very curious about my experience, since she has sagging tatas too. She thought my twins looked fantastic. She'd love to have this done herself, but she was not too sure about spending this much money. If you ask me it's worth every penny.


Hi - thanks for your review and sharing your experience. Helps to know you went back to work at day 5 (as I will be) after having done a BL/BA. :)
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Hello. Thanks for sharing your experience. Did your PS advise how many years you'd enjoy the lift before sagging could occur again?
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Now that the implants are in and the lift is done she can easily relift , in the office, for free, with a local. The zipper is there. Can be relifted for free anytime I need
Jennifer Emmett

Female doc who knows what it's like to go thru this. She gave me BEAUTIFUL breasts. Since she's a female she knows how to treat you best., eg she doesn't send you home with lines drawn all over your chest like the guys do.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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