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I was a very saggy 34 G on one side and a H on the other side - Breast Lift - Baltimore, MD

I have wanted to do this for at least 10 yrs now...

I have wanted to do this for at least 10 yrs now and i am so glad I have went through with it I'm not completely healed yet Im only on day 6 post op but i know things are going to look 100 % better... or at least I am going to feel 100 % better i my clothes I have always had large breast I started @ age 9 being a 34 B and after having my children young one at 16 then at 20. I had a Breast Lift for my 38th birthday although my husband said i was fine and he was happy I was not. So i did it! I was a very saggy 34 G on one side and a H on the other side I never went with out a bra and a bra tank top for added support.

I still am sore an the swelling still need to subside more I went back to work for a half day today very excited. I will post more pics as I heal.

I am on day 18 I haven't had any physical...

I am on day 18 I haven't had any physical complications so far the only thing is a little depression through the healing so far but I have anxiety any way LOL but all in all... All is well just can't wait to see the final results.....

Well its been about two months now i feel great I...

Well its been about two months now i feel great I have been to the Drs and he says he's not all that happy with the results and wants to see me back in a month so he he can evaluate if a revision surgery will be need. Im not sure how I feel they look ok to me but he is worried about how far they have already settled and if they are going to settle more I think that would not be what I was expecting for the money that I paid. But for the moment I am fine with the them. Let me know what you think has this happened to anyone else?

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I have had a wonderful experience so far

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thanks for sharing your results and experience..you look beautiful! It's great to hear how your recovery is going.I am due to have a tummy tuck and breast lift in 14 days time..terrified and excited! My current breast shape is similar to your pre op photos, hope I end up looking as great as you!
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I would have to agree with the doctor that they have settled alot.
While the difference in the before and after are considerable it is hard to tell without you standing forward with arms to your side to see where the nipple hits at your arms I had my lift done 20 years ago and am still perky.
However, if you are happy with them that is what matters.
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do you have any pics?
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These pictures are amazing. Thank you for sharing these. I'm contemplating a lift.

I'm still very apprehensive but your surgery was definitely a success. Good for you.
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Wow you look great! Thank you for sharing because I just had surgery a couple of days ago & have had a lot of anxiety over did I do the right thing & how are they going to look! Thank you for giving me some peace of mind!
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You look amazing so far! It hasn't been that long since your surgery and you already look great! Congratulations!
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thanks I can't wait to wear the sexy strapless dresses :-)
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Wow, you look great! Did you have augmentation, too, or just the lift?

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just a lift with a small reduction
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