Breast Implants,do I Have to Renew It Every Ten Years?

I like my implants. At first i was nervous but the...

I like my implants. At first i was nervous but the doctor made me feel very comfortable. After the procedure i was in a little pain but it was all worth it. I am very happy with my breast.


Hi from NJ I want to get my implants soon but can you help me? what kind of implants did you get? hows the scar? can I see you your picture after?how long? and how much pain? plase help me
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Thank you for that comment. I wasnt sure if i would be putting myself at risk if i didnt change them eery 10 years.
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hello, well i have had implants and i have had them removed. i decided after 10yrs, that they were to large, the pain starts to set in the neck and back in about 8yrs. the older i became the more modest i became. sooo...the answer is yes, but the number is a person to person basis. you might go 15yrs, or you may go 5. it all depends on your implants and what happens down the line. i did it, before i had to replace them. i do agree breast implants are great and i am thinking about doing it again. this time i will get a lift and much, much smaller implants.
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Paramus Plastic Surgeon

Yes I was very satisfied with the work he did on me. I love it still.

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