Breast Lift, Implants and I have pectus excavatum - Nashua, NH

I am 29 years old, by the time i have this done i...

I am 29 years old, by the time i have this done i will be 30. i have couple kids, one that i breast feed for ten months. They are saggy empty bags. When i wear a bathing suit one nipple pops out cause one breast is bigger then the other. I want to feel sexy with even boobs. I am 34/b looking to go to a D :)

I will be setting up my appointment in January since ill be paying most of this with my tax return.

Jan 19th I have an appointment with my doc to talk...

Jan 19th I have an appointment with my doc to talk about sizes, implants ect and ill find how book up he is :) Im soooo excited!

Im so excited for this!! So I saw my doctor and...

Im so excited for this!!
So I saw my doctor and Ill be getting 325cc in my right and 350cc on my left, he doesnt think i should do bigger, with the way i am he says it will not look normal if i do. Above the muscle, he says the way my body is that will look best plus i have pectus excavatum,thats where my chest caves in some.
He plans to make my nipples small. they are so big, thank god!
I also have a big mole on my breast that after the surgery he plans to remove , YAY!

Next week i am booking the date, its $500 dollors to hold a date!

Just book the date APRIL 6th 2012. I cant freakin...

Just book the date APRIL 6th 2012. I cant freakin wait man!!!!!

Friday the 24th ill be telling my boss i need a...

Friday the 24th ill be telling my boss i need a week off in april. i am worried about this cause i dont want to tell him what for. im worried he will not let me take the time off. im going to say i am getting a procedure done and it requires me to take a week off.. ekk i wanna ask my doctor if he can write my work a note with bit some how not saying plastic surgery on it..... ill let you know how it goes!

So now i am getting 400 cc in left and 425 in...

so now i am getting 400 cc in left and 425 in right. yay!!!!

Holy Crap 2 more days and a wake up!!!! I am a...

Holy Crap 2 more days and a wake up!!!! I am a little nervous cause i never been cut open before , just had smart lipo tho. oh yeah i forgot to say ill be getting a lift too.
my boyfriend is excited, he says its like hes getting new toys to play with haha. :)

So I did it!!!!! had to wake up at 445am and i...

So I did it!!!!! had to wake up at 445am and i got there at 7am, everyone was so nice and made sure i was warm and good. went in the surgery room at 830am and wokr up around 12. I was in LOTS of pain when i woke up. i kept crying cause it hurt and couldnt do anything myself. even a button up shirt was hard to put on with help. I need help to sit down and get up. even the bathroom. i left sooo usless all day. perks and mescle relaxers help ALOT. i been sleeping off and on alll day. if you plan to do this deff make sure you have someone to stay with you all day you WILL need help doing stuff.

so it turns out he went under the mescle and not over. not sure how many ccs he went but i think its 400 and 425 on the other. he was talking about maybe going 375 and 420cc cause he thought there is a chance there is a 50cc differnce in one breast but i am not sure yet. ill ask him tomorrow

I do know they look big and i got nice cleavage and my boobs touch. never have i had that sooo nice!!!!!! i cant wait to take the bra off sunday to check it out.

hope you have a recliner at your house. its my best friend right now and its going to be my bed for the week.

Looks like i got 375 in left and 425 in right

looks like i got 375 in left and 425 in right

So far i am a 36D

so far i am a 36D

Day three pics posted. i got to shower today! but...

day three pics posted. i got to shower today! but i got out fast cause i started to feel sick and dizzy from trying to take the tape off and a little bit of the stitches came out. its not much tho. they do look a little weird but hopfuly when they drop and fluff they will look better. so far they are a 36D

Today my tummy is bloated, i look so fat or prego...

today my tummy is bloated, i look so fat or prego lol i havnt poop since thursday
my right boob been getting a sharp pain. i hope thats nothin.

Went back to work today, 5 days after my BA and...

went back to work today, 5 days after my BA and let me tell you, i wish i took more time off. i felt like i was gonna die. my chest feels so tight. hard to breath some times. takes out all my energy. and i only did 4 hours. tomorrow i do 6 hours at work and i dont think ill be able to last. i might have to fake sick during the day to leave early. :( i really want my boobs to hurry up and heal. i cant take it anymore. waayyyy worse then lipo for sure!!!!

Day 6 at work was alot better. im starting to feel...

Day 6 at work was alot better. im starting to feel good. :) i saw the doctor for my post op he said they are looking great! YAY! he took the stitching's out and put some glue and tape on them that i have to wear for a week then after a week i need to put mederma cream on my scars every 12 hours then put new med Beige Silicone Gel Areola Circles NG-120 to help make the scars go away.

he gave me the go to start massaging, you push your breast in, up and down not out. this helps pervent Capsular Contracture, for those who dont know what that is. its the most common complication risk you can get and you can still get it years down the road. like if you get a UTI you could get it. scary huh? Im scared to death of it cause i dont have the money to get my boobs fix ever. i still have to pay this off first. soo...

When breast implants, or any other foreign object, are placed in the body, the body forms a lining around it. This lining, or capsule, is formed by your own living tissue. Many people refer to this lining as the "capsule", "tissue capsule", or "scar capsule", although it is not exactly the same thing as scar tissue. This is the body's natural response to a foreign object.

Capsule contracture, the most common complication of breast augmentation surgery, can happen at any time, but seems to be more common in the first several months after surgery. At the time of the initial surgery, a pocket is made for the implant. During the healing process, a capsule forms, which is comprised of fibrous tissue. The body is genetically programmed to shrink scar tissue somewhat. Under normal conditions, the pocket remains open, thus allowing the implant to look and feel natural. However, in some people, the capsule will tighten, and squeeze the implant. This makes the breast implant feel hard, and distorts the appearance of the breast. In the later stages, the implant feels very firm, and may take on a "ball-like" look. It is important to remember that it is not the implant that has hardened. The shrinking of the capsule compresses the implant, causing it to feel firm/hard. However, once the implant is removed, it is just as soft as it was the day it was inserted

10 days and i feel great. my boobs are very close...

10 days and i feel great. my boobs are very close together and i worry about everything so i ordered online a "thong" bra so i dont get uniboob. ill take a pic when it comes in the mail.

so i couldnt wait and had sex with my bf lol but kept a bra on so the girls didnt bounce around. i deff feel alot better naked now and he loves them, but he wishes he could play with them :)

today gonna be in the 90s im am worried about boob sweat, dont want them to get infected.

I took the tape off at two weeks in. it took the...

I took the tape off at two weeks in. it took the scab off with it which freaked me out but i guess its ok. i started to newgel every 12 hours then break for 12 hours.

I feel no pain anymore. but i still try to be careful doing stuff, i can feel the implant with i stretch my arm back.

I miss being able to sleep on my side :( im soooo tired and cant seem to get any sleep cause of it. laying flat sucks too, so im still on the recliner



Its been alittle over a month now. its hard to...

its been alittle over a month now. its hard to belive too. they feel like my own. i forget i had them done some times till i stretch to far and it hurts where they insert it. Today i have a check up so ill be back to update. im hoping i get some touch up from the smart lipo i had and get that mole removed. they have not drop yet but they dont get tight and hard anymore. still wish i went bigger. my boyfriend thinks im crazy cause he thinks they are huge lol

So no smart lipp touch up gotta wait till 6/28 ...

so no smart lipp touch up gotta wait till 6/28 but i did get the mole removed from my breast, pic below. i hope when it heals it looks like it was never there!

he said my boobs are healing nicely

Went to VS and got sized and i am a 34D Awesome!...

went to VS and got sized and i am a 34D Awesome! so happy i can buy bras now.

I just moved to florida and right when i get down...

I just moved to florida and right when i get down here , it seems something might be wrong with my left implant (the slightly bigger one )
I can feel the implant like it might be coming out or it might of slit the implant. i have no idea i just know something it off. now i gotta call a different doctor cause im way to far from mine. i hope im just crazy or the implant its self broke that way i dont gotta pay for it :(

I think they are just not fully healed really yet,...

I think they are just not fully healed really yet, so they were sore but they are fine, nothing wrong. my left boob still doesnt have feeling in it but my right finally does.

So im wicked excited, the company who made my implant offer to give me free botox. so im gonna be trying that out real soon! :)

what my breast implants look like after breastfeeding

when I had my surgery my lift was through my nipples I believe it's called a donut lift anyways now I've had a baby and I'm breastfeeding right now and it looks like breastfeeding is not good with that kinda lift is now my areola has gotten bigger I am going to try to get it fixed now after I'm done breastfeeding


Is hard to see now... around two years later
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Aww! You are a great mommy. At least they are still looking really good. My friend had a baby after she had saline implant done and they got HUGE and are very saggy (she didn't breastfeeding at all). Now she needs a reduction with a lift. Yours held up his the shape pretty good. Except the for the nipple stretching a little...You are still rocking with those twins, girl. Take care and good luck with everything. :-)
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Oops! Excuse my spelling ;O)
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I need to get my lift redone because breastfeeding has made it so you can see where the lift is done on the areola
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Hi Brookeh! I'm just looking up my boobie friends we had our lift and implant done at the same time last year. Sadly some of us including me developed that damn capsular contract. Mine happened 8 month PO on my right breast and had revision a few days ago. How are you doing? Hope yours is still perfect!
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I like those boobs... at first i thought they were too close together but I actually like them a lot.
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Hi Brookeh!

So good to hear from you!

Glad everything is going well- minus the numbness. I still have numbness issues too.

But you are looking great!
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i got apointment monday at 12, i hope its nothin!
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For your sake, I hope not too! Keep us posted!
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Brookeh- just read your update, Thats horrible! I was wondering how you were doing since we hadn't heard from you in a while. You got the silicone implants?
What are you going to do?
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I don't know why our sides still hurt when we stretch. I guess it takes longer to feel normal with a lift and implants. I hope it goes away soon!
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What is pectus excavatum? How is it treated?
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is the most common congenital deformity of the anterior wall of the chest, in which several ribs and the sternum grow abnormally. This produces a caved-in or sunken appearance of the chest.[2] It can either be present at birth or not develop until puberty.

Mine is mild  so i dont need to fix it but cause of it it makes my breast got inward so i got nice cleavage tho  :)


u can get surgry and get  prosthetic implants available to fill the depressed area but with my boobs u can notice it much anymore.


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You look great!! I hope you are doing well, I put my pics back up!
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oh, hope it's not cancer! Best Wishes=]
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Hey girl- Thanks for sharing your story! Is that a sore on your breast? noticed the round pink scab/wound and was curious what exactly it is??
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i wrote under it, its a mole i just  got removed this thursday
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How do you feel??? Are they softening up?
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they feel like they always been there now! :) some times when i stretch i can tell tho. cant wait for them to look a little more normal tho!
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Same here! I feel they belong to me! But terrified of rippling! I can only see it when I strech it so I think it's a good thing!
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I cant wait...Im just really, really, terrified of surgery...ugh
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its not to bad, it happens all really fast once you get there. first two days are little hard. make sure u have someone to help u out. 
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I breast fed my two children, one for 10 months and the other for 1 year...I have always been a 34 B cup, now they are droopy, and I want them to be full, and be able fit into anything I want to wear. I am 5'3, and 123 lbs. Id like to go to a 34 D. I am just so tired of wearing padded bras all of the time and then I come home and take the bra off and I get depressed. I have always been very self concience about my small breasts...especially now after two kids. I am ready to get them but terrified about the surgery. I will let you guys know how my consultation goes this week:)
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I am pretty much the same size as you! 5.3 and 120lb( I was 113 pre op, but put on weight...:((. Saggy B or small saggy C. I never Had any kind of surgery before so I was terrified too.... But it's the best decision I made. Im still healing but I already love me results. I went 375 cc that gave me a D cup. You can see my results on my profile...That's the most popular silicon size- now that I have it inside me it feels so natural. Kind of like when you breadtfeeding and your boobs are full! Good luck!!!
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As of right now I am still doing my research, and I have another consultation this week with Dr. Delange in Palm Beach Gardens.
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I just watched the implant video...and it was def very helpful!... Thank you!... I will keep you guy posted about my breast augmentation journey:)
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