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Breast Implants = Nothing but Problems

My experience with breast implants has been...

My experience with breast implants has been terrible. I got implants a month ago and have had nothing but problems with them.

I’ve wanted implants all of my life. My mom and my sisters were all blessed in the breast department but I wasn’t. So on my 30th birthday I resolved to make the change myself, and after three years of saving I had enough money for the surgery.

Mainly I think my surgery went bad because by looking at my breasts they’re an absolute mess now. The incision around the areola looks jagged and the swelling is uneven. I have felt this way since they wheeled me out of the operating room.

I had problems afterwards too. I’d been doing my massages faithfully but had trouble with leaking and bleeding from the breast area. Also, I had areas that were more swollen and bruised than others and these worried me. I called my surgeon but he promised, “not to worry” and that it would all work out. But I wasn’t so sure.

Then last week I had to have another operation to drain a hematoma under my breast, and this surgery (at the hospital, not with my plastic surgeon) is an out-of-pocket expense of over $10,000. It turns out that one of those deformed bruises was a big deal.

It’s too bad insurance companies do not pay for plastic surgery; they say it’s all “elective” and “vanity” but I would have felt much better with a good result. But I think I got a bad result because maybe I couldn’t afford a top surgeon. I took what I could get for the money I had and I am paying for it (literally and figuratively) for the rest of my life.

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I also live in GR and have a consultation on Thurs. Would you mind sharing with me who your PS was? Thanks!
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I too live in GR and very interested in the surgeon I need to stay away from?
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This is very helpful, thank you.
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Who was the surgeon or where is the clinic you went to for your surgury
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I live in Grand Rapids and have been considering implants. Would you mind sharing which Dr. you used, I will be sure to stay clear?!
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I agree that it's terrible that Insurance companies do not pay for plastic surgery. However, I was born with a defect and they paid for the entire procedure after two years of appeals and a depression diagnosis. I also have terrible, messy scars from a cheaper doctor. It seems we both learned a lesson the very hard way. I'm sorry to hear that you had serious complications after surgery I hope that you have a fast recovery.
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I understand how you feel-my doctor was good for my face but terrible for my breast augmentation. One breast is still hard and the other breast implant is 1 1/2 inches higher than the other. I sometimes get painful sensations. Does anyone else get them? Plastic surgeons do not inform you that 30% of breast augmentation surgery needs re-doing!
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that sounds horrible :( I hope that you are recovering and that the healing process made them look better and that you feel better now...
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