Finally Getting breast lift and breast implants!!!!!!

Hi My boob girls!!!!!! Ive wanted breast implants...

Hi My boob girls!!!!!! Ive wanted breast implants and lift foreeeeeever and finally Thursday is the day! only took me a week to get the appointment!

Im a dancer and I worked my ass of so I can finally get what Ive been so depressed about all these years..I have a 4 year old boy and since I had him my boobs went from ok to baad. seriously. My boobs are hanging. I never go swimming because Im so embarrassed by them. I rarely have sex and if I do I have to be drunk and it has to be in the dark (which is why my job isnt so bad you cant see them that well), otherwise if im really desperate to have sex ill just wear my bra. But I dont remember the last time Ive been happy with my breasts. Even when I was 16 I was like 95 pounds with DD breasts, they were perkier but a couple of years later they were not as perky and when I got pregnant they were enormous (Js) and I loved them but then as soon as I stopped breastfeeding they became smaller and gross. Like empty hanging sacks. In clothes I look great but when I look at myself naked in the mirror everyday I feel like crap. Like a cow. I love being curvacious and all
my stats are:

140lbs height 5-7 and 34DD (in a push up) without push up I can wear like a 38C.
what I want to look like:

I want to have full boobs like Kim Kardashian. I have lots of skin so I figure it should look more natural. I dont want to go too big but not too small either so Im thinking like 275 ccs in one and like 225 in the other (since their different sizes) but I will see what T-pane has to say!;)
Buuut. I hate being floppy. Im only 23 for gods sake. Its not like im 80. But I feel like it.

Im crazy in a way. I mean im moving to a new city and starting a new school in September but with this new beginning I want to feel like myself again. i want to be able to go swimming everyday with my son. I want to be able to not have to wear a bra. I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror and see a reflection I like.
I live in Montreal Quebec and I previously had an appointment for surgery with dr papanastasiou here but i saw a girl at my work who had the worst implants you will ever see (nipples pointing in different directions, too high etc..) and she told me a day before my surgery. I immediately cancelled and didnt get my deposit back but I didnt care. I want nice breast implants. So my friend told me that her sister in miami just got hers done at strax with dr t-pane (lol i find it hilarious that his name sounds like the rapper t pain) but anyway..and she loved the results. I also saw great reviews about dr pane on here so I decided to take the chance and to stop being a scared cat and just do my implants. They are very friendly on the phone. I talked to Debrah and payed a deposit, booked my flight and of i go to Florida tomorrow night!!! They are going to do the bloodwork and then I will have my surgery first thing Thursday morning!

My son is out of town at his grandmas so i figured now is the time...
my ex for some reason said he would help me pay for it..i feel kind of weird coming from I offered to pay half and he can pay half. He knows how important it has been for me but Im an independent woman. dammit. lol. but he is my best friend.
you can check my questions on my profile for before pictures of my boobs cuz i deleted them from my computer since. Im so scared. I hope I wake up. I hope I will be okay..I called again to tell them I want general anesthesia cuz theres no way I wanna be awake...thats just freaky to me. I hope I will be fine in two weeks just like all the girls i saw online that had theres done. But I guess you never know...but I can take pain. I gave birth to my son without anything. I dont see how anything can be worse than that. I just have nightmares of someone cutting me open and putting like the wrong thing in my boobs and cutting me in the wrong place and then ill look like a freak. Thats just how I am. I love to exaggerate things. anyway bye my sistas I am just a lil nervous so sorry for my ranting. lol

Thank you for starting your story with us! This is really exciting. So many new things going on for you. Please let us know how surgery goes. We'll be waiting to hear your post-op report!


Sooo I arrived in Florida last night and I was soo...

Sooo I arrived in Florida last night and I was soo tired. Its really not that close to I had to stop in New York and that made it that much longer! Theres palm tress everywhere so pretty. My hotel is not bad for 40 bux a day. Its very executive style.
My hotel is literally down the street from the clinic. I still dont know what I want. Do I want implants or lift or both? I have no idea. Im surely gonna miss the feeling of real boobs. Just looking at myself I realize its not really the biggest deal. Theyre not that bad. I dont know how I got so obsessed with them. I made it seem like its the end of the world or something. No ones ever complained about them except for me. But I guess Im the one that has to live with them so I better be happy with them. Thank god for plastic surgery.
I want to do my butt and my nose too. Eventually. But my boobs are most important. I already have a fine butt and a nose. lol.
Im still nervous. It definitely feels more real now that Im here and all. Anyway I just had my wake up call and now Im gonna go get dressed and have breakfast and finally I get to go to the clinic and do my blood work and see Dr. Pane. Then I will check out the city a little bit. After all it is a holiday.;)
Hi jazzi! I hope you doctor visit goes well. Enjoy your stay in Florida... Orlando is my hometown. Be sure to check out the beautiful beaches while visiting the sunshine state! ;))
Good luck tomorrow. Follow up and let us know how things go.

Today is the day;) I finally got to meet dr.pane...

today is the day;)
I finally got to meet dr.pane yesterday and he took all his time explaining every last detail to me. I really felt like I could trust him as he didnt seem rushed. Every question I had I got answered and more. He thinks 300 CCs will be best for me since I have sagging and anything smaller wont really show since I already have the breast tissue. So I will be one size larger. I hope I will like the results. I cant wait for the day I can wear a bikini without feeling self conscious.I am sure I will be a fixture at the pool. I hope the weather in montreal will stay nice so I can show them off..but I guess I will have to wait atleast 3 weeks to go swimming which means I can be in the pool middle of august!
There were several other women in the clinic aswell so Im actually not the only crazy one..the girl in the waiting room next to me came straight from the airport from new york but shes getting a lot of different procedures. The nurses there are absolutely wonderful..I passed out when they took blood since I forgot to eat yesterday morning and she brought me a snack and a coke. She was so nice I feel bad for forgetting her name..I saw Dr. Pane again walking by me in the clinic and he asked me if I was feeling okay about everything and I said yes. What a nice guy he is;)
I really got to see Miami last night..I ran into a guy at the airport in montreal literally 5 times, wherever he was I we exchanged numbers lol he is also from montreal..and also lives in miami. yesterday we went all about town in his was great fun! I got to see all the hot spots like south beach and we went to several restaurants. The places here are beautiful everything seems unreal. We went to a restaurant where you sit in the pool literally and there were white beds everywhere with pillows and beautiful people. Everyone has breast implants here and I saw a few butt implants lol. Im not sure if the hugeness of it all is attractive to me. I find natural looking is always better. I mean who wants to look like a comic book character if you are trying to be taken seriously in life?My dates condo was a penthouse right on south beach. You actually felt like you were in heaven. Who knew I would find romance and breast implants in miami? lol;) Im so glad I came if it wasnt for the breast implants it was definitely for the good time!
Anyway the nurse yesterday told me they wouldnt let me have surgery unless I got myself a private nurse for atleast 24 hours immediately after the surgery. So I did that. Its $200 for 24 hours. So I upgraded my hotel room because I figured she would need a bed and I called this 24 hour hotline for caretakers. They are so lovely. I called her again this morning and she said she thought about me and is praying that everything goes well for me..what a sweetheart.. that really made my day;)
I am starving and thirsty..I had to swallow my pills on a dry throat. gross. But I really stuffed myself on purpose yesterday, I had steak and like 5 different appetizers since I figured I would need iron. I noticed that the service in miami is beyond excellent. Everyone brings you things before you even ask and they all outreach themselves for your satisfaction (or maybe so you dont sue lol) . I had to sign a ton of paperwork yesterday so after I briefly passed out I signed what seemed like hundreds of pages. These people are really covering their asses. In Canada I only signed one piece of paper when I was going to have surgery there. I thought it was funny that it said that you are signing for your body parts to possibly be taken away lol. I know they meant the extra breast tissue but I thought that was funny. Then you have to also sign a form that it is possible to die from the anesthesia. wonderful. I hope I dont die from breast implants. that would suck. lol.
Anyway I have to have a shower now and get ready for my new boobies;) yeay!!!
I see how you can get addicted to plastic surgery. I mean before you would complain about something and you wouldnt be able to change it. now you can pick at your body and get rid of whatever you dont like and add what you like. creepy in a way. Im already planning my next surgery. lol.
It is 9 am. My surgery is at 11. wow. Im less nervous and more excited for some reason. Im just ready to get it over and done with and live my life with my new boobs! I just took some pics as my boobs will never look the same (which im happy about). Im glad I got up at 7 because it makes me relax and think clearly. I dont want to rush.
So wish me luck my girlies;) off I go to surgery..........;;)

Thank you for the good wishes everyone!

Thank you for the good wishes everyone!
Hope your doing well!
Today is your day!
You are probably sleeping right at this moment and on pain pills. I wish you a speedy recovery and happiness with your new boobies!
Keep us posted!

You're having quite an adventure down there, lady! Today is your big day. Thinking about you and hoping you get exactly what you want out of this. Please let us know how you're recovering!


So here are my new boobs!!! My surgery was...

so here are my new boobs!!!
My surgery was supposed to have been at 11 am but I waited with an iv on until 2 pm. Apparently my doctor was stil in surgery with another patient and even when he was done we were waiting for the anestesiologist. I got impatient. Then finally I saw Dr.Pane at around 2 o clock and he measured me and drew on me. he asked me how I wanted my nipples to look and we discussed the size again because I still wasnt sure. I said I want my nipples to stay low because I find that it looks more natural and we decided on 300ccs which basically would fill up the lose skin i had. He will do a vertical breast lift on also an incision underneath the breast fold. I also reminded him to put silicone. Then of I went to the surgery room. The anastesiologist hooked me up and I woke up a brand new me 5 hours later. I got out at around 7 pm. I meet my wonderful nurse who helped me walk to the car as I was still on drugs in a lot of pain and I couldnt walk straight I walked as if I was drunk . I was starving so she bought me some groceries and feed me pasta like a baby lol. We watched tv she kept feeding me my pain killers and we both feel asleep. I had to get up 3 times to go pee and it wasnt joyful at all. When I got up I felt a lot of pain. I never knew how much you use your breast muscles just getting up I was in a lot of pain just moving one inch I was in a lot of pain. Even sitting down to pee hurt a lot. But my nurse helped me, she is so calm and nice. She put a lot of pillows to support my back and slides me on the bed with a towel. The nurse from strax called me right away to ask me if I was okay and she gave me dr panes cell phone number and said I should call him right away. So I did. He asked me how I was feeling and said that he had to give me a bit longer scar underneath my left breast because I had more fat there. I am fine with that I said as long as they sit up high I am happy. He said I should eat and get good sleep and to call him anytime if I have any worries. He is so caring. Im so happy I came to miami.
im so happy they look great! Yesterday I was in a lot of pain as if someone punched me in the chest very as if i was in a wrestling match and i lost or Lying down Im not in much pain but when I stand up i have a lot of pain but less than yesterday already. Yesterday I couldnt even pee without the help of my nurse but today i am able to pee bymyself. Im on a lot of pain medication which helps since Im still in pain when I walk. But its not as bad as yesterday. Today I was able to eat bymyself and drink but I cant dress myself yet as I have a hard time lifting my arm to a certain point. The nurse gave me a sponge bath which really woke me up now I feel like 50% better. She offered to stay with me another night if I feel lonely as a friend. I think I made another friend in miami lol. she is my age so we get along great. She wants to show me around if I feel up for it in a few days. I posted a pic of my boobs in a tank top. They are so nice. They look very natural. They are up high and the sides sit nicely. I am glad I did get the implants as I needed them to fill that extra space I had in my boobs. Dr.Pane was right he said they wont look huge as I have extra skin. He convinced me to get 300 cc as he was going under the muscle and he said he was taking off some fat for the breast lift so if I had had only a breast lift I would have very small boobs. This size is perfect. I feel great just knowing I made my dreams come true. Ive wanted new boobs forever, it really affected me and my low boobs before made me have low self esteem I never felt beautiful. Now I can finally feel good about myself as a mother, friend and human being. I am so happy.

My nurse left and isnt coming back til tonight and...

my nurse left and isnt coming back til tonight and im in soo much pain i cant get up bymyself..the pain medicine is not doing anything..but i guess i dont have a choice but to take that painful walk to the bathroom..

Your pain meds arent working? It is important to keep an eye out for hematomas at this point. One girl had pain in her right arm that wasnt going away. I think she said her pain meds werent working too. Do you have a fever or any other symptoms?
yea i realized having someone here really helped
Sorry you had to wait so long for the surgery, that would've sucked. And I am so glad your nurse is such a nice person and offered to stay to help you. That is just amazing. Welcome to the other side girl. You made it! Glad everything is good~

After I walked to the bathroom I passed out til my...

after I walked to the bathroom I passed out til my nurse came. We were going to go outside but I felt too dizzy to walk more than a few steps. Plus I didnt feel like eating.These drugs are really strong! So she went out by herself to buy lots of fruits and chicken I requested. But as soon as I smelled the chicken I felt sick. I forced myself to eat two but thats it. I ate a bit of yoghurt, we chatted for a while and I had an apple and then passed out. This morning I feel a lot better. I am able to get of the bed bymyself with not that much pain and i feel maybe I can take a walk outside today. Maybe. I think I will just ask her to stay one more night and then I feel okay to take care of myself. Just having her company though was something I really needed. I am constipated and have to take medicine for that. Apperently the pain killers can do that.

I will update with new pictures tonight as I have...

I will update with new pictures tonight as I have to take off some bandages today.

Im eating breakfast and im able to walk around...

im eating breakfast and im able to walk around very well. My boobs are already healing as they are itchy. Im feeling great today. less dizzy and more able to do things. Cant wait for the nurse to come back so we can take of the bandages and i can see my boobies;)

Today my nurse made me get up and start walking...

today my nurse made me get up and start walking around. I suddenly have so much energy im in hardly any pain. I still feel like im walking like a robot but i definitely feel like 70% better. my nurse washed me head to toe. I got to finally take some brand new pics of my boobs. wow. they look mutilated. lol. But in a good way. They sit nice and high. My nipples are very hard, they are usually not hard like that ever lol. When Dr.Pane and I discussed my nipples I told him I didnt want him to change the size (i love my big nipples) and I didnt want to change the nipple location either. I like my nipples low. I have seen all sorts of fake boobs and the nicest ones are the ones where the nipple sits lower as they look more natural that way. So I am very happy Dr.Pane actually listened to me.
We went out to eat. I just wanted to eat ice cream and we had a great time.

I feel like I have so much energy. Ladies when you...

I feel like I have so much energy. Ladies when you get your implants make sure you move because you can get really lazy. I was pretty much just lying down and only getting up to go pee until today. Right now its been about 50 hours. so now I guess I am over the worst part (they say after 2 days you are supposed to be okay). And its weird but like magic suddenly I have a lot more energy. I have stayed positive throughout everything and I really dont know what I wouldve done if it wasnt for the nurse being by my side since my operation on Thursday. She really did everything for me. I wouldnt even want a friend by my side as she is a professional and medically knows how to help. She was there for me psychologically, physically and just as a friend. I think I will be ready to go back to Canada on Tuesday. As I feel like I am ready today. lol. I cant wait to find a new apartment, move to a new city and see my baby again. I miss him so.
Just read your update. You look great!!! Dr.Pane really did a wonderful job. The walking like a robot, is that because you are not used to your breasts yet? I'm so happy you are feeling so good and have all that energy. I can imagine you miss your little one too. I think that will be one of the hardest parts for me. Mine will be in Miami with me, but my husband wants them far from me so they won't be allowed to visit me at the hotel. He's so scared of me being hurt. Do you think I would be OK to be around my little ones after two days? Like do you think you could sit and cuddle with your son if he were there tonight? I'm wondering how long I need to stay away from them.

If you feel up to it and the day is nice tomorrow, maybe you can take a walk down Ocean Walk. It's in Hollywood. I'm not sure how Florida is now, but when I was there 4 years ago Ocean Walk was very mellow and not overcrowded. Very beautiful and relaxing too. Happy Healing!
lol, that's true. I'm thinking Miami and not really thinking surgery. Well enjoy your last few days there. :)
im just staying til tuesday i dont think i have energy to be going clubbing lol as i am very overprotective of my boobs but im definitely gonna get in some shopping

Yes. i finally had a shower today and washed my...

yes. i finally had a shower today and washed my hair. i feel like me again. My boobs look like two watermelons i hope once they settle they wont be as high! I have no more pain. Im able to lift my arms and pretty much do everything except for open the heavy door or lift anything heavy. I am still not 100% as i cannot sit up without support for long periods of time yet. But i feel better everyday.

Btw my nurse is also a hairdresser so she is doing...

btw my nurse is also a hairdresser so she is doing my hair and nails. I feel so pampered. she is truly a gift from heaven. i swear i was meant to meet her.
Thanx kooberry u really got me xxxcited!!!

Lookin good jazzy! You really have a terrific figure...curvez in all the right places. Get ready to turns lots of heads. WOOO HOOO& HOOOORAY for new booobies:-) Lol
lol i think im walking like a robot because they still hurt a bit and yea im not used to them being so pronounced lol

So ive been back in canada since yesterday! i feel...

so ive been back in canada since yesterday! i feel great except for i still dont feel strong enough to carry anything more than a glass of water and i have a lot of pain first thing in the morning and just before I go to bed. so im still taking painkillers but i stopped antibiotics yesterday. i will stop the painkillers as soon as i have no pain. Otherwise I am so impatient waiting for the final results and not having to wear these sports bras! I bought a 38 sports bra in every color since that is my fashion statement for the next month and i bought lots of tanktops aswell as it is hot these days and it keeps my breasts nice and in tact. I still havnt removed the bandages as my nipples are still looking like in the pictures so im scared theyll stick to my bra. The tape i have to keep on for three weeks. they said I could change it after a week or two as it peels off over time. Im not touching nothing unless it goes of byitself, only then ill replace it. its too scary for me. I can start massages in two weeks (meaning next thursday) which im excited about since i can start playing with my new boobies then. I cant tell if my boobs are the same size yet as they are swollen but i hope so. I discussed with dr pane before that one of my boobs is smaller and he said he wouldnt recommend putting different size implants, rather he would just do the breast lift first and make sure they are the same size and then put 300 cc implants inside. so i hope it turned out as planned. i dont wanna have revision. it really is something. it feels like nothing but i am not the same. I am still not 100% me yet. I havnt seen all my friends yet but the ones that i expected to be there were not there for me. Im starting to feel like since I quit dancing for good a month ago that some friends were probably just work friends that i just got used to and may just be jealous since I was very good at what I did and was able to save a lot and do my boobs and pay for my education. I dont know. Anyway that was kind of a dissapointment. I guess family is what matters and I did have a couple of good friends come over to see me and the nurse from miami called me a few times,i definitely see her as one of my friends now. At the end of the day its for me anyway. No one really cares. I just wanted to feel better about myself and im not feeling it 100 percent yet but I will definitely feel great when I can finally wear a beautiful strapless top or dress without worrying about my boobs dropping to the ground and Im going to see my baby in two days! Its definitely an emotional journey and ive often wondered if i even wanted the fake look. But what matters is my happiness and my body is my temple so i want to feel good in it and i think i will very soon..;)
Hi IIgsmh yes I have gained weight fast since im usually way more active than now 143 lbs like a month ago i was more in the 130 range lol. oh well. I have to keep eating because my body needs the energy then i will go to the gym actually id love to start swimming since i havnt been in a swimming costume for atleast 4 years!
Thank you jazzijo, your reply was much appreciated. I decided to just quite looking in the mirror an 'studying'. I am in recovery, things rent going to be 100%. One wek post-op for me, but need to be seen today. My left is so much bigger, swollen, slighlty bruised and the yellow drainage, not a lot, but still. My right is awesome. Even my range of motion is getting better. The left..not so much. Actualy cried last night cuz I just want o be better. We spent every last dime for these, nothing left if 'somethings wrong.' Scared..but have to be seen. Grrrr...
I'm sorry about your friends. But think, now you will know who your real friends are. Also, you are moving to a new town and starting a new school (with a rock'n body, I might add) and you'll make new friends. May I ask what you're studying?

So glad to hear you are feeling so much better after a week. It seems you are healing very well and fast. Good for you! And Woohoo! on seeing your son soon. I know you miss him.

Things are going well. I actually went out last...

things are going well. I actually went out last night! hardly anymore pain. Just the rubbing of the sportsbra on my incisions underneath my breasts are annoying and the thought of having been cut open voluntarily makes me kind of sick to my stomach. I stopped taking my last painkillers yesterday. I just went to the toilet today for the first time in 1 week! yes. the medicine makes you constipated. no wonder i havnt been hungry. I took of the padding they gave me for the bra. What annoys me is that the doctor didnt bother to erase the pen that he drew on me with, so i still have lines everywhere around my nipple, down and underneath and the tape remains intact. goodnite my dolls;)
Went in yesterday. Dr and his staff are not worrid at all. They touched and squeezed and said bodys heal different. One side of your boy is totally different then then only. I am being seen again on Tuesday, just too make sure. Love all the post-ops. He even said no to anibiotics, so I feel better. Darn left one! Just have to be patient. Thanks guys!
your a soldier;)
awww im sorry that you feel sad. Its definitely an emotional journey but you will be okay eventually. just remember that;) good luck with everything;)

Hi boob sisters just checking in;) lol I finally...

hi boob sisters just checking in;) lol
I finally got to see my son so I feel great again. But i noticed i have large stretch marks on my boobs. Ive always had stretch marks there but now that they are inflated you can see them more (look at the last pic)which makes it look like implant ripples although its not. I wonder if there is anything i could do about that. I think its too late for creams since i should have thought about that before i got pregnant and they became so huge..i went from a DD to a J in a matter of 9 months! really i dont know what the hell is wrong with my boobs they are seriously i didnt even gain much weight when i was pregnant it just went to my boobs and then they deflated and i hated them since then. I never felt good in a bathing suit because no bathing suit would hold them high enough so they would look like old lady boobs. Honestly I think anyone is better off having natural small boobs, that way when you get implants you wont have the anchor lift scar, just implants. But it might just be my genes because ive seen some girls with beautiful high big boobs but those are the ones with thick skin. My breast skin is just really thin. The good thing with having had breasts before is that the implants dont really need to drop much. A little yes. But they are sitting nicely inside my breasts already and its not a new thing for me to have breasts. I must say that I feel a lot more confident about myself. I cant wait til im fully healed and i can wear nothing. yes! nothing just to be proud of who i am. I cant just put on any shirt and feel great without having to adjust the straps and make sure i wear pads so i dont look strange. Its funny how you think its not psychological but to me it is. When I feel beautiful and look beautiful, I am more happier and people tend to gravitate towards me when Im happy. No one wants a grumpy bird after all. lol Just sometimes I think it can also be dangerous because where is the end of perfection? Me i love the attention but then i get home and im alone with myself and i think what have i achieved other than being beautiful. isnt there something else to life? Like havnt women gone farther than just being seen as beautiful creatures? Sometimes i dont know. The world judges us harshly and if your a single mother even more so so really im using it for my advantage because the world is a tough place and i better use it now before im old and grey and being beautiful is no longer an option. Thats why I find education is important. But I dont even know if I have the patience or the drive. It is definitely a sacrifice. Just like your body is a sacrifice when you have kids. A lot of men dont understand that. Everyone that I told I was getting breast implants too where like why? you dont need it. hello? did i ask you? like do i need to get permission from a man to feel better about myself? No. Thats why I got the breast implants. Because I wanna feel good about myself. The outside part is done. Now comes the clean up of the inside of all the years of feeling down about myself and my choices. I will achieve something that i can be proud of other than this lil journey. its only the beginning..

Also i must say it was definitely a fast recovery...

also i must say it was definitely a fast recovery for me..having read other peoples experiences. I was good after about 2 days;)

I also forgot to mention that since 2 days ago I...

I also forgot to mention that since 2 days ago I have zero pain:)
They were fine before, You didn't need anything because you looked great!
Yay for No Pain! That's awesome!!!

Hey jazz~ Just noticed the "stretch marks" you are talking about. Don't know if there is anything you can do about that?? I've heard laser treatment might be an option. I  like what you wrote today... DEEP THOUGHTS GIRL!!! Lol Seriously though, I totally agree with your view point. It is VERY hard to be a woman in this world. We are expected to look "beautiful." I am actually terrified with aging!!!!! My Mother and grandma were both lovely ladies, but after the age of 50 they became  quite depressed. they no longer were as pretty and society in general treated them as Invisible. It's actually a sad world we live in where women are valued mostly based on their "physical beauty". I wish more people appreciated integrity and decency, instead of a just pretty face (and hot body.)

I know this might sound insane lol but my stretch...

i know this might sound insane lol but my stretch marks are hardly visible anymore. I havnt looked at my boobs for a week and they have definitely dropped and are less protruding. I love them. I guess ill just have to worry about taking care of the scars once i get to see them in a couple of weeks. i posted a new pic today;)
Your boobs look great. I have surgery in two days! I am super excited.
Jazzijo...everyday gets better and better. Heps being back to work I think. Now I wait forthe ok to 'slowly' start working out again, then I'll really be 100%. I love my new girls! Still hearing some 'swooshing' and an occasional 'sqeaking'. But they will settle. Love my lift/implants. So happy!
im glad your feeling better;) yeayy to new booobiess;)

Today it's 2 weeks!!! Which means I get to massage...

Today it's 2 weeks!!! Which means I get to massage my boobs everyday from now on! It does feel weird they are definitely not as soft as before but I think that's the point of the massages to loosen them up a bit and soften them but anyway anastetically they look great I feel like back in junior high when they sat so high and were so juicy. I just love them:) two more weeks and I can go bra shopping!!!
That is GREAT Jazzi! I am so happy for you and excited for me! lol I can't wait until I go have my surgery with Dr.Pane. When are you going to post new pics?
Good luck Nettie keep me updated:)
Thank you. I am so ready for tomorrow. I will post some pictures also.

Ive gotten a lot of messages regarding breast...

Ive gotten a lot of messages regarding breast implants, the what how and why.

1. do it for you NOT your boyfriend.
2. Take time off work as much as you can, you really need to rest.
3. Go one size bigger at the most (unless you have extra skin that needs to be filled up) You dont want to look like a porno star or like thats all you have to offer!
4. What size nipples do you want? and what location? be specific. Ive seen some horrible nipples on girls i know, some too high, some too low, some stretched too big, make sure your doctor actually listens to you and doesnt just do whatever he feels like. You want to feel like you not a version of every girl that the doctor has worked on.
5. Have someone be there for you after the surgery for atleast a week. Yes i didnt know this and ended up having to hire a nurse. You cant even wipe your butt the first 2 days.
6. buy lots of front clipped sports bras from walmart or zellers or wherever they sell those in atleast 3 different colors or more since this is what you will wear for atleast 1 month.
7. Have food prepared for a week unless you wanna eat lots of takeout.
8. Buy extra tape and tampon pads to cushion your breasts for the first week, my doctor supplied this but its best you are prepared with a couple more cuz you will want to change them.
9. Have sex before you get your breast implants lol since you cant for a month and it will just be awkward ;)
10. If you have kids make sure they are somewhere for the first week or two theres no way I woulda had the energy to look after my son, he stayed at his grandmas.
11. Buy lots of cotton tanktops and a couple of tops with zippers or button in different colors (I wore these a lot for the first 2 weeks cuz not only can you see your breasts and feel good about them but its easy to take off and on. The first day I wore my button up dress then I changed into a tanktop which I thought was most comfortable.
12. Do your research. See if you can live with the scars associated or if you would rather not do it.
13. Stop freaking out over scaring. There will be scars you cant avoid that. Especially if you get breast implants and breast lift. Every breast is different just because your best friend just got implants with a benelli lift doesnt mean you need the same unless your breasts are identical. Its either you live with it or you use push up bras for the rest of your life. Look at lots of examples of breast that look like yours online then you will also understand size. Every size looks different on every woman.yes its strange. Ask your doctor.

thats what first popped in my mind.

Now my opinion on scars and why I chose the vertical lift:

Remember scars are scars and after a year they will be pretty much gone and I am fine with that since it is lifetime change. I must say after a lot of research I realized the only way to really get a good lift for saggy breasts is with the vertical scar, there really is no way around it. Yes there are alternatives but a lot of them depend on how much breast tissue you have. I had a lot and theres no way that the areola lift alone would have done the job, having worked in a stripclub I must say Ive seen all sorts of boobs. The girls that got the areola lift have gigantic nipples since they stretch and its not attractive if they had lots of breast tissue. Ive seen girls with only implants and their boobs reach to the ground. You have to know what look your going for. If you have large breasts to begin with like me then its either you live with them being saggy or you get a vertical lift. Yes there will be scars and you have to ask yourself if you are ready for the trade-off. I am. I dont care scars heal. I want to have good long term results.

If you have little sagging and not much breast tissue you could go for a different lift, but in my case I saw thousands of pictures with my kind of breasts and the most beautiful long term results (about one year sometimes 3 months- depending on how you heal) have been the ones that had the vertical lift, no change of nipple location and small implants. Whatever you decide listen to your doctor and keep it natural looking and be specific. Make sure you share the view that your doctor does and he doesnt just do whatever he wants, he should listen to what you want and design accordingly. As for the internal bra or laser bra technique, only few doctors have done it and im sure there are some great results but it hasnt been researched enough and if you google it there have been some awful results that I would just not want to risk. Everyone is different but I prefer the tried and true. Im not taking risks with my body that is not practiced by the majority of plastic surgeons. There is no such thing as scarless breast lift, its not like its magical or something, the implant has to be placed somewhere and the lift has to be done somehow. Some people just need less scars or more depending on your breasts. So if you want beautiful results you have to take risks, its surgery after all!


There is a great website:

here you can see actual results of patients from a cup to DD cup before and after, try to find breasts that look like yours so you know what you will look like.
this website is the same thing and helped me a lot too:

another great website for VERTICAL SCAR HEALING:
JC I am getting a BL/BA on Aug 14th the doctor that i am going to uses a internal Bra and doesn't do the vertical scar.
I was searching breast augmentation sites and came across your story. Your before breasts sound similar to mine (after breast feeding they are sagging and have lots of stretch marks). I like them in push up bras but feel very self conscious naked. I have been looking into breast lifts, but I noticed in the "after" photos large vertical scars under the nipples. I am anxious to hear your continuing story and your experience with scarring. Is it really noticeable? How about the stretch marks now? Thanks for posting. It's good to hear a true life experience.
Hi JC, my boobs have dropped so the stretch marks are hardly there anymore. It was just because they were blown up right after the operation. I will see my scars in a couple of weeks once i can take off the bandages, so i have no idea what they look like but check back in 2 weeks i will post pics. Remember scars are scars and after a year they will be pretty much gone and I am fine with that since it is lifetime change. I must say after a lot of research I realized the only way to really get a good lift for saggy breasts is with the vertical scar, there really is no way around it. Yes there are alternatives but a lot of them depend on how much breast tissue you have. I had a lot and theres no way that the areola lift alone would have done the job, having worked in a stripclub I must say Ive seen all sorts of boobs. The girls that got the areola lift have gigantic nipples since they stretch and its not attractive. Ive seen girls with only implants and their boobs reach to the ground. You have to know what look your going for. If you have large breasts to begin with like me then its either you live with them being saggy or you get a vertical lift. Yes there will be scars and you have to ask yourself if you are ready for the trade-off. I am. I dont care scars heal. I want to have good long term results. If you have little sagging and not much breast tissue you could go for a different lift, but in my case I saw thousands of pictures with my breasts and the most beautiful long term results (about one year sometimes 3 months- depending on how you heal) have been the ones that had the vertical lift, no change of nipple location and small implants. Whatever you decide listen to your doctor and keep it natural looking and be specific. Make sure you share the view that your doctor does and he doesnt just do whatever he wants, he should listen to what you want and design accordingly. As for the internal bra, only few doctors have done it and im sure there are some great results but it hasnt been researched enough and if you google it there have been some awful results that I have seen. Everyone is different but I prefer the tried and true. Im not taking risks with my body that is not practiced by every plastic surgeon.

There is a great website:

here you can see actual results of patients from a cup to DD cup before and after, try to find breasts that look like yours so you know what you will look like.
this website is the same thing and helped me a lot too:

Another great website that shows you the healing of the vertical scar month by month:

My boobs are sooo itchy....i am still wearing my...

my boobs are sooo itchy....i am still wearing my tape on it..because first of all im scared of seeing my scars and secondly i dont want to prevent my scars from healing nicely..but i think its time to take it off gonna put silicone tape on it instead..i hear that stuff is good..i guess im gonna call my doc tomorrow and ask..i forgot when they told me to take it off..
Thank you very much for your kind words. I agree with you. Like I said, I'm trying not to worry, cuz I am in contact with my PS. In 2 weeks I was in his office 4 times..he's not worried at all. I'm just impatient..want to be'back to normal'. I love love love to workout and its killing me. But I know I have to follow his orders. :) I will touch base in a week and let ya know. Thank you. Take care.
scars are worth liking what you see, personally. gonna throw this out there just for advice. i am 3 weeks post op, my left breast is more swollen and tender. the swelling is only on outside of breast. i have been to my ps 4 times...he is not worried and told me i should just relax. hes seen it all, and i do trust him. this is a expensive purchase and i do love them. just trying not to worry. no temp, feel fine. he said he wanted me to come back in 2 weeks. said that fluid may have been in there and body just taking time to absorb. thoughts? thanks in advance.
llgsmh i think everyone has a different experience. Mine were never swollen not even on the first day but that may just be luck or the fact i had lots of breast tissue already so they settled well. Everyones body reacts differently to the foreign substance. I personally think that 3 weeks is a while to still have swelling. But then again your body just might heal differently and doesnt take well to the implant. I would wait. They say it takes 3 months for implants to really settle with no swellling. Listen to your doc. keep me updated. all the best xoxoox jazzi

So i called the nurse at my docs office today and...

so i called the nurse at my docs office today and she said that I should keep the bandages on until they fall off for 3 to 4 weeks. So if I wanted to I could take them off now otherwise I could wait another week. They are itchin like crazy though..i think it means they are healing..
Hey Jazzijo!
Glad to hear you are doing good!
Have your boobs dropped/changed any more since your last posted pic?

Sensation in my right nipple is left not...

sensation in my right nipple is left not yet..other than that im sooo itchy...i dont wanna wear my sports bra anymore its not comfortable i feel more comfortable wearing no bra (well only around the house since my nipples are still hard at all times lol) or when im doing laundry lol..anyway im so happy how high they sitting and how natural they look they are beautiful! Now if they would stop itching i will be even more happier!!
not really they still look the same but i will do my 4 week post op pic next thursday without the youll be able to see the scarring and how they sit then.

Its gonna be 4 weeks on thursday! but ofcourse im...

its gonna be 4 weeks on thursday! but ofcourse im really impatient and i took off my bandages last week. I took new pics today! as you can see the right breast is healed and the left breast is not completely healed yet because silly me pulled at the one stitch that was left in the breast and made it bleed, then I called my doc and he said to cut off the piece i pulled and put anti biotic cream on it then bandage and dont touch again. I put some polysporin on it until it heals. Also my breasts have shrank..true story! They are a lot smaller than when i first got i want them bigger! lol. But im glad they are sitting naturally which is the look i was going for but they are not as close together as i have wished. But i hear that theres not much you can do about that because your breasts sit the way they sit unless you have to do like some muscle operation thats very complicated or simply go bigger in implants. So whatever im just happy i can wear shirts with no bra now! My nipples have shrank in too- so they are close to being normal again- except for the left nipple doesnt have complete sensation yet. I must say the itching is just unrelentless- you can feel yourself healing up I cant help but itch myself here and there. I think I should be perfectly fine in another months time!

The last three pics are just reminders of what i...

the last three pics are just reminders of what i used to look like....see how its worth the pain and money? lol
I also already have boobs, they are just really deflated after breastfeeding 5 kids. Do you think if you would have went bigger they would sag more or be perkier? Not that you are saggy, but you have a more natural look which is what you were going for. I want really perky kinda fakeish look. I'm also curious, do you know what he put in? Are they mentor or the other one? Did you get UHP, HP, Mod, or Mod plus?
I got silicone I don't know what kind
I think if I went bigger they would have sagged more since there would be more weight. Some docs suggest doing lift and implants separatly so that the breasts can take the weight if you want larger implants. But of course it depends on many factors including how saggy you are. Me I was extremely saggy so it is not an easy procedure.

So basically I'm Back to being handicapped for the...

So basically I'm Back to being handicapped for the past week I've been in so much pain the right breast is not so bad but the left is so painful and bleeding and yellow stuff is coming out I've been back to taking advil which isn't really enough.. I went to the hospital to check it out and they said I've been irritating my skin with the tapes so they gave me soft bandages which don't cause irritation. My scar opened up because of taking the tapes off and on, the glue is really bad for healing. Anyway it's not easy being so far away from the I'm kind of clueless. The doctor here said its not infected and to just put the soft bandage with the tape on the outside. Oh god..I'm not good after all.. I think I should have rested more instead of hiking everyday like I never had surgery. But whatever hopefully I will get better soon. I was perfectly fine til I pulled the stitch out.
Oh jazz, I'm so sorry to hear that! Gosh, I've been reading this a lot lately so you are not the only one. A lot of women hear are feeling good and think they are OK to resume life regularly, just to find themselves hurting again. Please rest sweety. Your body needs rest to recuperate. Remember that although breast augmentation is done as an outpatient procedure, it is still considered major surgery. Is there anyone around you that can help you take care of your little boy so you can rest? I can only imagine how much pain you are in. I hope you feel better soon.

Hi everyone, okay so my right breast is okay but...

hi everyone, okay so my right breast is okay but my left breast is not doing well at all. it has opened up and theres yellow stuff around it and its leaking liquid. i dont know what the hell is wrong with it but its not normal. i cant even wear a shirt without it being soaked. Anyway i sent my doc an email with pictures and hopefully he will get back to me soon. I will also see someone in person here. As i previously mentioned I went to a doc here and she said its normal and that its fine. I dont know but it doesnt seem normal to me. Atleast it doesnt hurt anymore but it doesnt look right to me. its almost 6 weeks post op and thats strange. Anyway pray that it gets better my girls;)

Hey Jazzi,

I had previously seen someone here on realself who had some issues similar?

I thought I would repost her review here so you can see what she did for it and her doc.

Looks like she had to avoid getting it wet in the shower and would only wash it with sterile water.

I am not posting it to scare you, and I dont know if hers looked like yours in the beginning stages or not. Maybe they are not even related.

But just in case if it helps you on how to care for it. It looks like she was able to get it to heal.

Good luck Jazzi- we are all rooting for a solution for you!
So sorry to hear this, jazzi! I hope you get some medical attention ASAP and get back to healing and feeling well again.
JAZZIJO......WHAT THE HECK?! I just looked at your pics....are you ok? Are you still by your Dr or are you home? (You traveld for your surgery right?) My need to get that checked, even if its not by your surgeon. Did that just all of a sudden happen? They looked so good at first. I am so sorry your going through this. You need to take care of yourself. Maybe go to family dr..just to get on some antibiotics. I don't know...just feel bad. I hope things are ok. Please keep us posted!

So this is what dr. pane said i should do. He...

so this is what dr. pane said i should do. He called me and sent me an email with instructions. He was very helpful. I started taking antibiotics three days ago and its already less yellow, it seems like the saline sucks out that stuff. I have to change it three times a day though so im constantly changing the gauze pads and taping myself lol but i have faith that I will be fine;) thank you for your kind words everyone, its been really hard especially having no friends around since i just moved to a brand new city..its kinda like real self is my friends community. thanx to all my girls it means a lot to me;)

-get sterile gauze and saline at drug store

-moisten gauze with saline and squeeze out so gauze is damp, not soaking wet.

-apply to the raw areas

-cover with dry gauze

-secure without tape if possible or as little tape as needed

-change two or three times a day

-it will take a few weeks to close completely perhaps 3 to 6 but will get steadily smaller
-ok to shower and run soapy water over area then put on a new dressing after shower

For antibiotics, I recommend Keflex 500 mg 3 times a day for a week.
Hey Jazzi,
I'm so glad to see Dr. Pane called you back and that you are doing better. I think you can trust Dr. P. He seems like an honest guy. I hope you keep healing and I hope you start making friends at your new place soon. Keep us posted.

Scrappy, I looked at that link you posted and OMG! I wonder why she never posted again.
I am so glad you are doing better. Just take care of yourself and your girls. Keep us all posted!
scrappy37:omg thats scary!!! wow. mine isnt so bad after all. that really scared me for life...;( surgeon said opposite, he said i should keep it moist and take antibiotics..its crazy how every surgeon has a different answer..but i felt A LOT better once i sent him an email and he called me, he made it seem like it really wasnt that big of a i always have to think the worst, i thought i was dying or something..anyway im following his instructions and will post results in another months time..;) thanx for your support!!;)

Good thing is since i started taking antibiotics...

good thing is since i started taking antibiotics the yellow stuff dissapeared and now its only red and smaller. It seems to want to close up..the doc said it can take up to 6 weeks to properly heal..i can already see it getting better after just a week..will update with pics soon;)
Hello! I saw Dr. Pane in June for a BBL and loved it! Now, I'm moving on to boobs. Mine are actually scarily similar looking to yours lol so how awesome that you are a perfect example for me AND went to the same doctor I want to go to.
A couple questions:
1. Under muscle or over muscle?
2. Would you mind if I took your pictures to him when I have my consult to show him an example of what I'm looking for?
hi petite blonde, it was under the muscle that he did it. Sure you can take my pic with you if you want. I told him that i wanted my nipples to stay where they were and i had 300 ccs put in. I wish i would have gone bigger though, because once they dropped it was not a significant change. all the best to you girl xoxoxo jazzi
When was your last picture taken? I just had mine done @ Strax on 8/31. They look great! What size are you in now?
Reply healed! everything dried up! Butttt..i... healed! everything dried up! Butttt..i dont like them 100%. I think they are too far apart and need to be higher. I will definitely get them done again. Also I want them to be bigger but most importantly higher! They are definitely better than before atleast now they sit right but they are not perky enough for me. I wonder how you can get your boobs closer together..cuz mine are naturally far apart..and higher? gonna research..Ill have to save again so probably ill do them again next year! All the scars are healed but you can still see them their pink and where the scar opened its like a brown scar...but its been improving over the weeks..ohh wel..a lil dissapointed..but looking at my old pictures I did have a major change..other plastic surgeons did recommend i do the procedure in two stages...since I had very high ptosis..
I'm glad things are healing well for you, finally. I think that it is difficult to get your breasts closer together. Trying to do that can cause another type of complication - synmastia(?) or something like that. What the Dr.'s told me is that usually your breasts will still be the same basic shape and chest placement as before, but larger, fuller and sometimes higher - depending on the type of lift. I hope that you see changes over the next few weeks/months that you will be thrilled with and not need a revision. Either way, this sure is a learning experience, isn't it?

I heard the same this about trying to get more cleavage. Its better if they dont make adjustments to place them closer together.

Thank god there are some great bras out there to get that effect! =)
yea i would be just as happy if they were just higher..yea its definitely been a learning experience..sometimes you just want everything at once and that isnt always the best decision..atleast i am happier than before..

Hey girls just posted new pics! if i could have it...

hey girls just posted new pics! if i could have it my way i would have gone bigger..and i will..once i win the lottery lol for now it will have to be push up bras- overall i am happy since now i atleast feel human again..not like a anyway I researched a bit about bringing them closer together and its not something that is really done...I think it is better idea for me to have another lift and bigger breast once they drop atleast they are huge and juicy..I also realized that my rib cage is low its just the way it even if i were to go bigger they will probably end up in the same place..sometimes its better having smaller boobs with this procedure since then atleast your skin is tighter. Many docs recommend getting a breast reduction to tighten the skin (if you have big saggy boobs and want breast implants) and then putting in implants. Now i get why it makes it more of a higher perky look. I guess theres no such thing as perfection. I would probably complain if they were too high aswell. lol. anyway now im just waiting for them to heal so i can get back to work..i really miss performing..and the $ I am broke now..(but thats cuz of other circumstances not the breast implants)...then back to following my education..
if you look at pic 17,18,19 you can see that there was a significant change in my breasts..they really were low...
Thank you so much for documenting your journey. I am same height and weight as you. And thanks for posting pics! I am doing research, and reading your ups and downs has helped GREATLY.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for documenting when you had the yellow goo stuff. If I hadn't read that, I would have FREAKED OUT tonight when I took my gauze off and saw I have it around one of my nipples. I knew to just call Dr. Pane and that it was normal and I could take a few minor steps like you listed above to fix it. PHEW. Thanks for writing about that. I probably would have cried otherwise.
Thanks. Just wish leftie would join righties team. :(
I'm not gonna ask on the Dr section again. If doesn't get better in a cuple months, I'm gonna go to a diff PS and get his opinion. (This PS is my daughters. She's had multiple facial surgeries since she was 5yrs old. She's almost 20. So we've been seeing him every year for her. Hell take a look and be really hones with me.)
Ill keep ya posted. Thanks again
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

It has been a wonderful experience. I love my surgeon dr pane and the medical centre strax rejuvenation they were very professional and very friendly I felt like i was at home. Also they are very fast to answer when you have questions. When I ask a question on email or over the phone they always answer within the same day.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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