Augmentation (And Revisions) After Childbirth and Weight Loss - Very Unrewarding Experience

I was very deflated after childbirth and weight...

I was very deflated after childbirth and weight loss I thought that this would help me fill a bra out agian. I got way more than i bargined for.

I gave my PS 3 shots and in the end I am still left with the same issues he tried to fix the last 2 surgeries. His staff got real unprofessional after my last surgery. No empathy for me or my complications.

I started out a saggy 34C cup with no volume. My first surgery was supposed to be a a lift and augment but my PS decided in the OR that I did not need one?? Since than I have bottomed out..

I had revision to fix that and it did not hold.. I followed his plan to reduce my size of my implants and go for a full anchor lift. Whatg i got was worse i was nt lifted I am actually more saggier now than i was before my first surgey. I bottomed out agian and have double bubble.

My PS has offered me nothing he said he did the best that any surgeon could do... So I am out 12,500 and I feel awful naked..


Why didn't he just fix the bottoming out after the second surgery?
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He tried to fix the bottoming out but it held for about 3 months and than I was uneven again with a higher nipple.
So thats when I decided the lift and the smaller implant was the best option for me.. little did I know it made thing worse...
Yes they do not look bad but I am having problems with my left bottoming out and right getting capsular contractor and people tell me the same thing (they do not look bad) But beleive me when you are wearing them and trying to feel comfortable with the uneveness it is a struggle!!! I have also just had my 3 surgery...and I feel your pain!!! now Im scared of where to go next! and my surgeon was not only board certified but world renowned as well! Maybe some patients just don't have the body for implants! Because I honestly trust my surgeon and will probably use him again for my fourth surgery!!! In hopes that my body will finally accept my implants....Praying for you!!!
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Years later

Although time has passed and emotional pain has lessened. I think it is now time to consider a explant. I have been researching it and I know I will not look "great" physically afterwards but I think the burden of having the implants will lessen after I explant. Gosh what an ordeal and probably the worst self inflicted experience I have gone through. I really hope anyone getting breast augmention consider the long term effects of what if things don't go as planned.


Hi, i'm sorry you wen't through all of this. I know you will eventually find a PS capable of helping you. If this helps you, I think you don't look half as bad as you think you do. I recommend silicon bands for the scars, when they look better i think you look a lot better too.
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You do not look bad at All, i know is hard to have the scars, have you tríed láser treatment? I saw a lady who did it and worked great. I am planning on doing it
Everything can be fixed, find the right PS to the job, you can still be happy with the results and enjoy the way you look . Good luck
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Name not provided

ask me for his name - no accountibility and his staff was downright rude.

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