800cc Implants Filled to 840cc, Now a DD - Need Help to Determine Implant Reduction Size

I had implant surgery done last year. I am very...

I had implant surgery done last year. I am very tall 5'10 but a small frame. I wanted to be a full D cup. I ended up a full DD. My implants are under the muscle, mentor moderate 800 cc's filled to 840. I also have a large chest wall and that is why he went with the larger implant to fill it up. However, I feel like they are way too big.

I would like to go down a full cup size. I find the circumference of them too large as well being the DD.

BUT - I also don't want to create the massive gap in between the breasts as I already have a small gap. And I would like to do it without having to have a lift done.

I was thinking of going to 650cc's filled to 700s. Would that be a good estimate? I am not sure how small I have to go to. Thanks

I was thinking of going to 650cc's filled to 700s....

I was thinking of going to 650cc's filled to 700s. Would that be a good estimate? I am not sure how small I have to go to. Thanks.
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To Pleasehelp: In my humble opinion, going to a smaller implant will enhance the effect of the gap between the breasts, or the "2 scoops of ice cream" effect. Of course, your mileage may vary. If you don't feel your current surgeon is able to provide what you're looking for, it doesn't hurt to get a couple consults with other experienced surgeons. If you discover that they're all telling you exactly the same thing, then it's quite probably that there's no room to fudge. But if you hear differing stories, it's time to pay attention. If this happens, do NOT go back to your original surgeon and say "... but Dr so-and-so told me it IS possible...." Nothing good will come of it. If you like what the other surgeon is telling you, then become a patient of the other surgeon, full stop.

To Never Satisfied: Sorry to hear of your surgical woes. There are definitely a few good breast augmentation forums out there, where women will share with you who they really liked. Definitely some great things about Dr Pousti, but you might be able to save some travel. Where possible, you'll likely want to stay within driving distance of home, as any follow-up appointments or issues which crop up would best be dealt with by the surgeon who did the work. And you don't want to be getting on a plane each time. That said, see how Dr Pousti deals with out-of-town patients; you might be in luck.

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My implants are saline, moderate profiles. I would like them to be closer together and about a cup size smaller. When I mentioned to the dr that I wanted them closer together he said that I can't because of the position of the muscle and the position of the nipple. I don't like how they go out to the side. In a smaller implant will it look better? or worse? Will they have to much space inbetween the breasts?
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I just had a breast REDO!!!!!! again just a week and a half ago. And Guess what!!!!!!! I got a screwed job again, so I understand your frustration.Its infuriating and rageful going through this.There are skilled caring doctors out there who can give us what we desire and pay for, but where? where do you find them.My guess is that I will be getting sliced open again soon, because there is no way Im walking around with one huge breast and one flat, under inflated one.When I get this repaired it will make 5 breast procedures. Yes 5!!!!!! I think I will just go to another doctor this time, because at some point I should ask myself why do I keep going back to the same doc.In most cases people will do to you only what you allow them to do.Its time for me to protect my body and what is left of my breast tissue.Maybe with some luck a good doctor will see your question and give you some good advice.I think the best thing for me is to go to another doctor.saving a few bucks is no worth my health in the long run.I will pay full price to get it right.Hopefully your situation will get to the way you desire as well maybe I will look into catching a flight out to California to DR POUSTI I see and hear he is one of THE BEST!!!!!!. Take care and good luck.
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I just had 650 cc high profiles placed back in after having a staph infection in my breast back in August.At that time I had my silicone 600 cc implants removed until my body healed up.I decided this time to get Saline because I didn't real feel safe putting back silicone and silicone has a smaller appearance than saline.If I Had a bigger body frame,I would have loved to get 800 cc implants.So in my opinion you look great.Keep your big implants if your body can tolerate it.You look beautiful.
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What did your breasts look like after removing your implants? I want to remove my 525 cc silicone implants but and soooo worried that I will just have sunken super saggy skin hanging down to my knees.
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Your guesstimate of going to 650-700cc would take you down about half a cup size. So that alone might be enough to base your decision on. However, you don't mention which profile implant it is that you currently have (ie, low profile, medium profile, high profile, etc). Nor do you specify exactly what it is about being "too big" that concerns you. For example, is it excess projection? Too much "side boob"? For example, going from a high profile implant (if that's what you have) to a medium profile would provide a modest reduction in projection, but should provide a subtle increase in diameter. Combine that with going to a smaller size and you should be able to have an approximate idea of where you'll end up. Bear in mind that a number of factors come into play. Another point to consider is to explain to your surgeon that you would like to avoid increasing the gap between your breasts (or, reduce the gap you currently have). It's all about the surgeon providing bespoke services. Just be crystal clear on your goals. Bring pictures with you of the look you're trying to achieve to the consult, if possible.
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Hello I think 800 cc implants for breast augmentation is very large on any body. The complication rate goes higher as the size of implant goes larger.The proper size of an implant depend on a set of measurements done by the surgeon. if done well then you will fall in a set of implant sizes that fit your body. Large implants are not a substitute for a breast lift. nor a means to create cleavage. You need the expertise of a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON
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