Huge Emotional Trauma - 3 Surgeries Before I Decided to Have Implants Removed

I had a horrible experience with Dr. T, who did...

I had a horrible experience with Dr. T, who did the original breast augmentation. He made the pockets too low and I had bottoming out 1 month after the surgery. The implants he suggested were Moderate Profile, which were too wide for my frame (I have a 28 inches ribcage). I didn't realize all those details then. I also had rippling of the left breast. Dr. T did not admit that he did anything wrong and did not want to correct the result.

Then I had 2 revision surgeries with Dr. F in Indiana. Those went horrible also. I've had bottoming out, symmastia and asymmetry. I would not recommend this doctor.

Eventually I had breast implants removed. A lot of money spent, a lot of complications and a huge emotional trauma. That's all.

was your removal not worth it? do you like your results? You marked not worth it for removal so just wondering.
I have not checked into your docs but i know mine is awesome and i still have had alot of complications But I would not blame them on my surgeon and i still recommend him to everyone...I think that maybe some people or just not plastic surgery mine I am now trying to decide if I should have a fourth surgery now or wait a little longer!!!!If you decide to do this over again Def look for a surgeon who specializes in revision surgery or (fixing bad breast jobs)I knew the risks before I had my first surgery...just didn't think they would happen to me! :( as I have always healed wonderfully after trauma or surgeries! but plastic surgery is a whole different ball field! i found out the hard way too!
I too feel for you for what you have been through. The emotional trauma can be devastating, and so too the financial impact of the cost of repeat surgeries and extended time off work, sometimes many months. The 'complications' of cosmetic plastic surgery are put to us in the pre-surgery period as low-risk, neat little words with the briefest of factual description. The IMPACT of such complications is not spelled out. I guess we are expected to figure that ourselves. I think the vast majority of us go into it 'believing' it will be 10 days out of our lives then all back to normal looking and feeling better, and if anything does go wrong, that the surgeon will fix it in a timely manner with a minimum of fuss and without further charge (often forgetting hospital, theatre & anaesthetist fees are additional). Why do we believe these things?
Dr. Turowski (IL) and Dr. Frank (IN)

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