Breast Implants, Not Worth It

I had breast implants along with a tummy tuck done...

I had breast implants along with a tummy tuck done at the same time. I was not happy with either procedure. AT ALL!

My breast after having children began to sag. I breast feed both children. I wanted to have the fullness back in my breast and the excess skin removed from being pregnaunt.

I researched for 2 yeasrs prior to having these surgeries. I picked the doctor who was most qualified. His before and after pictures where great.

I was one of the unlucky ones when everything was done. My breast are now sagging even more than before because they are larger. so I look even older with huge sagging breast. And my nipples are pointing outward, and the implants are too far apart.

My tummy tuck left me with and ugly scar that remains after 4 years. The scar is too high, and uneven. One side is even higher than the other you can see the scar above my underwear. I can not wear shirts that would show off my belly because i have love handles that were created by the surgery, and my belly button has moved downward and to the right. So not only do I have these huge love handles or dog ears as they call them, I have a belly button off to the right and hidding under my belt line. So I need more surgery now to correct everything from the first one.

This was a once in a life time gift from my husband to me. Now I am left hating myself even more than before. I cry over how I look. And I can not afford to have this fixed, and I am afraid I would end up looking even worse even if I could afford it.

I really advise you to think hard before having any procedure done. Ask yourself this, " can I live with myself if the surgery does not turn out well, or can I afford more surgeries to fix it if it does not turn out well.

I will be mutilated for the rest of my life. I hate looking at myself in the mirror anymore.

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I agree that you should really really want surgery more than anything! I waited 9 years before augmentaiton /lift and educated myself on every level - i spent 6300 and got silicone for a natural appearance. My breast are horrible in my opinion. had i been born witht hese and never had surgery - i may think they are still good but the cost was definately not worth the product and it barely been 1 year. i am going back to see hat can be done and I don't know if i'll afford the fix, but I'll see.I fhte furure titty fairy visited me beforehand and i'd have known how i would feel now- i would Never have done it.
Thank you so much for your story... I have been considering getting implants for a while now. I have two children and feel that my 36B breasts are not as "perky" and "attractive" as they used to be. After reading your story it seems I have been a bit superficial and I realize that I probably would not be able to handle the results if something were to go wrong. I have changed my mind about the surgery and decided I am going to stick with what God gave me, (which really isn't so bad). Thank you again.
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I am very unhappy with my results, and of coarse I had to pay for everything, insurance does not. And now I will have to come up with another 20,000.00 to have it fixed. And I will never have that kind of money again. So I am left to live the rest of my life hating myself and crying when I look in the mirror. Ask yourself , if it does not turn out well will I be able to handle it, or will I have even more money than it cost the first time to fix it?

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