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I'm 5'10" and athletic. My bra size was 38 A. It...

I'm 5'10" and athletic. My bra size was 38 A. It just didn't fit the body. My husband didn't mind he said I perfect just the way I was, but it seemed the better shape I was in the smaller they got. I got saline implants at age 28, size 38B-C, I'm 37 now 38B. I still love them even after breast feeding 2 kids. They look really natural and after my children they have the smallest sag that makes them look even my real. It's suggested that you replace them after 10- 15 years, we'll see. If they need replacing I'll consider silicone, just because they do feel more natural. If you grab the breast you can feel the tissue ( in my case very little of it), but I can feel the difference from the tissue to the implant. My husband says he loves them and that I've turned him into a boob man. I work in radiology so I've been able to actually feel the difference. When positioning a women for a breast exam The silicone implants seem to have a more natural feel. I need to do more research about the effects to tissue if the silicone were to leak out. One of my implants leaked after they were first but in. The implant had a defect. It happens. The replacement went in no problem. I had under the muscle placement and the pain is awful, but only for a week. My mom came to help. In one week I was hiking again. My advice, DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!! I complied a list of questions and asked about everything. I interviewed 6 doctors, the one I choose had no bed side manner and was a little rude, but he was a complete perfectionist. At the time of the surgery I thought I wanted a good size C maybe even a D cup. He disagreed and persuaded me to go smaller. I'm so glad he did, my OB/GYN had to ask if they were implants after the breast examined. She said they were the best looking she'd ever seen. Being treated well is important, but remember if the "nice guy" screws up and you don't like the results you're still stuck. Sometimes the the arrogant doctor has a good reason for being that way. They're good and they know it. Good luck, and remember it you do this, do it for you're own reasons and not for someone else.
Hi I am in Germany as well and just started looking into implants. I was wondering if you could share with me the name of your doctor. Also, if its not too personal of a question. I have one kid and another on the way. I am the same height as you and sounds like the same body build. So I was wondering if you have any children, and if the augmentation affected that at all. Thanks for any info!

God Bless!
Hi, would you be so kind to share your surgeon's contact information with me. Thanks in advance, Monica
Hi- I am also in Germany and looking into implant surgeons. Your story was very encouraging! would you also share with me your top three choices in germany also including your top choice? It would help out in my beginnings. :) Thank you
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